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Greetings /tg/,

There is a fun store event at my FLGS, 40k match, 1500 points and keeping the cheese to a minimum as to maximize fun potential.

This be my list, let me know if I should alter some things around, and again I'm trying to keep it pretty casual.

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You should take an army

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-The avenger
-null zone
-plasma pistol


Tactical squad
-storm bolter
-missile launcher

Scout squad
-bolt pistol-CCW

2 rhinos, HK missiles

Razorback- Heavy bolter, storm bolter


-x3 combi-weapons

-plasma pistol

-missile launcher

-x4 plasma cannons

-Twin linked lascannon.

Bike squad
-3 bikes, 1 attack
-Power weapon
-2 meltaguns
-1 multi melta.

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Just took a bit to type, as I keep pen and paper lists still.

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>cheese to a minimum
>Any marine army

Choose one

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>implying marine cheese
>marine cheese

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Powerfist scouts confuse and arouse me

report back later with how they worked out

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I've used them ingame twice, they managed to kill a tyrannofex that had 5 wounds remaining and take out some normal terminators. It was surprising for me, so I modeled some purity seals onto the sergeant and adjuctant.

>rerati fupply'd

apparently rerati fupply'd to my post.

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That's a pretty vanilla list of a vanilla army, OP.

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It's not a very good list, certainly nothing special. If you enjoy it, feel free to rock out.

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Well, without adding special characters what would you contribute to this?

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Yeah, OP could pretty easy joke around with the other players and not focus too much on the actual game. That's pretty big plus in a causal game, and OP's opponent could likewise talk and joke around. Bit boring in my opinion if there's those awkward silences, but SMs are pretty much what you make them.

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Switch Scouts to Shotguns
Drop the Techmarine
Drop the Predator
Change Devs to Missile Launchers
More Troops
Not a Librarian fan, but I'd most likely use an SC so whatever.
Better weapon on the Razorback
No HK Missiles
Probably drop the Bike Squad

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I'll challenge that.
Company Master-Power weapon, Combiweapon, meltabombs
Dreadnought-venerable, PC, ML, extra armor-170

10 tacticals, power weapon, meltabombs, melta, ML, rhino, extra armor, x2-510
10 tacticals, power fist, flamer, Lascannon, razorback, extra armor-280

Pred-HBs, extra armor-110
Vindie, extra armor,x2-280
Dark angels codex.

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what I'm going for is a list that can be fun in the sense it's not tourney style, where win at all costs exists, but still packs some all comers punch in case someone decides to bring out some cheese. (preferably gouda)

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I think the two are pretty exclusive. You can't have the best of both.

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I agree with all of those except the scout shotguns, really I don't see the point in taking the shotgun.

damn it captcha wtf?

>continuous ticeafor

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For me it's more attacks (shooting) without the possiblity of attacks back, and without committing to a combat. But yeah, it's hardly a big deal.

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Sadly that is the case with codex marines, but a little variety makes for an interesting game. I've personally never fielded devastators armed with plasma cannons before so I want to see how they perform.

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But then you might as well take a bolter

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Well, no, because then you won't be able to assault.

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But he had said not to commit to an assault, so the bolter would be better for range.

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That's not what I said:
>For me it's more attacks (shooting) without the possiblity of attacks back, and without committing to a combat. But yeah, it's hardly a big deal.
I said WITHOUT committing to a combat. I didn't say that you should not do so, or that the option should be eliminated.

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