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So, I was considering how a Black Templar would be able to integrate into a balanced Kill_Team without being completely hostile to the Librarian. After pondering this issue I arrived to a reasonable conclusion.

The Dark Templar should treat a Librarian as a Marine possessing a disability.

Condescending, patronizing, sometimes a little insulting but never hostile. The Liberal Black Templar pities the Librarian for being a psyker. For being born with a curse so strong not even the Holy Geneseed can cleanse it. Fortunately by serving the Emperor and doing His holy work the Psyker can earn his absolution.

Example quotes:
"Brother, are you certain you can handle the task assigned to you? Perhaps someone not encumbered by your curse is better suited to the task"

So /tg, your thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?

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I can see it working so long as the other player won't get pissed off about you constantly fucking with him.

He'd have to be pretty liberal in his mindset as well, but hell, that's likely what got him sent to Deathwatch anyways.

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That you, that'll help some in Deathwatch, when 5/7 of the other people are librarians.

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Their face when you have to fight a null! ^_^

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I'd laugh.

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But secretly the BT is just intimidated by Librarian-Kuns powers.

Love blooms, with a shitload of tsundere coming from both ends.

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A friend of mine actually had an idea almost exactly like this one, only it was less an issue of condescending to the Librarian, but rather wishing to 'cure' him of his affliction, and not letting him struggle with his curse alone. It was actually pretty beautiful the way he described it, and I'm not doing it justice, but you get the idea.

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The whole aspect of some loyalists hating psykers is the single most ironic thing in a game that is all about irony.

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OP Here, the approach I am coming from is essentially, the Black Templar would treat the Librarian like you or I would treat Corky from "Life Goes On". With kindness, tolerance and pity.

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Yeah, I get the idea. My friends idea was basically to treat him like you would a cancer patient.

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OP here again, above is the best response ever.

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your average psyker is a beacon of death and insanity for anyone near him.

The loathing is founded, as most braincases just fucking explode and kill innocent people nearby.

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I personally find this idea hilariously realistic

Good show man

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how do you guys handle the Space Wolf/Dark Angel rivalry in your games?

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One up manship baby!

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They frequently bounce bolter shells off one another in combat. Basically, they're not too concerned with firing full auto if one or the other may be in the way.

Also, the dark angel punched out the space wolf, mid firefight. It was pretty hilarious. Dark angel jumps in, clocks the space wolf, lays him out, and jumps out. I lay waste to everything with my bolter.

Space wolf sits up.

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OP, great quote, well done getting into the mind of your character. I think you nailed it.

But anon at >>12204808 raises a fine point. Unless the Librarians in the party are close friends IRL, they might get the misconception that you're just being a dick because your RP can justify it.

My humble suggestion is to keep those prejudices, but be really sincere about them. Like someone born & raised in a very racist part of America that just went through sensitivity training, making a genuine attempt to being nice to "colored folks" because he's a decent person at heart, but failing nobly. The result - you come off as just sincerely RPing your character, yet your character seems even more prejudiced against psykers.

Example quote: "Brother, despite your daemon-possessed blood, know that I am proud to fight by your side. You have proven that those that bear the witch-curse can rise above their limitations and still serve the Emperor! And rest assured, Brother, should you ever be overcome by the warp-taint within you, mine shall be the sword that ends your suffering."

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Obviously they have to have a fist fight in the first session to work out their issues. Then they become best buds. Ideally.

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this is my party's Storm Warden Devistator. He and the Rune Priest get a long like life long bros. He laid down suppressive fire with his heavy bolter on a room full of Tau fire warriors while the Rune Priest used thunder crack on them. It cleared up the room pretty quick with the other party members shooting at the ones not in cover.

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OP here, I'd treat it as a buddy cop movie rivalry. Like when Murtaugh first met Riggs. They'd have some conflict, work it out and become bros.

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No, any smart Black Templar, as well as any Space Marine at all.....as well as ANYTHING with a decent intellect in grimdark 40k should know that methods they disagree with should never be underestimated. Disagreed methods are always watched wearily if not eliminated. Not even the most liberal Dark Templar would be patronizing, for he is underestimating, and by extension being too dumb to be a Space Marine.

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One's a fantatical crusader, who's word is his bond....
One's a warp-tainted psycher, desperate to do his chapter proud.

Together, they fight the Heretic, the Mutant, and the Traitor.

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whoops. forgot to add a pic to catch peoples' attention.

Here's one of a manatee trying to be friends with a shark who will have none of it, now read that post!

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>without being completely hostile to the Librarian.
Well, you -could- try just not being a huge douchebag about the whole thing and do the job to the best of your ability, as is expected of you as a part of a chapter that have pledged support and service to the Deathwatch.

Anything less would be out of character, in my opinion. ESPECIALLY since you are a Black Templar, one of the most respected chapters. Don't dishonour your chapter.

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How are these for home brew rules for Salamanders.
they get +5 to BS and Fel.
If they are a tactical marine they may change their starting bolter and special magazine for an astartes flamer for free.
Their chapter ability gives any flame weapon they use tearing.

does this seem over powered to you guys or what would you do?

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>Together they fight Xenos


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>mfw there's a Commissar Holt quote in the Deathwatch rule book.

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What is it?

Choose your next words carefully? :D

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No it's: Space Marines are men in the same way a knife is a piece of metal. Space Marines are forged not born. They are the finest weapons of the Emperor's will.

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They regularly beat the crap out of each other, but have overtones of "vitriolic best buds" beneath it. They are, after all, brothers in a sense, for they came from the family of Primarchs and are both Astartes, fighting to defend the Imperium for the honour of the Emperor of Mankind.

>No, captcha, I will not do your fucking arithmatic homework. I hate math, especially long division.

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Weren't Lion and Russ the closest relationship wise of the Primarchs?

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Yeah, but only after they beat the ungodly shit out of each other. And really, Horus and Sanginius were probably the closest.

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Well they're probably closer because one didn't kill the other. They knew their limits with each other.

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*cough* *cough*

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Damn, I think that's the gayest I've ever heard the Primarchs sound.

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What about Fulgrim and good ol' Iron Hands? Weren't they suppose to be tight too?

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I'd change the BS increase to T since they come from a high gravity world. Possibly -5 to Ag and bump that Fellowship up to +10. Salamanders are all pretty cool Bro's.
My idea was that they can take Melta weapons, Flamers and Thunderhammers at one Reknown rank lower than they would normally.
So you still can't START with a Thunderhammer or an Inferno Pistol, but you could take a Melta-Gun or a Multi-Melta at the beginning.

Somebody else working on the Salamanders suggested making this a custom talent for their Chapter Advance tables, which I think was genius.

As for a Solo Ability, I suggested an ability that once per combat, doubles your toughness bonus (for damage soaking purposes) for a round.

As for Squad Abilities we had an idea of one that doubled the amount of damage Explosive or Devestating weapons would have to do to cause you to take Cohesion damage, plus other bonuses to your test to avoid cohesion damage.

If you can find some of the early drafts on /rs/, he had some neat ideas for the Primarchs Curse too.

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>Horus and Sanguinius were closest
>Didn't kill each other

You best be talking about the Lion and the Wolf there.

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>Anything less would be out of character, in my opinion. ESPECIALLY since you are a Black Templar, one of the most respected chapters. Don't dishonour your chapter

And yet Black Templars are, although acknowledged for their devotion to duty, are rightly looked upon with a mixture of fear and suspicion

The more humanitarian chapters (ultras, Sallies, wulfs) would probably be a bit wary around a templar... seeing as he comes from a chapter that is an 11 on the 1-10 scale of puritan craziness

Seriously... in case you forgot the Templars on the tabletop WILL NOT fight alongside ANY army if it includes a psyker EXCEPT grey knights

It would be true that a Death Watch templar would be selected for being able to control his fanaticism a bit, but seriously, they VALUE that trait anyway

So yeah I like OP's idea of them... although in my opinion the entire idea of a Templar in the Death watch is, when you get right down to it, stupid... they just dont really seem to fit the Inquisition type

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>although in my opinion the entire idea of a Templar in the Death watch is, when you get right down to it, stupid... they just dont really seem to fit the Inquisition type

I agree. To me, one one hand, any chapter that have pledged service to the Deathwatch would and should honour that commitment; anything less would be a disgrace to the chapter.

On the other hand, Black Templars really, really, really, really, really, really, really fucking hate Psykers.

Wat do if their commander is a Librarian?

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Not to mention that many inquisitors are psykers.

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Maybe the BT was sent to the Deathwatch because he didn't hate Psykers ENOUGH?

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On that note, what would the most 'ideal' candidate chapters be?

Raptors, Raven Guard and Dark Angels are the first that spring to my mind...

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Psykers with any kind of rank beyond "semi-lobotomized slave" always struck to me as odd. Grey Knights and Space Marine Librarians are justified, since the populace sees them very rarely and when it does, considers them angels of the Emperor ruling out the possibility of them being Psykers.

Inquisitors? The demands of their very profession rule this out. Same goes for about every other non-marine, non-navigator psyker.

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>demands of the Inquisitor profession rule out the necessity of their being pskers

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>The demands of their very profession rule this out.

how the hell did you come anywhere near this conclusion?

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You are both mistaken... I believe removing all psyker Inquisitors would be a good idea... yessssss..

It would... ahem... further the... ummm.. goals of the *cough hack* glorious *wheeze* Emperor of mankind

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Psykers kill people with their brains. Sanctioned psykers attached to Guard units are very, very good at this. I fail to see a conflict.

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the troopers will be freaked out by them just the same as they would with a navigator but they don't complain when they navigator lets them travel though the warp just as they don't complain when that psyker sets a bunch of orks on fire and saves them in battle.

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WAIT wait wait.. wait wait.... wait wait wait wait wait

Wait wait... wait... wait...

Where do we remove them to?

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This is a school of thought like this in the Imperium; only in the divinity of the Emperor can the psyker and the human be combined. All other examples are abominations. Thus the psyker must be made inhuman; stripped of his mind and soul and reduced to a tool. Note that navigators are included in this mandate. It's called the Polarist doctrine, and it was advocated by some Inquisitor whose name escapes me.

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Psyker Inquisitors are under greater risk of getting under the influence of Chaos than normal people. They will get detected by anti-psyker measures and getting branded as a witch is never a good thing, especially when working undercover. Psychic Inquisitors are not infallible Grey Knights and thus would be scorned upon by organizations like Sisters.

The Inquisition does not benefit at all from having psykers as actual inquisitors, the place of the witch is in the retinue, or in Chamber Militant in the case of GK's.

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Inquisitors are also some of the most driven people in the Imperium and possess truly heroic levels of willpower. If anyone has the mental discipline to be a psyker then its an Inquisitor. Not to say that he shouldn't be watched (preferably by an old friend of a militant leaning), but denying the Inquisition many skilled and powerful servants on the basis of them being psykers is preposterous.

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Black Ships
Make them NOMNOMS for Empy.

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rolled 6 = 6

>Dark templar
You mean black templar

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No psyker can ever be a part of Mankind yet these Inquisitors proudly claim they are somehow an exception, even while they steadfastly avoid going through the Emperor's Soul-binding like all Astropaths do?


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Especially with the talent for that Ascension Inquisitor career path.

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