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sup /tg/? I'm trying to expand my group's game list past just D&D. I tried running a M&M campaign, but it was a horrible failure due to both my inexperience as a DM in general and the player's utter apathy. I've DMed a lot since then and I'm hoping to give it another go and this time, I'm going to be using the Warriors and Warlocks rule/setting to give it more of a D&D feel and maybe my players will be a bit more accepting because of it. However, I've hit a couple of snags in the plan. The first is the money conversion from EP to Wealth to classic cp/sp/gp coins. It seems that it's a bit wonky (Ring of Jumping costing the same as a gauntlet) and I hope /tg/ can help me out. The second is lack of material. I'm a mediocre adventure writer and rarely do I anticipate what the players will want to do. Are there any published adventures/campaigns for W&W, or will I need to covert a D&D adventure?

tl;dr version: Need help understanding W&W's money conversion and can't find published adventures for it.

Pic thankfully unrelated.

>considered aferies
Why yes captcha, I have considered throwing fairies in this, but probably the ones from Berserk

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Part of the problem of Warriors and Warlocks run as a pulp sword-and-sorcery mechanic is, frankly, you're using a different set of rules that weren't designed with that setting in mind. Your players and you already know the rules for D&D, and just using different rules for the same thing might come across as...I dunno, a bit arbitrary. It's part of the reason W&W hasn't gotten much love, from what I'm aware of. So to that end, you'll need to convert a D&D adventure.

As far as money conversion, you'll get no help from me. I'm lost on that myself.

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I'm not a huge fan of it myself, but my group is so stuck in their mindset of D&D>>>>>>>>>>anything (tone and theme wise) that I can't throw normal M&M at them and expect anything but WoW expys.

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Anyone have any luck with converting M&M/W&W to standard D&D currency without the prices getting all weird? Been looking at it and still no luck. Greatsword still costs three times the cost of a Potion of Bull's Strength.

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No one?

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Last bum, then I'll let it die.

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