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What in your opinion are some of the best or most unique diseases/poisons/curses(fluff or mechanics-wise)in gaming?

Looking for a greatest hits list here.

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Girdle of Femininity


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>see the other guys in there all holding lockets from the ambassador

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>Black Withering

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Quite, they should have given the pig a locket.

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one time my dm tried to pull this shit on me.

i fucking walked out.

purchased culamen

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I love this one and I'm not sure why. Its something to do with the middle panel, I think.

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Dat nurse.

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Quit often it's the beat in between that makes a joke work.

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I usually try to make it my mission to acquire or otherwise produce some VX or similar compounds.

It's so game-breaking it's not even funny. Which is probably why the DM always stops me when they realize, so I have to find sneaky ways of doing it.

Games usually go something like "Huh? What's that you made? Well it's not like it can kill my Exalted/Fell Champion/Tarrasque!"
>Send them wikipedia article
"Th-that's not fair!"

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You sound like a faggot.

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Sandoval is basically André from Platinum Grit, but an Elf.

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Mmmhmmm yeah I get that allot.

In my defense I only use things like that though when there's to be a TPK or something akin.

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how does D&D know what nerve agents is?

realworld physics and chemistry don't work in the system.

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An organism is an organism is an organism. Will it work on a golem? No, but it'll work on allot of other things. At least that's how it works in games I've played.

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It's up to the DM what its stats in the game up. The wikipedia article means nothing. You'd only get away with that with a weak-willed shit of a DM.

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An organism may not be an organism in the world of gaming.

It's magic, fuckwit.

I don't have to explain shit.

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Well you can play in your magic world where something is whatever and stuff and rainbows and gay, and I'll play in our world where a human is a human, and magic snakes and giant spiders can poison and kill things, then so can deadly toxins.

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"So, I roll the cannister of nerve gas into the dungeon."



"So... how much XP do I get?"


"None!? Why the hell not?!"

"Well, let's start with the fact that you'd character doesn't get any new knowledge, skill or physical prowess from fighting the dungeon's denizens; or the fact that you exploited metagame knowledge to try and upset game balance by introducing an unacceptable variable without consulting me first; or - and the is my favorite - how about because your nerve gas doesn't work because this isn't the real world and I'm vetoing it.

"Furthermore you are a colossal asshole for even trying to pull this and I will not hesitate to boot you from the campaign if you complain."


"Yeah, that's what I thought."

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I'm okay with deadly toxins but your going to be ruled as having killed yourself in the lab if you try to have a character pull chemistry hijinks without at least the knowledge skills.

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How about you're a cunt.

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Whoops, I meant>>12156958

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what's an organism? D&D doesn't have that classification. is it some obscure subtype from a third party splatbook?

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>Poison working on Tarrasque

You must have a really fucking stupid DM.

I'd just go "It fucking does nothing, because a level 5 cleric that was standing nearby cast remove poison. Fuck you."

This shit is magic, I don't need wikipedia articles telling me it can kill my creations or not.

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"How about you get out of my house."

The GM always wins, especially when the GM is hosting.

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But the guy would still get all the phat loot of the dungeon, and then he could use the money to make more poison.

And so the vicious cycle continues. Come to think of it that sounds like a neat idea for a BBEG, just some low-level character but with dangerous applicable knowledge with things like poison. Only I don't know how you'd ever beat him.

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This is how you do it. Fuck players who want to ruin whole storylines by pulling out real-world shit like this.

Does it work on people who can use fucking english correctly? Because that might not be A LOT of people.

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If you're a DM and you have that place have any loot at all you're an even bigger goddamn moron than if you allow them to have nerve gas in the first place.

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>Dead monsters
>No loot

Remind me to never play with you.

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What about an ever-smoking cloudkill bottle?

As a priest of Jubilex, I used a pact with a demon to learn how to use Cause Disease to cast a magic-resistant form of influenza. Within a few months I had it spreading like a plague and was bumping off entire chunks of the population. Kill XP be damned, it was FUN, and Jubilex smiled on me.

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except he's filled the entire dungeon with nerve agent that kills on contact.

ain't nobody gettin' that treasure now.

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VX-Gas... wow. And in a fantasy setting how the fuck are you even going to produce it? How can you claim knowledge of it in a world without chemistry.

My players at least got a hold of alchemists and apothecaries to make their dungeon clearing chemical weapons.

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Was anyone else glad that Ivan survived the poison?

>worypt even

It was even Worypt? Damnit, captcha, it's a miracle that he made it!

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And so the age of science cometh!

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Well the guy gave a pretty bad original example, but it could probably play into a modern setting.

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Well they wouldn't kill the main character off, but I'd like it if the Ambassador was the main character.

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In a modern setting I'd say VX already exists, but welcome to a world familiar with chemical warfare.

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You get XP for fighting monsters and defeating challenges. I don't see either of them going on here.

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Maybe AFTER I'd finished decimating the populous. This was the age when the Angel of Death walked the land. I'd go into a new town, use some combination of Sleep and/or Hold Person + Cause Disease on a tavern wench or a food vendor (a good infection vector), then release slimes into the sewers or crypts and head off for the next village. A veritable Johnny Appleseed of death and decay. And this is before I knew what a Nurgle was.

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I wouldn't be such a faggot DM like, "Waaaah, PCs using reason besides wizard done it??! Fuck that shit!"

I'd just counter it with more smartassness

"Ok, first I'll make a few rolls, what was your dex bonus? hmm, ok. *character's name* has been having a light twitch all this time and is starting to get uncontrollable"
*penalty to dex/con*
"Gas does nothing more then alert all the people inside cause it's shit grade"

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Cleaning out a dungeon represents overcoming a challenge, and it's DEFEATING monsters, not fighting / killing them.

Again, what about an ever-smoking cloudkill bottle, something internally consistent with the setting and not metagame knowledge?

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You can't defeat monsters if you don't come into contact with them. That's like saying that a trapmaker gets XP everytime someone walks into his trap and gets killed.

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>throw portable hole on bag of holding
>cast black hole away to another plane

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Standard D&D is like that cause if not it would become a fucking grindfest of players walking between towns for years for random encounters

>> No.12157155


Actually, he would get xp for resetting it, albeit not a lot. He's using skills to get a job done, which is technically reward worthy.

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I mean it's not like there's ventilation in that dungeon, that nerve gas is going to sit there for years and years.

In fact, that's a good opportunity to fuck the party over. Maybe that dungeon sits on top of an aquifer that's supplying a nearby village of nuns and school children. Weeks later, the party is called in to investigate who poisoned the wells and killed half the damn town. This has caught the attention of the local lord who is very, very pissed. Not to mention the families of the victims who are now looking for blood.

Honestly, I'd let the pc's get away with it just so I had the opportunity to make their campaign go horribly, horribly wrong FOREVER.

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That's utter bullshit. What of a master tactician who uses troop feints to cause a band of Orcs to march right into a canyon covered by Hallucinatory Terrain? He had no direct contact, but still defeated them. Or the assassin that sends an exploding rune love letter to his target?

Even your example is a gross oversimplification. No, a trapmaker doesn't get XP for traps he simply manufactures. But if he places and arms his traps with intent, and those traps are triggered, he should get XP for it. Especially if he had knowledge that he had need to protect himself and explicitly set traps to counter his foes, whether he's in the building or not.

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Wait where was this one
Is there a secret comic I'm missing

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If you want diseases and poisons, look no farther than WFRP. In the basic rulebook, there's a disease that's pretty much guaranteed to leave your char hideously mutated, insane, and dead. In that order.

'Cause that's what happens when there's an active god of plagues running around.

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You mean there is more to d&d?

It's not like it has rules for anything other than fightan and lootan. What little non-combat stuff is there only exists to help you get back to fightan and lootan with as few obstructions as possible.

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Hit the 'epilogue' button on the sidebar

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I personally like sith poison. It does 4d6 damage for each turn it isn't cured, gives the victim dark side points, and sends them once down the condition track (they take a -1 penalty to all their rolls, except for attack damage). If it isn't cured by the users next turn, the whole process starts all over again.

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>make Arrows of Ultimate Destruction
>trollface.jpg the DM

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Thumbnail related.


Hey, if your DM is OK with that, more power to you. Be honest though, has that ever worked for you?

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Nerve agents are classifies as a toxin, which is a type of very strong poison. So Saves vs. Poison (with a penalty) are allowed, additionally anything immune to poison (such as the Tarrasque) is also immune.

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>dungeon loot was all perishable or fragile and was destroyed either by the flailing dying monsters or was poisoned by the gas.

You cheat the system to break the game, you loose your reward. Period. No exceptions.

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Wait, why is using nerve gas cheating?

I mean, this is the same stupid argument that shooting at trolls from far away is cheating, because you'll kill them before they get to you.

Let them have the nerve gas, let them use it. But design situations where it can't be used just as often as it can.

I mean fuck, cloudkill? That's basically nerve gas. Do you ban that?

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Using poisons is cheating? If the character can employ craft alchemy to create an airborne toxin of sufficient strength, or he can work underground, or even official contacts to get said agent, it's perfectly within the realm of the game.

The most logical solution would be that on anything less than a natural 20 while deploying the gas, the agent is not pressurized enough to go anywhere but the opening chamber of the dungeon, due to pressure differentiation. Then, of course, on a 1, the agent would backfire.

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oh man I just can't wait to hear the justification for how a character in a standard high fantasy setting has learned to manufacture FUCKING NERVE GAS

Come on, let's hear it, I'm on the edge of my seat, here

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Knowledge check.

>> No.12157505


Assuming he could make it in and seal it the first place without it exploding in his face, it's not as easy as A + B = nerve gas

>VX is produced via the "transester process". This entails a series of steps whereby phosphorus trichloride is methylated to produce methyl phosphonous dichloride. The resulting material is reacted with ethanol to form a diester. This is then transesterified with N',N'-diisopropylaminoethanol to produce the mixed phosphonite. Finally, this immediate precursor is reacted with sulfur to form VX.

Sounds real fucking simple, where the hell do you even get the materials at 100% grade, fuck the dm is such a retard for not just going "nothing happens, durr, durr"

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Some of you are looking at this chemical warfare thing the wrong way. Even if your player is a complete ass, you don't have to cry about it.

You do what you do with Mordenkainen's Disjunction. You don't use it until your PCs. When they do use it, the kid gloves come off.

You gas my dungeon. I gas your party. Simple, no?

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>willing to accept that a man can eat a spider leg and crawl on the ceiling
>unwilling to accept chemistry

It could easily be an alchemical concoction. Perhaps along the similar lines of energy admixture, only altering the gas' target. Instead of the lungs, a wizard could infuse the gas with mind-altering properties via the enchantment school of magic, in much the same way one might make a ring of charm person. The poison would be directed at the mind, rather than the body of the subjects who inhale it. You're a wizard, Harry.

>> No.12157520


WIZARDS. It doesn't have to be actual VX gas. It's a powerful nerve agent. Jesus, wizards can conjure creatures from other planes and summon clouds of noxious death. I don't think magical nerve toxins are beyond the scope of the game in which people can already shoot lightning from their eyes.

>> No.12157521

D&D has a far more advanced alchemy trade than traditional fantasy than our world did, and some gasses are pretty easy to create.

I mean shit, they start with Chlorine gas which anyone could make, and then someone doing a study attempts to create more and more powerful and effect weapons.

Shit, it could be a weapon of the BBEG. What would be more effective for a Necromancer or Lich to quickly kill thousands or even millions of people, leaving corpses pretty much untouched to serve as zombies or something better?

Again, D&D already has magical nerve agents, see cloudkill. Nothing to suggest more mundane versions are impossible to create.

>> No.12157523

"You think you can defeat me? I'LL TAKE YOU WITH ME!"
"With that, he detonates his trap."
"Oh, what do we roll for save?"
"Fortitude half, DC 50."
"Well, how much damage?"
"Ten thousand d6."
"Ten thousand d6."
"What sort of spell does that?"
"It's not a spell. It's a suitcase nuke."

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>> No.12157542


More or less, but an alchemical version that can be created in bulk. It would take time, but doing so would hardly be out of the question for a dedicated wizard.

>> No.12157548

haha, you go and cite the most powerful nerve gas created to date without suggesting they could make less complex ones.

They wouldn't instantly make the most complex and powerful gas known to man. They'd start small and work their way up, just like we did.

>> No.12157562

A dedicated wizard can create anything, up to and including guided missiles. The question is whether or not that makes any goddamn sense.

>> No.12157568

Is this some sort of bad attempt at mockery? If it is, you missed the point. It's not about escalating the situation. It's about demonstrating to your PCs that "broken" is a two-way street.

>> No.12157569


You don't JUST work up with those things, every time you work with chemicals like that you have to make checks EVERYWHERE so you don't accidentally kill yourself, just looks at the nitroglycerin guy, he was making that shit in a shack basically and it blew the fuck up when his brother god knows what

>> No.12157578


Seeking Ballista Bolts with exploding alchemical tips?

HOW SILLY! Quickly, druid, turn yourself into a badger and attack that war golem made from ham!

>> No.12157581

I remind everyone that D&D is a fantasy setting in which gunpowder might or might not work depending on how ye gods feel about it in this specific corner of the multiverse.

>> No.12157582

I'm just pointing out that inserting things into a D&D universe because they work IRL, like nerve gas, taken to its logical conclusion, ends hilariously.

>> No.12157585

He I've got this blue print for an atom bomb, so I'm just going to go ahead and build it ok?

Uh, this is DnD you can't build an atom bomb, that's metagame knowledge.


>> No.12157586


Yes, exactly...but if they make those checks, fuck you, let the dice decide.

Fucking DMs freaking out because their players get creative. Grow a pair and handle it.

>> No.12157589

I can imagine the conversation after dumping a tank full of cloudkill/poison gas into a dungeon.

Zombie/Skeleton 1 - You smell that?
Zombie/Skeleton 2 - Nope, nose rotted off
Zombie/Skeleton 1 - Probably nothing

And they spend the rest of eternity with no other living visitors.

>> No.12157590

This thread is full of DERP. All you defenders of this idea are forgetting that the player who introduced it NEVER TALKED TO HIS DM ABOUT THE IDEA AND JUST DID IT IN GAME FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF BEING AN ASSHOLE.

>> No.12157593


Not to mention all the fucking processes that need to be discovered before hand, fuck, I bet they don't even know what the hell an ester is, let alone Transfuckingesterification

>> No.12157596

The only reason people are even actually arguing over this is because there isn't anything like nerve gas in the rules.

The only reason anything like nerve gas isn't in the rules, is because the makers aren't educated enough to know about nerve gas and how op it is.

If D&D was made by well-learned chemistry enthusiasts and not useless fucking drop out neckbeards (excluding Gygax, our spiritual liege), nerve gas would be in there along with a number of other things.

Just like if it was made by radiologists, radiation would be in there. Much the same with any other field of specialization.

>> No.12157604

Cloudkill is basically magical nervegas.

>> No.12157607


I definitely did talk about it in game, and we reached a common understanding of how the deployed agent would act and what it would cause.

Which is why they work so fervently to stop me whenever I plan to make or use it. I'm like Dr. Thrax.

>> No.12157609

The Cloudkill spell is magical nervegas you faggot.

>> No.12157611


>I bet they don't even understand...
>wizard starts turning lead into gold

>> No.12157620


No, it isn't in the rules because its a stupid thing to put into a fantasy game. I mean, I'm a biologist, but if I write a rulebook I'm not going to have a chapter about how players can sequence the tarrasque's genome.

>> No.12157622

Chemical weapons are small time. I'm waiting for somebody to develop a combination of the Spanish Flu and anthrax.

>> No.12157624

>3 hour difference in posting times

Sorry anon, you are merely a faggot. Not the derailment causing faggot.

>> No.12157629


That's what I mean, but hell, there's a whole other bunch of checks, I bet that shit was sealed in glass, something hit you? *rolls D20*

You all fucking die cause your asshole team mate was carrying a ticking time bomb. It's the DM's job to show the players how utterly dumb what they're doing is and get utterly crashed by some reality

>> No.12157639

Never mind the fact there's tons of ways to deal with that, do you also shatter the PCs potions or normal glass containers when they get hit?

>> No.12157660

And that will get you thrown out of most groups for being That Guy. Nobody wants a player in their group that will monopolize sessions so they can show how clever they think they are. No DM wants a player who frequently exploits metagame knowledge to ruin sessions.

>> No.12157663

A caveman rubbing sticks together does not imply he has a reasonable understanding of friction, combustion, and the organic compounds that the wood is made of. My understanding of wizards has always been they were taught complex series of formulas and equations without basic knowledge of their formation or their interpretation. I believe it fits the setting better *not* to have a subclass of people who know everything about anything, especially when the rest of the universe mimics the Dark Ages.

>> No.12157668

Well, item saving throws are RAW.
Player wants to carry around highly dangerous substances in his pack, the DM damn well better let him know that the item-saving throw rules will be used.

>> No.12157676


If I DM'd I would cause I can't stand reality being broken at every corner for the convenience of the players cause they can't be bothered to use their heads for half a second, that means I'd also allow them to get away with shit if they do it logically and without metagaming, if the character doesn't know how what something is he can't make it, as simple as that

>> No.12157680

Well, I suppose you COULD use a poison gas weapon in D&D, provided you had a character with a good deal of skill in alchemy and put together a dedicated set up to produce the stuff. That'd be a task in an of itself, since making a lab set up that can both 'methylated' and 'transesterified' does not sound simple at all. And I'd really like to see the skill challenge for making the stuff. What would that even look like? 15 successes before 5 failures, or some of your lab equipment breaks and you die horribly? ...But if you can successfully get through all of that, I see no reason why you can't use it. Having to deal with a very difficult to concoct, highly lethal poison coupled with an indiscriminant area of effect would be drawbacks enough.

All the rage is just because the dude who brought it up came off as "lol tarexque, I VX it, read my wikipedia" and that's just trying to ruin the game you're in by showing off how much of a smartass you can be. And it's stupid considering you're in a game of D&D. Did Conan ever make by a big plan to gas his enemies? No! At best, he would kick them into the vat of poison that they had made, probably after having cut off their face or something. And then he'd finish stabbing the villain's henchmen and ride off into the sunset with a naked lady tossed over each shoulder.

>> No.12157684


You don't know that.

>> No.12157685

What's the name of this strip? Can't for the life of me get myself to remember it.

>> No.12157694



>> No.12157700

Afflictions that have morphine-like effects (character starts acting friendly pretty much towards everyone, feels good, no sense of pain, passivity etc.) end up being quite hilarious for most times. Even better if the player can roleplay this well.

The usual "beast bomb" type of disease is awesome also. Turns people into wild animals with little to no intelligence, driven forward only by instinct.

Also, not really best, but: Regardless of the game, diseases/poisons and such that degrade the target's charisma/physical appearance seem to piss the players off most. Especially if the character is an obvious Mary Sue fapfantasy.

>> No.12157723

Cloudkill doesn't require advanced knowledge of chemistry to artificial manufacture.

>> No.12157753

>The usual "beast bomb" type of disease is awesome also. Turns people into wild animals with little to no intelligence, driven forward only by instinct.

>> No.12157765


Because magic is common and taught collegiately. It also helps "a wizard did it" covers all the logistical and practical quirks of carrying around nerve gas.

Then you have to consider, are the advantages of carrying an alchemical version of a common spell even worth the investment?

>> No.12157766

Magic is, if anything, just as complex as chemistry.

>> No.12157775

Did someone really just equate wizards with cavemen making fire?

Guys, wizards devote their entire lives to intellectual pursuits. If you think you can transmute things without knowing what they're made of or create things without some concept of the components of said item, you're a moron.

Jesus christ.

Welcome to the magic academy. We don't fucking have any idea what this shit is made of, but somehow we learned how to materialize it out of thin air.

Protip: Spells need to be researched. Ever spell there is was developed by someone who researched it. They also, in fact, wrote that shit down. HIGH INT.

>> No.12157793


Magic is the equivalent of wiggling an antenna until you get a clean signal, after wiggling the antenna for years and discover a new channel they just write down the new angle + material components

>> No.12157858

hahaha, no.

Magic is described as creating specific flows for the magic to pass through, creating a specific pattern and getting a specific result. New spells are researched by finding the new pattern(chemical formula), and having experience with other, similar patterns helps.

This is also why certain mages can do shit like substitute energy types and modify the area or effects of a spell. They understand how to tweak the formula to get these effects.

>> No.12157874


You're so wrong it's silly. Aside from the obvious historical examples of how wrong that is, you can just look at a wizard's key stat: Int.

What you described is wisdom.

>> No.12157885


SOME do. And that's why arguing about this is silly: for every setting, there's a different means by which mages are empowered. For some, it's a cargo cult. For others, it's the equivalent of doctoral-level work in theoretical physics. And then there are the guys that know how to poke the energies of the universe just right to get the weave to crap out something extraordinary.

>> No.12157948


What I mean to say is that just cause they can make something work doesn't mean they know why it does. Just look at the D&D spells they're ridiculous as shit, EXTREMELY specific crap everywhere, you don't "flow" an inter dimensional mansion with phantom food and phantom butlers

>> No.12157951

If this was something like GURPS you might have a point, but we're talking about a system when you can magic users based off of strength.

Come on, guys. Really.

>> No.12157954


WIZARDS ARE INT BASED. It's in the class description that determined academic study is how they gain their powers.

>> No.12157958

Unique poisons? Well one time I threw a potion bottle at someone with a gaping chest wound (assuming that the potion just had to get inside the body) and the dm ruled that all it did was get shards of glass in his open wound and cause him another 1d4 damage. Does that count?

>> No.12157961


Oh it's easy, you just open a portal to the butler dimension and go from there.

>> No.12157963


...but WIZARDS are BASED OFF INT. A strength based magic user wouldn't be a wizard, would he?

>> No.12157964


Or charisma, magic likes you so much you shoot fireballs out of your dick

>> No.12157991

..except, in the thread where we were discussing their build, I believe we were calling them "Strength Wizards", because they were wizards who cast spells off of their strength score.

>> No.12157993

That's really just combining spells already created.

Invisible Servant, a spell to create a house in the astral plane, and a spell to create food and water.

A lot like mixing previously created formulas to create something that does it all, don't you think?

>> No.12158052

I doubt you can use this on its own, right?

>> No.12158065


But that doesn't specify if it's years of rote memorization or a true understanding of the theoretical underpinning.


What ho, Muscle Wizard!

>> No.12158071

1 minutes in ms-paint, because I couldn't unsee it.

>> No.12158081



that's awesome

>> No.12158093

Actually is other people whom likes you so much that they believe you can do "magic".

>> No.12158120

/tg/ - /t/rolled /g/uys

Nice going, you stupid fucks.

>> No.12158121

yeah because metagaming is pretty retarded.

"Hey guys I have a plan, we just have to create a simple electronic devise that emits a frequency of 3.4hz and aim it at the werewolf, since it's a canine it-"


"lol my character just guessed it could work"

>> No.12158136

ITT: People who don't even know what the ability scores represent

Charisma is not how much other people like you. It's your force of personality. A commanding presence, witty banter, and a steely gaze are all examples of charisma related character traits.

Intelligence is specifically your academic mind. Your ability to retain information and evaluate circumstance. A high in score represents a well read, learned individual.

A wise man is a man who sees things for what they are. He can read a person like a book and catch subtle nuances in vocal patterns. He can put himself in someone else's shoes and see the problem from their perspective. The wisdom score is how you receive intangible data from the world around you. You see meanings.

>> No.12158157

Go show /co/.

>> No.12158175

Black lotus poison
2d6 con primary
2d6 con secondary

>> No.12158206


What if I just want the servants and the food to distract enemies? Where the hell did all that matter come from? Fucking wizards how do they work?

>> No.12158227

>Greatest diseases/poisons/bio-agents...

1. Find most powerful aphrodesiac you can.
2. Add Ghostifre Pollen extract.
3. Add all effective ingredients which would otherwise be packed into hallucinogenic grenades.
4. Add tons of Slam.
5. Sprinkle with Stimm


A normal man foaming-at-the-mouth-style rages hard enough to choke slam an Oghryn one-handed. The victim of the drug suffers severe brain damage as a side-effect of the Slam. He bleeds from every orifice of his body, genitals, tear ducts, PORES, everything...

Oh, did I mention that the rabid, brain-damaged, hulk-strong man bleeding from his skin has an erection that could crush stone? Because he does, and you can't ignore his girth.

And, silly me, I also forgot to mention that he is TRIPPING BALLS from all the hallucinogens and will not tire, nor will he feel very much pain, if any.

Make fucking giga-gallons of this soup and disperse the vapor throughout a hive city using the ventilation system.

Somewhere, deep in the warp, Slaanesh and Khorne are bumpin' respeck knuckles.

>> No.12158391

You win.

>> No.12158424

You're welcome, I figured the equivalent of 28 Days Later + Rape + Bane from Batman + Hemorrhagic Fever would find some respect as a nifty poison.

Pic related, I later thought, "Hmm... what if there was a way of tying it into an advanced for of the Mara Strain?"

>> No.12160179

>I usually try to make it my mission to acquire or otherwise produce some VX or similar compounds

>It's so game-breaking it's not even funny

>Which is probably why the DM always stops me when they realize

>so I have to find sneaky ways of doing it

So what you're saying is that you know it's disruptive to the game but you do it anyway, even when the GM is actively working to discourage it?

I think >>12156958 has it right. I don't know who you've been gaming with, but they need to grow a pair. That shit just ain't acceptable.

>> No.12160230

It doesn't matter how high your int is, how well read you are, if you don't have the fucking experiments and research data for advanced chemistry. Newton was a smart mother fucker. He was probably smarter than you.

That doesn't mean he suddenly fucking understood theoretical physics. Int isn't some magical scale and once you cross x you magically know and understand y. An 18 int Orc that grew up in bumfuck nowhere with no magic isn't going to have a great deal of knowledge about Red Mages and the formulas they've discovered because he's never had access to their writings. He's going to have had to make all his spells up on the spot and a lot of them aren't going to function right. Especially if he hasn't had very long to experiment.

>> No.12160254

>theoretical physics
Hrf drf theory of relativity.

Point being, there is a lot of groundwork that has to be laid before you can reach the "making chemical weapons" phase of chemistry. No amount of int can magic up the years of experimentation, observation, scientific debate, false leads, hypotheses, and unifying theories that it takes to get there.

>> No.12160274

>>12160179 I don't know who you've been gaming with
He's probably gamed with a lot of people because I figure he stops being invited to an individual group after a few sessions of LOOKIT ME LOOKIT ME I R SO CLEVAR.

People like that can only stick with like-minded people since no one else will tolerate it. It's the same reason rollplayers should find other rollplayers. Since everyone's up to the same shenanigans, no one is more annoying than any other player.

>> No.12160292

Betrayer's Fever.
Can't remember DC's or effects (lethal in fluff anyway), but it's spread by _lying_.
The strictly truthful don't get sick, but they become carriers.

>> No.12160404

And ITT we witness the bias for the sword that governs shitty rules RPG design and the minds of shitty DM's.

Basically: If the monster isn't defeated by the character stabbing it with a sword (or other melee weapon) multiple times, the encounter is trivialized, the players were "cheating", and they didn't "earn" anything from the encounter.

This is pure video game mentality and has no place on the tabletop.

>> No.12160435

>mfw this entire thread has been trolled into the ground

>> No.12160451


>> No.12160471

>Post the original post about the VX agent
>See what thread has become

I just said that I used nerve gas to kill serious threats to our party when it's supposed to be TPK or unfair stacked odd.

I didn't want this...

>> No.12160567


>> No.12160572

Nerve gas.

Powers has been using my company to make nerve gas.

>> No.12160589

That's not what you said. You said, "I usually try to make it my mission to acquire or otherwise produce some VX or similar compounds." You then when on to say that it isn't funny how it breaks the game and how your GMs try to prevent you from doing so, but you try to do so anyway.

Only later did you try and justify your behavior with a qualifier about TPK situations - and, let's face it, that's just weak sauce. Unless the GM is trying to end the campaign, there's no such thing as a TPK situation.

>> No.12160669


I insinuated that it could be very game breaking, but I keep myself from using it left and right.

It was more like "Among the things my character has or does, and can do, this is something which is a poision, and if I wanted to could snap the game's back across my knee."

I only use it for emergencies though.

>> No.12160765

>I usually try to make it my mission to acquire or otherwise produce some VX or similar compounds.

you mean that shit that is absurdly dangerous to try and do without a full hazmat lab, let alone with, on a high end, 17th century tech?

"yeah, go ahead and try. DC is 102, and that's factoring in that I've let you use a good lab."
"Th-that's not fair!"
"eat a bowl of dicks."

and if you succeed?
Oh, by the way, you have to kill the Duke of Haven.

You don't get it.
I'm the DM. You got a can of Nerve Gas?


>> No.12160776

>I usually try to make it my mission to acquire or otherwise produce some VX or similar compounds.
>I keep myself from using it left and right
>usually try to make it my mission
>keep myself from using it

These are contradictory and mutually exclusive statements. Only one of them can be true. Either way, you're a liar.

I suspect that if more people had been receptive to your idea of 'snapping the game's back across your knee,' you wouldn't be so hot to distance yourself from the idea now.

I wouldn't even wait for the GM to disinvite you, I'd get the other players on board with throwing you out on the spot.

>> No.12160797

>I insinuated that it could be very game breaking

>It's so game-breaking it's not even funny.
>Games usually go something like "Huh? What's that you made? Well it's not like it can kill my Exalted/Fell Champion/Tarrasque!"
>Send them wikipedia article
>"Th-that's not fair!"

You're applying real-world science to a fantasy game in complete defiance of the established game mechanics. That's gay.

>> No.12160810

ITT That Guy gets a reality check when nobody is impressed by his bullshit

>> No.12160818


Our GM let it pass, because he's not gay.

>> No.12160845

having and using are two different things.

>> No.12160854

>Our GM let it pass

>Which is probably why the DM always stops me when they realize, so I have to find sneaky ways of doing it.

>> No.12160859

>Our GM let it pass, because he's retarded.

How's the dysentery going for you, BTW? Oh, wait... you don't have to normally worry about infectious diseases in fantasy game ruining you randomly and mercilessly. IMAGINE THAT!

>> No.12160866


The use of it is allowed. Like if I ever get to making it, I can use it.

But they don't want me making it.

>> No.12160876

And so we come full circle, with the claiming that everyone loves mancock.

>> No.12160905

I thought you said he wasn't gay.

>> No.12160992

there is no image macro for the hate. if i was your DM and you tried that shit, rocks would fall on you.

actually, i'm not even mad at you anymore, i'm mad at your DM, seriously, what kinda pussy-ass bullshit is that? GEE GUIZE WIKIPEDIA SAYS THAT NERVE GAS KILLS EVERYTHING, GUESS I'LL JUST HAVE TO LET YOU KILL THE TARRASQUE WITH IT!

>> No.12161144

>> No.12161179

OP joke, I don't get it

>> No.12161191

it's a bad webcomic

>> No.12161218

Opening my food tract is my new fetish.

>> No.12161234

If you're trying to dissuade him from reading the comic, i hope you realize telling him the comic is bad because he does not get a punchline out of context from the setup will lower his expectations and cause him to think more highly of it when he gets around to reading it. Be more skillful in your trolling attempts to sow discord. Try something like pointing out the negative aspects of the joke while explaining it.

>> No.12161252

did you mean THIS

>> No.12161340

"Hah hah, foolish DM! I made a sphere of plutonium and placed it inside a hollow sphere of beryllium, and cast Shrink Item on the outside sphere! I kill everyone in the city! Gimme my XP!"

"Where did you get plutonium?"

"Uh....DC 30 Alchemy check? I used my masterwork alchemy set?"

>> No.12161539

But it is a bad webcomic.

It's been bad for the last year.

>> No.12162450

This thread brought me true joy, /tg/. Thank you.

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