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What is teh story behind this?

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Please dont take these items

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If I instead take the little girl who's holding the items, does it technically count as me taking the items?

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The wellspring's been blocked at it's source.

We're going to be like /b/ now. Just revisting old themes, forevermore. No more OC.

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That would be a great way to be a dick really, I like how you think

furries get out

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The fuck are you talking about?

This is about that fucking porn ban, isnt it?

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Porn ban my ass. What's happened goes way beyond that.

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Weren't around for RubyQuest, Noh, Xom games or Love Can Bloom? Then you don't know SHIT about /tg/.

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>the well-spring is blocked

"My apprentice, come here and look at this." The wizened voice of my master dragged me from studying the local flora of this strange lands. I didn't know why he brought me out here but I hoped that this would be it. I was tired of dirt, spiders, and twisted trees.

"Tell me, what do you see?" I looked past him to see just what had earned his fancy.

"A dirty pool. Master, can we go now?" In retrospect impatience wasn't the right response. The welt on my head from his oaked staff attested to my poor judgment.

"Look closer, apprentice!" I squinted as I kneeled down at the pool. It was hard to make out - and I had no idea how my nearly blind master could see i t- but there were images in the pool. Faces locked in time. Actions cycling. Alien vistas, new world.

"It is a pool of images. Oh!" I smiled as I looked back up at my master, "It's a muse pool, isn't it?"

"Yes, very good Apprentice. But why is it murky? Tell me, what is wrong with the pool?" I looked back and scanned the depths of the waters. It was hard to see past the clashing images and the dirt but at the bottom I could just make out what looked like a heart. Or maybe a stomach. It was some colorless fleshy mass that had rooted itself in the very bottom of the pool.

"It has... a tumor, master. A tumor?"

"Yes. A cancerous growth, my apprentice. A foul thing that sucks from it its ideas and its creativity to form this twisted forest around you. Come, we will return some day to burn this lump off. For now there is nothing we can do."

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Yeah, because all of them are forbidden under the new rules, totally.

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Ah, and see how the hateful bugger tries to remove debate.

This isn't a case of /tg/ as a whole wanting something. This is one faction happening to get into the mod chair. That's all from me.

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And then the mods banned writefags and everything was good again

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LCB wouldn't have made it through under the new management.

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>one faction bitching because things haven't gone their way

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Yes it would have. What's forbidden about it?

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>everything was good again

We want for nothing - our bellies are full and our heads covered. We laze in the eternal afternoon sun 'mongst the trimmed grass and beneath large trees. Each branch is designed for the most shade, each blade of grass bent to provide the most comfort.

It is paradise, I suppose. I have no job and I need not work. But I can not work. I am fed and I am kept healthy but I can not act. I am not allowed to sweat. They say the work is too much, the labor too hard, but I crave the satisfaction of a hard day's work.

There is no art here. No architecture. We don't even have buildings, no, they saw to it that we would not need shelter.

It is an empty paradise here. But how does one escape when one is made fat and slovenly?

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Indeed. The proper term there isn't "poetry"; it's either "prose" or just plain "literature".

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Prose poem up in this motherfucker.

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Okay, I got nothing here. Uhm, fuck, hold on. All right, here we go.

I'm not sure I understand how their society survives. Their entire world is nothing but an amalgam of things they have seen. Of course I suppose it's fitting when their makers birthed them as amalgams of whatever species they found. Many walk on two legs though are shaped likes beasts of four. Some are more 'feral', some are more civilized, all are parodies of wildlife.

They build houses upon houses with winding ramshackled stairs leading to the top, and each layer is a new civilization or time period. The fifties. The medieval elven architecture. Russian buildings circa 1855. I think I saw one wolf thing in a dwarven hovel down at the very bottom.

Their clothing never matches. It's all scraps and torn bits from real outfits. Even their technology is cobbled together from similar machines made by different peoples. A gun has clockwork components from the Steam Age but a barrel covered in Dwarven Runes with the rounded end of one of their blunderbusses. I saw a car designed with the Elven principles of wood only but pushed to the limits of Giant engineering.

It wasn't surprising when it exploded in the streets. The inhabitants didn't acknowledge it. Presumably such backfires are simply part of life.

There is nothing here to archive or preserve.

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What exactly are you saying? Porn was some kind of essential element to the running of /tg/? Fuck off and roll for your monster waifu elsewhere.

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>What exactly are you saying?

He groaned as his fingers spread across his face. This was going no where fast. He withdrew one hand to mash a question on the keyboard in front of him.

:Who are you?

-Alphabet Ingram ulterior conniving

Well, the alien AI he was tasked to communicate with was using English finally. Not properly but at least the damn thing was speaking a language he understood. The bout of German was frustrating and the even earlier cuneiform was just maddening. How did it know ancient Sumerian dialects but not fucking English?

:Are you Ingam?

-Ingram malady Sol the tricycle

He doubted it was actually called Ingram but that seemed a good enough name for the damnable thing. But what was that about a malady? Sol? Was it finally trying to say something?

:What malady? What's going to happen to sol?

-Ich telefonieren schwarz kaufen

"That's fucking it!" He cursed his luck as he swore to kill whoever fucking thought German was a good idea.

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Furries writin bout furries

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Already did furries. Gimme somethin' else.

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Well, obviously the furries would consider themselves the very best of all.

also, I dunno about the neighbors, but considering everything else living in a furry city sounds kinda cool.

Now...hm. Do that one sagefag who disapproves of everything.

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You should make it so gross people hate them

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>disapproves of everything

And through his hands passed all known worlds of our universe. Each stamped with the same stamp, each placed in the same folder.

Rejected. Detestable. Worthless. To be destroyed at earliest convenience.

As far as he was concerned the experiment had failed. His little workers carried from him stacks of orders to his soldiers. Elimination. No survivors.

All had been judged. All had been found wanting. The universe was to be bathed in flames and from its ashes he would start anew.

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So there we were, just fuckin' exhausted, standin' in front of the big bad whatever the hell he was. Mage said he was a lich or some shit. I don't know. Just looked like a fancily dressed skeleton to me.

Point being we were tired as all hell from spending hour 'pon hour fighting through a ridiculous fucking murder maze to get to this guy. And this was my first job with the pricks.

So we finally get through it, I'm aching, I just want to finish this up and collect the bounty on this skeleton's head. And the lich guy looks at us, waves his hands, and decides to waste my fucking time with some ridiculous speech about how awesome he is and how doomed we were.

Finally he says some shit like "Got any last words, heroes?" and I stop oggling the Cleric to see if anyone wants to give a big speech. The mage in our party, some sort of floating skull and to my understanding an 'arch lich' or whatever the fuck moves forward. I figure he's gonna give a big fancy speech to motivate us to kill the skeleton? I knew at that time I could use a second wind.

What does he say instead? Fucking skull, fucking flying skull says, "So you're a newfag, huh?"

Holy shit that made the skeleton mad.

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I think I still have some Noh fanart from back then.

Good times.

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Did I find the correct threads?

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