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Rejoice gentlemen!
our grimdark anime berserk, is coming back!

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Wake me when they do a Vinland Saga anime.

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Fuck yes!

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Hopefully it'll have a higher budget and more wiggle room for the violence, A LA the Hellsing OVAs.

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Sage for weeaboo shitscribble.
Take this to /a/.

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WHAT>?!>!:!>!> FGHE FUCK [email protected]?!

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We're talking about D&D : the anime. Don't say crap about it !

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I bet he is one of those "k-on!" fags

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Berserk is my favourite series of all time. It's not only the first time I bothered to read the Manga for a series, but actually buy the Volumes as well.

I wonder what they'll do for it? It'd be a little weird for them to start from where they left off, since they had to leave a number of things out of the original Anime series. It'd also be a little disheartening for them to start over from the beginning.

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Forget D&D, this borders on Warhammer Fantasy, only less ridiculous.

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I am all good for them to start over from the start.
Like they did with Hellsing OVA

Berserk anime should be done perfectly.

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So that's why we have Puck on 3/4 of the panels?
Oh wow.

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>Less ridiculous than Warhammer

Even Warhammer has more to it than RAPE RAPE RAPE KILL KILL KILL

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Please oh jesus don't fuck this up.
Please oh god oh jesus oh fuck oh god
Don't fuck it up don't fuck it up don't fuck it up don't fuck it up


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Nah, it is devoid of even that. There's nothing more to Warhammer, even Fantasy, than cheetos stains and Ultramarines.

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That was already done. No really, it is a D&D game.

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Confirmed for Warmahordfag who has never read anything Warhams outside of /tg/.

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Coming from a guy who thinks spess mehreens and WAAAAGH makes a plot, that claim is hardly intimidating.

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Same with Slayers.

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praise jesus

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EXCELLENT! Just bought volume 34. This only makes the purchase feel extra good.

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If God is evil... is it justified to fight him?

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Trolltastic image, bro.

Incidentally, am I the only one whose favorite character was the motherfucking Emperor of Terror? All TURBAN and HUGE BEARD.

"Hey, Empra, you know we're working for the Godhand, why the hell you fighting us?"
"But... you're literally fighting your god! His ascension has been fated for a thousand years!"

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<<this goes out ot all of you here

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If this is that fake chart with "Vinland Saga" and "Franken Fran"...

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Woo, opposite day!

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Griffith = Girlish White-haired Prettyboy, unmatched in swordplay, who becomes a world-raping demon.
Sephiroth = Girlish White-haired Prettyboy, unmatched in swordplay, who becomes a world-raping demon.
... damnit Japan. At least Griffith is someone you can HATE, rather than having a horde of screaming fangirls shield him from assault.

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No, that's what every DM dreams his campaign will work like.

THIS is real D&D: the anime.

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Sorry mate. Clearly the most awesome Berserk character is the Skull Knight.

Sure, it's easy to guess who he is... but what the fuck happened to him, and will it happen to Guts?

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>unmatched in swordplay
>implying the reason he went off the deep end wasn't Guts beating him and leaving

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Griffith is a much older character then Sephiroth.

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<<At least Griffith is someone you can HATE, rather than having a horde of screaming fangirls shield him from assault.


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I can see forever. Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined they would ACTUALLY make another Berserk anime.

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And thats a bad thing? Slayers is awesome.

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They also both had protagonists with ridiculous over sized swords

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Well, did Griffith lose because he was an inferior warrior... or was it fate?

Holy fucking shit, my mind is blown to fuck.

By the way, did anyone read the Berserk Prototype manga?

...Griffith's concept started out as a white-haired girl with some Caska and Farnese thrown in.

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Eh, I'm sticking with my choice. But can we at least agree on Ganeshka for best facial hair?

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Yes! Yes!

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About time.

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Thats whats awesome about Griffith/Femto. The readers know what evils he's committed for power and glory. It makes you hate him even more.

And i think he has a horde or monstrous demons to shield him from assault, which is some much more badass, especially with Zodd at the forefront

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That's mean. Skull Knight can't grow facial hair. His face is his skull.



And the part when the human soldiers and demons do a joint strike. Damn! Best volume until now.

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Except it makes more sense with Guts, since he was forced to use oversized weapons since he was a kid, unlike Sephiroth's "LOL MAKO WHEE" bullshit. It's what makes Guts so believable, he had a helluva tough time as a kid, and everything he is now is a consequence of his past actions.

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>>12242843Sephiroth = Girlish White-haired Prettyboy

Sephiroth is over 6ft tall with broad, broad shoulders

Griffith is about average height and on the skinny side.

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I think you quoted the wrong bloke there, mate.

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>>Lightning Beard
Thats badass times a million!

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And Griffith wore armour and Sepiroth looks like he got attacked by a Hot Topic store with rabies after watching the Matrix.

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I wasn't talking about Sephiroth

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Go to /v/ if you wanna bash Sephiroth. They love that kinda hurr and durr over there.

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But Sephiroth predates all of that. He started that fad.

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FF7 came out two years before The Matrix

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This. Sephiroth is awesome. The fanwankery that surrounds him is not.

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>>12242947 He started that fad.

nah, I think Moorcock did

that guy's done more for modern fantasy than tolkein

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>im so angry im gonna blow up the world

sounds great

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Fanwankery around anything is derp most of the time anyway.

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I hope they dont stop in the middle of production to play idolmaster for the rest of their lives like miura kentaro ;__;

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Nah, he was gonna sacrifice world to turn himself in to a godlike being.

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he also plays Armored Core you know

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>>12242988Nah, he was gonna sacrifice world to turn himself in to a godlike being.


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>im so crazy im gonna kill all the jews

sounds great

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How is Lavos related?

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I'll just leave this here.

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Ah Stormbringer
The original world fucking sword

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Talk about Berserk or gtfo.

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I borders on fucking call of chtulhu.

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I never beat that guy you know.


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First Duke Nukem Forever
Then the Dark Eldar
Now Berzerk.
The World truly is coming to an end...

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But seriously, this anime is one ot get excited about and tell anyone who has even heard of Beserk

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I have long waited for this day

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Or Dark Heresy ON GROOOOOOOOUND (Totally different from WHFR)

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It begins.

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I nearly lost it when the guy from Bakuman popped up at the end. But there needs to be at least one panel with Griffith going "Just As Planned" there as well.

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Feels good man.


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Made me rage a bit.

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Miura has insisted on a different art style this time.

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This thread needs more bags.

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