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Mods = gods. Please keep deleting that butthurt pornspammer. He mad, and the rest of us appreciate it.

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lol ok

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>3. NO METATHREADS. Whining and praise alike will result in bans.

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>Thread reported

Have a nice day.

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reported for metathread

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Hey guys, remember when /tg/ was good?

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Also thanks for giving me another thread bro, now I can see how long it takes the mod to get to this one. It's like a game.

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Is dat some meta!
Not on my teegee no sir!

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/tg/ was never good

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+1 :3

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You mean back when the mods weren't faggots and people just moved on instead of whining about titties? Yep, sure do. Shit was pretty cash.

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Meta thread. Reported

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You appear to be the butthurt one. Also a brown-noser. Reported for rules violation.

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I really hope you're a troll. If you're honestly this upset over not being allowed to post porn any more then you need to get your head looked at.

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Etna is mai waifu.

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Keep up the good work, mate.

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>this whole thread
>trolls trollan trolls trollan trolls

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I for once appreciate the effort they put into it, I'd get bored of it long ago if in their position.

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I think at this point, everyone in thread should just get a 3-day ban. I almost never post anyway.

Who am I kidding, banning does almost nothing.

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I miss Gok.

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My IP changes automatically like several times a day so they're completely and utterly irrelevant to me.

Not that I've actually gotten one yet. I'm pretty sure what we have is a "Janitor" and not a "Mod".

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Yeah. That pic rustled my jimmies a lot at the beginning, but I got used to it. I don't like the cat much. It looks like it has mouse-tumors.

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Yep. /tg/ sure has improved since the mod came around.

Oh, wait, no it hasn't. It's been exactly the same, except now it has metathread bitching from both ends of the spectrum.


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Why do you do this? Honestly now.

I don't want to insult you or something like that. That would be pointless.

Huge majority of the people here are quite happy with the rules and are happy the mods are finally doing something about this.

Why do you feel the need to spam this bullshit and annoy everyone? Is your life really that pathetic you have nothing better to do than to annoy people online?

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On one hand I agree with the mod lovers in that I'm glad I don't see flare and those what do threads anymore.'

on the other I would like to be able to post something with a bit of skin and maybe nipples every now and then...come on, I gots nipples you gots nipples, all gods children gots nipples.

if we could find a happy medium between the two (you know like we had before) im sure everyone would stop bitching.

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See, I had the opposite problem. The more I saw it, the creepier it got.

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ITT: One guy starting up a thread and then spamming it with porn in an attempt to cause strife.

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Why do you assume to know what "The majority" likes or wants? I know I'm certainly not the only porn spammer, and I'm not going to assume that there's only one guy whining about it. What about disagreeing with you makes you think that two posts have to be by the same person?

Also dat ass

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>if we could find a happy medium between the two (you know like we had before) im sure everyone would stop bitching.
>like we had before

This is the problem, right here. We were ALWAYS in a state of balance. Once in a while, there'd be an increase in the porn, and then it'd decrease again, and then we'd have some moderate and inoffensive stuff in between.

It worked just fine.

And now we have this shitty state of affairs which is just fucking it up for everybody.

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God dammit captcha.

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Anyone who spends this much effort only comes to /tg/ to clog it up with porn, and therefore doesn't belong on /tg/.

Come back when you've learned to enjoy traditional games, fag!

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I just like it because fags complain about it

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I'm upset about the new state of affairs but I tired myself out yesterday trying to type out reasonable replies.

I'll just register my general discontent and move on. Man, /tg/ is going to hell and it's the mods' fault.

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I agree, putting the new overzealous mod in charge was a bad idea and it pisses off both sides, but as i said in the last thread short of moot coming down from his throne to revoke the status (like he did to the last one) nothing is going to happen.

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>This is the problem, right here. We were ALWAYS in a state of balance
No, we were in a state where a handful of shitposters would fuck up the board at any time.

Now they only do it when the mod's asleep.
That's an improvement.

(The hilarious part is when the porn spammer tries to claim his butthurt metathreads are the mods' fault. Nobody's forcing you to make them, buddy. Try posting about Traditional Games... if you can handle it ^_^)

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Nope, sorry! I was helping with worldbuilding and all kinds of shit before all this faggot shit with the mods. Had me a thread about YGO Abridged: The Setting. It's archived and everything.


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>Man, /tg/ is going to hell and it's the mods' fault.

I haven't seen evidence for mods shitposting yet.

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> All the mod's fault
So the people posting porn and metathreads have no responsibility for their actions?

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>/tg/ is going to hell
>shitposters confined to one time of day

>mods' fault
>people intentionally posting shit


>makes easy, simple, appropriate rules
>enforces said rules

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>Nope, sorry! I was helping with worldbuilding
The "worldbuilding" you were helping with was "lol monstergirls xD".

Oh, and yu-gi-oh. Great. That's really great.

That's what they believe.

it's like terrorism. "We wouldn't bomb you if you didn't burn our holy book!"

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Yeah, see, this is just further proof that fuckers like you are the real problem.

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To be perfectly honest, that isn't elftits, that's some badly drawn monstrosity being jizzed in/on/beside by some blue ^____^ thingy.

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>Enforces rules
>Doesn't just delete CP

This is overzealous by 4Chan standards. You would understand that if you weren't fresh from the OotS forums.

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My favorite thing is how upset the spammer is.

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