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Tell me about your L5R characters /tg/. (Either ones you played or plan on playing).

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My most recent one is a Scorpion-turned-monk. He might not be the nicest or most honorable man, but he looks out for his own.

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Of the ones I have on the shelf for later 4e play...

My Lion bushi, Akodo Takumi, is your typical Lion officer-in-training. Tends to obsessively inspect his weapons and gear before sleeping. Very calm, very cool about most things, but has something of a dry wit that you don't see from Lion too terribly often. ...May or may not become the setting's next Oda Nobunaga if I can help it.

Shiba Yoshinori is a dedicated Phoenix yojimbo, who would not rather be anywhere else but doing his duty...mostly because his home life is pure, utter shit. He has a bad marriage to a bitchy wife, and this has left him a sharp-tongued sarcastic bastard whose favorite gesture is palm firmly on face.

Lastly, there's Daidoji Kagetora. Kagetora is...soooomething of a psychopath. Sort of. He looks it, at least--he has a creepy slasher's smile and rape stare that freaks out everybody who looks at him. He has a burning hatred of the Unicorn Clan, due to a Moto slaying his sister. So any Unicorn that come across a Crane bushi with a psychotic eye gleam and a huge fuck-off bisento are probably in a lot of trouble.

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>>He looks it, at least--he has a creepy slasher's smile and rape stare that freaks out everybody who looks at him. He has a burning hatred of the Unicorn Clan, due to a Moto slaying his sister. So any Unicorn that come across a Crane bushi with a psychotic eye gleam and a huge fuck-off bisento are probably in a lot of trouble.



You're doing it wrong.

Captcha: edioned husband. Yes indeed, captcha, yes indeed.

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Has anyone here played an L5R character that went against clan/family stereotypes?

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In 3e i had a mirumoto that was more like a mantis or scorpion and had the perceived honor/crafty perk and the dark secret flaw of being from a yakuza.

the more i think about it, it was kinda dumb but so easy to pull off as no-one expects the stoic dragon to be using more underhanded shit than the scorpion

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I plan on rolling a Doji (with one Unicorn parent) who has a fascination with all things Gaijin, and is desperate to keep this secret from the rest of his clan.

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He's a Daidoji. Your argument is invalid, because the Daidoji are fucking hardcore.

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Jiang Tian, peasant of the Lion Clan. He recently got conscripted for the summer wars. His most noteable achievements thus far are a legendary thatch roof and tackling a Crane General from hi.. well apparently her, horse. He didn't really help in the fight much after that, but you can't blame a peasant for trying!

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I had an Asahina who wished he was a bushi once. Needless to say his family didn't particularly hold him in high regard.

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I've always wanted to do an all peasant campaign.

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Just uh, remember that the game is already lethal for the guys with a lifetime of military training, good weapons, and good armor.

Now you are a peasant with none of that. You might have some experience ina brawl or conscription. You might have some old weapon handed down through generations, but it better not be a katana. And your armor is probably shit if existent at all. But that okay, because you can grow the rice. And that makes you badass.

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I posted a copy of a suggested chargen option for people who want to play peasant ashigaru or budoka in another thread, I'll repost it here:

Use True Ronin chargen, Option 1, with the following changes:

Trait/Skill cap for chargen is 3 instead of 4.
Replace "Daisho" in outfit with "Any one non-Samurai weapon".
Remove "Light Armor" option, may only start with Ashigaru Armor.
Social Disadvantage: Ronin becomes Social Disadvantage: Peasant, but is otherwise exactly the same.

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Pg 90 3e book. "Playing peasants or other non-samurai characters is another mater altogether. Such individuals, typically from the heimine, hinin, or eta social classes, are not accepted in samurai society, and are generally regarded as lesser beings. Non-samurai are not permitted to wield traditional weapons of war [save for certain designated groups, such as ashigaru or budoka], and do not have access to schools such as samurai do.
Ashigaru are peasants trained in basic elements of combat. their usual weapon is the spear, but other polearms re not uncommon. Ashigaru legions are still mainained during times of peace, and often supplement samurai guards and sentries in large cities or towns.
Budoka are individual ashigaru of extraordinary ability that have caught the eye of a samurai. a samurai my choose to train a budoka as part of his duties to his lord, ensuring that one or more trained warriors stands between his daimyo and any threat that may present itself. Budoka are permitted to use a variety of weapons, but the daisho is stricly forbidden on pain of death, both that of the budoka and of his sensei.
Peasants do not belong to a family or school, but gain no additional character points for it. they may spend characcter points to purchase additional ranks in Traits, Skills, or Advantages as normal.

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Yeah it was pretty much based off of this, except this time you do get the bonus XP just for fairness.

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Haven't played in years. Last character was a Crab Clan Bushi, Hida Yoshikaji, with a chip on his shoulder. Widowed after an oni breached his wall section and killed his wife (a fellow Bushi), he served on the wall until he reached the age of 53. He spent two years teaching at the Crab Bushi school. Officially retired, and still very bitter, he requested and received permission to go on a 'religious pilgrimage'. In truth, he is wandering the lands of Rokugan, trying to decide if the empire he gave everything to protect was worth his sacrifices. He carried his armor in a sack, along with other supplies. He kept his katana in his sack, and used his prefered weapon, a tetsubo carved from the femur of the demon who killed his wife banded with iron and studded with jade studs, as a walking stick, keeping it wrapped in cloth most of the time, so it looked like just a heavy staff.

He walked with a pronounced limp, was missing his left ring finger, and had gone completely bald. He looked very much like a vagabond, and didn't shy away from 'picking fights' by refusing to step aside for Lion Clan bushi and others who thought he should grovel in front of them. He avoided courts and noble functions for the most part, and preferred to spend his tie with peasants.

Ahh, omories.

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*memories. Dammit I have to get this keyboard fixed.

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We haven't played yet as I'm still trying to completely convince my group to branch out into other RPGs, but I have a character planned out. I'm not very good at making characters interesting as I have less than a year's worth of experience with tabletop RPGs and even less experience/understand when it comes to the setting, but I'm trying.

I haven't decided her clan or school or anything yet, but I plan on playing a female samurai named Aiko, and since the day of her birth she had been set up to be wed to a somewhat respectable lord's son to build relations between the two families and solidify an alliance between the houses.

Growing up, she was taught the ways and arts of the samurai both as the daughter of a samurai, and to instill a sense of honor and duty into her to perform adequately as a wife, learning both to manage a household and manage on her own in the event that her husband were to ever die.

When the day finally came, however, the stress of sixteen years of waiting and doubts concerning herself and her new life overcame her will and she broke down, fleeing from the scene and dishonoring herself and her family immensely in the process. When she finally recovered and realized what she had done and the ramifications of it, rather than committing seppuku as "the easy way out", she took up the mantle of a self exiled Ronin until she found a way to prove her worth and regain her honor, either in the public's eyes or her own.

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She keeps her hair in a ponytail to symbolize that she is unmarried and wears no armor except on her right arm, her sword arm, to represent protection against whatever hardships life throws her way, protecting her strength and will to fight.

The sleeve of her kimono on the opposite side has been completely ripped off, leaving her arm bare on the left side, the side closest to her heart, to represent a willingness and openness to whatever approaches on the side of peace with honest, heartful intentions or good will. She also wears her kimono right over left, symbolizing she is "dead" until she manages to redeem herself.

And that's about it, yeah. Somewhat proud of what I've managed to scratch together in about fifteen minutes of brainstorming, but I also know I am FUCKING HORRIBLE at this so in before people gettin mad at the new kid

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>She also wears her kimono right over left, symbolizing she is "dead" until she manages to redeem herself.

You know this isn't, like, just a faux pas, its flat out blasphemy.

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Saburo a Hida Crab.

An Eemerald magistrate and third son of parents with small holdings in crab territory.

He was chosen for his position because he has a rather laid back temperament and really doesn't get riled up about much of anything. He is silently displeased with his job, he would prefer to rotate between service on the Wall and his parents' holdings. He spends most of his time working with a small group of fellow emerald magistrates that includes a crane, a lion, and a pair of dragon siblings. The Dragons confuse him, the crane irritates him, and he gets along tolerably with the lion but wishes she wasn't so, well, lionish.

He has recently found out that he has been betrothed to a Scorpion woman and is rather displeased with this. He has a negative view on the Scorpion clan based on their reputation and this has been solidified by some of his encounters with scorpions as an emerald magistrate. He believes that his new marriage may be have been orchestrated by a Scorpion who he has previously crossed paths with as either a way to assassinate him or to somehow seize his family's holding.

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Actually, that gives me an idea for a character. A dragon monk based on Kosh from Babylon Five. Always asks the same question, never accepts anyone's answer, dismissing it as misguided. And always with a random three to five word statement that makes no sense until the listener finds an arbitrary context that makes it make sense to them.

I can see it:
Kitsuki Kosh: "Who are you?"
Lion Bushi: "I am [pretentious name]! "
KK: "That is your name. A label. Not you. Who are You?"
--twenty minutes of trolling later--
LB: ".... I... I don't know. I don't know who I am."
KK: "And now, you may seek."

Getting high-and-mighties to admit ignorance in front of their rivals and peers. Master-trolling in the middle of court. Brilliant.

"Once the avalanche has started, the pebbles have no time to argue."

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Don't forget that Kosh's most important resource was diplomatic immunity from getting punched in his smug voice-sphincter.

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Fuck no. That sounds annoying as fuck. Instead roll up a courtier based on Vir. The pre-diabetes version.

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If I did, it would be post-manning-up. When he freed the narn, or locked the bigot centauri statesman in a room with a bunch of angry narn, and one with the key. Or when he flipped out and trashed that discriminating vendor's stall with a sword. That, I could do.

But Kosh is just so fun. Might make him a Shugenja instead. Just as trollworthy.

Don't forget secretly having massive personal power. Even if they could hurt his encounter suit, he was an Ancient.

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I was once quizzed by the head monk of daikoku's temple in ryoko owari on which was more important, honor, duty, or enlightenment? I gave a well thought out answer on how they were all equally important. The fucker smiled and nodded the whole time while pickpocketing my goddamn donation to the temple AND what was left of my own stipend. FFFFFFFFFFUUUU

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Why not play Vir from when he started to be awesome? IIRC, it's the moment in that picture.

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The only proper response is to make like Nobunaga and turn that temple into your own personal Mount Hiei.

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I would have if I could. I was a minor functionary trying to make nice with the scorpion in their home turf (nemesis: sensei? that's awesome. The GM said. Lying fucker.) I should have known something was wrong when the scorpion asked me to negotiate festivity arrangements for out of clan dignitaries with the temple. Yeah, sure, it's a difficult task for a fresh out of gempukku peon like me, but here's my chance to prove myself before my hosts! Anyway, the abbot was just some eccentric taoist, I thought, how bad can it be? Pretty fucking bad, it turns out. Especially when you've just played up the generosity of your own clan only to look like you've forgotten to bring the temple anything.

The scorpion used the (well respected!) old coot as a litmus test for outsiders. I, uh, barely passed.

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>The scorpion used the (well respected!) old coot as a litmus test for outsiders.

Fucking Scorpion.

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First of all, OP, I have to say, awesome pic. Matsu+Shadowlands Taint+Nagamaki = win.

Now for my character.

Kitsu Eda was a very unassuming samurai. Showing no gift for speaking with the Kami, he devoted himself to serving as protector of his great clan. In fact, the only gift he ever happened to display was his devotion to protecting the Lion clan, both its land and its people. He was trained as a Warden; patroller of the boarders, enforcer of the law, and first line of defense against attack.

He distrusts the Unicorn, a great military force so close to the Lion while being so...different. He sees them as the greatest potential threat. Also, as a result of being so mundane throughout his life, he perceives any display of talent that he shares as form of boasting. As such, he tends to strive to out-do certain individuals he believes are trying to flaunt their superiority.

Despite finding great joy in his training and duty as a Warden, his parents forsaw that he would reach a point where he would need to settle down, manage family lands, and learn to administer the peasants living there. And so he was married to a woman on another branch of the Kitsu family. the decision was made without consent of either the bride or the groom.

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Does playing a Phoenix shugenja who refuses to get sucked into using maho despite getting chances at it every damn session count as playing against type? ('cause all phoenix get corrupted right?)

The actual character is an Asako who grew up during the clan war but didn't gempukku until after the fighting had ended. Seeing so many of his clan die or fall to corruption has left him with an absolute dread of war and a deep seated hatred of maho, to the point of burning a village of tainted but not yet lost heimin rather than trying to hook them up with one of the monastic orders dedicated to that sort of thing. He has contacts with the inquisitors, and hopes to officially join them.

Before his gempukku he was taken advantage of by his sensei (who he considers closer than he does his family) into planting evidence to help discredit an academic rival, the evidence ultimately leading to the seppukku of the accused Isawa. (Dark Secret)

Between the things he's already had to do combating the taint and the shame of his past actions he's overly religious even by the standards of a Phoenix shugenja, going out of his way to visit temples, offer blessings to peasants, and infusing just about every work of art he makes with religious themes (compulsion)

As of right now he's honorable, if severe, but if his dark secret comes out he'll stop at nothing to prevent shame from coming on his sensei and family (I'm looking forward to watching my peaceful priest spiral in a ruthless conniving monster to rival a scorpion, whenever my GM actually uses a hook related to the backstory... I haven't decided if it would be enough to push him to maho or not though)

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That's more of a Togashi than a Kitsuki if you ask me.

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The character I'm current (irregularly) playing is Utaku Norihei, an Utaku Infantryman who got shipped off to Zakyo Toshi because he was too noisy, quite literally - the Utaku Infantry are completely silent on the field of battle, and Norihei pissed off his instructors and superiors by always having to shout something. Everyone working for the lord in charge of Zakyo Toshi is a bit of a misfit in this game, and the GM has compared them to the F Troop.

He's extremely grateful that he can serve as a bushi rather than tending horses. He lives the Idealistic disadvantage; his ideas of what a samurai should be are about as idealized as they come, and will probably get him killed someday sooner rather than later.

He's also a bit of a storyteller, but is really just fond of poetic prose. When the situation calls for it, he often spouts something spontaneous off (i.e. "The vision of man drunk of himself is blurry, his feet are unsteady. He cannot see truth, nor tread the path of righteousness! You have spoken words you should not have, and your actions are unbefitting."), and even once intimidated a bunch of thugs who out numbered him into backing down.

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I don't play as a PC, but I'm slowly piecing a group together for my first time in the system. We're all new to L5R, so this promises to be a hilarious clusterfuck of misinterpreting the setting for a month or two before we get it right. So far the only completed character is an epileptic Crane courtier. He's from the Asahina family, but the gift of communicating with the kami never was his, so he was sort of pawned off to the Doji school for training. Fun thing though, is that he's got the Inner Gift: Prophecy advantage, and I'm going to only give him visions during epileptic fits. So I fully expect the party to eventually turn into dicks and try to trigger it for the express purpose of getting help from the gods during bad situations.

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Oh, and a preemptive halt to the 'that's a dick move' comments, the epileptic visions were the player's idea. Crab cycle is always related. Because all things are crab.

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I'm playing a Mantis buishi, Yoritomo Izo, who's really got no time for courtly business and pomposity. As a general rule, regardless of clan, if you're a bro, he'll smile and be a bro. If you're not he'll smile and ruin you financially, and ruin any of your shit, economically, socially, or physically, should the opportunity arise. He's got a somewhat liberal interpretation of the notion of honour, and is often stealthy or dishonest (but has never yet just lied outright).
Also, he will fight for the honour of Yoritomo at the drop of a hat.
I'm actually really new to L5R. Can any give me feedback, recommendations, ideas for development?

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So help me out, /tg/, I'm playing L5R for the first time soon and I need to make a character. Which clan is the most bro clan?

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I am fascinated by your image, anon. Tell me more of this "Crab Cycle."

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Scorpion are the most bro of any clan.

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Just what the image says. There's only one step, and that step is crab. Of course, the crab step is a complex maneuver, which often involves killing things.

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The pic is Matsu Nimuro's magic clone, who for a long time filled the role of the Lion Clan Champion before getting killed by Moto Chagatai, the Unicorn Clan Champion, IIRC.

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Unicorn are pretty bro. And so are Mantis. Actually, most clans except the Crane and Pheonix can be considered bro in some ways. Even the Dragon.

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Spider clan is best clan.

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Hmm, interesting. I was thinking of making a Crab clan character, they seemed pretty bro to me despite being kinda rude. But I guess I need to read the clan descriptions closer to find the bro-est clan of all...

>> No.12182869

Fight stereotype! Make a bro-Crane.

>> No.12182897

But then the other players would think I'm making a "MY Crane is different and totally nice kawaii-desu!!!" character, and the taunting would be merciless.

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Bayushi Bushi playboy. Has a pet monkey trained to drink tea, wear proper tiny outfits, hold a tiny spear in battle, and play a tiny shamisen. He is his little retainer. The samurai himself has a fascination with poetry, mostly haikus (I've written up several for use when the time is right), and exotic fighting styles, often seeking out monks, duelists, or practitioners of unique Clan styles (a Hida Tetsubo-swinger, an Utaku lance-user, the niten style of the Mirumoto, etc) for demonstrations. He also has a stalker, possibly as a result of his licentious ways.

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Crab clan are pretty much fratboys.

Lion are also pretty bro, the Akodo are all about TEAMWORK! Just look at the Akodo ancestor advantage.

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I played a less-than-fully confident Lion Shugenja named Matsu Jiro, who manned the hell up, and ended up leading an army of 10,000 Lion youths who thought their elders weren't being manly enough, before settling down with a hot Doji wife and founding my own family. Good times were had.

Another time, I played a large, brash Akodo trained by the Dragon, and was an awesome if slightly Crab-like Yojimbo to an Asahina. I ended up dying to a possessed Scorpion's possessed sword. Less epic-scale outcome, but no less fun and no less rewarding.

>> No.12182945

Nah, just say you're making a normal Daidoji. They're pretty awesome, just totally subservient to the Doji. Sort of like a marginally less whipped Shiba family.

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Huh, didn't consider that.

L5R is hard. Fucking clans, how do they work?

>> No.12182967

I played a polite, kind-hearted Matsu Bushi who humiliated the fuck out of anyone who thought that all Lion were somehow "hurrdurr we're all arrogant dickbags and foils for your self-righteousness."

Mostly he humiliated them with words, but he used his Ono a fair bit too.

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Clans work as the broad-strokes stereotypes. Families work as interesting sub-types or sometimes outright subversions. Schools give you yet another steer. And yet you can choose to follow any or none of these.

Classes? Fuck classes.

>> No.12182977

By distrusting everyone else and killing each other every summer. Also magnets. The Imperial Otomo family actively sows conflict between them to prevent coups against the Emperor/Empress. Not like that ever works so well.

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Spider clan is the best option should you fail the next Day of Thunder and Fu Leng's horde destroys your pitiful empire.

>> No.12183101

Yeah, but the plan is to not fail the third Day of Thunders should it ever happen again. Until then the Spider are just a step above Oni on the list of 'bad things for the Empire'

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everybody loves Doji Sumire


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You honestly would think that the Rokugani people would get tired of nothing but constant fighting between the clans. Except the rule of Fu Leng and there will be peace.

>> No.12183387

>You honestly would think that the Rokugani people would get tired of nothing but constant fighting between the clans. Except the rule of Fu Leng and there will be peace.

>Except the rule of Fu Leng and there will be peace


Hold on a minute there, I think something's wrong.

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So tell me, /tg/, is L5R as awesome as this picture?

>> No.12183972

And thus began the story of how Kitsuki Iweko became Empress. Since that's way more awesome than what actually happened

>> No.12184169

I haven't read all through the book yet. What actually happened?

>> No.12184250

The gods in the Celestial Heavens got sick of humans coming up and taking over the high up jobs, so the Jade and Obsidian Dragon took the position of Sun and Moon back for the spirits, and then to stop the infighting after the end of the Toturi line, declared a big tournament thing for the clans to send their best and brightest to take the Emerald Throne. She just won, so now she's Empress. Long live Iweko the First! Not bad, but not as awesome as a turtle showing up and dumping an awesome quest on her lap.

>> No.12184299

I don't think there's ANY quest hook as awesome as Ron Yue the Turtle Knight.

Pic related: it's something not even half as awesome as Ron Yue the Turtle Knight.

>> No.12184307

Small consolation, but at least someone on the story team slipped in a reference to a Lion sentry looking at the personal mon of the new empress on her approaching carriage and thinking "wat, who the fuck is that?"

>> No.12184336

>I'm still the prettiest samurai in all the shadowlands.

ottons badly? you said it captcha

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>> No.12184639

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And ye on the twenty-second of September, 2010, the /tg/ pantheon welcomes its newest member...

>> No.12184839

I've always wondered what the source of that image was.

>> No.12184873

I don't have any character, because I DM. One day, I'll play though, if I can find a game.

>> No.12185296

>not bro
Hey the Shiba are pretty bro, sure the Isawa can be pricks sometimes but the Shiba are pretty bro unless you point out what dicks the Isawa are around them.

>> No.12185418

> unless you point out what dicks the Isawa are around them.

Yeah, that is kind of the problem. They are fucking whipped by the Isawa. The Shiba, the family of the living god who founded their clan, subservient! IT IS TIME FOR A REVOLUTION, BROTHERS!

>> No.12185518


Sorry, bro, Shiba took an oath to serve the Isawa.

>> No.12185541


The manga is called Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, I believe.

>> No.12185643

I'm currently playing a Matsu Bushi who was very good with military tactics, but was also a pretty fucking good swordsman, so he was sent to the Akodo school. He passed with flying colors, and was sent to aid the Lion in the Clan War.

They gave him a small army, and he was doing pretty damn well, until an assassin entered his tent and attacked him with a poisoned weapon, losing his eye in the process. It was then that a poor, peasant herbalist heard the rumours of a dying, poisoned Lion general, and the peasant offered to save him.

And thus, he is alive, and owes the peasant his life. He's kinda loudmouthed, like any typical Matsu, but he's very wise and usually doesn't just do things rashly. Also has a deep respect for Bushido, and life itself. He has sworn not to kill unless absolutely needed.

>> No.12186003

>The Shiba, the family of the living god who founded their clan, subservient

Even Shiba knelt, are you to proud to do so?

>> No.12186034

Because the children of Isawa are not Isawa himself, and lack his might and prestige that forced Shiba down on bended knee.

You know what? Fuck this, I'm just going to go join the Crab. We got a few marriage offers from them, I think I can probably talk my family into taking it. Later, bitches! I'm going to kill oni!

>> No.12186203

>Because the children of Isawa are not Isawa himself, and lack his might and prestige that forced Shiba down on bended knee.

Shiba swore his followers and descendants to the protection of Isawa's line, that was Isawa's price for facing Fu Leng on the day of thunder. To even think of abandoning that sacred charge is shameful beyond words. And in any case, the soul of Shiba himself and all the prior champions guides each champion of the Phoenix, if the founder felt that the Isawa were no longer deserving of the protection of himself and his people he'd tell us through our champion.

>> No.12186578

The answer of course, is to kill off everyone everywhere.

>> No.12186819

Hikaru of the Wasp Clan (1E): Lasted 5 Sessions, died trying to out-ninja a ninja.

Bayushi Sakai: My longest lived character. He made it to rank 5. During the Scorpion Clan Coup he sided against his clan, discharging the Yogo Curse when he killed his sister when she attempted to assassinate Doji Satsume. He survived the Clan War as a Ronin with Emerald Magistrate status and eventually faced Mirumoto Hitomi in the Test of the Emerald Champion, losing to her (I missed my Iai TN by 3) and getting a scar along his left jawline from her. After the Clan War he was re-instated along with the rest of the Scorpion but was very unpopular amongst his clansmen. It was only the orders from Yojiro and Kachiko that kept him from Traitor's Grove. He went into exile during the War against the Darkness, and thus was not a PC then. During the Spirit Wars he was an spy for the throne against Hantei XVI's army. He retired right before the end of the reign of Toturi I becoming a Hitomi Monk. That old wound kept calling him back to her and became is first tattoo, a cresent moon.

Bayushi Yotsuya: My super revenge Scorpion. I have told his story here before. He was the one that turned another PC's adopted daughter into that PC's assassin.

Kuni Sagara: My current character. He is a jovial Witch Hunter that loves food a bit more than he should. Though once he gets scent of any suspicious activity he becomes a bloodhound and will not let up. He does not have much story yet as he has only been played twice.

>> No.12186885

>out-ninja a ninja.

Yes, I can see where it all went wrong

>> No.12186933

On the Shelf as backup I have Moto Hana.

Moto Hana is Rokugan's version of "A Boy Named Sue." Hana, meaning Flower, is a woman's name in Rokugani, too bad Hana, Arabic for "John," is named after his ancestors from the Burning Sands where the name is a man's name. His family trains the infamous Moto Wardogs and Hana likes them more than most samurai.

>> No.12187004

Currently just starting a campaign with my first character.

A Crane Bushi, who fights with a Naginata. His belief is that he should not taint his ancestors Katana with unworthy battles, so he only uses his katana for iaijutsu.

I also accidentally used pic to represent him that is actually a chick (pic related). And my fellow players won't stop making jokes about it.
Though after reading this thread I feel bad that my character doesn't have an awesome background like you guys.

>> No.12187091

/tg/ I could use a little help in making a L5R character.
I want to make a big beater sort of character, who doesn't give two shits about style or anything, he just wants to smash in some heads.
I figured a Bushi form the Badger clan would be a good way to go.
... Kinda stuck for what I'm s'posed to do after that.
Of course I'll be using a Tetsudo, since only REAL MEN use a giant-ass club with metal studs embedded in it.

>> No.12187101

I don't see the problem; that's a perfect picture of a male Crane.

>> No.12187109

(it has tits)

>> No.12187154

I repeat, that's one of the most masculine Crane I've ever seen.

>> No.12187176

My only L5R character who is truely worth noting is one I have talked about on tg before. I referred to her as The Unicorn Wife, though her name was Utaku Michiko. She started a war between the Unicorn and Scorpion, entirely accidently. She fought in that war until the end, and ended up married to the Scorpion who had brokered peace. She became pregnant by him, just in time to discover that the Scorpion was a maho-tsukai, and had filled her body with a latent taint that could become active at any time, provided someone did the proper ritual--because he loved her, and he wanted them to be together, forever.

She killed him, and along with her closest friends and allies, travelled deep into the Shadowlands to find a mythic cave made of purest jade, uncorrupted and incorruptible. There, she meditated, and to the amazement of her companions, was cured--though her eyes had turned into a deep, startling green. After she was done, the cave swarmed with people who had, like her, come here and been freed of the taint. They begged her to stay, where it was safe.

>> No.12187187


She refused, and with her companions--and the people of the cave--struck out, back towards Rokugan. Miraculously, no more taint afflicted her or the people of the cave, and they made it back to the Wall just as a major assault was being done by numbers of Oni and Goblins. They cut their way through, the Unicorn Wife heavily pregnant by this time, but insisting she fight from her saddle, and be the last one over the wall.

One of her allies, a Crane Courtier, was the next to last to go, despite not being well-trained in combat. She insisted. As she crested the wall, she turned to say something, or to offer a hand to Utaku Michiko. Whatever her plan was, she never got to do it, as her life--the life of the closest friend to the Unicorn Wife, a friend she had had since childhood--was cut short by a Goblin's arrow. The Unicorn Wife turned, and screaming in rage, charged deep into the ranks of the forces of the Shadowlands. She survived, injured, but her child was safe, and her friend was avenged.

>> No.12187197

Crab Hida Bushi, tetsubo, take advantages like Large and Crab Hands or whatever will give you a bonus on attacks and/or damage.

>> No.12187204


When she recovered, she was called to appear before the Emperor, and it was declared that she would be the head of a new minor clan, the Hawk Clan. She stood up and declared that she would take her newly-formed clan to her old home among the Unicorn, to teach them all in the ways of horsemanship. Then they would travel to all the Great Clans of Rokugan--to learn mysticism from the Phoenix, wisdom from the Dragon, tactics from the Lion, mercantilism from the Mantis, endurance from the Crab, subtlety from the Scorpion, discourse from the Crane.

Then they would travel back into the Shadowlands, to the Cave of Jade. There would be their homelands, and there they would keep eternal vigil. They would keep a path open between the Wall and the Cave, to allow the Crab greater offensive capability. They would aid the Crab, and any other clan that wished to hurt the creatures of the Shadowlands. And she very nearly suceeded at this goal.

>> No.12187276


She took her clan all around Rokugan, convincing each Great Clan in turn to teach them a bit of their masteries, a bit of their skills. But she was unable to return to the Cave, for by the time her clan had finished, she had grown old, and her son, Hiraku, took over. He declared the Clan would take their wide base of skills and familiarity with all the Great Clans, and act as go-betweens and diplomats, neutral in all regards. And the Hawk Clan excelled at this measure, acting as a peacekeeping force for many years.

But the Cave of Jade cleared the taint from the Unicorn Wife... it did not clear the hidden taint from her son, or her descendants. It only hid it deeper. And one day, many years after the Unicorn Wife's passing, some maho-tsukai found the ritual to activate the hidden taint. The Hawk Clan was trusted everywhere in Rokugani Society, and had very nearly done something only one other minor clan had ever successfully done--became a Great Clan. The Maho-Tsukai laughed, for he knew he had the most potent weapon to destroy Rokugan. And he prepared.

And when all was ready, he did the ritual.

And that is where my DM's newest campaign began. So far, it's proving quite the adventure, with myself playing a Lion Shujenga of the Kitsu family. It's not quite living up to the last game, but it's early yet.

>> No.12187375

You should have changed her name to Utaku Sue.

>> No.12187387

Utaku Mary-sue (also anything that cures the taint without exacting a horrible price is bad and your GM should feel bad for including such a thing)

>> No.12187389


God I hate this story...Birth of the Mary Sue Clan.

Also fuck your Jade Cave. We already have Shinsei's Last Hope.


>> No.12187391

This is terrible and you should feel terrible

>> No.12187401


>> No.12187432


Yeah, yeah, I got that a bit the last time. Things just went well for that character, okay? For some definition of well. And it's not like she was flawless--she had serious anger issues (often compared to the Moto) and pride issues. She was often belligerant, rarely accepted help unless she felt it absolutely needed, and over the course of the game nearly got herself killed dozens of times for attempting something beyond her capabilities. I just got lucky with the rolls, and it made a fun game and a decent story, and let's face it, isn't that what role playing is about? Getting together with other people, having a good time, telling a good story? The other players liked the game, the DM liked the game, I liked the game.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is I'm not really sure, but I'm still in Verbose Mode.

>> No.12187466

Crab Hands gives no bonus damage it just gives a phantom rank in Weapon Skills you do not have.

Better would be Bishamon's Blessing and Large.

>> No.12187482

Well, don't remember that much belligerance the last time.

Ah well. I'll go back to reading other people's things and stop bothering you with myself.

>> No.12187530

Crab hands still grants you an extra effective rank for all purposes but mastery abilities in 4e doesn't it? It's a good advantage, you can fight with any weapon around you if need be, and your attack rolls are a little better too.

>> No.12187572

Nope, that is why it is only 4 (3 for Crab and Bushi) instead of the 7 it used to be.

>> No.12187587

The biggest problem (though far from the only one) is the way the taint is treated in the story, which is your GM's fault not yours.

L5R has the wrong feel if you can cleanse yourself of the taint. The only ways I can think of in canon kill you.

I'd have liked your story a lot more if instead of this jade cave you and your group had fought your way to Amaterasu's Furnace and thrown yourself into it hoping that the blessed nature of the untainted volcano would cleanse your soul in death so that you could be reborn properly.

>> No.12187592

Also I never said it was a bad advantage. It just is not one that increases your damage output in most cases.

>> No.12187627

Ah ok, I'm playing 4e but I don't own a copy of the book. Between having played every edition, having run more than one game of 3e, and currently playing in 4e it's easy to get things confused.

Still a decent advantage, I can think of reasons to take it simply for the roleplay purposes of being a naturally talented bushi.

Even at 7 points I always found the 3e version to be a little overpowered when my players took it. Luckily it's not hard to present situations that can't be fought out of.

>> No.12187637

>Things just went well for that character, okay?

Because your DM doesn't seem to understand the setting at all.

>> No.12187658

A ratling Beserker named Ki'rop'ti'tek. Intelligence 9, Wisdom 3... frequently promised, with utter sincerity, to do things 'tomorrow'. Ended up collecting a whole ton of random items; salt, dust, rusty dust, poison (from the glands of a deceased Naga PC), which also ended up cursed and blessed... We ended up using it as an arbitrary component when a master blacksmith re-forged a broken Katana for me (I usually used a polearm, if I remember correctly...). Damn thing ended up as a rustproof dancing sword.

It was a silly campaign. It ended when the party assembled the artefact of doom the big bad had been after, and the party's Hare-clan summarily bled on it to see what would happen.

Oh boy did we have to run. Hooray for making our own Shadowland by accident!

>> No.12187659

Yoritomo Sanada, mantis courtier. He was short, built like a brick, dressed in opulent but often ill fitting kimonos, and thought "courtier" meant cracking knuckles, his own or the other guy's, depending on who he was talking to. Still he considered himself a man of culture. In game he had his servants ghost write poems for him. Out of game I pre-wrote a whole bunch of them every session and would slide them into his conversations so that he sounded like a pretentious mafioso. Liked to trash talk that other mantis poet Yoyonagi in his spare time. Whether it was for show or not never came up, but it very well could have been.

A few months after I finished our campaign AEG comes out with a splat book with a ronin pirate captain in it called Sanada. Even looked like him too. That was a fun coincidence.

>> No.12187660

Look at how it ended. The Taint ALLOWED itself to be purged from her, because that set it up to fuck over Rokugan in far grander fashion than corrupting a single Utaku.

>> No.12187662

There are a couple that won't, but they CAN kill you if you fail.

The technique of the Unbroken Ronin group can cure the taint, but if you do not cure it quickly it burns you out and kills you.

There is a tanto that is a Hida family heirloom that can cut away the taint. The parts amputated by the knife never grow back, even with other magical help so at best you might get away with a lost finger or toe.

Depending on the edition Lady Doji's Tears can cure taint without killing the subject. But they are VERY limited in number, I want to say there were 12 at the start, and it would take some huge sucking up to the Crane to get one.

>> No.12187677

I sorry, I can't hear you over my being a better animal-themed clans setting.

>> No.12187699

If I ever introduce a way to remove the taint completely, as a DM, I'm going to think of it myself. It's just the perfect opportunity to make a great adventure out of it, even if it's not canon.

But really, if you're the DM, and the players enjoy it, who the fuck cares?

>> No.12187702

Maybe he thought that the continued utter failure of the Shiba to protect the Isawa from their own arrogance would be a big enough hint?

>> No.12187723

>nearly got herself killed dozens of times for attempting something beyond her capabilities.

great destiny is not an excuse to play L5R like a high level D&D game.

>> No.12187725

Ratlings and Naga, I hate them both so much

>> No.12187740

redonkulous names

>> No.12187758

15 out of 17 are alien animals, of course they have silly names.

>> No.12187770

There is a 6 point advantage that is far more powerful than Crab Hands could hope to be, Combat Reflexes. Going first is immensely powerful in L5R and if you can guarantee it, and a Bayushi can, in a 1-on-1 combat you will likely win.

1. Go First.
2. Full Attackan.
3. Do the Second Attack Maneuver for effectively 1 raise.
4. ???
5. Profit.

If you don't kill your target you have sunk him so deep into wound penalties that he won't be hitting you.

>> No.12187772

>Depending on the edition Lady Doji's Tears can cure taint without killing the subject. But they are VERY limited in number, I want to say there were 12 at the start, and it would take some huge sucking up to the Crane to get one.

I've always favored the version of Doji's Tears that kill you but let you die untainted. I'd completely forgotten about the unbroken and I didn't know about the tanto but that it still extracts a high price and wouldn't work on someone deeply tainted feels good to me. Was that tanto out of one of the Book of the Shadowlands?

>> No.12187779

Though the character we're talking about IS incredibly sue-ish, I kinda have to agree with this guy. If all the players had fun who are we to judge. It's not our cup of tea but whatever.

>> No.12187812

If they had fun more power to them, but thats not going to stop me from calling a character that is an honest-to-god Mary Sue a goddamn Mary Sue when they talk about it on a public forum.

>> No.12187815

The tanto was out of the Bearers of Jade. It is one of the few "hopeful" things in the book. That book was full of concentrated evil.

>> No.12187835

Yes if they all had fun they win, as that's always the most important thing in any RPG.

But we're not playing an RPG, we're telling stories about characters from games. It's perfectly reasonable of us to comment when something rubs us the wrong way.

I'm glad the players in that game had fun, but it certainly isn't how I'd run a game or the type of game I'd want to play in.

>> No.12187845

No one is honorable. Everyone is tainted.

>> No.12187850

>dog with unicorn horn

>> No.12187858

There was a Kuni Family Secret Spell, published in the GM screen's Maho Rules, that cured but killed in 1E. So I tend to like the cure without death version. The cost to get the cure will be super steep to the point of your ancestors owning the Crane everything. Especially since the Crane only get to give that favor a Dozen times.

>> No.12187874

I'm new to this and not familiar with Lady Doji's tears. What are they? Actual tears? Gems? A metaphor?

>> No.12187881

Bearers of Jade is my favorite L5R supplement I've ever read (and I've read most of them except some of the hard to find stuff like the Ryoko Owari box set), I'd just forgotten the item because I haven't read the book in awhile.

I like the Writings of Kuni Mokuna a lot too, Way of the Shadowlands fell flat for me though.

>> No.12187888

Since I'm already posting in a L5R thread, would anyone be able to supply me a list of important people in the Rokugan empire?

I want to eventually introduce people who exist in the canon, even though so far the setting I have set up pretty much just takes place in rokugani, and I don't believe has happened in the canon.

>> No.12187905

They're chips of jade shaped like tears that were supposedly the tears wept by the first Hantei when he saw his wife to be, they were presented to the crane in exchange for his marriage to her.

They can cure the taint of a willing subject (in some versions of the item killing them in the process) and always destroying one of the tears to do it. There are maybe 30 if that and they're closely guarded by the Crane, always in possession of the Doji daimyo.

>> No.12187908

Last character was Kitsuki Takamura, also known as the "One-Eyed Hawk". A hard-drinking, somewhat lecherous individual, he was also a very capable Emerald Magistrate.

His nickname came from an early adventure where he deduced that a Crane had murdered his elder brother in order to inherit his estate. However, despite figuring it out, he didn't have the evidence to back up his accusation on-hand. After stewing over it for a while, I hit on a crazy idea.

Takamura was a decent swordsman for a courtier, though he was obviously no match for a trained Crane duelist. Despite this, he challenged the Crane to a duel, saying that if he lost he would admit his error and even commit seppuku to atone. The Crane agreed, thinking that he had nothing to lose.

The duel was pretty straight-forward. The Crane easily struck first, slashing me across the face. However, I went ahead and made my own attack...and cut the sleeve of his kimono. Out of the sleeve, a tanto appeared, with the personal mon of the murdered man. Despite my injury, I picked up the blade, drew it, and confirmed that it was the one used to kill the Crane's brother (it had been wiped hurriedly on his kimono, so there was still dried blood on it).

The Crane was dishonored and denied seppuku, and my character gained a rather impressive reputation for never losing a duel, even when he lost.

>> No.12187953

Delphinus, Asterozoa, Orcinus, Remora, Sepia, Rhincodon, Mobula, Triakis, Geopelia ...arkbird

Either you go with all common names or all silly names. Mixing the two just sounds retarded.

>> No.12187963

I'd never read that spell, but I don't really like the idea of a spell like that anyway. I like the taint to be an inevitable creeping horror, 1e did a good job with this but it got a lot milder in 2e and 3e, much to my disappointment.

4e doesn't seem to be quite back to where 1e was but it's a step in the right direction.

>> No.12187970

I have no idea what you're trying to say.

>> No.12187971

>never losing a duel, even when he lost
Just like how people don't die even if they're killed?

>> No.12187987

For those who have already playtested their chars in 4e, how are the advantages and disadvantages? Which ones do you find good (in terms of benefits and/or roleplaying)?

>> No.12187991

Too bad, by law the Crane is off the hook. He won the Duel and by Rokugan's law he is correct. Evidence is meaningless in Rokugan's Courts only testimony counts. And a trial by combat, aka a duel, takes precedence over testimony.

>> No.12187993

I swear, it's ALWAYS Emerald Magistrates, Winter Court, or a tournament.

Despite being essentially the same reason for coming together as Emerald Magistrates I'd like to see a Jade Magistrate game for once just for something different.

>> No.12188000

I agree that Orca and Hawk are out of place.

>> No.12188002

Part of me wants to say that shouldn't of worked simply because the Crane could of denied what you accused him of. While you may of been a Kitsuki, testimony is still superior to evidence. So unless you were in a Dragon court and they valued evidence, the Crane's name may of been smeared but you still should of done the belly dance. In theory, the fact you kept pushing the issue despite the fact you lost the duel and the fact you struck after losing should of cost you honour.

>> No.12188019


Ryoko Owari was my favorite module. It ranks up there with BoJ and Way of the Scorpion as some of the best 1e stuff AEG has released for the setting. The main kolat plot didn't really do it for me, but the setting itself is a fantastic GM's sandbox that's just crammed with awesome. Our group played the fuck out of that city for a year and a half.

>> No.12188040


The story, while awesome, unfortunately suffers from the fact L5R doesn't work that way.

>> No.12188054

Precisely. It sort of became a recurring saying among our group.

Hell, the whole gang was pretty awesome. We had a Shosuro samurai-ko who had taken Nemesis, Betrothed & True Love for my character (I did the same) and acted as his "yojimbo", a male Utaku who was larger & meaner than most any Crab could ever hope to be, a crazy Kuni shugenja who wanted to be a Witch Hunter but was seen as too unstable (and he was), and a Mantis who fought exclusively with the wakizashi of his slain opponents.

Yeah, good times, there.

>> No.12188071

What makes investigatan in rokugan fun is having to find a way to actually pin down the perp, finding out what happened usually isn't that hard.

Then again the easiest way is to figure out who did it then let yourself take the honor loss for convincing people who didn't really see what happened to testify. You just need to get 2 and you make 3... be sure to take perceived honor if you're going to do this (and preferably have a Kakita buddy for when the inevitable challenge comes.)

>> No.12188092

The Kuni reclaimed their homeland pretty much by using a version of that spell on a massive scale. Burnt out all the kami as well and turned their home into a lifeless wasteland instead of an infested wasteland. Casting it on a person is a death rite, not a get out of jail free card.

>> No.12188101

Prodigy is godly. Ancestors are broken. Paragon, Seven Fortunes Blessing, and Touched by the Spirit Realms are all fun stuff.

For Disadvantages: Failure of Bushido, Lord Moon's Curse, and Cursed by the Spirit Realms are highlights. Also Momoko has been weakened to the point where you can take it without it being a death sentence, you can still use Void for school techs/spells just not for enhancements. Also many advantages that were purely fluff based carry mechanical effects now, for instance Gaijin Name makes it so dice when making a social roll only explode once.

>> No.12188113

Oh fuck yes thank you! I've been wanting to read this one for the longest time but I could never find a print copy or a scan.

>> No.12188114

Agreed. Far more likely is that the Kitsuki has to commit seppuku, and the Crane is quietly murdered at some later date for being a fratricidal douchebag.

>> No.12188122

Testimony IS superior, but unless the daimyo is a moron or has something to gain, they'll still listen. In this case, the daimyo was the father of the slain samurai, and once he saw the evidence (which pretty much negated the other samurai's testimony since he claimed he hadn't even been in the castle when it happened) he declared the matter settled.

You're right; by strict law the Crane should've got free...except that daimyo can ignore said law if they feel like it when it comes to their subordinates.

>> No.12188149

I completely agree. It should still be done within the system though. As mentioned, while the story is good, that method shouldn't of worked within the Rokugani law system. If the Kitsuki did that, people will know the Crane was involved in the murder but by law, the Kitsuki is honour bound to drop the issue and perform the three cuts. The end result of what happened in that game was a huge breach of ettiquite by all involved and there should of been honour losses across the court.

Of course, if the PC were a Scorpion, that would of been irrelevant but for an honourable Kitsuki? That's just not right in my view.

>> No.12188151

Rank counts though. Getting two of your drinking buddies to testify against the daimyo isn't going to cut it. Sometimes it's just easier to assassinate him first then "testify" against him later when he isn't there to defend himself. Of course that also opens up a whole other can of worms, especially if you fuck up the assassination.

>> No.12188171

I know about them burning out both the kami and the kansen together to reclaim their land, turning it into the lifeless wastes it is today, I just wasn't aware the spell could be cast on a person at all.

Really escaping the taint in death doesn't bother me, I just prefer for even that option to be rare. As long as anything regarding the taint exacts a heavy price I'm generally ok with it.

>> No.12188199

Well, my Kitsuki wasn't exactly a paragon of honor, don't forget. I was never as low as the average Scorpion, but at the same time I don't think I ever got much higher than Rank 2.5 or so.

>> No.12188215

Honor loss exists because people frequently do dishonorable things. A single dishonorable act isn't immediate grounds for seppuku; that's mostly for things that make your superiors look bad.

>> No.12188237

The three cuts? I need to learn more about how these societies work, luckily in my games they've been generally on the outskirts of society to keep away from a lot of the politicing, so I haven't had to deal with much of this.

But I'd like to learn more if you guys are willing to tell me, because eventually I'm going to have my PC's try to attempt to get factions to join an alliance for a war.

>> No.12188250

The seppuku isn't because of the Honor loss. It's because he promised to commit seppuku if he lost the duel, and then PROCEEDED TO LOSE THE DUEL.

That's not something you can weasel out of without at least being disowned by your Clan or facing some other incredibly nasty punishment.

>> No.12188257

I dunno how older editions handled it, but in 4e they try to make the Kitsuki's job a little easier by saying that evidence provided by a samurai that directly contradicts another samurai's testimony will generally be accepted.

The story's a bit iffy, but under the circumstances I'd say it's permissible, especially since the murdered man's father was officiating. As daimyo, if he wanted to say the Dragon won, he could've and it would've been perfectly alright.

>> No.12188263

The three cuts in question are the ones you make to open your belly when you commit seppuku.

>> No.12188264

I didn't mean seppuku because of the honour loss. I meant because of the fact he struck after losing the duel and the fact he kept pushing the issue about the Crane killing his brother by revealing the tanto. Yeah, it's the smart thing to do but Rokugan honour isn't about smarts.

The reason he should of seppukued though is because he still lost the duel. Unless his lord gave him permission not to (And I'm assuming the lord wasn't there at the time but if so, this is moot) he still had to do it.

Fair enough but the daimyo and others at court should of taken an honour loss for ignoring the results of the duel. The Crane made duels the way they were for a reason and for a Crane to ignore it? Pretty harsh breach of ettiquite.

>> No.12188271

I was agreeing that it shouldn't have worked, the point people made of the Kitsuki having to commit seppukku but laughing from yomi as someone does away with the crane in question would be how I'd most likely handle it as a GM.

I was just saying if he was going to ignore honor anyway he should have just had some buddies with decent Sincerity skill lie with him to get the required testimony.

>> No.12188288

It sounds like the Crane daimyo pretty much negated that by declaring the Dragon the winner for proving his point, though.

A bit GM fiat-y, but perfectly in keeping with Rokugan. It doesn't matter who's right or not; but who can convince the daimyo that he's right.

>> No.12188301

I didn't strike AFTER the duel. We struck at the same time, though his was faster and hit me first. I was aiming for his robe the whole time.

>> No.12188304

I assume that anyone playing an investigative character will have some sort of leverage on someone with decent Status or Glory, or will have themselves invested heavily in increasing their own. Obviously this doesn't always work, sometimes you just have to let one get away because he's politically untouchable.

>> No.12188358

Then you guys did the duel wrong. In regards to game mechanics. in a duel to first blood the duel ends the second someone is hit unless the opponent decides to strike as well, which is dishonourable.

>> No.12188366

Pretty much. Aside from the Kitsuki, all the other courtiers are all about blackmailing each other into getting what they want.

Actually, come to think of it, Kitsuki do that too, I reckon.

>> No.12188374

The duel was over the moment your opponent drew blood. You struck after the duel.


>> No.12188379

It would have made more sense for the daimyo adjudicating the duel to declare the crane innocent of murder, then browbeat him into committing seppuku for obstructing the investigation and concealing evidence, regardless of where he got the knife from or why he might have had it on his person.

You both end up dead but at least you'd still get the criminal. The daimyo might have even done a nice favor for your family for "solving" the crime. But nullifying the results of a legal duel after it's been clearly determined simply isn't done in Rokugan, especially by nobles as obsessed with preserving face as the Crane.

>> No.12188385

Kharmic strike maybe? That would negate a lot of the issues involved here.

>> No.12188412

Arguing that they got the duel mechanics wrong is pretty much pointless. I've been playing the game since 1e, and those things were so damn convoluted my group pretty much did anything we could to avoid dueling.

>> No.12188417


How useful is the Quick Advantage in combat?

>> No.12188433

Only if the GM is bending rules in the dueling system. In 3.5, you cannot have a kharmic strike in a duel to first blood. In 4th ed, I think it MIGHT be possible but I forgot the dueling rules in 4th ed since my group is still using the old rules at the moment. Regardless, the person who posted it didn't make it sound like it was a kharmic strike so we can't assume it was.

>> No.12188453

I've always loved the dueling aspect of L5R. I even made my Bayushi courtier competent at it and if I hadn't of made one mistake during the earlier competition or if I hadn't of faced a void dumping Shiba bushi in the final round, my courtier would of been topaz champ.

>> No.12188463

I could see the gentry of some of the other clans putting up with nullifying the results of the duel (a lot of Dragon would flout tradition, possibly a particularly compassionate Phoenix might as well, an imperial might simply because his word is law, a crane not so much)

>> No.12188468

Perhaps, but again: the daimyo wasn't really concerned with protocol at that moment. He just discovered his son had killed his other son in the most dishonorable manner possible.

Perhaps die-hard GMs who have played the system for years would've done what you guys are suggesting, but it was our first campaign ever, and we had fun. If the GM allows it, it's okay.

>> No.12188487

4e has the first set of actual workable duel mechanics that have ever been published for the RPG.

>> No.12188491

Can't you have it in 1e & 2e, though? We dunno what edition this was.

>> No.12188496

Hay guys, is there clan-specific books for 1st edition l5r?

>> No.12188509

Oddly Quick is good if you are slow by stats. A naturally fast character gets little to no advantage from Quick as he is more likely to go first inherently. Since L5R combats tend to be decided in the first round or two Quick really does not get that large of an effect. Honestly I think it is best for the "durable" schools like Hida or Moto.

>> No.12188515

Never played 1e or 2e nor do I have access to the books so I cannot comment on that. Can someone else confirm on this aspect?

>> No.12188530

Thankfully they did a lot to fix that in 4e. The new rules lose the bidding back and for and is now pretty much "try to make your focus roll higher than the other guy, if you do, attack first to hit his ridiculously low stationary TN. If he lives he strikes you back. If both of you rolled very close on focus you strike at the same time. Now go to skirmish." It loses some of the tension of the previous editions, but is much, much easier to run.

>> No.12188547

>If the GM allows it, it's okay.

This is true enough. If the GM likes what you did enough, in-game rules don't really matter.

And I've seen daimyos do far crazier shit on a whim than nullify the result of a duel.

>> No.12188578

I started to run a game once where the two players were 'problem solvers' for a Scorpion lord in charge of a large province. One was an extremely loyal Bayushi bushi who was willing to do anything to serve. The other was an Otomo duelist who just wanted to make a difference in the world. Unfortunately the game ended early when one of the players performed funshi. I'll let you guess which one.

It was actually a lot of fun while it lasted.

Similarly at one point, I was going to run a Kolat game wherein the characters, young inductees, would mostly answer to a particular agent (for a while... heheh, I had some fun complications planned), as their actual lords were in the Kolat's pockets. They also would've had a remarkable amount of free time for an L5R game. That never got off the ground, unfortunately.

Anyway, I suppose in both cases it works better with a smaller group, but at least it's an alternative game type.

>> No.12188588

That is where the best Clan Specific books are. Look up Way of X books.

I liked the 1E dueling rules as long as there were no Kakita involved, their rank 2 made them auto win if they had the Focus Pool. Though my Scorpion managed to beat a couple of Cranes due to him having an invisible focus from the Balance advantage.

3E/R Dueling I liked in principal, you had to back every focus with a roll saying you could make the hit, but I agree it was too much rolling.

>> No.12188589

This was 2e at the time, though we eventually switched to 3e.

It's been a while since we played 2e, so I honestly couldn't tell you if what I did was a kharmic strike or not. The GM said we hit each other at the same time, even though the Crane had higher initiative.

This was actually the only duel I ever fought in, since technically that was the Scorpion's job.

>> No.12188658

I've played 3 L5R characters: one for each edition (we haven't picked up 4e yet since we're in the middle of a different game at the moment).

1e was a Dragon shugenja who liked making potions & was sort of a mad scientist...except with magic.

2e was a fairly typical Crab bushi. Nothing very original, but he was fun.

3e I was a Mantis bushi who fought with twin hatchets and couldn't swim (hence why he was with the group instead of out pirating).

>> No.12188673

Oh, thanks.

>> No.12188701

First character was a Bayushi Bushi back in 1e. Dark Sword of Bitter Lies FTW!!!!

>> No.12188712

The Crane are always, always, always concerned with protocol, especially in public and in front of the other clans. The continued prominence of their clan is dependent on strong arming everybody who is anybody to abide by protocol, most of which they have set and continue to define. They made dueling results iron cast for a reason. If high ranking samurai started overriding dueling protocol in matters of law then they and their Kakita dueling tradition have just lost a huge chunk of their power base.

What you did was a nice bit of sneaky roleplaying, especially considering it was your first campaign. And if you guys had fun then that's what really counts. The whole thing was just not very Rokugan if you're sticking to canon.

>> No.12188715

AEG released a 4E conversion for Legend of the Burning Sands. Gonna be great for adding Gaijin NPCs.


>> No.12188732

I want to play a Scorpion in 4e, but I'm not really sure how, exactly. I have the Way of the Scorpion book, so I know the mindset and all, but I'm having difficulty coming up with an actual CHARACTER to base all this around.

>> No.12188739

The game ended up dying but I had a game in the winter court of a relatively minor lord, who had invited various youths who were beginning to distinguish themselves in some way or another with the eventual goal of trying to form a Gozoku style conspiracy amongst young up and comers in the empire. (Along with an Otomo courtier NPC who was suspicious and had essentially invited herself to disrupt any attempt at opening better dialogue among the clans.)

Game eventually failed because of out of game reasons.

>> No.12188749

Does anyone have a detailed map of Rokugan, specifically one which shows clan borders including minor clans both those that are still going and those that have been lost?

>> No.12188761

>Y'Pawfrm e'din Leng
>my face

>> No.12188774

That map is made of wut? That is not even close. The Ivory Kingdoms are south of the Shadowlands on the same landmass as Rokugan. I'd suggest taking a look at the map in the Legend of the Burning Sands book.

>> No.12188782


Yeah its just some rubbish I found on the net. Ivory Kingdoms can't be an island.

>> No.12188784

Can somebody please repost the Legend of the Burning Sands pdf? The only one on /rs/ can't be downloaded.

>> No.12188785

Is there any equivalent of the french in the world/continent of Rokugan?

>> No.12188788

bit out of date and the borders aren't clear, but it beats the maps that come with the books.

>> No.12188803

Nope, the pseudo-Euros killed themselves recently with in a MAD scenario with a magically engineered plague.

>> No.12188809


Thrane/Merenae has a European influence.

>> No.12188815

Full version of that map.

>> No.12188820

Be personable. Be outgoing, enthusiastic even. Act like the nicest guy in the world to everyone you meet, especially those who hate you.

Then, when the dirty deeds need doing, do them with a smile on your face a song in your heart. Know in your heart that you are the unsung hero of the Empire, and that the curses of the masses are just proof positive that you're doing it right.

>> No.12188840

Thank you both.


>> No.12188847

Pretty much this. Garek is a near-perfect example of a Scorpion done right.

>> No.12188848

Hmm, well I'm sure my players don't even know the canon or will care when I introduce my Gaijin version of Jean Reno sometime in the future.

>> No.12188858

Merenae and Thrane are the only two renaissance european like nations to be mentioned, and only vaguely at that. The Yodotai are more akin to the pre Christian Roman Empire.

7 Sea had a pre-revolutionary France analogue in Montaigne, but the two settings aren't linked.

>> No.12188873

Are Scorpion in 4e as awesome as they were in past editions? I always thought they had the most awesome school in the old games, but all I hear about in 4e are the Crane & Lion.

>> No.12188887


Thanks. Crab Hands seems to be quite cheap this edition, might consider taking it for a bushi character. How do you rate the mental advantages like balance, clear thinker and wary?

>> No.12188892

Which is a shame. My group did a L5R / 7th Sea crossover, and it was awesome.

>> No.12188899

oh yeah. haha didn't even realise it was missing half the map

>> No.12188929


Isn't the post-Yojiro Scorpion clan a lot less Machiavellian?

>> No.12188936

The Scorpion school is great, though it is definitely different than in older editions. Scorpion in this are all about status effects.

If handled properly, a Level 5 Scorpion can one-shot any character they get the drop on.

>> No.12188950

They seem solid choices from a mechanics standpoint but I have not played a character with any of them yet. The Ise Zumi in my group does have an amazing ability to resist manipulation (+3k0) from his advantages so they seem good.

>> No.12188952

Sorta, though with everything that's happened to them of late, they've gone back and forth a lot.

4e ignores the metaplot, so the focus is on being the honorless dogs who save the Empire from itself on a daily basis.

>> No.12188970

When used sparingly a lot 7th sea lore is is awesome for L5R, especially for a group that doesn't know that much about 7th sea.

>> No.12188994

How did you manage the huge differences in paradigms? 7th Sea Characters have more attacks, are more durable, and perhaps most importantly have active defenses. It is not unheard of for a starting 7th Sea Character to attack 3 times in a round, something well beyond the ken of starting L5R Characters.

>> No.12189000

Also, a 4e Soshi shugenja paired with any type of courtier is a social combat rape machine.

>> No.12189029

Well, since the players were all 7th Sea characters, we simply created Rokugani antagonists using the 7th Sea system. The DM occasionally BS'd Rokugani "schools" for certain recurring villians, but on the whole it was the same as playing 7th Sea, just in a different locale.

>> No.12189054


Didn't they get raped by Yodotai Empire?

>> No.12189061

Nope. The Yodotai still have a ways to go to get to where Thrane and Menerae are. They'll get all the of the Burning Sands and Rokugan first.

>> No.12189102

also the whole crossing the oceans thing doesn't really work for yodotai

>> No.12189150

AEG must really love the Akodo Bushi school, its been a strong choice in almost all editions.

>> No.12189225

it also hasn't changed that much in all editions.

>> No.12189253

AEG likes to try hard to have fluff and crunch match up well. They don't always succeed but they try. Akodo bushi is strong for the same reason Isawa shugenja are just outright better spell casters.

>> No.12189290

Does anyone have a picture of the map in the Burning Sands book? I've been looking around and I can't find it anywhere.

>> No.12189496

Combat Reflexes isn't in 4th Edition.

>> No.12189533

Read the post that I was responding to. We were discussing 3E Crab Hands. The guy I was responding to mentioned that he though 3E Crab Hands was borderline broken. My response was that Crab Hands was not of 3E's broken advantages and I compared it to one of the worst offenders in 4E.

>> No.12189539

I dunno, I think the Lion bushi schools kind of got the short end of the stick in 4th. Akodo Bushi don't have many tools for really hurting anybody beyond a lowly k2 of damage until you have the Void Ring to Raise enough times to get extra kept damage from spillover, and Matsu Bushi have a useless movement enhancer and a pointless Fear effect to start out with.

>> No.12189550

...You mean worst offenders in 3E, right?

>> No.12189581

>No Shinjo Bushi School
>Moto get Way of the Unicorn instead

Feels bad, aniki.

Can't blame AEG, Unicorn have way too many Schools.

>> No.12189587

There was endless, ENDLESS butthurt over that on the AEG forums. Almost as much as the butthurt of the Lion being stuck with their female-only Advanced School to start out with.

>> No.12189672

Oh yeah, I wasn't saying it was anywhere near the worst. Combat Reflexes like you mentioned, and that one that increased your effective movement speed were worse.

>> No.12189675

Meh, it'll be out later.

I'm looking forward to a Suzume Courtier school myself. I know they have a Bushi school already, but that just doesn't give the right "I WILL SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE" vibe for the Sparrow Clan.

>> No.12189696

I'm hoping we don't get the insane glut of schools that seem to build up every edition this time around. That's not to say I don't want some schools that aren't currently available, I just don't want them to be overzealous, particularly when it comes to extremely minor schools

>> No.12189702

Yeah, miss typed.

On Akodo
Rank 1: Negating armor is like getting 1-2 raises. Also the get a free die on round 1 and if anyone raises against them. Both make them very accurate. Strength of Purity is a fairly large Static Bonus which is rare in 4E. Rank 3 second attack with Samurai weapons is pretty standard stuff. Rank 4 means Full Defense is no defense. And Rank 5 just tells me to raise my max raises every attack, I'll at least get a standard hit.

On Matsu:
Rank 1 and 2 are admittedly kinda weak. Rank 3 puts the Matsu in rare company, there are only 5 schools that can get a second attack with any melee weapon, the others are Daidoji (only in Attack), Bayushi (any melee, anytime but Rank 4), Moto (exactly the same as Matsu), and Utaku (only on horseback). Rank 4 is a big deal, especially when combined with Strength of the Earth, a Matsu can easily ignore upwards of 17 points of wound penalties. Rank 5 is most likely an insta-gib especially if you use a No-Dachi or Heavy Weapon.

Both suffer a common weakness to high attack schools, they low defense and speed. This means a Kakita or Bayushi will likely beat them, but they will destroy anything they hit, even a Hida. On the other side of the coin the Bayushi and Kakita are going to have trouble bringing down a resistant foe like a Hida.

>> No.12189730

This. The aforementioned Sparrow school should just be a path, probably a rank 2. That would give him 2 courtly Techniques and 3 battle ones.

>> No.12189750

>On Akodo
>Rank 1: Negating armor is like getting 1-2 raises. Also the get a free die on round 1 and if anyone raises against them. Both make them very accurate. Strength of Purity is a fairly large Static Bonus which is rare in 4E. Rank 3 second attack with Samurai weapons is pretty standard stuff. Rank 4 means Full Defense is no defense. And Rank 5 just tells me to raise my max raises every attack, I'll at least get a standard hit.

Accuracy doesn't really mean much considering there's very little you can DO with it. Called shots are crippled by massive dependence on GM fiat, Feint is limited by insight rank, and there aren't many other maneuvers in the book at all. Also, you only ignore the TN bonus of armor, not its reduction, further crippling your ability to actually hurt anything. Strength of Purity is useless now because it can only go to one roll a round, and there are tons of other schools which get +Honor Rank to various rolls--and often in less restrictive ways.

>On Matsu:
>Rank 1 and 2 are admittedly kinda weak. Rank 3 puts the Matsu in rare company, there are only 5 schools that can get a second attack with any melee weapon, the others are Daidoji (only in Attack), Bayushi (any melee, anytime but Rank 4), Moto (exactly the same as Matsu), and Utaku (only on horseback). Rank 4 is a big deal, especially when combined with Strength of the Earth, a Matsu can easily ignore upwards of 17 points of wound penalties. Rank 5 is most likely an insta-gib especially if you use a No-Dachi or Heavy Weapon.

Likewise, I'll admit the last two Matsu techniques are lovely, but the Rank 3 technique isn't too special except perhaps compared to the Akodo Rank 3 as generally you're only going to be using the weapons that you can get your Simple Action attack anyway.

>> No.12189753

My guess is that they'll go more for alternate paths, kata, and advanced schools. Basically, individual techniques that replace or add to the major schools, rather than an infinite number of schools that only do mildly different things.

The Horiuchi Shugenja school is guaranteed to appear at some point, though, given that the Unicorn alternate path references it in the prereqs list. In general, I'd think that each major clan should ultimately have at least two of each of the Big Three types of school, plus one flavor-based school (the Scorpion ninja school and Dragon Ise-zumi being examples of these).

>> No.12189759

If they don't update Lion Kensai, there will be blood. Just saying it now.

>> No.12189761


Yeah, AEG is trying to compress some of them into alternate paths. But I still feel some schools deserve the full treatment (suzume courtier, shinjo bushi, etc).

>> No.12189842

We also need enough ronin material to be able to make playable characters with it.

>> No.12189856

Coming in Enemies of the Empire, confirmed.

>> No.12189867

Oh man, Shiba bushi were scary in 3e. So scary.

>> No.12189882

That they were. They remain pretty awesome in 4e, too, but much like the Mirumoto, they are no longer CHUGGA CHUGGA HERE COMES THE RAPE TRAIN.

>> No.12189886

I've been reading some of the pregen character histories with the old tastelikephoenix adventures. Makes me wish AEG would release more interesting sample NPCs for GMs, and not just stat blocks.

"Your older brother Shincho said you had to come to the Mirumoto school with him, but after the first three years, it really didn't hold your interest. Everyone there was obsessed with being an invincible bushi and fighting a whole lot of people, which seemed to you a radical interpretation of the Tao."

>> No.12190009

There is no "coming" they book is out. I have it. In my hand. Right now.

There are a fuckton of new ronin paths.

>> No.12190022

How much was it? I'm going back home from my dorms for the weekend, and I've got an FLGS near me. If it costs less than the core book, I might snag it.

>> No.12190024

Every sample NPC in Enemies of the Empire comes with a little tidbit about them. For the generic ones its about how to use them in an interesting manner.

>> No.12190025

This. It's a safety net for something that does not need such a safety net. In my experience, miss rates in L5R are sufficiently low against anything that isn't specifically min-maxed for enormous TNtbH/Armor TN that techniques that grant you extra accuracy and nothing else are of really negligible usefulness.

>> No.12190034

It's out? I thought it was only currently available as a prerelease if you were lucky enough to be at Gencon.

>> No.12190046

About $35, and so far it seems like only the AEG store and a few online retailers even have it (last I looked Amazon doesn't even have an ENTRY for it, let alone any in stock), so I wouldn't count on your FLGS to have any.

>> No.12190052

>Just read about Twenty Goblin Winters.

The Crab are fucking awesome.

>> No.12190055

Its been out since the 13th

>> No.12190064

Ahh, I see.

>> No.12190074

My FLGS had 5 copies at the end of last week. I think it depends on the distributor.

>> No.12190076

Correction, its $39.99, but the place I found it online was selling it for $35, sorry.

>> No.12190078

We need to bring back the Shosuro Tejina, as well as the Elite Guard paths.

>> No.12190080

Well shit. I'm starting a game soon, and one of the PCs got the Bad Fortune (Secret Love) disadvantage, and I'd been intending to make that person a ronin that isn't shit. It'll probably be out in stores/scanned by the time they hit insight rank 2 though. Or I can just BS it and remake the sheet after I get it.

>> No.12190102

On the Elite Guard paths, no we don't. Just make them social positions with extra Status and Glory.

>> No.12190139

Eh, I liked the Elite Guard paths. In fact to be frank, I actually liked the massive number of schools and paths one could opt for in older editions, and I hope we get a good heaping helping of options this edition as well.

>> No.12190159

So, here's a question /tg/: I've been playing my first game of L5R for the past couple weeks and I'm really loving it so far. If my group decides to keep running it, what are some of the "must have" supplements for it and why are they must haves? Right now we just have the 4th edition core book, and while that thing is PACKED with info, I'm always looking for ways to expand the games I play.

>> No.12190167

>Twenty Goblin Winter
>Bring us twenty goblin heads and you are a Crab, no questions asked!

>> No.12190171

Get Enemies of the Empire when you can. I don't know what they'll decide to call the next book with more schools/advanced schools/paths/Clans/etc... in it, but that might be a good grab too.

>> No.12190183

>Play female Matsu Bushi
>Brash+Overconfident+Frail Mind

Feels good man.

>> No.12190197

>Play Just About Every Female Matsu Bushi

FTFY, bro.

>> No.12190213


Crunch or Fluff?

Only Enemies of the Empire is out for 4E so far. You can also buy the Legend of the Burning Sands book and combine it with the 4E conversion pdf on AEG's website, and you can make Gaijin NPCs.

Lorewise, the 3E corebooks have a more detailed history than 4Es. Also the 'Way of...' and 'Secrets of.....' have a lot of fluff on clans, especially families and holdings.

>> No.12190264

I like crunch and fluff. Our GM is pretty good at converting and house-ruling without fucking up balance, so using stuff from older editions shouldn't be a problem. If the older books are still really expensive I don't mind waiting for them to publish 4e stuff, I didn't realize the edition was so new..

>> No.12190286


I wonder how easy it would be for my bitter old Doji to become a member of the Crab. I mean, Goblins aren't that tough, right?

>> No.12190315

Naw, they're weaklings (18 Wounds to kill 'em dead, 3 Reduction which isn't too hard to deal with). It is a good idea to kill them quickly and leave the area though because they do have a Taint Rank.

>> No.12190365

I was really happy to see Isawa Tensai become a path rather than a full school.

>> No.12190378 [DELETED] 


AEG seems very reluctant to label anything in Rokugan as 'Ninja' (ie Bayushi sabateur, Shosuro Shinobi/Infiltrator/tejina etc). The only thing they explicitly label as ninja is the Goju Ninja School (which really needs to show up in 4E).

>> No.12190389

AEG seems very reluctant to label anything in Rokugan as 'Ninja' (ie Bayushi sabateur, Shosuro Shinobi/Infiltrator/tejina etc). The only thing they explicitly label as ninja is the Goju Ninja School (which really needs to show up in 4E).

>> No.12190439

You know what I miss in 4e? Heritage tables.

>> No.12190452

Honestly? It's probably to help divert the attention of the Naruto and other anime fantards. Wouldn't YOU want to if you were making a medieval-Japan-themed game?

>> No.12190456

Oh god fuck that ninja/true ninja/lying darkness bullshit

>> No.12190494

Except that the "Secrets of..." series sucked and should largely be ignored.

>> No.12190500

Any chance you could give us a scan of the pages for the ronin schools?

>> No.12190520



>> No.12190556

fun backstory: Hida Berserker, born ronin.
joined the clan in a 20 goblin winter.

had no ranks of shadowlands lore going in.
killed 20 ogres, one by one.
groans about being a burden to his clan, because he doesn't know even the basics of shadowlands lore, and they only let him in out of pity, even after he screwed up the orders.

Everyone else in the clan plays this as a running joke. He's obtuse and thinks they're serious.

>> No.12190564

I blame it on them being published during the Wizards of the Coast occupation of L5R. They just read like a D&D splat in both prose style and fluff content. They're bad and you have to sift through them with a fine tooth comb to find anything worth including in a game.

>> No.12190575

Word has it they'll be included with the same supplement that gets us the next batch of schools.

>> No.12190691

In 4e, the Shosuro Infiltrator School has "Ninja" as its specific school-related keyword.

>> No.12190711

I like how it gives you no actual ninja weapons in the outfit.

...I'm not being facetious, it makes sense if you think about it--you don't want to carry that shit around with you in your day-to-day life.

>> No.12190730

If Yodotai invades Rokugan will it put to rest the longsword vs katana debate?

>> No.12190743

... I'd actually pay to read a well-done "Longswords are Underpowered in L4R 4e" copypasta.

Does that make me a bad person?

>> No.12190751

L5R, dammit.

>> No.12190796

No, but it might attract a few of those Romaboos from a week or two ago.

>> No.12190863


I like how Weaboos think that accepting that other countries are superior to Japan in any way at all, ever makes that person an *Insertcountrynamehere*aboo.

Rome would beat Japan. Cry some more.

>> No.12190931

Huh, sometimes my group gets playtest materials, maybe I'll get lucky get to see it before they release it.

>> No.12190940

Japanophile status:

Told [x]

Not told [ ]

>> No.12190944

My current character is a Justicar specializing in investigating crime scenes (the DM is being cool enough to actually come up with mysteries that need to be solved, basically allowing me to play a samurai Sherlock Holmes). I took a couple ranks of torture for some flavor and to go along with his backstory, but haven't really had a reason to use them since I've been jedi mind tricking people with my extreme strings of exploding die. Also, DM tried to corrupt my character with a few cursed items and I somehow keep narrowly avoiding everything with a raw willpower roll. It's pretty fun. This is also my first L5R game, too. --- Reading over the latest posts in this thread, I'm guessing it's no longer about the OP? Oh well, fuck you guys. I'm posting anyways.

>> No.12190981

Not a weeaboo, but a history-fag here. It really depends at which time-period you'd be challenging japan.

For such a small(relatively) island country, they DID beat Russia in a war for korea, after all If I recall correctly.

>> No.12191024

You weren't there for some of the stupider claims made in that thread, boyo. It's long gone now, sadly, but it was truly weeabooism, except for Rome. The clincher was basically when they claimed guns more or less meant nothing against a Roman legion.

>> No.12191038

I was there, I was there. I couldn't even post, I was laughing so much and knew it was funnier to just watch the train wreck happen.

>> No.12191067

Yeah, no kidding.

>> No.12191097

It was honestly quite strange to see the supporters of Japan behaving more reasonably than their opponents, it doesn't happen often. (Which isn't to say everyone arguing for Rome was that bad, just that enough were bad enough to make them all look terrible.)

>> No.12191134

There were decent dudes arguing for Rome, yeah. I was just shocked at just how SERIOUS some of the other dudes were...I wasn't sure if they just had *that much* of a Rome hardon or were just supremely dedicated to spreading the "Japan is shit tier at everything forever" meme regardless of what side they were being pitted against.

>> No.12191141


Was that that hilarious Romaboo thread?

I don't even get why they needed to talk up everything ever. It would be literally impossible for nearly any historic nation on earth to actually defeat Rome because Rome was not only fucking colossal, but also the supreme masters of logistics for most of history. Having both absurdly vast legions, the ability to get them anywhere you want, AND the ability to keep them there until they win or die, means you pretty much just win everything.

Though the worst thread of that sort I've ever seen is one in which it was seriously and genuinely posited by much of /k/ that two USMC companies could have defeated the the entire British forceof the American Revolution in that historic context.

>> No.12191157

Yeah, pretty much that. Rome can be and did get defeated on the battlefield, but sustaining big campaigns that went their way in the end were their bread and butter.

>> No.12191186


The British learned that lesson pretty damned well, in their Imperialistic period. Losing a battle is irrelevant if you can just start another one, and again and again until you win. Winning a war isn't about winning every battle, but just the one that counts. Logistical supremacy, staunch discipline, and technological superiority, with the occasional dash of military genius. It just works.

>> No.12192815

i'm a non stupid Roman fan and what is this?

>> No.12193036

>And a trial by combat, aka a duel, takes precedence over testimony.

That's a Crane fan myth, actually. Otherwise, the Crane would own all of Rokugan.

>> No.12193554

Nah, when the Crane get too uppity, usually someone else tells the social order to shove it and launches a war on them or something

>> No.12193627

Awesome, this thread hasn't 404'd in the time I went to sleep?

>> No.12193648

And then the crane run around collecting favors from everyone.

According to "the way of the crane" I just read yersterday, at least.

>> No.12193870

Basically. That's what their courtier school does in all editions. Lets you figure out if a person needs a favor or a gift, and then you get to make the indebted to you. Nobody LIKES the Crane, but for some reason everyone owes them favors, keeps marrying their women, and keeps trading with them. And it's all because everyone, personally, owes Crane courtiers something.

>> No.12194045

Fucking white haired trolls.

>> No.12194139


Is that on /rs/? I heard it makes Lion Fans like me rage until we shit ourselves, but I want to read it anyway. "Know your enemy" and all.

>> No.12194166

You know, while I mildly dislike the Crane, I absolutely fucking loathe the Daidoji, which I gather is the opposite of how most L5R fans here feel.

Why the fuck should the Crane have high-Honor ninja?

>> No.12194219

>Why the fuck should the Crane have high-Honor ninja?
That's not the Daidoji, bro. Also, thread has been in autosage for fucking ages. New thread >>12194213

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