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>> No.12266850

couldn't you already play as Eldar?

>> No.12266862

>still no IG
>my face

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I'm guessing they're getting their own campaign.

>> No.12266875

It's the dry season, and Lake Givafuk is empty.

>> No.12266902

so, is each race getting it's own campaign?
Orks, eldar, chaos, nids and marines?

>> No.12266907

Holy shit. This is getting awesome. Orks and Eldar confirmed for playable campaigns? Switching to Steam of GFWL? This just gets better and better!

>> No.12266913

Instead of GFWL even. Wow, I messed that up.

>> No.12266924

IG don't fit in DOW2 gameplay, the new faction will be Sisters of Battle and the inquisitorial allies.

>> No.12266926

do they have a dude leading the eldar now

or is it another chick that will bring them ever closer to extinction

>> No.12266929

>Eldar trying to sound noble and heroic

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>> No.12266949


Yeah, an eight man squad would just be silly.

they already have assault squads, stormtrooper squads, and infantry squads in the game. All they'd need to do is add armor and hero units to lead them.

>> No.12266961

Where did you hear Sisters of Battle? I heard that it would be a race not introduced before (which makes me think either Daemonhunters or the Inquisition itself)


>> No.12266962

Judging from the 'I' in Retribution, The Inquisition will be a playable faction.

>> No.12266969

Biel-Tan, Ulthwé, Ulthwé, Ulthwé, MOTHERFUKKEN ALAITOC?

>> No.12266977

Hero units would be easy too.

Make one a Cadian, one a Catachan, one a Elysian and one a Steel Legion guy.

Cadian gives stronger infantry all around, Catachan gives stealth and better CC, Elysian gets more Stormtroopers and can call units in, Steel Legion does more and better vehicles.

>> No.12266980


that would change the look of the core units.

They'er all going to be cadian archetypes

>> No.12266981

Why are the farseers always women?

I mean, it's nice to see some women protagonists(or in most cases they were antagonists), but they've done female farseers for 2 games and 4 expansions now.

>> No.12266985

>Just was this

No OP, you are the trailers.
And then OP was trailer.

>> No.12266996

Where's my DoW 1 2 /tg/?

>> No.12267003

There's already an IG mod out.

>> No.12267012

Saves time on taking the boobs off the model. Well, except in Idranel's case, the flat witch.

>> No.12267015

Wouldn't have to.

Only the heros would have a changed look. The normal grunts could stay looking the same.

>> No.12267020

Maybe eldar women's minds are less clouded by war?

Most eldar warlocks seem to be male after all.

>> No.12267025


Tits sell things, and Eldar are the only ones who can have them without crushing the fluff.

(No Female Space Marines, So no Female Chaos Space Marines, Nids are spawned in Pools and Orks grow from the ground.)

Sorry mate, They're really the only race where females could even GET to high positions.

>> No.12267029

Hmm...are the Inquisition aware of the Blood Raven situation and do they know who are really the traitors?

Or are they gonna go after the innocent guys as usual.

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>> No.12267050

>>12267025Tits sell things, and Eldar are the only ones who can have them without crushing the fluff.

IG could have tits, like a bossy Commissar woman.

DoW has crushed the eldar image already though

>> No.12267054

Imperial Guard would work, too, but since they're not a playable faction...

>> No.12267062

>>12266981Why are the farseers always women?

to get the Night Elves market.

>> No.12267064


elfdar have to counter SM sausage fest.

>> No.12267076

I dunno, would having a male Farseer have withheld people from buying DoW?

There's no female farseer models, and barely any in the background.

All the notable special characters are dudes. Wise Old Man Eldrad, bishie former king of space pirates tragic destiny savoir Yriel, etc.

>> No.12267088

Uh... what about Guard? Or, you know, Sisters?

Or hell some kind of Cultist head honcho.

Actually there was a female Chaos Marine in official fluff. Technically a Guardsman turned Champion by virtue of possessed power armor but it counts.

>> No.12267092


it's a shootan war game based on a paintan wargame.

>> No.12267099

>implying anyone cares about that
GW encouraged Relic to make up their own heroes as per the fluff, not rehash existing ones.

>> No.12267100

>>12267025No Female Space Marines, So no Female Chaos Space Marines

they summon tit demons, and some of them grow tits and become beyootiful wimmin

Warhammer Fantasy has a beautiful Chaos Daemon Princess of Khorne. She is constantly attacked by slaaneshi champions.

>> No.12267104

>bishie former king of space pirates tragic destiny savoir Yriel

Yriel's not a farseer, though.

>> No.12267109

Don't forget the female Khornate champion. And that happened in both fantasy (Valkya) and 40k (unnamed Guard woman who killed a Chaos dude).

>> No.12267123

>Tits sell things
Activision disagrees.

They actually frequently tell game creators to "drop the chick" or replace female protags with male ones because they feel women as leads don't sell games.

>> No.12267125

GW tends not to sexualize their settings as much as most other fantasy nowadays, so it's more noticable when someone else uses their IP

>> No.12267131

Supreme Commander of the Fire Caste and leader of the Third Sphere Expansion would like a word with y'all.

>> No.12267136

Rouge Traders is the new faction

>> No.12267142

And yet they chose to make the Tau Commander in a similar suit in DoW male!

Those crazy Relic guys and their gender fuckery... why, you'd almost think they were trying to make their own characters for their games!

>> No.12267145

they should turn grots into greenskin lolis

"please, no more kicking *sniff*"
have the warbosses be green giantesses with huge tits

Huge breasted women that abuse lolis, would you buy this game?

>> No.12267152

Quicker than you can shit after a hogfoot buffet.

>> No.12267155

Ever notice how much her armor resembles Samus'...?

>> No.12267161

>>12267145Huge breasted women that abuse lolis, would you buy this game


>> No.12267167


Activision is full of shit, though. And I can't think of a worse gaming company in existence.


Just to throw this out there, it's a bit of a long read but it sums up why I hate Activision in one nice big post.

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>> No.12267192

No. Because games with hot women are just a tease. I don't like being teased, it's heavily distracting and too hard to fap to it unless it's flat out rule 34ing. Which is why I was partially disappointed in the Bioshock Infinite annoucement trailer.

>> No.12267203

>Technically a Guardsman turned Champion by virtue of possessed power armor but it counts.
>unnamed Guard woman who killed a Chaos dude

Lieutenant Larana Utorian, 383rd Jouran Dragoons

>> No.12267213

Wow, man. I wanted to say something like that, but couldnt find right words.

>> No.12267214

GW should release a model of Shadowsun without her battlesuit.

And make it completely flat.

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>> No.12267235

Canonically, Tau don't have mammaries, so it would be accurate.

>> No.12267240

>>12267214GW should release a model of Shadowsun without her battlesuit.

GW shold release a model of Calgar without his boinics

he'd be a giant one eyed slug

>> No.12267253

Source on this?

And don't say Xenology, Xenology also says Tau have feet instead of hooves.

>> No.12267254

Heheheh, I like your style.

>> No.12267265

One encounter with Old Zogwort later, and...

>> No.12267273

Xenology doesn't say that you goddamn faggot.

The artist simply made a mistake.

And yes, Xenology is canon. And don't whine about the feet/hooves thing, there are dozens of Tau hoof images against one Tau feet image, so stop being a whiny cunt and suck it up your asshole.

>> No.12267279

>>12267145Huge breasted women that abuse lolis, would you buy this game

does that make squigs...


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>> No.12267302

>>12267279 squigs...yukkuris?

>> No.12267315


>> No.12267338

Wrong, the Ethereals do.
The regular Tau, do not.


>> No.12267340

I dunno, I feel like saying what's Canon in 40k is like saying what's Canon in D&D

>> No.12267363

Or in touhou

>> No.12267365

Good News everyone! I'm sending you on a trip to DoW II! The base building is absent and you will have a nauseous feeling when you realize there are next to no mods. Look on the bright side, howev...eh...what was I saying?

>> No.12267367

Take it easy, Boss!

>> No.12267427

Ethereals have feet, huh? These look like hooves to me.

>> No.12267444

>play eldar
>no changes


>> No.12267456

No Cover useage
Only Blobing
Tiny as fuck maps
No tactics
Santa Clause isn't real
Your dog was never sent to a farm.

>> No.12267459


Yeah building bases is so fun. I miss that immensely. It brings back fond memories of Sim City.

>> No.12267471

Check this post mate.


>> No.12267476

Why I laughed when the Unclean One assploded?

>> No.12267479

no mods?

>> No.12267500

I can't hear over how wrong you are

by the by


>> No.12267559

>>end of trailer with eldar crying FALL BACK! FALL BACK!
>>my face

Avatar glowing and rising sword pretty epic, though.

>> No.12267562


Doesn't look like she has anything particularly ''massive''.

>> No.12267590

And no chainmail bikini, either.

I'm fucking impressed.

>> No.12267606

Because there's an armored plate over her chest, you twit.

>> No.12267608

That commissar's ugly. I'd rather play DoW1.

When will you realize people would rather play Winter Assault/ Dark Crusade/ Anything other than your mod?

>> No.12267620

Never. His ego will not allow it.

>> No.12267624

God I always love the first five seconds of that video.

>> No.12267662

>Implying anyone plays games for the offline experience.
If the new expansion doesn't add mroe stuff for Multiplayer I'm not wasting my time pirating it.

She's actually shouting "For the fallen."

Get yer ears checked.

>> No.12267692


The VA for the Guardsmen in DoW2 is the same guy who did them in the first game right? I remember doing this mission with Guard help where you have to take a Chaos Base under heavy mortar shelling in CR and thinking "Oh hey! I know that voice!" as he briefs me on the situation.
I know canonically it's not really the same guy, but I'd like to think that there's one guy who worked for Sturn, got transferred over to Kronus, was then sent to Kuarvara and was one of the survivors who after retreating out of the system found himself stationed (in ironies of ironies) on the Blood Raven recruiting worlds.

>> No.12267714


Do Eldar even need tits? It seems like their biology has evolved beyond the need for them,

>> No.12267727

So wait, let me just clear things up.

STILL no base building?

>> No.12267795

Shut up, do you want them to take away their tits?

>> No.12267830


>> No.12267849

>>, but I'd like to think that there's one guy who worked for Sturn, got transferred over to Kronus, was then sent to Kuarvara and was one of the survivors who after retreating out of the system found himself stationed (in ironies of ironies) on the Blood Raven recruiting worlds.

If i see that guardsman one more time!

>> No.12267873

Ah Sir!

Chaos forces have...

>> No.12267877

Theres a fluff reason for it somewhere, most farseers are women.

>> No.12267908

I thought there was?

>> No.12267916

Avitus, shut up, you are a coward and a hypocrite.

>> No.12267932

How are they going to handle the whole "One of your guys turned to chaos" thing?
Are they just going to handwave it with the techmarine guy?

>> No.12267936


>> No.12267939

That'd be cool. Like the whole Merlin thing.

The only reason the special characters are male is because you have to be truly exceptional to be a male farseer or something like that?

The exception to the rule?

I realize it's a stretch but it'd be neat if that were the thought process behind it.

>> No.12267943

Way to go, Avitus, you killed a loyal servant of the emperor. Now you're a heretic.

>> No.12267953

thats not how it works at all

>> No.12267956

Theres also something about Male Banshees too.
I think they actually end up getting a sex change.

There are also some highly placed majority male roles too.

>> No.12267972

>implying commissars dont routinly kill off their troops.

>> No.12267999

>>Implying you need an excuse to kill guardsmen

>> No.12268001

They kill cowards. Avitus killed a many-worlds veteran who was doing his job and doing it well.

>> No.12268007

Male Howling Banshees consider themselves to be female as long as they're walking the Banshee Path. So they don't get a sex change, they're just traps.

>> No.12268016

>Implying killing your soldiers for no reason makes you a good/not 'killed by friendly fire' Commisar.

>> No.12268025

>good men die in 40k ;_;

I dont hear you crying when astartes glass an entire planet due to a misunderstanding

>> No.12268064

If he served on Kronus then that bastard deserves to die for his crime.

Picture related. Its the gun which Avitus should have used on the traitorous scum.

>> No.12268096

I wish the devs grew some balls and made the Full Chaos ending canon.

That'd rock so much.

>> No.12268141

Why are heads wearing raincoats?
What is this...
I don't even...

>> No.12268157

''All guardsmen are weaklings and traitors''

That's a good enough reason for me.

>> No.12268214

>from the guy who literally has to hide behind his teammates since he's too pussy to fight without his heavy bolter

>> No.12268233


>> No.12268259


So he became a whiny emo bitch because he lost 2 men?

>> No.12268325

Nope he is just kinda pissed off cause in all his life he was wronged by guardsmen in one way or another.

Also does he sound like whiney emo to you?


>> No.12268348

>level 19
>doesn't have three inventory slots.
>has the melee track filled out to the second ability on Tarkus
What the fuck is wrong with you. >:|

>> No.12268366


Melee Vets Tarkus is awesome. Who needs the Jump pack dudes...

Though yeah spreading around the points like that is kinda weird.

>> No.12268374

>implying Avitus is whiny

Avitus is a stereotypical badass who doesn't afraid of anything.

That's not to imply he IS a badass. That's the FoComm's job. Avitus is just all "Pff, the Commander killed a thousand Carnifexes in melee? I killed twenty thousand with RIGHTEOUS BOLTER FIRE, I'm still cooler."

>> No.12268384

Yukkuris melt in the rain.

Don't ask me how I know that.

>> No.12268393


Stop talking shit, most named farseers are male and it has never been stated that there are more female farseers.

Banshees are mostly female but there are males and no sex change is required.

>> No.12268405

He can be a bit of downer sometimes....


>> No.12268413

It's more the fact that his melee track is basically "Oh yeah, you can use melee weapons now. Have fun!"

Whereas Thaddeus gets stuff like Righteous Fury so he can spam the fuck out of Merciless Strike and flatten giant swathes of troops, and the FoComm lands one hit kills on mook enemies with War Cry active.

I will concede that Tarkus makes a much better 'tank' as a melee though, and that is arguably his job, given:
>highest squad HP
>tactical advance

But he really needs three inventory slots, and in CR, he's a god with the upgrade that makes him throw three frags at once.

But in CR, the FoComm starts to show up Tarkus's tanking ability with his final Stamina upgrade (gain like, 10+ health with every kill, permanently -- it's pretty amusing having the FoComm with around 4k health at the end of a level).

>> No.12268430

Nah, he just likes raining on Thaddeus's parade. :3c

Avitus is full of rage. If he could dual wield Heavy Bolters, he would.

If he could replace his penis with a bolter, he would.

>> No.12268453

He better keep his rage in check lest it lead him to a darker path.


>> No.12268494


>Duel wielding Heavy Bolters
>Bionic Bolter Dick

This is my new Deathwatch Character.

>> No.12268553

shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready
shuriken cannon team ready

>> No.12268587



>> No.12269769

This is easily superior.

>> No.12270008

Dawn of War's maps were kind of cramped for masses of guardsmen and attendant vehicles, and DoW2's focus on smaller-scale tactics seems also rather unsuited to them.

>> No.12270124

Where can I snag that particular mod? I'm only finding the old singleplayer mod.

>> No.12270205

And here it is, the truth that so many have hidden from you. The truth you keep yourself to blind to see.
No matter how many men you raise from despire and hopelessness, no matter how many heretics you return to rightousness, no matter how many traitors you slay, the end will be the same.
No matter how many you save, no matter how many you kill, you will die, and all your thoughts, words, and deeds will be forgotten, swept away under the unceasing tide of the ages. Faded, overshadowed, and gone.
But when the last traitor is put down,
When the last xeno is pacified,
The last heretic redeemed,
We will still remain.
And when the great Imperium of Man fades into memory,
When the last human passes away,
The Iast star burns out,
I will still remain.

And that will be the start of the true beginning.

Fingers crossed for playable CHAOS.

>> No.12270583


guard have a LOT of special forces units that don't rely on large numbers to wreck face. Stormtroopers, veterans, ogrins, and a command squad. Sentinel with an autocannon and close combat could easily function in place of a dread. Predator tanks showed up in the space marine campaign, after all. Stealth squad equivalent could be Cadian snipers or some such.

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