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So yeah the rumors were true. I don't know about you guys but it looks beautiful. The plates of armor around it make it look very Necron-y.

Experimental rules are can be found here: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/t/tstalker.pdf

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Fucking sweet.

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It's cool and worth taking. If not for phase out I'd take two of these and a Monolith as heavy support.

>If not for phase out

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Wow, a giant bug if only i could have a whole army based on bugs.


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the fuck

is this


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Also, war construct rules. Just in time for DE.

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Soo.... Trygon proxies for this?

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Missed the thread.


>eldon peressad

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Step in the right direction.

Necrons have always been the army with the least imagination put into them. They're immortal killbots, they could look like ANYTHING... but until now, your choices have been robot skeleton, beetle, or robot skeleton stuck to beetle.

Centipedes aren't a HUGE improvement, but at least it's something.

Still, any three random people from this board could design a more interesting army, even sticking within the "army of immortal robots" restriction. Seriously, it's an idea with enormous potential, the way GW has failed to take advantage of it is pretty fucking sad.

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we already have a thread

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The Necron Tomb Stalker, the model spawned from a Forge World drunken orgy, the model rumored in the Medusa 5 campaign, the alternative to the Monolith and Tomb Spyder.

It's a Necron CC hit and run monster.

>from unisones

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Why is this the one time I don't have THOSE horseshoe crap pictures?

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Trygon wishes it was t7 with hit and run

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How about a necron one of these?

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I dont know! Why dont you?!

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Where? I don't say Nids, they aren't that insectoid visually.

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After a cursory glance at the rules, since I'm currently multitasking rocket engines, I think this thing is a MUST-HAVE for all necron players. I can see a lot of uses for it.

>subjecen Meride

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Am I the only one who is reminded of that scene in the desert from the first Transformers film upon looking at this, or am I simply the only one who watched the first Michael Bay Transformers film here?

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I think it's quite cool. But having to build 400 GBP worth of Death Korps atm I have to say:

This fucker will be a pain in the ass to assemble!

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Could you substantiate this statement with a picture? I can't remember a centipede in any Transformers movie.

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No you're just the only one that watched it and didn't die from an epileptic seizure.

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He might be thinking of the scorpion.

(Not calling it Scoponok; that name is already being used by two perfectly fine Decepticons.)

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I've found a video, as I thought it wasn't a Centipede, it just reminded me of the scene. No idea why. I guess the machine is sort of Necron-y

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already thought that you ment that ...

well ... no

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Oh well, at least it reminded me of perhaps one of the only worthwhile scenes from that entire film.

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What the fuck. T7 and 5 wounds plus a slew of special rules, for only 195 points?

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Useful. Every necron player should have one. Or at least a counts as.

>Puritans misshing

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Cute Necrons! That's a reboot I wasn't expecting.

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T7 and 5 wounds is all it has. 4 attacks (6 on charge) with a WS 4, BS 4, and 3+ save? It's little more than a big tar-pit monster. And more expensive than a wraithlord at that.

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Necrons finally getting a dedicated assault unit that isn't Nightbringer.

Finally, people can stop crying about Flayed ones.

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So that is the Tomb Stalker? I remember it being described as 'an oversized Spyder', but certainly not a centipede.
It was also Titan sized.

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>he's implying the deceiver isn't the best assault unit necrons have!




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C'Tan go bye-bye next codex if rumors are true (And when have internet rumors ever steered us wrong?), so the Necrons need some more good close combat units.

Captcha: respect. unsilly

Great, Captcha has become ironic.

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This retcon means there is still a chance we get rid of the C'tan for good despite their appearence in Battle Missions fluff, so I for one am rejoicing.

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Wait, what?
Haven't heard of this. Are you serious? I love the Deceiver and run him plus my Destroyer Lord to wreck the house in vehicular and infantry combat. That's bullshit.

Are they gonna be made into Apocalypse characters? Because I don't want "hur dur SPESHUL LAWDS" with stupid bullshit like Regeneration or something. I hated what they did to the Nid Carnifexes - I'm praying that my glorious Lord won't become obsolete

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>C'Tan go bye-bye next codex if rumors are true

No, if the rumours are true, C'tan are moved to being fluff-only, and Necron players instead can take incarnations/manifestations of a C'tan in the form of a Necron Lord that's rebuilt themselves in the image of one of the Star Gods.

It's like taking a Bloodthirster instead of a Khorne himself.

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That sounds like total bullshit to me. In fact, I hear that [spoilers] because the Emperor was killed by all the Uthwe psykers, the Imperium is getting a legion of fucking Super Space Marines, Chaos is launching an all out assault as well as Tyranids, and the Void Dragon is waking up because the Emperor was using a portion of his power to keep it asleep. [/spoilers]

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I did imagine it to be bigger, but it's still a pretty amazing model.

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Matt Ward's writing it, so you're SOL.

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It's a friend of a friend style rumor from Warseer I'm repeating to stir the shit. You should probably just ignore it and wait for the real codex.

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Sounds excellent.

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Won't happen. I love the fact that the Nightbringer slaughtered Ultramarines, so that book will never be retcon'd out.

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It will if Matt Ward has anything to say about it.

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>I love the fact that an Ultramarine and his Meltabomb cowed the Nightbringer into submission, also wanna be fisted by Marneus Calgar

Sup Matt.

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My work here is done.

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The sad truth is after Matt Ward retcons the shit out of everything, and has Marneus Calgar killing the Nightbringer with his penetrator+3, Jervis would probably give him a Promotions! And likely a raise.

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well then Matt Ward is the biggest fattest nigger on the block since fat albert

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We need a Exterminatus here STAT!

Save the holy books of the C'Tan!

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Is that goint to be /tg/'s version of the trollface? Because I'd support that decision.

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It will be for me, now.

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Can GW go one fucking year without RetCon'ing everything to make it super serial?

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I hated that part. It was sort of made up for with him feasting on a sun. Also knocking on wood that Matt Ward stays away from this codex.

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Answer looks hazy...

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Rumour is he's the one writing it.

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>What the fuck. T7 and 5 wounds plus a slew of special rules, for only 195 points?
sounds like what the fexes should have had in the latest nid codex.

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Whatever faggots, I think it looks cool as shit.

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No sir I don't like this at all

>>mechanical lwatty

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GNGNGGG! Cant. Hold. Myself. Need. To post... Dr Weird!

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>is unaware that GW's marketing for Nids revolved around pushing the new plastic Trygon kit.

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I hate this shit too

>GW's face when in the next Tyranid codex they make Carnifexes ridiculously good again...but release new kits and everyone has trashed the old ones over the course of a year

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So since many necron players monolith spam are they going to nerf them? Give them all round AV 10 or something and take away particle whip?

Because that'd be really fucking funny is what it'd be.

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Marine fags spam Land Raiders to a far greater degree, and fill them full of coward-shield nurminators. I think if anything, the Monolith will become 1-3 for one heavy support.

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No, this is their face.

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>implying you can't destroy or permanently hinder a monolith with any decent Str 8-9 weapon that any race has
>implying you aren't terrible at the game when you get killed by a thing that's only real weapon is a Str 9 large template with a terrible range and scatter

Estoy enojado, senor?

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i am fully aware of that, thank you. but they could at least have left all the options a fex could take alone.

HA. fat chance. i still have and use several 3rd edition fexes.

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>9 Monoliths

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>In 763.M39, due in no small part to the favourable stance taken by the Ultramarines, the Land Raider Crusader design was sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus

>the Ultramarines 2nd Company - the finest fighting unit in this or any other Space Marine Chapter

>Indeed, it is said that each member of the Ultramarines Honour Guard has earned more commendations and glories in a lifetime's service than a whole company of Space Marines from any other Chapter, and that each individual has slain more foes than an entire regiment of Imperial Guardsmen.

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This is what I wish a Defiler was, minus the +3 Save and the S/T stats.

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>implying the Honour guard of the ultramarines are more effective than the honour guard of any of the other first founding chapters
damnit ward, that's not how it works

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If the 2nd Company was the finest, then they wouldn't be SECOND, would they?

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The First Company is hardly ever fielded en-masse, as opposed to other companies.

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>Some say that he has earned more commendations and glories in a lifetime's service than a whole company of Space Marines from any Chapter, and that he has slain more foes than an entire regiment of Imperial Guardsmen.

All we know is, he's called The Stig.

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I want to rage all the more at Ward's Faggotry. They need to fire that asswipe.

I understand that smurfs were "the thing" because of the massive collection GW had at one point back in the day representative of an entire company (?). But because they are the easily recognized chapter doesn't mean that Ward needs to have nergasms over them enough that he has to write massive faggotry infested stories about Ultramarines.

Not that we didn't know but /tg/ this is your cancer.
>Pic Related

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Didn't they finally "reveal" who The Stig is/was?

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Sort of yeah. He got his biography published. I'll be honest, I've already forgotten his name

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it was the emprah

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I want Gav and Andy back :(

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Someone needs to take a very blunt ans rusty knife to Matt "Fuck-everything-except-Ultramarines" Ward's guts.

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I can't stop laughing. Holy hell, this is even more Saturday Morning Cartoon/Child fan fic than usual 40k canon.

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>Chapters in the second category are disciples who owe their genetic inheritance to another Primarch, but follow the Codex Astartes as keenly as their divergent heritage allows. While primarily composed of successor Chapters, this group also includes several Chapters of the First Founding - notably the Imperial Fists, White Scars and Raven Guard. These Chapters can never be Ultramarines, for their gene-seed is not that of Roboute Guilliman. Nevertheless, they will ever aspire to the standards and teachings of the great Primarch.

>The third and final group are aberrants; Chapters who,
through quirk of gene-seed, mutation or stubbornness,
eschew the Codex Astartes in favour of other structural and combat doctrines. Some, such as the Blood Angels and their successors, strive to be worthy of Guilliman's legacy, but their recalcitrant gene-seed drives them ever further from it.
Others, such as the Space Wolves and the Black Templars, remain stubbornly independent, looking to their own founder's ways of war and caring little of how they fare in the eyes of others. These aberrant Chapters were always few in number and their presence diminishes further with each passing decade, for their gene-seed is no longer the source of fresh Chapters.

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Why don't you love me...

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You will all be deatomized for the great C'Tan!

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More like reclamation. How far we've derailed from the original post.

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>New Necron model


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I thought BECAUSE the Space Wolves and Black Templars disregard the codex meant they had a shit load of guys running around?

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Forever united by the pain of not being Ultramarines.

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>Necrons joining forces, even temporarily, with anyone


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dumping Necron stuff in hope of reclaiming this thread for the awesome 'Crons and the C'Tan

>> No.12210344


I thought that was a picture of a Necron fighting the Pope!

Imagine my disappointment!

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I can't look at this new model, and not see pic related...

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I haven't played 40k in almost 3/4 of a year.

wut i miss? New 'cron/DE dex yet? Still haven't even got the "new" 'nid dex. :/

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"You marines should understand us. We are what you seek for yourselves."

"You are abominations! Souless machines! I serve the-"

The Necron Lord cut the Marine's reply short with a bolt from his staff.

"We are perfect. Do you know how we have attained perfection?"

"By becoming slaves to your false gods." The Marine braced himself for another bolt of green lightning, but none came.

"Yes. What you call them doesn't matter. They are Gods. We attained perfection by discarding everything that was in ourselves that did not serve the purpose of our masters, and the purpose of our race."

The Necron paused and jabbed the butt of it's staff through the rend in the fallen marine's armor, and into his suppurating wound. The Marine looked back in unflinching defiance and the Necron Lord gave a slight nod of it's expressionless face before withdrawing it's gore caked weapon.

"You have already abandoned much of your humanity, abandoned the pain and weakness and fears and doubts of your kind. But you lack the strength of will to keep moving forward."

The marine stayed silent.

"We are here to teach that will to those who will learn."

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Just read the Rules, donno if this has been brought to attention yet but:

>Sniper weapons, attacks with the
Poisoned ability and the like, only wound the Tomb Stalker
on a 6 (as opposed to a 4+, 2+ etc, as would normally be
the case).
>And the like

That's totally not going to start shitstorms.

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New DE codex soon

New Necron Codex earliest by february if what i've heard is true

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The poison bit is pretty much bullshit considering the fact that they have such high toughness and so many wounds for less than the cost of a trygon.

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>Indeed, it is said that each member of the Ultramarines Honour Guard has earned more commendations and glories in a lifetime's service than a whole company of Space Marines from any other Chapter, and that each individual has slain more foes than an entire regiment of Imperial Guardsm

sadly they cut the last two sentences because of space concerns
>however, the only ones who say this are the Ultramarines. Everyone else thinks they are dicks.

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>Roboute Guilliman succeeded in liberating more worlds durign the Great Crusade than any other Primarch

>the Ultramarines soon became the largest Space Marine Legion, having more recruits and suffering fewer casualties than any other Legion

>Mankind boasts many heroes, men of purpose and dedication without whom the Imperium would crumble. Yet, even amongst their ranks there is a man whose nobility overshadows all others. His triumphs are without number and his deeds the stuff of legend. His name is Marneus Calgar, Master of the Ultramarines and Lord of Macragge.

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seems more or less like its meant to negate any special rule that makes it easier to wound it.

>> No.12210509

Fluff in the 5th edition rulebook paints Necron Lords as still having personalities and fragments of memory - but they're often completely insane due to how long they've been active. It's possible that a Necron Lord would retain enough of its mind to form alliances and work alongside other armies, or be so erratic and crazy that it'll just do whatever with little reason behind its actions.

Of all the terrible fluff Ward's written, this isn't actually so bad.

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talk about having a "skeleton crew"

>> No.12210531


>> No.12210532

Could go to such lengths as a Lord helping some local Imperial Guard, because the leader looks VERY similar to a spouse it once knew.

Of course once it finds out, it gives a haunting shriek and phases out. Or exterminates all planetside life. Whatever.

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>> No.12210651

>not already wearing sunglasses
Doing it wrong.

>> No.12210656

I feel like i missed something.
Where is Monstrous Creature rule? I mean, Str6 is good, but where are no AS and 2D6 against armor?..

>> No.12210699


MC is an Unit Type, not a special rule.

>> No.12210711

are you fukken blind?. it is a Monstrous Creature.

and Monstrous Creature isnt a special rule, its a unit type. with special rules attached to it.

>> No.12210788

Yup, i'm blind. Looked for it in Rules section, not Unit type

>> No.12211058

Looks good, hoping it'll be out before xmas so I can get it for the gf's army.

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on a similar note, what retard put move through cover in phase tunneling. All monsterous creatures get move though cover automaticly, thats like puting in a rule that says its atacks count as power weapons

>> No.12214372

perhaps other units have Phase Tunneling and they wanted to be consistent

>> No.12215494

Bump, because Jeb.

>> No.12216120

this might be a bit slowpoke, but India already did this
or is doing it, depeding on how you look at it


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Why does every necron thread turn into an ultramarine rage thread?

>> No.12218155

Because matt ward.

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