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I'm having trouble taking this man seriously.

I'm sure he's a pretty serious dude, what with all the ornate artwork around him and the slick staff he's got, but I can't imagine him saying anything but "GUYS, I CAN'T WALK WITH ALL THIS GODDAMN YELLOW CLOTH, GO GET THE MCGUFFIN FOR ME"

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Sure is Hastur in here

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Dude, why are his hands so small?

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Go away Sagnuinius, this is Emps thread.

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It's a meta-artistic statement about how Warhammer 40k artists don't know proportions.

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Uh spammers, OP picture isn't the emperor you know.

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Bigger version of OP

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Pictured: A Gray Knight defends a Sister of Battle against a Bloodthirster.

but seriously what the fuck guys

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hastur hastur has-

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To quote Old Man Henderson: Hastur Hastur Hastur!

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Stranger: "Ah, but milady... I wear no mask"

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He can't walk either way, as his body has pretty much burned out.

And he's the bad guy. Well, not really correct, the piece of cloth is closer to the bad guy. I know that doesn't make sense, but whatever.

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haha, I still need to set this game up as a campaign for Riddle of Steel.

That will be amazing if I can get enough people to play.

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These two or their ripoffs would make awesome player characters. Or hell, BBEG and her right hand.

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In Fantasy they'd also be excellent characters for Nurgle.

Though actually, it's not so hard to find all four chaos gods in the game.

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This boss was ridiculously easy, I was incredibly disappointed after the hard time I had with the Maneaters.

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Were they even doing anything evil? I'm pretty sure all they ever did was become demons and started moaning that there not pure anymore in some slum hole in hell.

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They were implied to be keeping the corruption going and going so strong.

That boss is highly subjective, seeing as how you fight another player. I've fucked plenty of people being that boss.

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If you were playing online it's a PvP fight, and the enemy is strengthened as well. If you're playing offline it's some loser chump AI with Fists of God and that one spell I can't remember the name of, and they suck.

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They're more annoying than anything else.

God though, I had to fucking fight a heavy armor + Tower Shield + maxed flame spear for mine.

Good thing they didn't know how to use the combo right.

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I have no idea what's going on in this thread.

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For people who don't know, that's the Old Monk from Demon's Souls. He's the last boss in the Tower of Latria world. He was once a wise monk and great leader but over the years he became corrupt, eventually his wife banished him and took over. Years later after the King of Boletaria unleashed the Old One and a flood of demons on the land the Old Monk returned to Latria wearing a shining golden cloth that moved of it's own accord and leading a host of demons to enslave and imprison his former subjects, and devour their souls one at a time. The robe itself is actually a parasitic demon that fed on his hatred and bitterness to empower itself, and it has since devoured him until he is little more than a husk. When a phantom attempts to access the world the cloth possesses them, since the Old Monk is now useless, using them to fight the demon slayer, IE the player.

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I fought a Firestorm user my first time, sadly for him I had the anti-magic miracle for the damned Mind Flayers so he went down like a chump. On my various newgame+ attempts it's been lots of things, dual kat users, regenerating mirdan hammer users, maxed out Meat Cleaver users, etc. I've lost a few times, but usually not. moon winged spear and purple flame/dark silver shield is a hell of a combo if you can use it right, especially with the various cloud spells and second chance. Most people deride it for low damage output, but since I can pretty much stop all damage I just go in almost dead with a Clever Rat's Ring on.

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The real question is: Did Garl Vinland ever fall? Since he obviously was a paladin.

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I'm so gonna use this as a boss fight on my next campaign.

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Given the fact that the god his worshiped was the same god that was the big bad?

No, he didn't. That was the point of both of them.

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Awesome as the Tower Knight is, in most fantasy campaigns it's just an Iron Golem or something. Maybe it would have a special ability or two due to the giant shield, giant spear, and ability to shoot glowing blue energy bolts if you're out of range. Still, not all that out-there. Now, using one against a party at low levels in something other than a straight fight? Could be awesome! But against strong PC's it wouldn't be all that epic.

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Caw, you scary!

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I'm not sure if you'd actually call him a Paladin. I mean, he does share a lot of the personality traits of a traditional Paladin, from the very little we see of him in the game. However, since he displays no real magical ability other than inhuman strength he may just be a knight. It's at least as likely as being a fallen Paladin anyways, in which case staying true to Astraea would probably be totally acceptable despite the whole Demon thing and whatever the hell was actually happening the Valley of Defilement.

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Give sparkly, me! Give twinkly, me!
Me, caw, you, trade, trade!
Give me. Sparkly-twinkly.

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As far as I know, he can cast heal. It's slow due to the ring he's wearing though, so you barely ever see it happening.

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Oh cool, I never noticed that, mostly, I imagine, since I tend to use spear/shield and stay really up close and personal with enemies.

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