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How about some Necron Rumors?


Release Date

They will be released during 2011. Most likely Summer 2011.

Rules & Codex

- Written by Matt Ward
- Complete overhaul of rules
- Much more "Immortal" theme, less "Terminator" ([email protected] says: I took this to mean more organic based and asked, and was told "no, not organic, they will still be undying machines")
- WBB (at least as we know it) is out. It will be changed or replaced by FNP
- Phase out has been changed, possibly working for individual units instead of whole army
- There will be several types of Lords. With different wargear options and special rules
- Gauss weapons rules will be changed, possibly to rending
- The forces are going to change in the FOC a bit
- Flayed ones will have new rules changes but no new model
- Warriors will become one of the more all-around usefull troops
- Whole army will benefit from Stubborn universal rule
- "psychic power" -type upgrades for some units. These are actually "tech upgrades" with the same or similar rules as psychic powers.


Multi part plastic kits:
- Immortals. Immortals are on a large base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic.
- Spyders. Spyders have 3 different builds on 60mm base.

Pic Related

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That thing is still adoroable as fuck.

Someone needs to shoop "i can haz guardsman?" on that picture or something.

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>- Written by Matt Ward

Necrons confirmed for BloodAngelsBros in both codices.

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OP Here,

Here's another pic of the Tomb Stalker

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Well, at least there'll be one book that can stand up to the Blood Bros.

captcha:respecting involuds. Poorly spelt, but captcha makes its feels on Mat Ward clear.

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>- There will be several types of Lords. With different wargear options and special rules
>- Warriors will become one of the more all-around usefull troops

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How many Avatars this time?

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>Phase out has been changed, possibly working for individual units instead of whole army

That would make the battle damn more interesting.

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>"psychic power" -type upgrades for some units. These are actually "tech upgrades" with the same or similar rules as psychic powers.

>Necron tech upgrades will be nullified by Psychic Hoods and Runes of Warding

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>Warriors will become one of the more all-around usefull troops
>Warriors more all-around usefull troops
>more Warriors
>more Warriors

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The best suggestion I've heard so far is that it works for squads and isn't automatic.
IE your 10 man warrior squad loses 5 guys and has to roll after every additional wound to phase out.

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> every unit will be able to deep strike without a special vehicle.
> Every unit will have FNP

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What's awesome is that this codex is going to be really good but butthurt necron players will still bitch about it because they object to the army having more character than a clusterfuck of shitty terminator references. "Waah waahh WBB is gone and replaced with a less stupid mechanic with a less stupid name? BUT NOW OUR ARMY WILL LOSE ALL ITS CHARACTER"

The new immortals focus is sick. I'm pleased. I trust Mat with the rules side of things although I'm sure the fluff will be very silly and the new special characters backstories will be retarded.

Since the Necrontyr have been fighting Eldar since before the human race even existed, I predict no less than three avatars will be slaughtered in the new codex.

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Seeing as Lord isn't a vehicle, that isn't too different from what necrons are now.
Also, WBB can be more resilent then FnP

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WBB lets the model die BEFORE it gets a chance to hit back. You also don't have to worry about units coming back and filling up squads you had depleted.

It gets even more worrisome if Res Orb and Tomb Spyder continue to work roughly the same as they used to. FNP rolls that you can't negate with power weapons and krak missiles? Fuck that mess.

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Except you actually have to put the lord WITH the unit you want to deep strike. Plus, isn't the teleport item like 60 points? So it's not different except for being completely different.

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Necrons and Blood Angels are BFFs.

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>"Waah waahh WBB is gone and replaced with a less stupid mechanic with a less stupid name? BUT NOW OUR ARMY WILL LOSE ALL ITS CHARACTER"
Since WBB places heavy emphasis on squad cooperation (in form of necessitating the proximity), it certainly forms the character of the army, you know

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No plastic flayed ones? This is a disaster.

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Fuck off Omegon. No one likes you anyway.

Really though "phalanx" is not "army character" all you're doing is trying to retroactively justify a shitty rule that makes you knock over your carefully painted miniatures or fiddle with counters every turn. It's a pain in the ass and a dumb mechanic. Justifying it retroactively with crap about squad deployment further shoehorns Necrons into their already cliched role of "space robot zombie horde" which only a few dedicated but vocal gamers even like. Furthermore it seems like those gamers, the aforementioned whine necron players, demand that their playstyle be the only one for Necrons. It should be an option certainly, if you want to play a necron phalanx, that's awesome, but it's not the be-all and end-all of the race and obsessing over WBB and other bullshit just takes away from the experience for the rest of us while not actually gaining much of anything for its proponents.

>it certainly forms the character of the army, you know
"Squads fighting closely together" is NOT what the necrons are about. It might be something they do, and at the moment there are shitty rules in place that require you to deploy with redundancy but it is no more a part of the character of the army than the fact that some armies' units use transports or are strength 4. Jesus fuck.

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> > only a few dedicated but vocal gamers
yeah, isn't it a bitch when they ruin everything for the many, many gamers who don't give a shit?

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>give them powers similar to psychic ones but not letting them be nullified at all

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Stop assuming thatt they'll be just as good as other psychic abilities. I don't see everyone bitching about how Warlocks don't need psychic tests to use their powers. You know why? Because it doesn't matter because they're compensated.

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I'm glad that people are so into the hobby, but when given the following options

1. The army must be what I say and only what I say and nothing else because it is totally characterful for the army to be faceless and have no character. They should all be a horde of identical robots and never have options for something else.

2. Options to make an army that is a faceless horde of robot zombies AND ALSO something new that isn't exactly that same damn thing.

I can only conclude that the people who want option A are complete dorks who refuse to actually think about the choice. Unfortunately this puts me closer to giving a shit than I would like and that is what I resent them for.

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Then don't give them pseudo-Psyker powers. The entire backstory of these guys is that they have no psykers, want no psykers and are working to destroy the possibility of psykers by cutting off the Warp from the real universe.

Making them vulnerable to anti-psyker gear is just insulting.

It's also worth mentioning that this is all supposition, how these tech upgrades will play in game hasn't been mentioned. They might have some limitation compared to psyker powers to compensate for no Warp Peril or ability to nullify them. They might also be horribly broken unstoppable abilities so everyone else gets something to bitch about.

Captcha : teachers, whogage

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For that matter, maybe this "psychic necron tech" is actually just their version of a psychic hood. It interacts with the psyker rules but is in no way psychic.

Or maybe it works exactly like a normal psychic power and runes of warding can stop it. That's a little silly I guess but it's way way less silly than half the crap in 40k's fluff or rules so I don't really care. I'm just glad to see hints that Necrons will be evolving past the faceless robot wall. It's a cool mental image, and a cool part of the army, but I don't want EVERY necron army I face to be the same damn one. This new stuff is good, even if a little illogical.

>> No.12222991

I expect they'll be activated like a normal psychic power but be unable to be nullified. But we'll see.

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robot horde?

More like robot... gay

Fuck yeah. I sure showed you necron fans. Eat it!

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Does anyone have that one picture of the Necron in Terminator armour?
The one that's got XZibit text at the bottom that's like "yo dawg i herd u liek terminator so we put terminators in yo terminators so you can terminate while you terminate"?

I keep meaning to save that fucking picture but I haven't seen it in weeks.

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That's a cute pic, did you do that?

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>> No.12223101

This pleases the Mistress of the Unending swarms!

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bump for mutual interest.

>> No.12223151

god dammit. I had this picture, but then I had to format my HD and lost a shit ton of pics, including that one.

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New Dark Eldar and new Necrons? Time to learn how to cast my own minis. Fuck if I'm paying GW for two whole damn armies.

>> No.12223201

The Tomb Stalker Rules, It's a Forge world model


>> No.12223214


>B'aawww I ain't willing to pay indirectly for rules, and still do WYSIWYG

oh you.

>> No.12223215

Come on, those two armies NEED new models.

>> No.12223225

fucking lol'd so hard, soda came out of nose. Congrats to the poster, now my nose burns.....
also, i heard that new cron codex MAY come out after dark eldar, but that a majority of the new models and battle forces will come out before then.(dunno why though......)

>> No.12223240


>most likely Summer 2011

So Necrons will be the summerfags then?

>> No.12223294

It may be FW, but chances are GW will produce their own one like they did with the Trygon for nids. Same model but cheaper and with less detail

>> No.12223301

Avatars have only been around since the fall though.

>> No.12223310

yep, next summer will probably be a mix of crappy necron rule troll threads, actual necron discussions, new necron models and army painitng/conversion threads, and insecure people bitching and moaning about certain drawbacks and advantages necrons will have.

along with the usual crap as well.

>> No.12223326

Why the fuck is Ward allowed to write 50% of all new codexes, by the way? What the shit man?

>> No.12223334

Oh I plan on getting about 2000 points of new Dark Eldar. And if I like the Necrons I'm ordering at least one of those Tomb Stalkers as well as at least 1500 pts of Necrons.

But if you think I'm paying GW for about 2500 pts of each? As well as two more Tomb Stalkers? You're out of your mind.

>> No.12223346

>2 by Phil Kelly
>3 by Matt Ward
>2 by Robin Cruddace
Mathfail much?

>> No.12223414

Phase out on a squad level?!?!

I mean, how am I suppose to ignore the monolith and C'tan now?,,,

>> No.12223457

You realize they are changing other parts of the codex too?

>> No.12223486

> Necron Codex

Not happening. Dark Eldar next, then Dark Angels, then either Orkz or Tau, they haven't decided yet.

>> No.12223551


>psychic powers
>multiple Lords with special upgrades for each

precisely the reason I did not pick half the other Space Marine armies with their three commander variants and psyker faggotry

Matt Ward, once again turning every army into ULTRAMUHREENS

>> No.12223553

>I mean, how am I suppose to ignore the monolith and C'tan now?

You ignore the C'tan by not playing Apocalypse (or, failing that, staying more than 12'' away from either of them) and you ignore the Monolith by staying away from it as well.

Also, Demolisher cannons.

>> No.12223562



Dark Eldar
Grey Knights
Sisters of battle or Tau

>> No.12223574

Nope. Grey Knights are pretty low-tier, they may come after the Ork/Tau point, but we haven't really planned that far ahead.

>> No.12223650


All rumour sites point to grey knights being the next codex

>> No.12223675

That's just because they paid the slightest bit of attention to the Ally rules and Rumor Sites latch onto that sort of thing.

>> No.12223736


I dunno, the dark eldar stuff was pretty spot on

>> No.12223777

If you want to prove your faction is badass, do you just have to kill an Avatar?

>> No.12223805

Who should I trust, places that have been 95% correct in the past? Or random 4chan poster who is probably trying to troll but in any case has no source?

>> No.12223820

Most of the stuff at big rumor conglomeration areas are pretty spot on. False things get denied by other rumor mongers. /tg/ is retarded.

>> No.12223827

Nah, these days thet let you kill a whole craftworld.

>> No.12223835

New Necrons plox T.T Also Plastic Immortals are very much want and Tomb Spyder would be cool too.

>> No.12223844


Haha, no.
Unless you mean Fantasy Orcs, in which case. Yes.

>> No.12223866

There should just be one evil Space Dragon that is super strong and regenerates, but constantly is KO'd by every race.

>> No.12223877

>He thinks the sisters are ever getting a new codex!

>> No.12223886

The Necrons are finaly going to accept Rowboat Girlyman as their spiritual liege and will aspire to be worthy in the eyes of the Ultramarines.

>> No.12223899

So dark eldar guy moved onto sisters now that they've shown screens eh? God you're dumb.

>> No.12223919

So, what? You're saying people should stay the course and continue to insist that Dark Eldar are never getting a new codex?

>> No.12223932

Well either that or stop trolling.

>> No.12223974

Fun fact: Whenever we place an order for Sisters of Battle, our sales reps will call us back and ask, "Are you sure...? Isn't there something else you'd rather have?"
They are /not/ a priority.

Also, how has this image not been posted yet?

>> No.12224045

Well, I'll take up the mantle, I guess.


>> No.12224060

Before new codex: 10 years old!

After new codex: NEWBORN.

>> No.12224102

I worry the new Dark Eldar won't do as much cocaine. Does anyone think they'll still have big hair? I really had embraced them as the fucking insane faction that never knew where it was or what it was supposed to be doing.

>> No.12224992

> believing that they will do the three-commander-type faggotry when every other faction has done away with that same faggotry.
nigga you gullible.

>> No.12225061

>Whenever we place an order for Sisters of Battle, our sales reps will call us back and ask, "Are you sure...? Isn't there something else you'd rather have?"

You're kidding right?


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