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Yesterday I came the the startling realization that, despite having been around for the last 4 or 5 years and reading the story, I did not have a Love Can Bloom/Macha/Lofn (though I didn't really like the Lofn stories too much and was around when they started cropping up) Collection.
I had a few pictures here and there, but not a dedicated collection. I seek to rectify this.
I acquired the pictures on all the related 1d4chan articles, but I know from personal observation there there are indeed more. I ask that any who can, please share these other pictures.

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Inb4 shitting hentai girls

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In before shitting hentai girls and the mod not locking the thread because he only shuts down porn that /tg/ likes.

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WHY do we have someone dumping their library of shitting hentai girls on /tg/?

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Sorry brah- everything I have, I got from 1d4chan too.
Bumping 'cause I loved LCB

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You'll probably draw that guy to this thread by mentioning it.
But whatever, I'm on a mission here.

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I'm sorry, Magpie King. This really isn't the best time to ask, as you can see.

Whoever gets really mad about shit is doing that "spam the board with the topic of irritation" thing again.

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In after whiny tripfags.

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I'm really concerned about the anatomy in the pictures he's posting.

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Or rather the mod doesn't delete the shitting hentai pics. But instead just deletes any LCB material.

Because the mod's a prick that way.

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I think some random lurker of /tg/ decided to enlist some /d/enizens to shitpost everywhere.

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Any ESPECIAL reason for this latest protest of the "tyrannical" mods?

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No. In my travels I've found the citizens of /d/ to be surprisingly polite and nice. I doubt it's one then just one guy.
On an attempt to protest the mods deleting porn on the boards.
It wouldn't be the first time I've had to deal with this sort of thing.

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He probably finally got past NetNanny, and he's showing /tg/ what a bad ass he is?

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Some guy who loved the kiddies of summer and there porn spam.

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This would be my guess.

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>implying /d/ could ever work together to accomplish something

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Are you sacerficing your thread to have a good western art porn thread?
I mean you can always start the topic up once ths whole mess is done with.

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As I believed.
I know this won't matter to you, but I would like to formally and polity ask you to stop posting in this thread. And if it isn't too much trouble could you please delete your posts here?
Again, I don't really expect much from this plea, but it never hurts to ask.

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whats netnanny?

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This isn't /d/, even /d/ hates scat.

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Hail Collector!
As it happens I'm working on collating my LCB stuff right now.
Assuming it gets finished, I'll see about compressing and hosting it somewhere as a TY gesture.

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thanks, i'd appreciate it. I lost all my pictures a year or so back and i'm just now realizing how much quality shit I lost. Most of it was just porn, but there was shit like LCB and drawfaggery on there that i'll never get back.

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I thank you for that. Sifting through .zip files and separating the new stuff is almost as fun as when these threads go off without a hitch.
While my LCB/Macha folder DOES have a NSFW sub-folder I think I'll stay low key for now, in chase the mods/janitors do eventually show up.

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Holy shit, where the Hell did I put the Titan's Playground pic? I HAVE FAILED MYSELF FOR THE LAST TIME

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AHA! At least one new one!

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Bionic Commando: ReArmed has a badass motherfucking soundtrack.

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I remember saving this one, years ago... I laughed for ten minutes straight.

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Since a kind anon seems to have Taldeer and LIVII down, I think I'll start posting some Macha.

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I'm done.

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This was 4 or 5 years ago mind you. I was still in high school back then and an underage B&. Long before I started collecting.
Also I wish to point out that Macha is totally holding this popsicle wrong.

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Damn. Well I thank you for your contributions.

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I remember this writefaggotry. It was awesome. Too bad it got the writefag banned. This was a few years ago if memory serves.

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Here you go, Collector

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No, I didn't get banned.


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*grumble grumble*
Bloody hell.
I'm sure I had more then I've found.
Well, it'll have to do...
Lessee here, internet hosting....
*grumble grumble*

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/co/ drafag... I believe I recognize this style.
Psudonym if I haven't missed my guess.
She's currently doing a bi-weekly comic for Escapist Magazine's website.

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Oh you weren't? You disappeared after a while.
I know the posters in your threads were... unruly at times, but I thank you for the story.
I'm a fan of Megaupload, personally.

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Oh wow, really?!
Good for her! I hope she goes far with her work. She's got a lot of talent, and has been a true friend and /co/mrade for many projects.

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Mm, right.
Trying mediafire.
Hope that works...

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I just hate everything, don't worry about it.

Now I must go and fuck up and procrastinate other /tg/ related writings until they're dead and forgotten and it would be inappropriate to resurrect them! TO THE STEAM LIBRARY!

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I knwo this one is only tangibly related to the main topic of this collection, but I feel it's inclusion is necessary for posterity. And I like it.

Indeed. If you give me e moment I can give you a link if you would like.
Why thank you kindly.

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Nae prob!
Happy to repay a little. =]
Even on/to the Intarweebs.

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That'd be great!

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Same disclaimer as last picture.

Hmmm... I'm not familiar with .ace files. How do I open it?
Well as long as I'm around, many things will never be forgotten.

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It'll be a moment.

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Ehm...I missed something.

What's this writefaggotry? I thought that was just a one off picture?

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There you are. The missing strip is do to Psudonym not making a deadline.
Nope. One of the Chaos Champions (I'm ashamed to forget which one but I think it may have maybe been Addadon maybe) was punished by chaos to run a gaming store for all eternity.
Noh maned the counter.

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I should really move this one to the Lofn sub-folder...

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ah, fuck.
Uh, WinAce. they've got a free trial, IIRC.

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Link to fic?

>> No.12179119

After checking out the site... it warns about virus emails that appear to be coming from them. I'm... hesitant.
I still thank you for the file, and I do not mean to be offensive.

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Ah, no no.
I'm just disappointed the endeavor flopped.
I'll manually post'em here instead.
Trying to exclude things already seen in this thread.

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This is the thing about LCB:

Say what you will about it, Miko knows to fucking draw, and draw some tasteful, restrained things.

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Without doubt.

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Try 7zip. It's free and easy to use. While I'm not a LINUX user, I do use as much Open Source software as I can.
Alas, I knwo not if it was archived. I don't even remember the 'official' name. Just the story itself.

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so yeah, got my own thread to dump in.
Just as planned. =D

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lazy bum


Continuation of "Speech Therapy" if you want to search in the full archive.

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My favorite picture.

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AAAH... even with the shaky start this thread has been worth it. So much new content.
Well, new to me.
I'm watching that one as well. But I'll keep my picture dumping to this thread if that's alright.

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And that's about it, barring some of Chink's NSFW stuff.
I know, _KNOW_ I saw more and not long ago, but bugger me I just can't remember where.

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I have plenty more.
Strange... most of my '34 isn't Chink's.

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ACK! My aching back. I hope this new mattress helps with that.

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Nah, it's wise.
I was just 50% trolling there, for the laughs.

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Hello Commissar.

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Or 'lulz' as the kids say these days. (He said with a completely straight face despite being a mere 21 himself)

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Hey Foron how did that job interview thingy go?

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Heh, indeed.

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Hmmm... yes I suppose 2:30 AM is technically morning.

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>jamout author
While I am jamming captcha, I am no author.

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And I'm tapped, for real at last.

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Once more I tip my hat to you. About 3/4 through the LCB/Macha section. Only posted a few of the , much smaller, Lofn section. Debating on the NSFW section, will probably not post that.

>> No.12179337

Honor's been all mine, mate.
Glad to help out.
Keep on keeping on.

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I plan to.

>> No.12179356


Well, guess it's for the best, seeing as how there this porn thread business going on

>> No.12179362


Not gone yet, but i will have to go soon so i dont miss it.

>> No.12179364

I concur. However the next time I give out some .zip files it will be included.

>> No.12179374

I forget what country you live in. Opposite side of the world from me if it's still daytime.

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>> No.12179398

I'll probably drop a .zip when I'm done posting.

>> No.12179406


Its now 9:33 for me.

Go england!

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You'd think i would remember that by now...

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Maybe, well im off to have a shower and a shave.

Have fun.

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Well good luck.
I'll keep an eye out for the pic of that one trap you where flirting with.

>> No.12179446

good luck.

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>> No.12179468

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Let's try this again...

>> No.12179492

Hello Russ! Been a while.
Which character is that? I want to make sure to put it in the correct folder.

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>> No.12179508

Oh hey, finally.

That is has, sir. It's supposed to be Lofn, though I could very well be wrong.

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Problems Russ?

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Moved into a new apartment 2 weeks ago. Still don't have internet and I'm not quite sure of the reason, but the building doesn't have the infrastructure for it.

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>> No.12179567

Sorry to hear that. Is it at least a nice apartment?

>> No.12179575

It is!

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>> No.12179587

Well that's good. On your own or with roomies/significant other?

>> No.12179601

Now moving onto Lofn.

>> No.12179605


By the way, one of you had better post that 7zip file!

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>> No.12179614

Do you want it RIGHT THIS INSTANT, or after I'm done posting? Because I'll need a minute to throw it up on Megaupload.

>> No.12179624

Rooming with my brother.

What file?

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Isn't this Flatseer Idranel from Derp of War: II?

>> No.12179649

And holy crap I need to be in class in 2 hours, so I'm gonna take my leave. Take care man.

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>> No.12179656

See ya

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I love that picture. I know this is not what this thread is for, but do you have anymore like that?

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>> No.12179679

Missed the quote there.

>> No.12179681


Here's the .zip you wanted.
Now the Comm folder is an older collection of mien that, due to over 50% of it being LCB related, I threw in at the last moment. Further sorting will occur later.

>> No.12179691

A few here and there.

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>> No.12179708

>> No.12179713

Oh Culesus. It may be Weaboo shitshribble, but I enjoy your work immensely.

>> No.12179722

And that first S is meant to be an X.

>> No.12179726

'Mommy and Daddy are Extra Heretics'

God I love that.

captcha: cannot whliter
No captcha, No I can't.

>> No.12179728

And it appears that, barring the NSFW stuff, I'm out as well.
I don't really feel comfortable posting the 'Comm' stuff until I get it properly sorted, to be honest.

>> No.12179732

im surprised i didnt see a tau try and help... ya know for the greater good

>> No.12179739

Omnom Callidus and Surprisingly-Friendly Culexus are extra-hilarious.

>> No.12179752

Speaking of which I think i'll do that now.

>> No.12179753

Great image dump, thanks guys! Lots of stuff I didn't have. Who exactly is Mr. Culexus?

>> No.12179754

Oh Inever realized that the Surprisingly-Friendly Culexus is acting as the memory for him after he got wiped.

>> No.12179825

The creator of much good drawfagging


>> No.12179829

Well that didn't take NEARLY as long as I thought it would! I think I'll continue then.
Local Drawfag. Was the first to Draw Cultist.

>> No.12179834

>> No.12179843

So, for reasons I'm not sure about, about half these guys are... wrong, in my folder.
Let me explain.
Normally, when viewed under the "Thumbnail" option it's simply a small version of the picture, right? Well about half of these have the wrong thumbnail. I have no idea why.

>> No.12179847

>> No.12179849

But when I post them it's the correct thumbnail.
Strange, isn't it?

>> No.12179852


>> No.12179853

>> No.12179860

Like I said, strange.

>> No.12179862

I request more eversor madness! I need moar!

>> No.12179865

There's a few more.

>> No.12179871

Here, have some templates.

>> No.12179874

And another.

Hmm... it appears the crapping hentai is gone. Good.

>> No.12179875

And back to these guys.

>> No.12179881

Weren't there some with the dreadnaught? I recall those being the funniest.

>> No.12179890

Indeed. While some of them were separated into another file (AFTER I posted the .zip) There are still a few in the LCB Comm folder.

>> No.12179892

You guys missed out on LCB's ending, I see. I can't believe it hasn't been posted.

Here's the associated pic.

>> No.12179896

Bloomtime will come... eventually when hell freezes.

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>> No.12179910

>> No.12179915

>> No.12179917

>> No.12179926

>> No.12179931

Wow, 4AM already?

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>> No.12179950

>> No.12179952

>> No.12179958

About 10 more.

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>> No.12179967

>> No.12179981

>> No.12179995

>> No.12180000


>> No.12180001

>> No.12180006

>> No.12180010

>> No.12180017

And NOW I've posted everything.
How you guys enjoyed it.

>> No.12180020

Wow... I was at it for a little over three hours. Damn.

>> No.12180038

I still want Eversor Ensanity(tm)
but now with Dreadnought Dreams(tm)

>> No.12180039


And we appreciate your effort!

>> No.12180040


>> No.12180041


Archive? We need a repository like this.

>> No.12180049

Well >>12179681 has a .zip file with everything in this thread.

>> No.12180051

You're welcome. I enjoy doing it.
Most of it seems to be in the other Comm folder. Which I didn't separate until after posting the .zip

>> No.12180055

I have no idea why, but whenever I read anything The Collector posts, I read it in GLADoS's voice...

>> No.12180058

Well I believe that it's time for bed. 4:20 AM after all.
Good night.

>> No.12180066

GLADoS? That's... kinda cool.
But, um... I'm a dude.

>> No.12180070

I must contribute this one thing.

>> No.12180079



>> No.12180085

Fair enough.
Alright, to bed for real this time.

>> No.12180091

GAH! Now I am too!

>> No.12180141



>> No.12181981


>> No.12181989

Hmm- I think I have one or two more pics that haven't been posted yet.
Hod on, lemme see

>> No.12182539

Six hour gap there.

>> No.12183136

>This thread.

>> No.12183285

I found another image of LIIVI and Taldeer that the Collector didn't post, but the image limit has been reached-
Should I make a new thread?

>> No.12183327

I don't know if it merits an entire new thread, man.
Can't you just upload it somewhere and wait to see if the collector comes back?

>> No.12183333

He never leaves.

>> No.12183380

Start a new thread about whatever topic, and just use the picture at some point.

>> No.12183401

Alright- I'll put the pic up on FileSmelt and post the link.
Does that sound good?

>> No.12183422

Better idea!
Have any recommendations?

>> No.12183439

If you play 40K, then an Eldar Thread or Imperial Guard thread, depending on the contents of the picture in question.

>> No.12183479

It's a picture of Taldeer getting dressed while LIIVI snoozes, mumbling "One shot is all I need,"
So, maybe a DH thread about Assassins?

>> No.12183532

Go for it.

>> No.12183538

Thanks man!

>> No.12183588

aaand thread linked here:

>> No.12183649

and just because I'm a nervous nellie:
Filesmelt link-

>> No.12184645


>> No.12184701

This is still here? Dayumn.

>> No.12184912

I was surprised too. Once Collector went to bed I figured the thread would die.

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