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Hey /tg/- Dark Heresy newfag here. I'm looking to roll up my first assassin for a game later this week- any recommendation on a good build, essential gear, or tips on how to play one?
I have the Inquisitor's Handbook and was thinking of choosing the Mortitat Reaper background package, but am still mulling my choices over.
Stories of awesome assassins seem sorely lacking in most DH threads, so if anyone has any stories they'd want to relate, that'd be great too.
(Pic semi related)

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Get a long range weapon. When I was DMing, I once had an Assassin with a rifle sit back in a building and pick off thugs that were attacking the rest of the party. And because of the position of this building, whenever I sent a group of thugs at him, he was able to pick them off as they came up an open hill.

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Was that just random placing, or did you or your player plan for that to happen?

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Semi-random. They were in a Chapel in a small village when chaos terrorists attacked. The chapel was in the center of the town and on a hill. Due to the small size of the town and several talents, the gun could reach nearly anywhere with relatively good accuracy. And since the chapel was what the chaos terrorists wanted t blow up, he stayed back while the rest of the party charged foreword.
I had this all outlined before character creation.

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Meh, anything an assassin does a scum or guardsman does just as good.
Really with the exception of one or two concepts the class really brings nothing to the table.

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Really- you managed to plan something out for your players and have it happen?
And your players didn't screw up the plot or get sidetracked? Color me surprised.

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Well it was our first game for one... and fore two I'm really the only one in the group who is familiar with the 40K fluff, so I can pull crap out of my ass and no one will be the wiser.
Two of my players played DoW and the expansions, and one of those guys has a 1400 point Tau army (because he bought 2 700 point starter packs) Another guy has one squad of Eldar warriors, but he hasn't got the codex yet. That's as familiar as any of them are with 40K. And there are 5 of them.

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I've been thinking about GM'ing a game of Dark Heresy for some friends, but most of the are Warhammer Forty K virgins. I mean, like, never even heard of the setting.
Do you think they still might be interested in GRIM DARK GRIMDARKNESS

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Mine were. They've heard me talking about it, and one or two of them come here on rare occasions (for D&D)
I managed to talk them into it. And if you DO go that route, I might suggest starting off with a few pre-made adventures (like the one in the back of the book) until everyone it comfortable with the setting.
Unless you're confident in yourself enough to make your own adventure.

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>> I have the Inquisitor's Handbook and was thinking of choosing the Mortitat Reaper background package, but am still mulling my choices over.

>Mortitat Reaper

Please don't do it. It's broken as fuck, like the moritat career later in the book. No DM should allow that for a PC.

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Why? It doesn't seem that bad to me. I mean, yeah, bringing a knife to a gun fight is kind of ridiculous, but this is Dark Heresy.

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I don't know, the pre-made adventures seem kind of bland.
Not exactly sure if my own ideas are any better, but...

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>Not Vindicare

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The one on the back of the book is just to get people started. I took a lot out of it when I was creating my own adventure. You can also add or take out as much as you like from the premades.
With another group I ran straight premades and they enjoyed it.

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>Assassin without vindicare in front

Hahaha... oh wow...

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I can't find Vindicare in my books- where is it?

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Assassin is fine. Compared to guardsman, it's killier but not as ded 'ard. Compared to Scum, it's killier but not as smoove.

Granted, both of those can get most of the kill talents assassins get. But assassin gets them earlier, or doesn't have to give up a useful tree to get them (a fite-scum can be almost as killy as an assassin, but gives up the delicious +20 deceive and peer talents of the talky-scum.)

You'll have few enough skills and talents to worry about maxing that you can probably pick melee or sniping and still dabble in the other field. Hell, you don't really need anything for sniping but an accurate basic weapon. A red-dot, mighty shot, and all that jazz helps, but the tactic functions without them. You can start sniping at rank one, just need a decent BS.

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It's an Ascension-level path for shooty types.

Which makes people's complaints that it's OP a little silly. It's an Ascension-level career focused entirely on shootin' folk, it's gonna be damn good at shootin' folk. Pretty much every other Ascension career dabbles in social abilities, as at that level you're commanding acolyte teams and Stormtrooper killsquads and pushing Planetary Governors around. The Vindy may be the best at shootin' folk, but he can't do anything but sneak and combat, and will effectively be a servant of the other PCs, because they're the ones who plan missions and issue orders.

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Wow, an actual discussion in a thread that really just started as a flimsy premise for posting a picture.
/tg/ I AM PROUD!

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Not that hard- OP's topic seemed fairly straight.
Also, if the collector is watching this thread-
another LCB pic was posted

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Oh, just found another one.

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Not trying to hijack your thread OP, I just figured this would be a good place to ask.
I am also a DH virgin and will also be playing in a game later this week.
I rolled up a tech-priest.
Any essential starting gear or talents that I will need?

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As a Techpriest you are the most... Versatile at this point.
You can either op for more combat efficiency or Tech-Use.

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I decided to go with the Sollex background but I plan on being equal parts shooty and techy. Is this a viable future for me or will I be forced to specialize in one of the aforementioned?

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You wont; be as strong as if you specialized, but you'll be able to hold your own.

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Is there any gear or are there any talents that I should think about?
Is autosanguine as good as it sounds?

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Save up for Mechatendrites. It adds to the character AND they're useful.
And I forget what autosanguine does.

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I was thinking of running a Dark Heresy campaign based on the Disney movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," with Frollo as an the groups Inquisitor- everybody in my group knows it, and I thought it would be a good way to provide a frame of reference. Any campaign modules you think I could adapt it for?

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Um... None come to mind.
Sorry, but have this picture.

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But why is Gastonne from Beauty and the Beast part of the group?

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I plan on that.
I just wish that I were a drawfag so that I could flesh out my character in ink rather that only in my mind's eye.
Delicious servo-skulls.

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I seem to be sensing some sort of theme here

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Because Gaston is awesome.

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Why the fuck is he rhyming so much?

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Have you never seen the movie?

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Not actually a warhammer guy, but I love those comics.

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It's a scene from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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and it appears this is the last of the Disney 40K.

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rogue trader or dark heresy which would you rather play given the chance (I own every book for both systems)

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Dark Heresy
Dose Inquisitors man

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Because he IS a Radical Inquisitor, to the marrow.

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So, about that Assassin build, you guys?

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is that a bulge I see on her? the one with the horns?

like, is she from /d/?

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Aye, it 'tis. That be Slaanesh playing the part of a transvestite after all. I'd be surprised if there -wasn't- a bulge.

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Oh, you're new... SAVE YOURSELF!

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Slaanesh is the Chaos God of pleasure, excess, decadence, and generally fucking everything that moves. Slaanesh has a penis, a vagina, tentacles, ovipositors, pollen-bearing stamen, and an anus that could suck the moon through a drinking straw.

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I don't think so Tim.

Slaanesh is a hermaphrodite.

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More like an omnidite since it's got every single type of reproductive organ, plus a few it invented itself.

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Yes, but IN THAT PICTURE, he/she/it is PORTRAYING the Character Dr. Frank N. Furter, from Rocky Horror Picture show. Who is a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvania.
Kids these days know nothing about classic movies it seems.

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I don't know how many times I've seen parties load up on guns, ammo, and armor, only to realize THAT THE FUCKING SUN SETS AND DARK HAPPENS.

Keep in mind, lamp packs are multiple lights that can be split up and stuck to guns and armor, a-la aliens, as well.

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>Disney 40K

Where is my Slaneesh Ursula? That huge wad of tentacles with tits is Slaneesh incarnate, fuck just listen to her "Poor, Unfortunate souls"

"This one wants to be thin, this wants to get the girl and do I help them?"


"Yes I do."

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I could totally hear Jafar shouting:


This, and many other stories told by our favoured camel merchan, Crazy Hassan currently at Tallarn.

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That character does not have tits, your argument is invalid.

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What really scares me, that older grimdark disney movies even less grimdarks really has villians that fit to 40K.


Ogryn of the Notre-Dame?

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What? Slaneesh is portraying Frank N. Furter!
Have you not seen the movie? Do you not know what words mean?

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Sanctioned mutant of Notre Dame, really.
The build is right there in the radical handbook!

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I would've pegged him as a puritan

>> No.12190335

If Esmeralda had have excepted his advances and been with him, he would have left the Gypsies alone. He also sheltered a Mutant. Sounds kinda Radical to me.

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A Puritan who fell to the temptations of Slaanesh, hard and fast.

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>What? Slaneesh is portraying Frank N. Furter!
>Have you not seen the movie? Do you not know what words mean?
The one not understanding what is being said is you, how daft are you?

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Tempation towards non-chaos related heresy, like lust towards Eldar Harlequin, namely for the head of the troupe during the day of the festivals.

As such, he can be loyal to the emperor by faith, but vastly radical for harboring a mutant and keeping the local Ecclesiarchy under his bootheel.

It fits like bread to butter.

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Fits to event of Horus Heresy, its not disney related but GOD DAMN.

Betrayal, hate, virus bombings and blessings that chaos gods sent afterwards.

Change some lyrics and we have some serious campaign fodder here.

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Goddamit, why does everything Disney do translate so well into warhammer forty k?

I mean, take Dr. Facialler from The princess and the Frog- the guy is a perfect example of a tzneetchian sorcerer- pacts of power, transformation, etc.
No need to change anything.

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Well, because it would make awesome theme and add more dramatic feel to the Horus heresy namely events of Istvaan, where all of the chaos gods manifested.

Nurgle sent down the famine, disease and pests upon the general populace.
Slaneesh butchered the newborn to cause great sorrow, the days of darkness to inspire fear.
Tzeentch sent down hail of fire and ice
Khrone send the plague of blood

All this to make the point that Chaos is superior to Emperor's might.

And considering the fact that traitors had sense of brotherhood, those who tried to turn their loyal brothers to chaos without violence.

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Because, if it has grimdark. It fits to 40K and you don't have to think about the details and fits "as is", even better.

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No moar, i'm afraid

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Will do, on-topic anon

(srsly, this thread is still here?)

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Because, well. Good threads deserve to live? That, and old disney had plenty grimdark material to be converted 40K with little difficulty.

Fuck, you could turn The Black Cauldron into a C'tan plotline, if only Dark Heresy had necrons listed..

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The 25th anniversary edition of BC just came out. Oddly enough, we have it under DRAMA, not CHILDRENS' at work.

>> No.12190861

how'd you figure?
(And would necrons result in THE METAL LIVES: EVERYBODY DIES kind of scenario?)

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What's the black cauldron?

>> No.12191022


Coming one the C'tan, namely the black cauldron or dormant Doomsday Monolith in this case and soulforge that requires certain Pariah gene carrying individual to be sacrificed, for it to be activated. If done so, all hell will break loose.

Before that, Necron warriors crawl up from the sands, the pits and wherever they were struck down previously or when Doomsday monolith went dormant. Before their activation, the necrons have avid cult of traitor AdMechs surrounding and trying to get the monolith active.

"If they get the monolith activated, EVERYONE here is dead" sort of plot,

>> No.12191032

Get the fuck out.

>> No.12191049


One of the most scariest bits Disney ever produced, it was cut to all hell since it was reeking with scary themes and implied, yet effective violence.

In short, there is this artifact the black cauldron which is searche by the horned king. This cauldron is capable of spawning infinite number of undead warriors and raising those that died from the grave, cauldron is however inert and requires sacrifice to be activated and willing soul to deactivate it again.

Horned King is somewhat similiar to your average necron lord; he doesn't take shit or incompotence from anybody.

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I like this thread.

>> No.12191293


Its such a pity that Disney never recovered the original, uncut version of Black Cauldron.

>> No.12191311


Which was itself actually based on the book series The Chronicles of Prydain. The Black Cauldron was based on the book of the same name, the second book in The Chronicles of Prydain.

If you haven't read it, I recommend reading the series. It's quite good, in my opinion.

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>Children's books
>Contains sacrifice, violence and blood

They really should redo the rating system, other than that I ought toread though the books for sure.

I always wondered which story this was based off as they didn't give the title in the credits.

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And deathless warriors 'n' shit, don't forget that. The Cauldron-Born are basically dead dudes brought back to life as invincible undead soldiers via the Black Cauldron.

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Wasn't Cauldron Born a Mech in Battletech as well?

>> No.12191707


Dunno, never played Battletech.

>> No.12191713

I've only played the MechWarrior games myself.

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In a futuristic campaign, the party dubbed their engineering unit The Black Cauldrons, complete with the motto "Scrap crawls in, Death strides out". They built some of the most devious and nasty gear the system had ever seen.

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