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How does this look, so far? /tg/?

Mentors Chapter

Stat Bonuses: +5 INT, +5 PER

Chapter Demeanor: ???

Chapter Advancements:

Lore: Common (Any) * 500 xp
Lore: Scholastic (Any) * 500 xp
Lore: Forbidden (Any) * 1000 xp
Ciphers (Any)* 600 xp
Tactics (Any) * 600 xp
Logic 400 xp
Logic +10 400 xp Logic
Logic +20 400 xp Logic +10
Scrutiny 400 xp
Meditation 800 xp
Total Recall 500 xp
Infused Knowledge 800 xp Int 40
Wisdom of the Ancients 1200 xp Int 40

* May be purchased multiple times

Infused Knowledge: Prerequisites: Intelligence 40
The Battle Brother has been infused with a great wealth of lore and knowledge, either through punishing noetic techniques or by arcane methods kept secret by the guardians of technology and knowledge. The Battle-Brother treats all Common and Scholastic Lore Skills as untrained Basic Skills. This Talent also provides a +10 bonus to any Tests involving Common or Scholastic Lore for which he already possess the Skill.

Chapter Abilities:

Solo Ability: Seeker of Lore (Mentors)

The Mentor Battle-Brother may spend a fate point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Battle-Brother adds one bonus degree of Success to any successful Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test.

Chapter Attack Pattern:

Chapter Defensive Pattern:

Chapter Trappings:

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For a moment there I was thinking in WoD terms when I saw the stat bonuses...

I think so far it looks good, though there are a bunch of holes there. Fill them!

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Weren't Mentors also known for hanging out with Imperial Guard to teach them tactics and such like?

Might want to get rid of one of those lores for a contact trait in the Imperial Guard.

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I'm working on it. Though I'm working on other things too, like Upgrading the Rhino form Into The Storm into a full Predator Tank (Both patterns) or other armor for opposition, something sorely needed, as they'd make great "boss" set piece encounters, and make it so the Devastator has to think a bit more before he just brings his Heavy Bolter (seriously that thing is almost Tooooo good).

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Wise use of RT resources; Infused Knowledge and Seeker of Lore are both fitting abilities.

For Squad and Solo abilities I'd make something based around their desire to analyse the enemy and utilise the knowledge gleamed. Offensive one could allow for the bypassing of armour to an extent, auto confirmation of righteous fury and/or the adding of the Devestating trait to a single attack (very powerful, that last idea).

Chapter Demeanour should be something like Disciple of Knowledge; their drive is to acquire knowledge. They'll be inquisitive, inventive and, at times, informative.

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I hate to do this, but does anyone have the download from that Deathwatch beg thread last night?

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Good point, I'll throw in Peer (Imperial Guard) for 400 xp.
Also thinking of taking away the "Can buy multiple times" from Forbidden Lore.

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/rs/ has some of it.

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hurr hurr fill dem holes

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Maybe make it limited to a few purchases? How much is 1000xp in the grand scheme of things?

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Rank 8 (the highest rank) ends at 50,000 xp. So a Marine will earn about 37,000 exp in their career, if it lasts to maximum level.

Anyone got any ideas for the chapter squad patterns or the psyker skills? I'm honestly at a loss for those.

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Quick Question, not actually involving the Mentors, but my other project.

Are the sponsons on a Predator tank controlled by a Marine or Machine-Spirits?

Basically, how many crew does a Pred have? I'm thinking Drive, Turret Gunner, 2 Sponson Gunners.

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Barely looked at the psyker chapter of DW, so no idea. Which legion are the Mentors descended from?

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"During the Twenty Sixth Founding, the Adeptus Terra assigned one of the newly created chapters (the Mentor Legion) with the colors and number of the Star Scorpions. The Mentors were given an entirely new generation of genetic material collated from the storage banks of the Terra laboratories."

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Right. I'd be tempted to say "just Codex powers," but that'd be boring. Maybe some advanced Divination techniques?

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The 4th ed codex says Preds have 3 crew.
I'm gonna say driver is turret gunner, and each sponson gets a gunner.

If fratbros can drive and control a turret at the same time, I hardly think it would be a problem for a Devastator Marine.

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