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Unrealistic/Stylish/Onlyinanime weapon thread.

The more likely to piss off a realismfag the better.

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And yes, I realize there is a thread on impractical weapons, but I was hoping for an image dump.

I need inspiration for an exalted game.

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Lineage 2 is king of unrealistic weapons.

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derp derp

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poo poop

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prodeg allprodeg allprodeg all

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joheint object

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Lineage pales in comparison to Monster Hunter

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not trying hard enough

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Only have a couple of guns, but they sure as hell are unrealistic

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Is that a gun or a tape roller?

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Unrealistic weapons thread

...and no Keyblades?

Heck they're from /v/ and /a/ but damn they gotta piss off realists everywhere

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I don't have a picture because there is so many but.
Every single weapon in World of Warcraft, with the exception of a few of the lower leveled ones. Seriously.

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this thread needs more hammer guns

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that magazine would be so akward...

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I'm not sure what's dumber, the magazine placement itself, or the fact that there appears to be another one on the other side of the weapon.

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Or is that not a magazine and it's a barrel mag grenade launcher? So confused.

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And while this isn't strictly on topic, this gun looks like several shades of bad idea to me.

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Okay, I get that it's impractical, and has greatly impaired performance...but second from the left is kinda cool.

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Yeah, that stock is a deal-breaker,.

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I don't get it, I mean are you supposed to tuck it under your arm and shoot from the hip with that thing? Is that why the stock looks like that?

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Wait...I just realized it's supposed to be tucked under your armpit or something...must process new data.

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It looks like it goes in ones armpit.

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I've always fucking hated keyblades. Worst weapon Ive seen in a major popular game in ages.

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Really? The bataxe? It looks so...hokey. No villein could weld that and be anything other than a joke. Just like the little reaper guy axe. They are both too silly looking to live.

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these are kinda hit or miss... a lot of the swords aren't that bad, specially >>12293974 about half of those

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>this thread
>my face

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To be fair, nothing else in WoW looks realistic either.

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that's a really neat little design with the stock that folds under the barrell!

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Over-the-top, hokey clothing and armament shenanigans are like half the reason to even BE a villain.

...at least in my opinion.

I mean yeah sure, some guy laughs at you, and then you have your motivation.

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Holy shit so that's what that is!

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Hey guys, looks like you don't have anyone mad at your thread yet. Allow me to be the first: THIS IS DUMB AS HELL THOSE WOULDN'T EVEN WORK. Thank you.

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I want one.

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Isn't that one of those guns who's main purpose is for criminals to shoot each other at point blank range?

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Bolsheviks actually. During the revolution [Citation Needed]

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This...Isn't unrealistic at all. It's a Middle Eastern Jezzail. More accurate than European standard-stock designs, due to it being able to be braced under your arm.

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>Monster Hunter

Don't the choices in that game basically boil down to "retarded club", "retarded sword", and "katana"?

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Mosin-Nagant M1891/30: $59.95
Box of surplus 7.62x54mmR ammunition: $8.99
Hacksaw: $14.99
The ability to CC a weapon that can shoot through a cop car the long way: Priceless

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNFsUvh078I

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Your choices are big ass sword, long ass sword, normal sized sword with a shield, two dagger, a flame thrower lance thing, big ass hammer, big ass bow, and a crossbow gun.

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The stock isn't really a stock, per se. It's the housing for the return spring of the action. The foam is just wrapped around it so that it COULD be used as a stock, in a pinch. No pun intended.

Other than that and the lack of a forward grip, I'd say it seems feasible. Although, putting a Beta-C magazine on it does kind of ruin the purpose of having an AR small enough to be considered a PDW.

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Wow /tg/, I'm disapoint.
This< should have been the first post.

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Well, as I am primarily a /co/mrade I don't have a large stockpile of improbable weaponry...well, not filed as such.

But I feel I should contribute, so here goes.

Goddammit Ollie, I love you to death, but that is NOT a viable projectile!

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Doesn't matter which one you pick. Every gunblade is an unwieldy nightmare.

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Okay, god damnit.

God damnit.

Fuck this thread. Fuck the shit out of it.

God fucking damn it.


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The mag's there probably just for saying "Hey, in a pinch, you can toss one of these bad boys on and really scare the bad guys!"

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...I'm okay with this.

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Aside from the fact that it's twelve feet long of course.

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Actually, if huge swords and silly weapons didn't first remind you of Cloud from FF7, I am dissapoint.

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And silly to boot. I can understand the idea of a shooty sword or a stabby gun, but wasn't the premise behind gunblades that they didn't actually fire a bullet, but just set off a charge inside the barrel that made the blade vibrate? Why not just make a proper vibrosword for fuck's sake, we've been using something similar to carve turkey for going on three decades now.

Pic related, a more practical weapon than a gunblade.

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Here, have a real "huge sword".

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It wasn't vibration, it was heat. For the instant it was triggered, the Gunblade was a flaming sword.

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Monster Hunter is so vile.

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If anything, the weapons in this thread look pretty. And assuming they're all magical and/or ancient blessed artifacts, I'd stop caring if their structure would snap apart from their own weight, or if their design would make them impossibly unwieldy.

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I thought it used recoil or something to increase the power of the swing somehow. At least that's what I heard.

Also, here's a huge gun type thing to go with the huge sword I just posted

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Best projectile right here.

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Huh, this page isn't so bad...or have I become desensitized?

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My personal favorite impractical weapon: the gunlance.

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No, you're right, that page is okay.

Except for the Maracas of Death. Those are not okay.

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Darksiders up in this bitch.

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Here's one.

Though, were it to be real, I would make sweet love to it by candlelight.

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That's.. not even impractical, just ornate. By anime standards, not having a crossguard is pretty smalltime.

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Um, the Chinese used maces like that, dual wield. Just, without spikes.

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I think you're both desensitized. Most of those would function as unwieldy spiked clubs in practice.

I mean, yea, you could kill a fucker with them, but...

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Now here's a silly thingamajig. I don't know what the hell this is supposed to be.

Also, after looking at the picture posted here>>12296710
I have realized that I was thinking of a different sort of "gunblade" here >>12296769

These appear to be gun/sword two for one fold out combos which seem reletively reasonable.

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Actually I think his problem was it appears to be made of glass and hollow.

Though I think it's actually made out of some "Magical Clear Metal"...and filled with water for some reason.

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Not impractical if you're 7'4" tall and hurl diesel engine blocks for shits and giggles...

If you're a fey teenager, though, you might have some problems wielding the damn thing.

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To be totally fair? Lightning's gunblades aren't like Squall's. Hers actually SHOOT. You can even see it in gameplay once you have four sections on her ATB bar.

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>Maracas of Death

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I didn't say they were impractical, I just can't look at them without thinking "Mariachi of Doom."

And frankly, it's a terrifying thought.

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I once played a character who used something like that, except without the haft. Shaft. Handle. Part you can actually touch.

In my defense, he was a telekenetic and did not actually have to touch it.

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Last one for the weapons. If you guys want, I could post the armor pictures. Some of that shit is pretty funny.

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Please, don't continue. I believe we get the picture.

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Oh who am I kidding, I can't stay mad at the boxing glove arrow, it's just too awesome.

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Do these count?

>This gun fires a special two stage bullet that's heat-seeking, armour-piercing, explosive, and has double stopping power against babies and triple stopping power against police. It has both a Banana clip and a Drum Clip for maximum ammo, as well as fully-automatic fire and a self-aiming feature which will automatically point the barrel towards the nearest cop or baby.

>Merely holding this gun will make you 23,456% more likely to commit violent crimes against children and peace keepers, and pulling the trigger once will cause the trigger to continue pulling itself until the clips are empty or all cops and babies within a 400 yard radius are dead.

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>"Mariachi of Doom."

You rang?

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You forgot to add a shoulder thing that goes up.

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That is, in fact, hilarious and awesome.

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Okay. You win. That's it. Thread over.

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Damn it Monster Hunter, why do you have to be so stupid.

>> No.12296890

As long as there's some PMG coming in...

My attempt at a sci-fi big gun.

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Oh christ, I am so fucking stealing that for late-game treasure.

Somewhat-oversized battleax which is in fact a hilariously-oversized brilliant energy sword.

>> No.12296904

>bottom left dude

Football armor made of giant critter scales...

Fucking genius

>> No.12296909

Is that border design starting to make anyone else's eyes hurt, or is it just me?

<---Also, here's another /k/lassic.

>> No.12296920

Yeah it's made from the shell of a giant hermit crab.

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I like how I'm not even close to the crazy looking armor.

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Here's another bad idea brought to life...
The M-29 Davy Crockett Weapon System with the M388 nuclear projectile.

That's right...




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Then why are you posting this shit for? SKIP A BIT, BROTHER.

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Is... 119/120 a girl?

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Your wish is my command.

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I don't see the problem.

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>is patiently waiting for the Kirin armors

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Just for you.

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Haaaah, hahahahaha. Oh, Monster Hunter. You and your batshit insanity.

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...well, yeah it's ugly, and it's heavy as fuck, and it would work way better as a long barrel with a stock...but it seems like it would work.

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My shield is a beetle, your argument is invalid.

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It's Batman.


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I'll admit to being horrified, but depending on just what the fuck that is, It could be practical.

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Yeah well my armor is beetles. Your move buddy.

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What's the armor set called?

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Also this.

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No... Cold War.

>> No.12297078

I think it's the Rathian gunner set. Also, cactus armor is best armor.

>> No.12297081

That's a very good question.

Seriously, it looks like the guy on the left is wearing a giant sea cucumber with mamillian muscles and the girl on the right is armed with a lacrosse stick made with something's mandibles.

>> No.12297082


Should be Rathian gunner armor, dunno what rank.

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I only have stuff from /k/, really...

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>> No.12297099

Last one.

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Does loving this thread make me a bad person?

>> No.12297101

I remember that one...

Here's one from Chechnya.

>> No.12297105

Good old hand-to-hand.

>> No.12297108

Yess. See pic.

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>> No.12297114

...and another.

>> No.12297116


It's making me want to play Monster Hunter again, that's for sure.

>> No.12297123

He's working on their man-to-hand relationship...

>makinsy apparently

>> No.12297128


Ah, if we're counting monsters...

I present to you THE BEST THING EVER.

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>> No.12297148

Good lord wat

>> No.12297149


Godzilla wielding a subway train as a weapon is pretty great, but is it as great as ape-men wielding the Watergate tapes?

>> No.12297162

I think every board could find something to hate in that picture.

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>> No.12297173

Monster Hunter guy here, goodnight guys. Hope you enjoyed my images.

>> No.12297184


Totally, thanks for the dump. See ya.

>> No.12297197

Goddamn bro. That's...special.

>> No.12297210


This armor is the very definition of practical.

>> No.12297223

currently I have 300+ hours logged on my freedom unite game.

Also just and FYI The Maracas of Death as you guys call them have a sillier english name: Pink Maracas.

Then again my current favourite is the purse bop (khezu head hammer).

>> No.12297240


It's a fertility symbol and meant to ward off the evil spirits of war that could follow the brave warrior home and spoil the fields, you would not understand it.

>> No.12297256


Did...did you mean to reply to me?

>> No.12297266


He may have thought you were being sarcastic (implying that the armor depicted was not, in fact, the very definition of practical).

>government mutays

And suddenly the X-men are also G-men.

>> No.12297291

You complaining, BOY?

>> No.12297307


I wanna know if I should bother looking for more stuff to post.

>> No.12297313


No, when I'm sarcastic I lay it on really thick.

>> No.12297364

inb4 Punisher's sword gun

>> No.12297372

In during.

>> No.12297386

this this this a thousand times this

>> No.12297387

Pointless gun is pointless.

>> No.12297394

saged for samefaggptry.

>> No.12297395


Holy shit.

>> No.12297406

>> No.12297411


What's wrong with hand-and-a-half sabers?

>> No.12297415

nope, that was an anon delivering, I couldn't find the page

>> No.12297436

sabers big benifit is they can be used on a horse these are show pieces and thats it

>> No.12297443

Oh, you.

>> No.12297454

Using up all the ammunition in 0.1 seconds? Doesn't matter.

>> No.12297463

So this seems like a good thread to ask.
In Exalted, as you know, the characters end up with ridiculous strength, dexterity, and staying power. What sort of form would their weapons take when weight and fatigue are almost non-issues?
TL;DR put some thought into superhuman weapon design instead of "this, but bigger"

>> No.12297466

Joke's on you, fuckass. Self-replicating ammo.

>> No.12297491

Lightnings sword from ff13. Not only is it a gunblade (as in, it actually shoots bullets), but the method it uses to unfold involves parts sliding through each other. I modelled it in solidworks and it just outright doesn't work

>> No.12297504

I'd go with something that doesn't get stuck when it does some heavy structucal damage. Wouldn't want that 12-foot long sword get stuck while you're breaking that castle down. So I'd go with something that either deals piercing or bludgeoning damage. Or both.

>> No.12297508

Oh shit, I totally forgot about this, gird yourselves fellows, you face the very essence of madness.

>> No.12297514


I always saw the armaments in that sort of world leaning towards really long and agile polearms, which they would wield like godamn fencers, quite possibly while flying. Because even when you're super-tough, one cut (from a super-strong being) is enough to kill you.

It's only when you have ridiculous Sauron armor that you get intentionally heavy shell-crusher and can-opener weapons.

>> No.12297518

I'm not too familiar with Exalted, so what do they use weapons for if they're so superhuman that they can wield and take hits from swords bigger than they are without any trouble?

>jultor the

>> No.12297536


What is this, I don't even

>> No.12297537


Also, I don't seem to have the angry marine Hammer of Fists of Hammers saved.

>> No.12297545

Basically, it's a sword, but bigger, and weighing way too much. Think like a cheap reproduction: Looks right, weighs anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds. They're also generally bigger. Let's say a longsword looks like a greatsword, but still wielded one-handed. The reason they can do this, strength aside, is by buoying it with their personal essence.

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>> No.12297638

Not enough dakka, that's what it is.

>> No.12297681

Neutronium core nunchaku.
Depleted uranium shoes.
Clones of Bruce Lee chained together to create a flail.

>> No.12297693


A chair made from laughing Jackie Chans holding babies.

>> No.12297703

No mortal armour would ever be able to stand up to weapon blows at that level, so logically they'd completely abandon it in favour of sheer blistering speed and possibly magic but lets not get into that. Logically, in that case, a very fast weapon with long reach would be ideal, since even with their constitution, getting a giant metal blade rammed through your gut is going to kind of fuck you over unless your skin literally deflects swords. There's no need for giant heavy shit to crush someone in half, even if you could fling it about. You'd need responsiveness to counter super fast enemy attacks, sturdiness so the weapon survives, reach so you can actually hit them while they fly around all over the place, and really just a very sharp edge will do and your superhuman strength will drive it right through them without need of serious mass. Oddly enough, I'm thinking of the longswords from Monster Hunter, including the polearms.

>> No.12297706

Wrap your mind around this-
Bruce Lee flail, sitting in the Laughing Jackie Chan chairs, linking together to unleash a thousand hells upon any target.

>> No.12298393


shocked no one has said it yet.

Captcha: warantus. szaread
thats about to be the name of the next guy i make

>> No.12298489

Jesus Christ..Fuck.
That even beats this one. >>12296753

>> No.12298674

How about powers that can turn bananas into a blade that can chop through steel or even armor.
From Nana of banana.The price for its usage is having to eat a banana with skin on for every usage.

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