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Sup /tg/ I posted a similar thread last night with a few good responses and was hoping the provebial lightning will strike again and give me some blinding insight as to how I can fix the army list I'm working with currently,
So I'm rebuilding my CSM army because I am currently in talks to get a few models on the cheap. also I have 4 land raiders that are missing pieces and otherwise doing nothing.

so the last army I ran looked something like this
10x noise marines, (9x sonic blasters, 1x blastmaster)
10x noise marines, (9x sonic blasters, 1x blastmaster)
14x raptors (icon of slaanesh)
14x raptors (icon of slaanesh)
2x sorc (icon of slaanesh, lash, jump pack)
3x oblits
1 landraider (deamonic possession, dozer blade)
10x khorne berzerkers (1x powerfist)

the list itself is fairly self explanatory, sorcs join raptor squads and lash the enemy, then the units shoot and the peoples fall down. then most of the time the raptors will be close enough to engage the injured enemy, meanwhile the khorne berzerkers go riding around until they find the proper face to stomp on or objective to capture.

now I want to take an army that is pure slaanesh, following in suite with the rest of my armies (WoC, traitor guard, and chaos daemons) the ideas that have been tossed around already are: Chosen squads, adding another noise marine squad, and adding rhinos to block choke points.

so /tg/ your ideas on what to add or fix to make this list pure slaanesh and either as effective or close to it.

tl;dr- need revisions to make a CSM army pure slaanesh.

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maybe I should ask a different question for any CSM players that happen to see this thread, or rather 2 questions.

1. my current options for this army is lash, shoot then assault the survivors, it works on hoard armies because of their terrible saves, but I'm starting to notice "elite" armies (space marnies, eldar, ect.) with fairly good saves taking multiple units in lieu of tanks and such. How can I currently deal with this problem should I encounter it?

2.how could this army deal with an almost all deepstriking or outflanking army (as the "field-too-long" tactic becomes mostly moot)

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as much as I love this pic you do know if the janitor sees it he's gonna delete it right?

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Its kind of artsy. I thought it might slide.

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usually gets deleted when I try to post it, but I will agree that from an artistic standpoint its a nice pic.

meanwhile any CSM players out there right now?

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outstanding, want to offer any insight? other than something as predictable as "axe 2 face!" ?

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Tzeentch is a BOSS.

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but of course, I firmly believe that your current listing is adequate for any non-tournamental play, yet I find it lacking with the points spent on the land raider with Berzerkers.

While I maintain that the list is eloquent enough to capture kill points, I should hope that there were summoned daemons rather than Berzerkers to hold a position.

Whilst driving around within a Rhino, or behind the cover of it, the Slaaneshi Noise Marines should be laying out fire while popping the daemons onto objectives.

I'd also recommend using a greater daemon fo- BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

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Beer for the Beer God. Chips for the Chip Dip.

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>While I maintain that the list is eloquent enough to capture kill points


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1.trade the land raider for a vindicator
2.lash people and cluster them

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My apologies, I meant elegant.

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it's funny you should say it's good for non-tourney play because except for 'ard boys I never walked away with less than 3rd place.

I don't really like using generic daemons but might consider it seeing as they can cap points and tie up the enemy (and I've already got the models)

as I said above my usual move with my old list was to find an area to hole-up and have the sorcs bring the enemies out into the open.Where I could play a nice game of "bullet-kurplunk!"

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used to have a vindicator, never liked how it drew fire like a bullet magnet. wound up trading it for the first land raider oddly enough.

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Well, if you're willing to spring for it, Obliterator spam. Lash-Oblits are always a good option within CSM.

Keep them off the board until you need them, then abuse. Use the personal icon to guide the team in and you've got no mishap.

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Red Corsairs were here. Always excepting applications...

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I usually fielded 3 oblits in my last list, warping in plasma cannons every turn to shoot at lashed units, but never felt the need for more than 3 of them ( they were certainly points heavy enough) because if they died I know I could still do about the same amount of damage (sometimes more) with the sonic blasters and the blastmasters.

oddly enough it seems the more I argue for getting rid of the Berzerkers they do somewhat keep the list together.

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I see what you did there.jpg

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Holy shit I now want to convert and paint a Giger-esque Slaaneshi army.
Tubes, tubes everywhere.

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Well, if it fits, then it fits, just use it for the tourney play, but for dicking around just field another squad of Noise Marines or spend some points on a IoCG on some CSM with plasma, melta, and Champ w/ fist.

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hmmm....what if I tooled some noise marines to be almost as nasty as khorne berzerkers they won't get the extra attack from the mark of khorne, but if I give them sonic blasters give the unit champ a doomsiren and lightning claw (or twin claws don't have codex in front of me) they could be just as scary as Berzerkers, maybe more so.....

what do you thing fellow traitors?

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Power weapon or fist, plasma pistol, doom siren are only options for NM champion.

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He'd get fist or power weapon, sadly no claw.

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a shame I suppose I would have to go with power weapon and siren in that case as a powerfist would just waste the Initiative of the Champ.

still how do you guys think this idea will work?

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The Sonic Blasters sound amazing especially with Assault 2 or Heavy 3 which makes for an ungodly defensive squad.

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get out of here malel you don't even exist in canon anymore

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I tried the math, nothing comes close in raw damage to Berzerkers in the same point range in CSM codex, shooting or not.
If you use power weapon, you open yourself to Wound Allocation dickery, and fist is always useful against Warriors/Nobs/HQ's/bit tougher tanks.
Why don't you put meltas on those Raptors? Champ with fist would be nice too.
I'd replace jump packs on sorcerers to wings - so they could hide in Land Raider if things get hairy (face it, Berzerkers are out of raider by turn 2-3).

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gonna go download the CSM 'dex real quick and try to build an army around this.

back in a minute

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when hiding in a unit of 14 raptors they shouldn't have to worry about things getting hairy.

also I don't just go toe to toe with anything that has been lashed, they have to be weakened down enough that I know for a fact I can kill them in assualt.

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sorc- (jump pack, mos,lash)-145
sorc- (jump pack, mos,lash)-145
10x noise marines (9x sonicblasters, 1x blastmaster)-285
10x noise marines (9x sonicblasters, 1x blastmaster)-285
10x noise marines( 9x sonic blasters, 1x doom siren, 1x melta bombs, unit champ)-280
17x raptors (icon of slaanesh)- 360
17x raptors (icon of slaanesh)- 360
3x rhinos-105

sorc- (jump pack, mos,lash)-145
sorc- (jump pack, mos,lash)-145
10x noise marines (9x sonicblasters, 1x blastmaster)-285
10x noise marines (9x sonicblasters, 1x blastmaster)-285
10x noise marines( 9x sonic blasters, 1x doom siren, 1x melta bombs, unit champ)-280
17x raptors (icon of slaanesh,2x meltas)- 380
17x raptors (icon of slaanesh,2x meltas)- 380
1 land raider- (deamonic possession, dirge caster)-245
2 rhinos-70
3 oblits-225

let me hear how you would fill in the points /tg/. also I'm tempted to take a 3rd rhino with the third group of Noise marines then abandon it in favor of the land raider turn 1 and use the 3 as a mobile bunker for the 2 other squads of noise marines. what do you think?

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