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G'day /tg/

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been busy with uni. However, time for updates.

Coming back to the mod after a hiatus, it was apparent that the scale of the mod required a bit more work, so I put together a basic design document (wip). I figured I'd see what /tg/ though about what I had, ask /tg/ what it thought, and get some feedback before continuing. Keep in mind that it's very much WiP and something I've only thrown together just now.

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Section 1: Game Overview
1.1 Basic concept
Grimdark Frontier is a mod of Civilisations IV (Beyond the Sword) to place it in the Warhammer 40k setting. It is in actuality a mod of the Final Frontier Plus compilation mod, which drew primarily from the Finaler Frontier fan-mod update of the Final Frontier mod (shipped with Beyond the Sword).
1.2 Objectives
Create a mod for Civ IV that places the game in the 40k setting. It should play appropriately to the setting as well as being correctly set.

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1.3 Feature set
The features include a number of details to make the game play more ‘40k’.
1.3.1 Alliances (Religion)
Instead of religion, the game will feature alliances, which will automatically spread a certain religion in your systems (player choice). This will help keep the varying factions at arms length, using the diplomacy system.
The alliances will be:
I. Imperium of Man
II. Chaos
III. Orks
IV. Eldar
V. Tyranid
VI. Necron
VII. The Greater Good
1.3.2 Faith (Research)
In wh40k, research is not a major thing. Instead, faith is a more useful power. Thusly, you will get faith from temples, etc. and this will give you bonuses.
1.3.3 Civics
The Civics will be replaced with more Grimdark Civics.
1.3.4 Grim Resources
Additional resources will be added to various planets including ‘Deathworld’, ‘Ogyrn population’, ‘Ratling Population’, and more.
1.3.5 Warp Counter
As per the Armageddon Counter in FFHII, except it will add in how close the sector is to falling into the warp, with 0% being entirely realspace, and 100% being currently entirely in the warp. As the Warp Counter rises, various events become more likely, deamons gain power, and much more.

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1.3.6 Control (Culture)
Every planet/system will have a number associated with how under control it is. At 100% the planet is under complete control of it’s owner, and will work as per normal. At 0% it will forcibly change hands and revolt. This will replace the culture/influence from Civ IV/Final Frontier.
1.3.7 Barbaric Factions
Some factions (Orks, Chaos, Dark Eldar) have little control over all of their forces, and as such can easily deny being behind an attack. Barbaric factions have most of their units appear to be barbarians, in a similar way to privateers in normal Civ IV BtS or Stealth Ships in Final Frontier. Additionally the infighting within these factions means that barbarian forces will appear nearby space occupied by these factions, of any unit type the Barbaric Faction can create. Finally, the actual barbarians will be able to create many units that are otherwise unique to these factions.
1.3.8 Undiplomatic Factions
Some factions (Tyranids, Necrons) can’t be negotiated with at all, ever. As such they will be permanently at war with all other factions.
1.3.9 Mobile Worlds
Many factions have populations comparable to planets on ships (Eldar craftworlds for example) , and as such will have ships that double as one planet systems.

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Section 2 - Gameplay and Mechanics
2.1 Game play
The Gameplay will be as per Civ IV FF+, but changed so that it reflects the wh40k setting appropriately. Note that I am only mentioning changes from the Civ IV BtS Final Frontier Plus mod.
2.1.1 Objectives –objectives of the game
To crush your enemies underfoot. As per Civ IV. Note that diplomatic victories will only be accessible once all factions that are forcibly opposed to you are defeated.

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2.1.2 Core Gameplay
Civ IV FF+, but with more war.
2.2 Elements and Mechanics
Unit Types
There will be a number of new units, including many ground units in a number of new types.
Transports are ships designed to move the ground units through space. Although most are poorly armed, there are some notable exceptions.

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All of the new types (save for Transports) are ground units, representing armies of the regular 40k forces. They will all have movement 0, and rely on transports to ship them from system to system. Initially they will work much like other units, but I intend to create methods so that multiple ground units can occupy the same tile, and will only fight when ordered to, with winning battles causing a change in control (See 1.3.6 Control (Culture) on p5).
Infantry are the core ground units. They will have movement 0 but will be able to be shipped around by Transports (as will all ground units). A balanced type with no notable weaknesses or strengths.
Armoured units will be tough and resilient, however they will also be expensive to create. They will be useful to cause Collateral Damage against other ground units.
Mechanised units will be tough and resilient like armoured units, and will also be expensive. Expect mechanised units to have first strikes against other ground units.
Artillery units will be fragile, however they will also be capable of massive collateral damage. Also, they will add to the attacking strength of other units in their stack.
Superheavy units will be able to defend against space units, and will make a mockery of all other units. They will be extremely expensive to create, and without support will be taken down by hordes of cheaper, disposable units. Superheavies will also be targetable from space
Characters will be a more detailed set of Great General equivalents. Will give specific upgrades as well as extra prestige/upgrades for the unit.
Aerial units will be used to harass other unit types, by taking advantage of very high withdrawal chances.

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heretical as fuck considering the work you may have put in but why dont you wait a little and transfer as much as you can over into Civ V?

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That's what I've written down, I'm sure I've missed a few things, and I have a lot more detail to add, but I want to see what /tg/ thinks of what I have.

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Because unless I get all Pirate on civ5, I won't get my hands on it for a long time. Poor student and all that.

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Also, since this mod is based on another mod which drastically alters gameplay, it’ll be out of my coding ability to create this from Civ5, until a Civ5 Final Frontier mod comes out.

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