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Goodness, Eliphas is crushingly rude isnt he?

Especially his last statement.


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If by 'crushingly rude', you mean 'one smooth motherfucker', then yes.

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well, in the canon the blood ravens won dark crusade


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Space Marines ALWAYS win. Duh.

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At least he's more the man then all of the other Chaos Lords in the first dawn of war series...

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One smooth Motha who is about to get his face ripped off by Lord Abaddon for failing miserably.

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Eliphas makes chaos seem so much more glorious. Smooth witty motherfucker who always has his cool.

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I refuse to believe that the Eliphas in DoW II is the real Eliphas.

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And this is what Soulstorm missed.
Soul Storm would have been ok if it had kept the banter. Chaos and Eldar were glorious.

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Oh please, compared to Sindri he is just an amateur.

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Anybody remember how the narrator said the word "indeed"?


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Seconding this. Why did they change his voice?

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Someone played a DH acolyte based off that narrator. He had Blather +20, a shitload of lore skills and somehow developed into a fully fleshed out character.

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"The Tau Empire will respect your faith Gue'la, if only you see reason!"

"Better death than bondage!"

"So said the slave to the free man"

Imperium Status: TOLD

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Too bad the dark eldar were not led by a woman in Soulstorm.

The bitchiness between the Dark Eldar and the Eldar in that would have been funny.

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Eliphas & Gorgutz in Ork Stronghold

Farseer & Gorgutz in Ork stronghold

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I totally love the narrations of dow. To me the narrator is the sole hero of dow.

He really gets into his narrations and carries the mood and flavor of the army with him especially when he narrates for the Orks he gets all Orky and stuff.

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It would've been more fun if the commanders talked to eachother like in Dark Crusade. I really missed that.

More Eliphas goodness:

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These. The commander banter and the narrator gave the game character.

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Can love bloom...in the warp?


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"Then I wont lie to you, brother"

Sounds so strangely powerful.

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This youtube link has a list of all the chatter in Dark Crusade, along with the after-action reports.

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He is the smoothest bastard ever, isn't he.

My favourite moment, when Necrons attack his stronghold. He taunts them, the Lord says something to him, he STAMMERS and is actually HORRIFIED.


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>>12194679Too bad the dark eldar were not led by a woman in Soulstorm.

you want dark eldar to become huge failures too?

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>lol you are soulless.
>!!! Your soul is gone!

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>implying they already arent

Man, did you ever PLAY that stronghold mission?

All you had to do was swarm his dias of destruction and you won.

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A Chaos lord and apostle who has spent 10000 years in the warp fighting with and against demonic horrors, has seen most of the horrifying visages of chaos in it's purest form and has spent a big period of that time in a daemonic torture palace where he endured countless heinous tortures by the hands of sadistic daemons.

But that said chaos lord who faced such unspeakable terrors is turned into a mumbling scared child by the gaze of the necron lord.

Who knew Necron lords held such power.

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i didnt quite get that

he's more like "oh....you're soulless...fair enough"

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I saw it more akin to...

"Lol, you're a retard with downs."
"Holy shit, you ARE a retard with downs."

>and boxmani

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I may be the only one who likes General Alexander, and it's really because of this dialogue

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Asdrubael Vect died in Soulstorm.

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He survived being eaten by Slaanesh only to be killed by lowly guardsmen?

How humiliating!

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>covelpid progress
it's progressing quite nicely

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>Vect is not KILLED there. He teleports out to an unknown location as the Dais explodes. Unfortunately the animation for him doing that upon his 'death' got canned at the last moment in production due to technical issues, so it's not really obvious in-game. In any case, no, he's not meant to be canonically dead--you can't wipe out the dark lord of the Black Heart that easily.

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Go to 0:20 for Eliphas

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I also liked his dialogue in that he seemed like a model imperial general. Harsh and unyielding, but with the same sort of humanity and courage one would expect from the guard.

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Gorgutz is fun to hear to.

While everyone's trying to be serious, he cracks it down with his orky banter.

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>Lukas Alexander during IG stronghold speech
Fuck yeah you sound awesome.

>Lukas Alexander any other time

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Sucks for Tahril then.

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honestly, I'm pretty sure the banter was the difference between me deeming SS alright and me deeming SS godawful. it felt awkward starting a mission only to hear one token "hurr de durr we must win" from your commander.

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It's always about the banter. Dark Crusade would've been much less interesting without them dialogues.

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Because the voice actor was the terminator lord's voice.

>Totally missing the point.

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>"You come here to your doom, alien."
>"I've got a buzzing in my comms. Switching channels."
>O'kais' face

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Araghast is the very definition of what a chaos lord should be.

Shame what happened to him though.

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1:00 begins my favourite part.

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Yet, even if he lost (still not confirmed), Carron still achieved more than any of the previous 3 Chaos Lords did in their respective campaigns. And is apparently a lot smarter than he lets people believe.

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Someone's been trying to make a figure of Eliphas.

No helmet though...

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>Our enemies are taking cover inside their transports. We should remove said transports in order to deprive them of such an advantage.
I see no problems here.

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If the Alpha Legion is full of TACTICAL GENIUSES HURR, you'd think Carron would be capable of doing more than stating the obvious.

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>caste society
>implying they're any more free

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Insanity helps.

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Your every main character ever.

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They can voice disapproval and disagreement without getting a bullet in their heads, so I'd say they are a bit more free.

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>caste society

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Eliphas is used to drink refined souls (see the banther between Gorgutz and Eliphas in the chaos stronghold).

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I swear, we have exactly the same tastes.

The only difference is you have tits.

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So guys tell me if i got it right.

The Alpha legion are traitor loyalists and the blood ravens are loyalist traitors.

or was it the other way around

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Chemically brainwashed calls the psychologically indoctrinated a slave, right...

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Fun fact: Carron has metal boxes of his own in the Chaos stronghold.

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Carron: "METAL BOXES!"

Eliphas: *facepalm*

Quote off some guy on youtube. And very true.

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>Eliphas: *facepalm*

To hide the fact that he has no eyes.

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The Daemon Prince even kind of looks like he's laughing.

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It hardly justifies his retort, though we all know by 40K standards the Tau are hopelessly naive and soft.

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And Thus ends the tale of Eliphas.

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I still refuse to believe it's the real Eliphas in DoW 2

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>Of the dark ceremonies and horrible atrocities that the victorious soldiers of Chaos perpetrated there in the Sama District, it is not best to give a full account. Under the orders of Lord Carron himself, however, several particularly horrible examples were blasted into space, in a path that would surely be intercepted by an Imperial battlefleet.

Carron was here, he can't hear you over the sound of the False Emperor's bitch-slaves screaming in agony.

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You could deny it all you want.

But you can't change the fact that he's Eliphas and he is about to get violated by Abay.

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Oh lawd imagine that!

You've just left your lovely house to go to work for the day, when suddenly a mutilated, horrifyingly warped corpse plunges through the atmosphere unhurt (because lolChaos) and lands DIRECTLY IN YOUR DRIVEWAY.

You'd shit a million bricks.

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Oh, Eliphas. How I miss you so, your smooth moves were so much fun to enjoy when I tore you limb from limb.

Chaos Lord in soulstorm, whom I prefer not to be name is well rather.. pussywhipped. Considering how much he whimpers after I destroy those shrines.

And no Iron Lore, I do not like the Necron gimping at all. No sir. Also, you seemed to make every other projectile less effective too even for Tau, that people complain about being nerfed in Dark Crusade.

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Say what you want about Soul Storm but Iron Lore had it balanced the best (aircraft aside).

>captcha: Crass Crinsey
And thus a new name was given.

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>Get all of Eliphas' wargear


>Still fragile as shit, and isn't even close to the durability of the nercon lord and gets fucked over if Nightbringer is called forth

...There is something seriously wrong here.

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But Soul Storm gimped things in the worst way possible, it gave ridicilous advantage over to Tau, gimped Orks futher, totally buttfucked necrons, made guards Tau but with more zerg rushing flavour, SoB nearly unsable due to retarded faith point system and made Dark Eldar squishy as fuck, yet made Eldar strong as fuck and made dark reapers ridicilously strong.

Not to mention, camapign mode was far less fun to play with due to lack of special missions and mysteriously dissapearing bases that you lost all you went 30 minutes solid building

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Bale: "..If you fail me..
Sindri: "Yes, yes then my suffering will be great..

Speenless cultist: "H-how I have failed?"
Sindri: "You wers stupid enough to deliver bad news to Lord bale, and we can't tolerate stupidity.."

I love his sarcasm and cold-blooded behaviour..

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As a dominantly Guard/Ork player I thought it was fine, personally. The guard were rebalanced and that's all I really cared about.

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Then I wont lie to you, brOTHER, you've been lied to enough.......

He actually get's a bit worse if he goes to Demon Prince level I believe.

Check stats on relic wiki for confirmation.

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>yet made Eldar strong as fuck and made dark reapers ridicilously strong.
Dork Rapers weren't changed at all as far as I can see. And IIRC it was DC 1.2 that gave them the big buff. And Elfdar have always been strong (or at least they were in DC).

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So I'm relatively new to the 40k lore and I've heard people bitching about how inaccurate the DoW story lines are. How so exactly? And even if it is, is it even considered canon?

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They're all canon, the books aren't thank god since the games directly contradict them.

Its all a bit tricky, though, since the Alpha Legion were retconned and in the games they're really big in Chaos and not just fighting the Imperium as the guys that need it to die so Chaos can ultimately be defeated.

Read Legion.

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It's entirely possible - almost certain even - that some Alpha Legionnaires will have strayed from their original mission and ended up embracing the powers they were fighting to destroy, especially with the defeat of Horus. That and official fluff has always contained depictions of Chaos-worshipping Alpha Legion, even post-Legion (pic related).

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If nothing else, at least this ending was good.

Soulstorm's Space Marine Ending

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secrecy is a big thing in the alpha legion. most likely theres an inner circle that knows wtf they do in th 41st milenium.

everyone else is just standard chaos spacemarine.

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