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Dubs time!

Check 'em

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Trying again. Dubs to the dubs.

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Get out.

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Daddy needs a new pair of dubs!

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Take this shit out of /tg/

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Definitely gonna be dubs this time!


U jelly?

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Oh, fuck you, dubs guy.

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nice doubles fag

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>He still thinks getting doubles is meaningful!

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Leman Russ, getting dubs here!

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Stop posting guys it's just doubles nothing else, take it out of /tg/.

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Check 'em.

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Only the true Dubssiah denies his dubvinity!

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I know I'll get dubs this time!

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>this fucking thread

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Guys this midnflayer is aettign may rbina icn'at dbusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Trust me it's nothing special, especially since I got them twice in a row. It's incredibly easy getting doubles

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FUCK YOU, Dubs Guy! I'll outdub you this time!

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inb4 newfags are surprised that someone can get doubles reliably on /tg/ at 4am.

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This time, I mean! I meant this time! Totally!

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>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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Well played sir, showing how easy dubs are to get with that f5, eh?

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Ok, now I know I can get dubs again!

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Just another day on /tg/.

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Good god I hate you all.

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Actually, I click refresh. Manually.

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If you guys are really this board, why not play a fun flash game? I like Freeway Fury: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/542949

Or, for something more /tg/-related, Monsters' Den: http://www.kongregate.com/games/garin/monsters-den-book-of-dread

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S-space Wolves cannot into dubs? ;_;

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Could you please stop? You're bumping this to the front page all the time, which is pretty irritating, because this thread has nothing to do with anything.

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All the other primarchs will laugh at me.

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Freeway Fury is actually really good.

Ever play Garden Gnome Carnage?


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No, Space Wolves cannot into dubs.

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Pretty dubbsy to me.

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I wish I could understand this relentless need to shit up /tg/.

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It's about how I'm gonna get dubs this time, and how jelly u are!

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It's the other boards. They are jelly.

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He who stares too long into the abyss, dude.

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Ok, guys, I know I'm not all that great at dubs, but I will make it my mission... NO! MY VERY PURPOSE IN LIFE! To out-dub that Guilliman faggot!

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Whoops! Forgot my image!

Also dubs.

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You cannot outdub your spiritual liege

>> No.12262568

You cannot out-anything an ultramarine

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Please stop. Pretty please. Or at least sage while you try to "get doubles". What did the rest of us do to you? :/

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doubles are for fags

gets or bust

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We never reminded you how to HIDE THREAD.

I'm so sorry. ;_;

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shouldn't thos epics be deleted by now? It's a worksafe board, you know.

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Dubs without even trying.

Y'all mad.

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U just jelly of my sexy body.

Also dubs.

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This thread would have been nuked at post 1 if the janitor was on. Alas.

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>assbanner above me as I type

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Leman, what exactly is your problem? Why are you doing this here? Why are you just being obnoxious to people asking you to stop?

Come on, man. If you don't like /tg/, you don't have to come here. If you do, try not to crapflood it, huh?

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Russ is back.
Sharing his/her tits.
All is well

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I mad.

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>anyone who doesn't want /tg/ to be /b/ is just BEING INTERNET POLICE!!!
Who knew giving a fuck about basic post quality made people so mad?

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Glad I could help!

Now for two in a row, gotta break my high score!

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Wow. That is so not okay.

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this cat always cracks me up

>> No.12262658

It's like I'm really reading /b/!

>> No.12262659

Awww, so close. : (

Guess I better start over!

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Ahh, remember the 5M get, those were the days man.

Didn't feel like it was so long ago though, didn't know it was more than a year. By far one of the best gets we ever had.

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gotta say I am not a fan of those slit vagina's. It does nothing to disprove my theory that women were stabbed in the groin upon birth, hence why they do not have a penis.

Also, don't mind my dubs.

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I know :3

I need more of that cat edits.

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I will master the art of Dubs!

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I remember this one. Good old times.

Pic related is still my favourite thread of all time.

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/tg/ - shitposters who troll the fuck out of anyone who actually cares about /tg/

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Captcha why do you hate my sexy body?

Also dubs.

>> No.12262680

God was that really more than 3 years ago?

In any case, this is still my favourite.

>> No.12262684

apparently right at this moment reporting does nothing ;_;

>> No.12262686

Just one off? I'm getting better!


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/tg/ - People who bitch about one thread and can't hide it.

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>leman russ
>posting porn and spamming the board

What a shitposter. Why does he even come to /tg/ in the first place?

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C'mon Emperor, help me out here! I know the Emperor can into dubs!

>> No.12262704

My name is commander Sheppard and this is my favorite thread on /tg/

>> No.12262705

I guess janitors have to sleep sometime...

Oh well. Shit'll stay on no matter what, I suppose.

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>I want to post like it's /b/ so you should have hidden threads on the front page, and switch from Chrome to Firefox so you can do that in the first place

But seriously, what's with the /b/ thread?

>> No.12262710

Hey Russ


Trips for the Custodes.

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I didn't even realize that was in 07, jesus, back in the days when /tg/ was slow and all threads were awesome. Truly a golden age.

I kind of feel old now that I remember the start of /tg/.

>> No.12262719

H-have you abandoned me, Emperor?

>> No.12262722

I'm sensing some butthurt in your post. Why you mad?

>> No.12262724

Wow, Russ is even worse than Timothy Jones.

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Likewise dear friend, likewise.

>> No.12262733

Wellp, guess I'd better turn to Chaos.

>> No.12262739

>nostalgic about something from '07
Haha, oh wow.

>> No.12262743

1. Because u guys mad too
2. Because you keep stealing the dubs.
3. Because you made my captcha have lovecraftian text on it.

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See what it got you?

>> No.12262749

... Well then. Chaos gets results. Guess I'll go worship Slaanesh now.

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sweet mother of god

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For the Omnissiah!

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Ahahah, I wrote that reply.

Still hate this thread though.

>> No.12262799

Guys, guys, guys. We're losing sight of what's really important here.

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>> No.12262810

Dammit Russ...
How far have the naked, drunken, something or other fallen?

>> No.12262816

No, OP was correct, we need more DAT ASS.

>> No.12262817

Close enough. Still, you chaos guys need to be a bit more consistent if I'm going to stick with this Choass Mehren thing.

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>> No.12262829

Deepthroat and spider porn.

>> No.12262830


I knew a guy, who knew a guy, who saw a guy, who knew a guy, who was the brother of a guy that was friends with that guy and I know for certain that he was killed in action defending this country.

>> No.12262831

hrm. To be perfectly honest this is how I like my /tg/. The smut is rich, the jokes ribald and the place is jiving.

I miss the old self managed /tg/

>> No.12262835

Know what? I think I'm just gonna be an atheist if you guys won't take this seriously, Chaos.

>> No.12262836

The Omnissiah grants us his Dub Blessings.

>> No.12262838

>I miss when /tg/ was an autistic circle jerk
But why?

>> No.12262841

There's nothing in here but shitty /b/ doubles post and porn I could find better elsewhere. If this is the /tg/ you mourn, then I am glad it is dead.

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>> No.12262844

This thread is indistinguishable from /b/. It has no connection to traditional games. If this is what you WANT to see on /tg/, you're the cancer killing it and need to get the fuck to /b/.

>> No.12262846

I don't care if you believe me or not, that's why I don't have a name.

I DO want to register my utter disapproval with this retarded thread though.

>> No.12262848

Hey look, I found some of Zhaaku doing what he does best.

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>> No.12262854

>My face when you were implying with greentext and saging while not producing any new content for this board.

>> No.12262855

of course their were shit posters. There are still shit posters. sage fag is still saging every thread.

It just... Isn't as much fun anymore.

Now I understand the reasoning behind the SFW board, without its designation things would likely descend into a steamy, spammed mess. I miss having an occasional monster girl thread, whilst browsing interesting builds or new systems.

>> No.12262857

Cool CP bro

>> No.12262863

>Click thread. Loads slowly, cross fingers, loads. Not 404'd

Tzeentch is with us tonight

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>> No.12262866

1. Report
2. Hide Thread
3. Leave

>> No.12262867

looks like a slaanesh hijack of sorts to me.

>> No.12262868

Oh right, I forgot that I suck at this.

>> No.12262869

>He was mentioning old /tg/ not this thread

Sure is newfaggots with shitty reading comprehension in here.

>> No.12262870

>implying you care about /tg/

>> No.12262873

Praise the omnissiah! Praise the double gendered!

>> No.12262874

The people in the thread are enjoying it. Why is that bad? Do I have to get my nofun.jpeg?

>> No.12262879

This thread *is* old /tg/.

>> No.12262883

No. Just leaving threads alone brought about this "WE ARE /tg/ HURR HURR" bullshit from before.

Regrettably, if I don't make it quite clear that the entirety of /tg/ is behind something, it'll gain momentum enough to clog up the front page and deter me from trying to hunt down what little god there is left.

>> No.12262884

>I miss having an occasional monster girl thread
Then open another tab in /d/, and leave the rest of us in peace.

>> No.12262885

How about some Slaaneshi porn?

>> No.12262888

>this thread

>> No.12262892

Oh well, at least my dub failure is my own, instead of being attributed to that jerkoff Tzeentch. Or Khorne. What an asshole.

>> No.12262893

Because it's /b/ shit, and they're free to enjoy it on /b/.

>> No.12262894

No, old /tg/ was beautiful and related until summer '08 that is when it all changed for the worst.

>> No.12262895

>implying /d/ has anything but /d/ickgirls

>> No.12262898

You are too easily amused.

>> No.12262899

Oh that term. Cancer. It makes me laugh. Are you the chemo then, come to smite and purge?

Cause if you ask real nicely, I can be whatever. You. Want.

>> No.12262900

Yes, you personally disliking something when dozens of other /tg/ers clearly like it enough to "clog the front page" means the majority is wrong and only what you like is good.

>> No.12262904

The true binary! 1 and 0 at once!

>> No.12262906

Do you just make shitty excuses for your failures IRL too?

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>> No.12262919

Oh fucking wow.

>> No.12262921

... Oh fuck.

Uhhh... Sorry, Slaanesh?

>> No.12262923

Anyways, dicks on chicks. That is all.

>> No.12262924

Hardly, it only takes a persistent minority to keep something on the front page. Where you not here during the days of flarefag?

>implying you ever go to /d/ if you actually believe that
Also, if you can't find monstergirl porn somewhere else you fail the internet forever

>> No.12262927

Seems like you're the only one bawwwwwwwing around here, pal.

>implying having fun is bad

>> No.12262930

>> No.12262931

Do you just reply to everything you don't agree to with "bawwww"?

>> No.12262939

This is... uncomfortable.

>> No.12262940


To put it more succinctly, I am deterred from posting on /tg/ when a skim of the front page shows nothing but porn. Usually, I note, when the front page is covered in nothing but monstergirls and shit, a thread I start drops away to nothing. So I leave /tg/, as I'm guessing others of a similar temperament do.

On the other hand, if the front page is filled with /tg/ related things? I find my threads about traditional games have greater traction. Presumably because those on /tg/ for /tg/ related content don't immediately give up on seeing the front page.

tl;dr I do this for purely selfish reasons, yes.

>> No.12262942


Had to.

>> No.12262943

sigh. I truly hope this thread does not descend into gore dumps. How droll.

>tholroin Eftates
post some elf tats? Certainly captcha. On that note I miss green marine.

>> No.12262949

But it... feels kind of good, once you get used to it.

Mmmmmmm... Ah yeah...

>> No.12262953

Elf you say?

>> No.12262955

Worst thread on /tg/.

Damn it janitor, wherefore art thou?

>> No.12262956

hrm. I came here for /tg/ related poon after about 11pm ES. I would come during the day for the traditional threads.

>> No.12262958

Mmm, brainthroat.

>> No.12262960

I admit Anon, I chuckled. My hat is off to you good sir.

>> No.12262961

Yes, dozens. Or do you truly believe it's the actions of a small vocal minority trying to shit up the board, as opposed to a large group just hanging on /tg/? Do you really think anyone here who hasn't saged this thread is trying to ruin the board? I'm just here to enjoy myself, it's you who insist on saging and shitposting.

>> No.12262963

>wherefore art thou?
That means "why are you?"

>> No.12262965

N-no, wait! Don't stop!

>> No.12262967

>ITT: Contradictions.
>I should not have to hide this thread but you should open another tab and search for what you want.

Anyone miss chink?

>> No.12262977

Given that some of us have actual stuff to do during the day, I'd rather the board didn't degenerate into a terrible porn dump every night.

>> No.12262979

A dozen, maybe. And yes, I'd say you are actively trying to shit up the board.

If you weren't you'd have your "fun" on /b/ or IRC or whatever shithole you normally gather in.

>> No.12262982

I'll keep that in mind for the future.

You're like a person that goes to a grocery store and complains that it doesn't stock power drills.

>> No.12262985

Maybe the reason why your /tg/ related threads don't gain ground is because all the other /tg/goers are too busy fapping? Maybe you're the only one driven away? Maybe they're ignoring productive threads in favor of arguing with your bawwing? I know I'm a sucker for a bad internet argument.

>> No.12262986

I bet you actually believe that's a contradiction. Sad.

>> No.12262987

I miss all our porn drawfags.

On the bright side we still have a high amount of drawfags, which is very good.

>> No.12262988

>I should not have to modify this board for it to serve it's reason for existence
>baaaw I shouldn't have to go somewhere else even if it means shitting up the board

>> No.12262991

But when in the board's history was it ever actually nothing but monstergirl threads on the front page? All I've seen have been an occasional thread mixed into the regular /tg/ fare. If it is nothing but monstergirl threads then yes, that should stop. But if it's just one occasional thread, what's the problem?

>> No.12262993

Compare the number of sagers to non-sagers in this thread.

Clearly, we're in the majority, not including those that simply tried to avoid this thread and thought ill of it.

>> No.12262996

Really then? You must be new here

>> No.12263000

>> No.12263001

thats not really a counter argument. Your basically stepping back and trying to establish superiority via condescension. Lazy...

>> No.12263007

And why the fuck not? I like having all the shit I want to buy in one place.

Saves time and money.

>> No.12263012

I see, lets just count their names an- oh wait. everyone posts as anonymous, we cant count them. Right.

>> No.12263013

I'm so glad Jo started drawing the facial tats
I fucking loved chink

>> No.12263014

... I wasn't finished.

>> No.12263015

All the fucking time. Half the front page would be porn/fetish/wat do shit.

>> No.12263019

Indeed, I'm even playing on both sides for the fun of it.

>> No.12263026

Answer me this, sagefags-if it's just one thread among all the threads on /tg/, even if it is on the front page, would you still have a problem with a monstergirl thread? No shitting up the board, no spamming, just a single thread among all the others.

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>> No.12263031


>> No.12263035

Jo is awesome

>Check out her porn vid
>I cum on cat it hiss at penis

>> No.12263037

well yes, I do have issues with watdo/etc however If people intend to post in them they will. Free will etc. I do not see a reason I should tell them that their version of fun is inferior to my own.

>> No.12263040

Unfortunately, we're arguing from different points of view here- from my point of view, the board has only been better for me and my purposes since the janitor took control. Ergo, /b/ shit like this thread, and the environment in which threads like it thrived in pre-janitor /tg/ (Though, at a certain point in the distant past, it was rather nice) are not to my favor.

So, I sage. So you age. I doubt we'll convince each other one way or another.

I'm unsure what your point is, but I'll just repeat: after the dictatorial rules came into play, I've been having a lot more fun and interest in /tg/. So, I'll work to keep it that way.

>> No.12263041

If it's porn? Yes.

But we all know it'd never be just one thread anyway.

>> No.12263043

Fuck I'm out of /tg/ related porn.

That is unless you count Wakfu.

>> No.12263045

i cum on necron it harvest penis

>> No.12263047

Because it never stops with just one.

Also, I agree with >>12262940. I too have seen what he has seen, and greatly dislike the trends that result when porn and WAT DO threads (which seem to feed off each other) are on the rise.

>> No.12263049

two wrongs don't make a right you know.

>> No.12263055

Yes they would because you are having wrong bad fun.

>> No.12263061

wat do threads are not the same as an occasional monstergirl dump or NSFW writefaggotry.

I'm seeing what looks like 3-4 sagers max versus Leman Russ, me, and 2-3 other anons.

>> No.12263062

Personally, I think that if you're dumb enough to look at 4Chan at work and can't hide it from your bawss you deserve to get fired. So there you go.

>> No.12263063

No but three rights make a left.

>> No.12263067

>It was only every an occasional thread!!!
No it wasn't.

>> No.12263071


It wouldn't be just one thread, it would hamfist its way into other threads, and it would be fucking annoying to say the least to skim past that bullshit on to other more /tg/ related threads.

I am fully in support of starting some fucking board where you can go though. The lack of a "western" porn board is killing ours.

>> No.12263077

Nice logical fallicys there bro.

but check out his dubs

>> No.12263079

+1 Vorpal Strap-blade

>> No.12263082


>> No.12263083

>wat do threads are not the same as an occasional monstergirl dump or NSFW writefaggotry.
But it never stops there. One attracts the other. Porn dumps attract people who'd rather do /b/ shit than talk about /tg/ stuff, and thus more /b/ threads are spawned.

>> No.12263087

I'm not looking at 4chan at work. I just don't want to have to see some sperglord's fetish porn when I'm trying to read about /tg/-related things.

>> No.12263092

she reminds me of a female kratos of sorts. Who uses dual wielded strap on blades to wreck havoc among her enemies.

>> No.12263093

>> No.12263095


what evidence do you have of that?

>> No.12263096


>> No.12263098


>> No.12263102

And not having porn will attract people who want porn on /tg/

Example: This thread.

There is no such thing as a worksafe 4chan. Every thread will either be, lead to, or cause a /b/ thread.

>> No.12263105

>Doesn't want to see porn

Then why /tg/? Plenty of non-porn traditional games forums, and most of them have a lot fewer trolls. You'd have such an easier time discussing what you want to discuss without the rest of us having fun.

>> No.12263107


I don't want to read posts by people who can't sage right.

But I do it anyway.

>> No.12263108

I'm sorry, right, of course, I should embrace the reality of the situation:

All the furries on this board (Yes that's what you are) are going to get together, and say "OKAY GUYS, ONE THREAD ONLY, ALRIGHT, JUST THE ONE NOBODY START ANYTHING ELSE OKAY I'M LOOKING AT YOU THRI-KREEN GUY ALRIGHT IT'S. JUST. THE. ONE. THREAD." and they'll stick by that?


>> No.12263110

>one strap-on blade
>doesn't look like Kratos at all
Are you retarded?

>> No.12263118

Because it's not your board and the rules say so, so nyah nyah nyah.

>> No.12263119

Not when glorious Janitor is here. eh kills /b/tards and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.12263120


>> No.12263121

Another dildoflail!

>> No.12263122

You seem butt hurt

>> No.12263123


Having multiple threads up at a time just isn't good for keeping content together.

This is why the M:tG single card posts are so friggin' awful.

>> No.12263129

Like how we stick to the No-Meta
Like how we stick to the No-Porn
Like how we stick to the not saying Quest threads aren't /tg/ related

>> No.12263132

You seem a /b/tard.

>> No.12263133

Because /tg/ is the best there is when it keeps its dick in its pants.

>> No.12263135

>Doesn't understand that 4Chan gives zero fucks about the rules

Seriously, when did all you OotSfags show up?

>> No.12263137

essentially. Neither I, nor anyone I have spoken too on the matter will browse 4chan in public. Whether /k/ommando, fa/tg/uy, or /x/enophile? what the fuck do I call those from /x/? Anyway. General consensus is, dont do it. It is silly. Too many awkward questions.

(I realize that 3 boards hardly constitute 4chan, but thats what I gots access too)

>> No.12263140

I am so tired of this bullshit.

Isn't there tgchan for these fucktards?

>> No.12263141

>Go to front page. See this thread.
>No others with porn in them that I saw.
>Well then.

>> No.12263142


I donno, A fuckton of /tg/ related win is also pleasing to the penis.

See, Macha not getting any, Cultist, LCB, any female fighter ever.

>> No.12263143

wasn't looking at her face bro. and it was more the blade than anything.

>> No.12263145

Bullshit. Actual /tg/ discussion is identical with or without porn. The only difference is whether or not whiny bitches like you have to scroll past a thread or two.

>> No.12263148

It really is perfect for them.

>> No.12263151

dude, get a life

>> No.12263153

Confirmed for either troll or retard, we can safely ignore anything said by this one.

On the off chance you aren't, what evidence do you have that convinces you we wouldn't stick to one thread? Seems since we are sticking to this thread right now and not leaking over, we've already proven we're capable of doing so.

>> No.12263156

Actually the whiny bitches are identical, it's just they're whining about a lack of or a surplus of porn.

>> No.12263157

Because of the threat of janitor.

>> No.12263159


are you saying that sex appeal isn't a massive force in friggin' everything?

>> No.12263162

>threat of janitor

This thread confirms that the janitor is asleep until it gets deleted.

>> No.12263169

although I support your ideal's at this juncture it would surely take longer to prove this. It... Might be possible. There are idiots who like piddling in the rose garden because it makes the flowers die. Troll's, obviously. What I would like is the option to label a thread as "Porn" in the subject line or some such and black it out with a Spoiler image.

>> No.12263173

Compared to the metric fucktons of win that have had nothing to do with neckbeards fellating each other.
No it isn't, because some people don't bother coming here when there's lolis and bugpeople sucking cocks all over the place.

>> No.12263174

Guess how many fucks I give about the janitor?

Here's a hint: It's pretty low.

>> No.12263176

It's not like word has gotten around after the initial volley of bannings, has it?

>> No.12263177

Bullshit. If anyone here was afraid of the janitor coming in, we wouldn't be posting the thread at all.

>> No.12263180

Actually, spoilers might be a nice compromise.

Allow porn, but decree it must be spoilered.

>> No.12263183

no he is implying you have no life. ad hominem. he makes no statement of any degree on your declaration.

>> No.12263184

Dude, now you're bringing thri-keen into this? There aren't even any mantis-people in this thread. You're just looking for things to rage at.

>> No.12263187


>> No.12263188

Yes, and those people are whiny bitch non-contributors like you who need to go back to the OotS forums.

>> No.12263191


>> No.12263198

>> No.12263199

>implying the non-sagers in this thread don't love thri-keen
Omnifappers, newfag.

>> No.12263200


>> No.12263202

because JANITOR IS ASLEEP is why.

I still stand by my statement, re-allow porn, make spoilers mandatory.

>> No.12263204

/tg/ has no spoilers and it makes NO sense.
/v/, /co/ /vMOTHERFUCKINGp/ has spoiler tags and guess what? Porn lots of it.

Does anyone know where greenmarine went? Did he leave or is he just on another one of his absences?

>> No.12263206

Indeed. no more bug cocks and the like. If the janitor sees an unspoilered image, he deletes it. So long as we keep it hidden we are fine. It really is the visibility of the content on the board when it comes to SFW stuff. Cant see it, it doesn't exist.

It means proper labeling of a thread, as well as dealing with the occasional troll thread filled with furry expansion, guro or other unpleasantness but we get some of that anyway. This way it will be hidden from sight.

>> No.12263208

>dumping porn and shitting up the board is contributing

>> No.12263209


spoiler images is never a good idea.

>> No.12263212


As someone who has been pornspamming out of spite for a while now, I would find that a wholly reasonable compromise.

>> No.12263215

A good mod is capable of allowing a off the rails quality /tg/ related thread that just happens to contain NSFW while at the same time deleting HURR ASIANS=ELVES copypasta shitposts.

I worry this dump thread like this tends more towards the latter.

>> No.12263216

>258 posts and 134 image replies omitted
Fuck yeah

>> No.12263219

Sure, but why did he even bring it up?

>> No.12263221

I question why it's so fucking important that you get your tits from /tg/.

>> No.12263222

You can chant that all you want, but the fact is it is not. I have seen it with mine own eyes, time and time again. When /b/tard shit and worthless porn dumps descend upon /tg/, /tg/-related discussion suffers.

For a long time this wasn't a problem - most people who came to this board wanted to talk about /tg/ stuff, so we didn't have much porn, outside of the occasionally silly on-topic dump (ACTUAL on-topic, like literal spess marine porn, not the shitty justifications you guys give for monster girls) and some drawfaggotry (since it was mixed in with nonpornographic content, it didn't lead to much). But then came the fags who wanted /tg/ to embrace their fetish - the /tg/ is /d/ crowd, who think everyone on /tg/ shares their beloved fetish. And they started posting. More people flocked to them, enjoying the porn threads, and dragging their shitty habits from other boards with them. And /tg/ suffered.

The janitor helped bring us back to a state closer to that of origin, albeit a little more strict (as it had to be, because pornfags are incapable of self control). Our threads are more productive than they've been in a long while, despite the occasional /b/fag who comes around to night time /tg/ with the intent of being edgy and shitposting AGAINST THE MAN.

To sum my argument: it is not a coincidence that this thread is not only a porn thread but a /b/-level shitpost of doublesfaggotry.

>> No.12263225

either the mod has learned or been replaced by someone a little more in touch with /tg/. I haven't seen as many blanket bans and deleted OC or HQC as there was last janitor.

>> No.12263227


>> No.12263228

No, but it's fun to do in between good threads. What do you expect me to do, fuck around in the latest feminism troll thread or argue with some chucklefuck about D&D?

Worldbuilding and good writefag threads are going to be rare regardless of what happens. In between, I'd rather have porn and troll idiots than listen to your inane chatter.

>> No.12263229

I will second that with full force.

>> No.12263231

Because it's hard as fuck finding decent quality elf/40k/etc tits anywhere else.

I can't go back to Playboy now, it just doesn't work anymore.

And I agree with the other anons, spoilers sound awesome.

>> No.12263232

This thread started with some /b/-grade shit, but the point still stands. NSFW content isn't purely shot, like the sagefags seem to think. I support the spoiler option.

Anyone know how to get ahold of the janitor/moot to propose this? >>12263206

>> No.12263234

That's actually why we lost spoilers on our images.

Someone was posting porn with them, and thus it got revoked.

>> No.12263235

Dump threads like this is usually out of spite.
I agree, I am running out of /tg/ porn.
I need more daemonettes

So /tg/ when you had 3rd edition aemonette sculpts, did you censor them too? Or just throw them away?

>> No.12263240

>Argue with some chucklfuck about DnD


>> No.12263241


>tribesfag implies that OP post is meaningful after some amount of postage.

um... sure.

also, newfags don't noko sage well

>> No.12263245

Again, tgchan.

Just go to tgchan. Please. They'd love the traffic, and they have a whole BOARD devoted to drawfags drawing porn.

>> No.12263246

Motherfucking THIS.

NSFW /tg/ would be fine if it didn't attract people who are more interested in the porn and fetish shit than the /tg/-related stuff.

That whole "/tg/ has better /(boardname)/ threads than /(boardname)/" meme is a shit magnet.

>> No.12263248

Anyways, goodnight! Fun bitching with you!

>> No.12263249

And you can do that on the OotS forums. I'd rather look at some sexy /tg/ porn while I wait for an actually good thread.

>> No.12263250

/tg/ - porn and /b/ shit.

Seriously, guys? THIS is what you're fighting for? LOL DOUBLES xD and NAKED HORO?

>> No.12263251

if someone gives me moots email I will shoot him a message. or hell, if we all do it. tell him that certain members of /tg/ came together and thought of an idea that seemed to have merit.

spoiler images.

many of us like our /tg/ related poon (and yes, sometimes not so related) yet many others do not. There has been no consensus on the matter, and so a compromise could be in order?

The /tg/ purists do not need to see what we post, and we do not need to bother them with what we post. Any trolling done under those spoiler images will be taken upon ourselves in all our perviness.

>> No.12263253

ITT suddenly a bunch of /b/tards realize THEY aren't /tg/.

>> No.12263254

Jesus its 5 in the morning. this was fun yall
See ya tommorow night. also Email moot. it might do something he claims to read them all.

>> No.12263256

yes I realize its [email protected] or something but I am never sure of it.

>> No.12263260

>> No.12263262

>Dump threads like this is usually out of spite.
And that's what's wrong with you and yours.

>> No.12263265


>> No.12263268

No. That's just shit. What I support is NSFW writefaggotry, porn drawthreads and the ability to post what we like without annoying others. Thus, spoiler images.

>> No.12263271

Yes, common courtesy. Common courtesy is one of many reasons why you should not force your porn and your fetishes were they does not belong.

>That whole "/tg/ has better /(boardname)/ threads than /(boardname)/" meme is a shit magnet.
It's so very true. I wish it wasn't the case, because it was nice when it first came around, but it is true. This is why we cannot have nice things.

>> No.12263273

Nobody cares about the doubles. Nobody ever cared about the doubles. The doubles were always just a thin excuse to post porn. The doubles are a non-factor except as much as they cause people to rage.

I bet I'm gonna get doubles now.

>> No.12263275

>> No.12263279

And you're trying to make this happen by dumping porn on and shitting up /tg/? Really?

I'm sure moot will be thrilled to do the bidding of an immature twat such as yourself.

>> No.12263284

Oh shit, I didn't get doubles!

>> No.12263289

And the images maxed out.


>> No.12263290

Actually the compromise idea came much later.

Originally this thread was just to GET BACK AT THA MAN, MAN.

Somehow some of us were able to fire off ideas to one another in the midst of the trolling and porn/anti-porn rage.

>> No.12263297

>NSFW writefaggotry
We still have that as much as we ever have.
>porn drawthreads
Meh. i'm not opposed to them, but strictly porn ones are shitty. An acceptable loss.
>the ability to post what we like without annoying others.
That's what non-/tg/ boards are for - posting non /tg/ material.

>The doubles were always just a thin excuse to post porn.
So pornfags shitposting? What an unsurprising turn of events.

>> No.12263303


spoiler images make it really easy to make image traps, and I would rather be trolled at a thumbnail size.

>> No.12263304

Thread time: Two hours
Porn images in active threads other than this one: ZERO

>> No.12263307

OP here. I never shitposted once before the mod decided to nazi it up.

How does being the problem feel?

>> No.12263313

The spoiler image idea is not remotely new, you stupid newfag.

And again, getting back at "THA MAN" is part of your problem. You're immature and have a massive undeserved sense of entitlement.

>> No.12263319

>Originally this thread was just to GET BACK AT THA MAN
But that's stupid. You're NOT getting back at the man. You're just annoying the rest of us.

>> No.12263321

So where is our western porn board, sagedude? WHERE CAN WE POST OUR LOVINGLY HANDCRAFTED IMAGES OF TAUTITS NOW?

>> No.12263322

No on the NSFW writefaggotry unless I missed something-didn't the sticky reappear in response to Hoop testing whether it was allowed?

And I'd be perfectly fine with the doubles people and obvious btards being banned, I'd just prefer having the option to have a porn thread if we feel like it.

>> No.12263330

I like how you're attacking me, when my statement was in agreement with yours, your cunt.

>> No.12263333

You're trying to control us. You are the man. We succeeded!

>> No.12263335

>OP here. I never shitposted once before the mod decided to nazi it up.
I don't belive you.

>How does being the problem feel?
Why don't you tell me? You're the one INTENTIONALLY SHITTING UP THE GODDAMN BOARD. "Bawww! I can't post one thing I like by the rules! I BETTER RUIN THE BOARD FOR EVERYONE ELSE."

What the fuck is the difference between you and the guys who spam Touhou on /tg/?

>> No.12263341

It's not my fault if some autistic brat has to throw a hissy fit just because he has to go elsewhere for his porn.

You're the problem. Deal w/ it.

>> No.12263344

I tried to make a post-and-tell thread a little while ago. It got deleted in minutes.

>> No.12263353

you mean touhoufag? The guy who always left the people he was working with smilin'?

Or just general touhou dumps.

>> No.12263360

We don't care what you do elsewhere or how you feel. We just want /tg/ - Traditional Games, not /tg/ - /b/ With Vaguely Fantasy-Themed Porn.

You, meanwhile, are intentionally shitting up the board.

Stop it. Stop trying to shit up /tg/. Enjoy it for what it is. I'm trying to picture you, sitting in your chair in your dorm room or wherever, going "ha, this'll fucking show them", and I just... I can't. I can't.

>> No.12263365

>you mean touhoufag? The guy who always left the people he was working with smilin'?
No, I mean the touhoufags who shit up the board with random touhou threads, LOL TOUHOU HIJACKs, etc.

>> No.12263366

One, I fucking love touhou. Two, I'm not shitting up the board. I'm enriching it. I love porn. I love seeing porn posted. Even as posting porn annoys you it amuses me and those like me. While you are saging and bawwing and trying to make this board a better place for you, I'm contributing and making this board a better place for me!

>> No.12263367

You don't have to believe me. It's true, though.


What makes you different from a twelve year old who didn't get his way?

Autistic? Sorry, I didn't realize I was the one obsessing over rules that no one cares about, and whining whenever someone posts something he doesn't like.

>> No.12263370

>I can't
It's your brain's self defense mechanism.

>> No.12263378

Where do you want me to draw the line, dude? Two hidden threads on the front page? Three? Five?

>What makes you different from a twelve year old who didn't get his way?
The fact that I'm not throwing a tantrum and going "OH YEAH WELL TAKE THIS!!!"

So what's the difference between you and the guys who have touhou dumps in /tg/? Or the fags who argue about politics?

>> No.12263385

>What makes you different from a twelve year old who didn't get his way?
That's you, dude. The person who's throwing a bitchfit on /tg/ because he can't post porn anymore.

>> No.12263388

>Implying you and those like you haven't been throwing a pissy little sagefag tantrum for months now

Why do you think they forced a mod on us? It's because you whiny little twats wouldn't shut the fuck up.

>> No.12263391

Pissing you off is a fun side effect, not the main point.

Also, why you hate touhou so much?

>> No.12263395

>Two, I'm not shitting up the board. I'm enriching it. I love porn. I love seeing porn posted
But why does it have to be *here*? I love tennis, but you don't see me starting tennis threads in /tg/. I go to /sp/ for that. I like BDSM porn, but when I want to look at BDSM porn, I go and do that.

The rules are in place for a reason. While the janitor's on, you can look at the front page and actually see 10 /tg/-related threads. There's no way that's a bad thing.

>> No.12263414


The rules are there for show. moot said so himself, on multiple occasions. The only one that is universally enforced is "No CP".

>> No.12263420

He likes /tg/ related porn and there really isn't anywhere else to post it. You could try /d/ but it's all dickgirls and only dickgirls.

>> No.12263423

>Pissing you off is a fun side effect, not the main point.
It still says something about you.

>Also, why you hate touhou so much?
I don't. I don't care about touhou either way. I just don't like it when it gets spammed in /tg/.

Actually, I think they "forced" a mod on us because there were so many requests for moderation. The reason that there were so many requests for moderation was that /tg/ was drowning in shit. We had spammers that would post the same variants on the same threads every single day. We had porn EVERYWHERE. Half the time you'd have to hide 1/2 the front page.

If you want a board for western porn, doubles threads, etc, then you can ask for one. If there's enough of you, you'll get one.

>> No.12263426

So I just sent this off. I hope the people who support this can send in an email with the subject line stating

/tg/ - A Request

so he recognizes the group it comes from.

Dear Moot,

Excuse me moot. I was hoping you might be able to implement spoiler images on /tg/. I am getting ahead of myself though. As you may be aware we now have a janitor. He does a neat job of keeping the place clean, laying the b&hammer as necessary etc.

However there is a large swathe of elegan/tg/entlemen who would like their porn back. /tg/ related of course. There was a doubles thread. Terrible creature that it is, but it descended into a porn dump,(alright so thats not much better) which made some of us reminisce about the "good old days" of /tg/. Naturally there was a vocal opposition against porn, and the encroachment of /b/ on their /tg/. Essentially a number of us slightly more perverted sorts thought putting up some kind of spoiler tag on the subject line (if such a thing is possible) to mask the images in the thread, or just putting the code in the email section. (a la noko)

A loud complaint was seeing all the porn scattered around, and there are hopes this could resolve the accidentally an whole slaanesh hijack issue. Another was having nothing but smut up on /tg/'s front page. Admittedly I have not seen that, but it would take some self moderation to do this properly. Something /tg/ has been able to do in the past albeit with difficulties at times.

Well, its not a perfect plan. By any means. We would need to deal with trolling, no doubt. Being doubly anonymous is tempting for trolls. This would make a lot of us fa/tg/uys happy though. I don't really expect an answer back, so I hope this reaches you well Moot.



>> No.12263436

Exactly. All of us are already here. We're used to the ability to post this stuff on /tg/. Where do you sagefags expect us to take /tg/-related porndumps and writefaggotry?

>> No.12263441

Hey, check it out! >>12263432
A /tg/ related tennis thread! Now you can talk about tennis and /tg/ stuff at the same time! Just like I post drow tits and am related to /tg/ and breasts at the same time!

>> No.12263443

/b/. Anything goes on /b/. there were monstergirls in /b/ just three days ago.

/b/ has a lot of awful threads but it can also deliver.

>> No.12263457

But that's a crappy thread that only exists as a thin excuse.

How many times a day do you fuckers jerk off? I do it thrice a day, but you guys never seem to sto.

>> No.12263461

depends. usually only twice. sometimes more if I have the time or the inclination.

>> No.12263463

Get un-used to it. You don't need to dump porn on /tg/ in order to fap.

For example, I've got a video of a japanese woman being slapped until she's sobbing going while I'm typing. I don't need to post pictures of that on /tg/ to enjoy it.

>> No.12263471

You are a terrible person.

>> No.12263473

uh, kind of assuming thats a strawman. I mean with the implied message that he is fapping to it...

>> No.12263478

Oh yes, but if you posted in it as a legitimate user, you could MAKE it a good thread. Hell, you could even get some rules set up!

>> No.12263486

/tg/ is rather known for making shitty threads awesome again.

>> No.12263488

>You are a terrible person.
...why am I a terrible person?

>uh, kind of assuming thats a strawman. I mean with the implied message that he is fapping to it...
Why the hell would people be posting porn except to fap, or to save pics for impending fapping?

>> No.12263493

at this juncture however I believe there might be 3-4 people in the thread. Seems sparse now.

>> No.12263498

He is saying you are a terrible person because you enjoy a video of a woman getting slapped.

>> No.12263499

Yeah, this thread sure is awesome, WOOOOOO.

But it wouldn't be a good thread, it'd be me making a thin excuse to talk about tennis on /tg/. I don't do that, because I don't come to /tg/ to talk about tennis, I come to /tg/ to talk about Traditional Games.

I mean, really. You guys come here to trade porn pictures, and you're surprised that people who come to /tg/ - Traditional Games for the Traditional Games don't like you?

>> No.12263504

> He is saying you are a terrible person because you enjoy a video of a woman getting slapped.
...what's wrong with that? I'm not judging you guys by your monstergirl &etc fetishes. Why are you judging me by my porn?

>> No.12263515

well, its the implication that you masturbate to asian women being beaten unto tears. Now. Either a strawman, or I assume you are attempting to teach us a lesson yes? shock us or somesuch?

>> No.12263516

I'm not judging anybody just clarifying what he said so you would understand.

>> No.12263529

>well, its the implication that you masturbate to asian women being beaten unto tears.
Not jus asian women, but yes.

>Now. Either a strawman, or I assume you are attempting to teach us a lesson yes? shock us or somesuch?
No, it's an example of something I enjoy that I don't shit /tg/ up with. Doesn't really fit anywhere else on 4chan, either, besides /b/ - Everything.

>> No.12263541

How many fellow tennis and /tg/ fans are going unfulfilled because of your cowardice? You could have an awesome game going RIGHT NOW if you had manned up and made more /tg/tennis threads.

>> No.12263546

actually you are making it seem as if we do not enjoy traditional games which is incorrect. I come to /tg/ for the talk on games, but I enjoy the sporadic porn dump. It is rather uncharitable how you assume we exist solely for porn.

Obviously that is because this is a SFW board. Yet for us that has never been the case. Since /tg/'s inception there have been porn dumps, tasteful nudes, or e-write fagging, etcetera etcetera.

>> No.12263562

/d/ be fine with a little bit. as would /gif/. I believe /gif/ actually has a weekly thread on the subject.

>> No.12263563

And I think that masturbating to beating makes you sadistic, and thus a terrible person.

In any case, NEW THREAD HERE >>12263381

>> No.12263569

stop that son, your only hurting your own position. entertaining as it might be.

>> No.12263603

>And I think that masturbating to beating makes you sadistic, and thus a terrible person.
Why? It's porn. The girls agreed to make it, and either enjoy it, are getting paid for it, or both. Are you going to tell me that enjoying a women getting fucked and not enjoying it but doing it for money is fine, but getting slapped and not enjoying it but doing it for money isn't?
In real life, I only do that sort of thing with enthusiastically consenting partners.

Does it? I'll have to check it out.

>> No.12263606

But entertainment IS my position.

>> No.12263623

if you play SS13 you take the clown don't you?

>> No.12263807


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