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How do you make your traditional "dragon tamer" fantasy story a bit less... stereotypical? I mean, we've all read stories about boys growing up in a society filled with dragon riders who goes through hardship in finding his perfect partner dragon blahdeblahblah... blah.

How do we make it different? Exciting? Actually make it so people will want to read/play it and not just got "DRAGONRIDERAGAIN?!£?"

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The dragons aren't domesticated, and only the strongest can face the wastelands and wrestle a dragon into submission the way a cowboy would break a wild bronco.

>frumulan Clementine

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So, ever read the Temeraire novels?

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I like that idea...

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The dragons are sentient, actively resisting his dominion, but unable to communicate through normal speech. They are also very rare and very feared. The Dragon Rider controls them through a combination of magic, technology and threats, along with rewards for good behaviour (which the dragons find demeaning). He is the hero of the land, an incredible badass who keeps the enemies of the kingdom at bay. One day, a young servant sees strange intelligence in the eyes of the Dragon Rider's mount. Slowly, the servant develops a friendship with the great beast, and decides to try to bring freedom to the Dragon, to let it fly free.

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Make them completely Feral. Like batshit crazy animals

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are there any good systems for dragon riders?

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And the Dragon takes his revenge by killing everyone in the land, including the little boy who should've released him sooner!

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Downplay the glory and prestige of dragon riding - make it the cultural equivalent of any other type of riding. It's not some glorious act that makes you look special in the eyes of your peers - it's something you learn because you need to know how to do it in order to pull your own weight. Failing to do so brings great shame upon the individual and his family. It's like a Mongol not knowing how to ride a horse - it's not going to end well.

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Dragons are revered as living gods, or direct instruments of a deity's will.

Or just set it in the stone age. That'd spice it up.

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The riders come from a society high up in the mountains, where dragon riding is an essential part of day to day life. If you can't ride a dragon, you can't do shit!

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Just make it actually good. That would make it different enough. Especially by not making the character a fucking mary sue because he has a fucking sparkledragon that is his bestest fucking friend. Actually, make the society to think so fucking much about taming dragons. At least don't make it any more special than a nomad society that tames horses. If the entire story is about LOL DRAGONS ARE SOO SPEESPHUUL AND MY SELF-INSERT CHARACTER HAS ONE OMG SO KEWL then you can fucking go and suck some cocks.

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>to think so fucking much about taming dragons
to *NOT* think so fucking much about taming dragons

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This, but having to steal a dragon egg, and raise it, while maintaining a position of dominance over it, as it matures. If the dragon ends up rejecting your alpha-status, what tends to happen is the dragon kills you, eats you, then burns everything that smells like you to the ground, before digging a burrow where your house once stood.

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I think the general consensus here is to downplay the importance of dragon taming. Noted.

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I like everything but the nesting in your shitty hovel. If you raised it in a location that might serve as an appropriate lair, sure; but if its a shitty location the dragon should have enough sense to move elsewhere.

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So society is based in a mountainous region where dragon riding is the major form of transport, they are used for trade, transport, military and everything else. Every child learns to ride a dragon.

Sound better?

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Dragons in my setting tunnel. That's what they do. They don't "nest in your shitty hovel", they burn your puny human structure to the ground, then begin striking the earth. They continue digging until they have a sufficiently labyrinthine burrow. Then they bake the earthen walls of their tunnels with their fire-breath, making it easier for the dragon to hear intruders' footsteps, and more difficult for other dragons (and dragon slayers) to tunnel into.
This is what makes the prospect of getting dragon eggs in the first place nearly suicidal.
Who wants to go adventuring into the untamed wilderness, risk getting eaten by numerous nesting dragons, find a likely disguised entrance to one of said nests, climb into a giant system of tunnels full of semi-breathable air, creep around for a few days until they find the egg, wrestle a 200 lb egg into a harness, and try to find their way back out, without getting eaten?

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Of course, if everyone rides a dragon, they can't get too big, eles they become difficult to support. Perhaps the size of a rhinoceros, tops.

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How to make it less stereotypical? Reverse the scenario. Human (elf, whatever) does not tame the dragon - the dragon is clearly in charge, but decides negotiating a long term deal with someone to ride on its back is a worthwhile endeavor - after all, having your own portable turret would make fighting other dragons for territory, plundering surrounding lands, building up the hoard, collecting virgins, etc., so much easier.

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Unless the region features a large and healthy supply of equally oversized prey.

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combine with
Cavemen hunt mammoths from the backs of dragons. Fuck yeah.

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There was a war between dragons and men because both are powerful creatures and each sought dominion. Shit gets real, real bad, like cataclysmic bad. And ancient Wyrm seeks out some human sages and comes up with a compromise. They decide that each species should be bound into a pact of service and mutual benefit so they don't just kill one another and the world in the process.

1.Dragons aren't as social and don't breed regularly. On top of that they end up attacking or politically moving against a potential mate as often as mate. So humans must act as sort of a clerical/legal social network that match-makes, conducts contracts for said dragons (like negotiations of hunting ranges for the offspring and who owes who a wealth dowry, etc since dragon are greedy).

2.Dragons have to share territories with humans and must be bound by a shared code of law.

3.Dragons fear the magical prowess of humans, which is second in complexity and power to that of the dragons themselves. As a compromise, they come up with a sort of nuclear ban on weapons-grade sorcery with certain provisions: (Vancian magic being used only as an illustration only)

-Under the watchful eye of the international magical "NATO," magic is watched across the world.

-All magic, draconic or human, is controlled by the legally apolitical purvue of this ministry of magical policing and sanctioning. (Have to have a license which defines spells and levels of spells you can cast and for what purposes. Becomes very beauracratic on purpose. It's easier to use science for most stuff).

-Each country has a division of this ministry that acts as like a cabinet advisor or vizier or trade-regulations-like officer to the government.

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-All weapons-grade or environment altering 7-9th level spells are forbidden. Only by using less magic can men and dragons prosper in the world. No one has the right to shake cities with earthquakes or cause castles/office buidings (whatever you setting) to melt, etc.

-Spells of cantrip to 2nd level (non weapons grade unless you have a permission like through a police force or something) can be cast with proper education and documentation, etc. Most of your well made, expensive magical items have this level of effect. Lots of "low magic."

-Spells 3rd-6th level are allowed by countries with provision of going through the magical "NATO" so long as it isn't military and doesn't tamper with economics or natural environmental patterns.

-To keep too much magical power being drawn into the world or causing magical chernobyls, no city or state may rely solely on magical engines as sources of power. You can't just leach off the elemental planes all willy-nilly. Cities to towns have their power cap determined by various algoriths based on population, percentage of industrialized zoning with borders, etc.

4. Because dragons are inherently magical, they can't be severed from the magical founts that are present in the world and in other worlds. To futher cement dragons to men politically, dragons have sort of syphon their magical power off every so many years and it's stored in magi-tech engines or something. Each dragon has proprietary ownership of their magical essense and trading in it is how they make money and maintain a hold on human politics while being so few relatively. The system is designed with give and take, checks-and-balances sort of stuff with so much beauracractic tape that the prevalence of magic is fairly controlled. Each dragon's stores are registered with the local office the the magical regulating entity.

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After the war is over and pact is sealed, dragons and humans with similar political and social ideals filter through and over time become a number of countries whose borders were roughly defined by the original dragon or human territories, whichever was larger/stronger/more stable/etc.

I picture lots of low magic, supernatural type stories with espionage and Machiavellian political intrigue. I see magic as really prevalent but not "awesome." I see black-market magical items and spells sold, criminals using illusions to get drugs through customs, magical source material being lost in transit and unaccounted for, etc. I see this setting as showing just how much better and more simplistic the world would be without magic.


The "Office of the Pact", the OP if you will (just came up with the name hence first mentioning), which is the magical Nato I've mentioned, cannot become it's own political entity or have it's own political borders. It has offices in each country which works with and sometimes against the native governments of the land. This entity cannot have a military but it has to have agents. Some are clerical office folk, others are beauracrats and polical agents of various sorts, but some are the police- the guys who kick your door in and drag you off in the middle of the night for cooking up magical meth in your basement or selling black-market runed pistols that fire maximized lightening bolts.

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These officers are a group of 1-3 human adepts/riders bound directly to a single adult dragon as a magical fount. The dragon can't be bound against it's will. (Or can they?) The dragon's spiritual essense flavors the magic available to the adepts. Each dragon is like a unique, self-governing spellbook that gets to decide who reads his/her pages. The adepts can only draw magic from the connection within a certain range of the dragon which increases with "level" or increased spiritual/psychological harmony. (Other things will affect the link that I haven't come up with yet). Each agent also carries a "battery" or charm or whatever that acts as a physical depository of essense so when severed from the actual link, they can take some of the dragon's essense with them into small tight spaces or while the dragon is doing some flight recon with one of the riders and is apart from the others. It's not a lot, but it allows for some energy bolts and inivisibity spells. I would think they mostly rely on a handgun, knife, or martial arts but can augment these things or their own bodies when things get tough. In dire need they use their stores to fire off a quickened chain lightening or cause a localized tremor when grossly outnumbered by armed agents of some crime syndicate.

Seems to me like this could be played as a modded Shawowrun or D20 Modern. I don't play GURPS but I'm sure you could do it with that system since everything else can. Oddly enough I think BESM or Dresden Files could work out pretty well.

If you have questions I'll give it a think and we'll get this going further.

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Eh, that's pretty good.....cavemen hunting mammoths from dragonnback had more immediate appeal, but you could easily come up with a plot in your world.

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Could have sword I name-fagged on these but whatever. Doesn't matter. Seems a little different to me from normal dragon-riding-sue adventures...or has seed of being that way.

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Dang. It took too long to write it up. No one in thread to critique. Feels bad man. q_q

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if it was a book i'd read it

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I once ran a game where the players were all "chosen" legendary dragonriders of ancient marysue prophecies.

Turns out that the dragons had picked these fools because they'd be easily manipulated. With the psychic link, the dragons sweet-talked or otherwise maneuvered the humans into taking over a large chunk of a continent.

Then they took all the humans prisoner, while laughing at how gullible the humans were with the whole "unity through love and strength through sparkly scales" schtick the dragons were faking.

Not very original, but it kept the group entertained enough I suppose.

>personal wartunkr

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<3 Thanks.

I think it's neat because magic would be ever-present in the stories I'd think...unless you didn't want it to be of course. Politics would still be more powerful than magic which is to me a cool idea.

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Dragons are, for the most part, loathsome and evil, some brain-dead and feral, other malevolent and intelligent.

The last of the good dragons who had once protected the lesser sentient life were killed in a war against evil or feral dragons... or the dragons (good or evil) decided to create a fascist nanny state or evil alliance/business cartel that steals resources and virgins (etc.) from human lands.

Riding a dragon requires enslaving it; lobotomies might be needed. The human society rose up against dragons by some evil magic, but some hippies in the forest are still good and ride free dragons as a mutual relationship. People have to offer great sacrifices to have a dragon partner with a human. The dragons are old gods who bond with humans who in turn manipulate or use the humans to do tasks that the dragon cannot. Dragons and humans are separated parts of a soul, bonded fro life. It is an ordeal reserved for dragon riders to raise a dragon, then ride it when it reaches adulthood.

Dragons are from space; only the most powerful mages and warriors can ride them without dying, and their roosts lie in the core of a star.

Dragons have been hunted to near extinction; humans war over the remaining dragons as subservient war tools.There is always competition to have a free dragon ally with your cause.

Make dragons really lame and gay, like they have easily damaged bones that stand up well in high altitude/pressure situations. They don't breathe fire and they have blunt talons.

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Grand ol' Fremits Fermen? So sick of the leavings of his dragons, he plugged them up and in the first fight the dragon popped

and it rained fremits for days!

That was a crazy book.

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Long story short, the great game is still being played across the continent, England rules the seas while Napoleon is marching across the land to control all of Europe. A well respected Naval Captain takes a French merchant ship only to discover a dragon egg on board. The Captain is sad to see it about to hatch so soon, since that means he will be loosing a promising officer to His Majesty's Royal Air Force, the rough and tumble red headed stepchild of Britain's armed forces. But Duty calls for the dragon and the one it picks for a rider...

tl;dr Napoleonic wars with dragons as air force taken to their logical ends in a well written story. HAVE FUN!

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You know, you could probably have that, and have the retarded dragons (small, inbred gene pool) that aren't good for much be sent off to hunt mammoths with the cavemen.

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>Cavemen hunt mammoths from the backs of dragons. Fuck yeah.


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Like I said, more immediate appeal.

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>Cavemen hunt mammoths from the backs of dragons. Fuck yeah.

Somebody drawfag that. Please.

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