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How many years will it take for humanity to be completely composed of psykers?

Btw: ITT: Psyker image dump.

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>you know it's true.

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Is anyone going to answer me?

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A millions billions years.


Now post more pictures.

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Assuming the status quo holds? Never. The high fatality rate of psykers keeps them from breeding true for any length. The mutation regularly crops up, but so long as they keep those with a recessive psyker gene or none whatsoever breeding and feeding manifesting psykers into a meat grinder, they'll stay a minority.

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Not happening. Most worlds tend to be purged if they get above 3 in 1000000 people being psychers(the Blood Ravens killed off one of their recruiting worlds because of this).

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I hate those racist homo-sapiens! We psy-sapiens should be the ones in control!

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>Blood Ravens

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If 40k timeline advanced at all, it would happen soon.

5th edition rulebook says that the entire human race is turning into psykers, and that this change has been tens of thousands of years in the making. Eventually it would be hard to keep the Imperium going because "No Sister, you are the witches".

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Well, they did get mentioned in the core rulebook, however breifly

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Imperium has been systematically culling psykers out of the gene pool to feed the golden throne. Vast majority of anyone with even the slightest inclination towards psyker gets thrown into the furnace so that their psychic pain screams can light the lighthouse.

If anything, becoming a psyker should becomming more and more rare.

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Blood Ravens are also mentioned in the Blood Angels codex, as a Chapter which shares some iconography with them but does not claim succession.

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So humanity's doom will be no more psykers?

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What's happenin', Scruffy?

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Did someone say psykers?

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That's the logical conclusion, but is contrary to what the rulebook says.

Since 40k is about as scientific as Dr.Who, I suspects that the psyker gene, if it exists at all, the ability might be pure magic unlike being a Pariah which needs a gene, appears spontaneously.

Mass awakenings of psykers like The Night of a Thousand Rebellions become more common further in the timeline, this does not indicate that suppression of psykers culls their numbers at all.

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Also in the Thousand Sons book

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The psyker mutation among humanity is becoming increasingly common, presaging the emergence of a new, psychic race. Psykers represent humanity's future, the ideal creature into which mankind will evolve, a more powerful, intelligent and capable life form. This new race is still weak, its members lacking the mental strength needed to resist the dangers of the warp. They are both a threat and a boon to the Imperium. - Lexicanum

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The psychic gene is not genetic its a mutation caused my warp. so More and more Psycers poping up, I think means that humanity is just becoming more susceptible to the mutation.

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All hail the master race! Give praise to the mightiest among their ranks!

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In A Thousand Sons they pretty much said the Blood Ravens were a successor chapter of the Thousand Sons.

Somehow their chapter master fell to a Nurgle deamon though, go figure.

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Where we're going, you don't need eyes to see...

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It's more that the warp has become increasingly active since the fall of the eldar started. More warp bullshit=more mutation=more psykers.

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so basically we are evolving into a new type of eldar ?

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Apparently it will take a lot more than 38000 years, since most psykers are killed or are emprah chow.


Pic animooted: Warpbaby.

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>Just as planned.

Hello, my non-pointy eared cousins...

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Basically yes, except we're still going to be human.

Eldar aren't just super-psychic humans. Their biology is radically different.

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Not to mention the Black Legion being involved

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well I was referring psychically wise than so yeah

but it would be a pain to tame the warp powers and prevent every single new human with psyker like powers not to be devoured by Chaos gods.

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I expect the Pariahs to go one way and the Psykers to go the other. Heaven or hell, let's rock.

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I just finished A Thousand Sons... how did I miss that?

Please explain.

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Not that radically different. Humans can breed with eldar.

See: Half Eldar.

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Psykers = heaven, right?

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Wow. Loathed by both races. Better go join the Tau.

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Somebody needs to splice these together.

That's the secret to Wonka's chocolate, Warp Sorcery!

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I've heard that if you drop a colony on a world, it might cause everyone else to develop psychic powers.

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We should do this! The dawn of psy-sapiens has begone!

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Biology has no meaning to a psyker of sufficient power.

Did any one of you honestly believe a millennia-old aggregate warp presence would resemble a giant native american in a pompous golden armor?

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What does he really look like then?

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Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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Why? Shouldn't he be more like a being of pure energy?

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Our glorious God Emperor is a sand nigger(Anatolian), not a native of the Americas. You're thinking of the preheresy dark Angels. Who were somehow Arthurian limeys and red skins 0_o

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I feel that the WH40k universe is moving inexorably toward having the Imperium fall and being replaced with a psyker run government.

>linquish nothing

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I know he's supposed to be Anatolian.

Doesn't change the fact that he looks like an injun in a golden can.

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Pre-Heresy Dark Angels were space versions of the Knights Templar. A crusading order that protected the people from the "Chaos beasts" that surrounded them, while steeped in mystery and symbolism.

Post-Heresy, after Caliban got blowed up, ONE of the many worlds they recruited from was a Native American reservation world.

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Emps is a psyker, so...

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In the evermore slightly grimdark age of the 666'thM mankind has become a glorious psyker race. However despite greater resistance to possession, the Psykana Republic still faces constant warp incursion. As well as political warfare.

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It was the only world they were recruiting from at the time but the genestealer infestation taught them better. So now the recruit from lots of worlds.

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The Apdeptus Mechanicus ceased to exist 10,000 menlinia prior, when the fledgling psykana republic invented warp-energy material and technology. The republic is currently at war with the Eldar to steal their xeno psy-tech knowledge...

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Yes please!

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Aww shit, our astropath is being taken over by the warp, fetch the lasgun!

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