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Well the last one is auto-saging so when the scanon gets back with the goods here is a new shiny thread to put them in.

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Do you think there will be a conversion between Marine aquisition levels and regular Dark Heresy levels?

As I said in the other thread, I want the shiney new boltgun rounds and some of them shouldn't be that hard for a rogue-trader scale character to get their hands on.

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Apparently there is some kind of renown and requisition system that does the same thing.

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Rejoice brothers! It begins anew!

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Profit factor is awesome. Fuck money.

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>live suream

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Piss off Miriael Sabathiel. No toys for you...

...even if you are a chaos lord...

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I may be a servant of Slaanesh, but I am still a lady. Call me Chaos Mistress Sabathiel.

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Deathwatch? More like 'Dumbwatch'. Hurr...

Marines suck.

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Only the Emperor's Children.

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Chaos whore...

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Anyone the /rs/ ?

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Card Thread?

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>mfw bolters have a shorter range than modern SMGs

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Heavier round, more drag.
Kinda makes sense.

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The rules for dark heresy allow the gun to be fired up to 4 times that range. In fact you dont get any penalties until you reach twice that number.

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>mfw you forget how Range works in Dark Heresy's system

That range is a bracket, not its max range, bro. That means that it's at Short Range from 50m to 3m (which is Point Blank no matter what weapon you're using), normal range from 51-200m, Long Range from 201m-300m, Extreme Range from 301-400m, and that's its actual max range.

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No, it doesn't. Bolt-rounds are Gyrojet-hybrids. They should have an *extremely* long accurate max range compared to conventional cartrige ammunition.

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The fact that they have the same Range bracketing as a lasgun say anything for that, then?

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Exactly what SMGs do you know of that have a longer effective range than 100m? Anything fired out of a gun with a short barrel is going to be hitting dirt long before than 100m mark. Anything with a longer barrel will be hitting dirt at the 100m mark.

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Just that 40k weapons are a bit under-ranged compared to modern weapons because "Sci-Fi Writers have no Sense of Scale".

Extreme range should probably be x5 or more. Or the range stat should be higher. Oh well, rare is the combat beyond a few score of meters in DH and RT.

DW could be different though.

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Belgian Waffle-Eating Fuck Carbines.


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Same range bracket as ambiguously pseudo-laser weapons? Yeah, the downscaling is fairly proportionate, if we're accounting for some fairly heavy atmospheric blooming.

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36" is the scale of sniper rifles, so scale is hard to gauge in 40k.

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This. 40k writers may make a decent setting, but when they get into specifics they are derp and herp.

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Keep it alive Battle-Brothers!

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Fight on my brothers! In the Emperors name, Let none of the false believers survive! Scanon will provide!

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Bumping in the name of The Emperor!

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We are the Chosen of the God Emperor! We shall Not Falter!

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Dear /tg/. I hate to disappoint you, but after several sessions (first using the free intro adventures, then using the actual book), the Deathwatch book is so riddled with errors, ambiguities, and mechanics nonsense that all of your anticipation is for nought. Some examples: marines still can't parry with their fists even though they now deal 1d10+8 damage non-Primitive with their fists, there are shiny Chapter squad-mode abilities, but sadly they only affect SMs of the same chapter (unless squad leader is a tactical marine), there is so much confusion over Unrelenting Devastation+Metal Storm rounds+Heavy Bolter that it's not even funny, Horde rules appear to be unfinished and not play-tested, spelling and editing mistakes are all over the place, and they forgot to clarify what kind of actions are required to activate Solo Mode abilities. Wait for the second print first!

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Dammit, it's such a shame you can't just change any of these rules and play it however you want.

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or, just get the errata for free.
as for spelling mistakes, that's par for the course.

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Dammit, it's such a shame that some of the core rules are broken, while others are completely open to interpretation, while others appear to be unfinished, in a book that costs more than 55 bucks and should've been playtested and proofread. I've only listed a few issues, there are many many more. I normally am quite open to house-ruling, but the amount of BS in Deathwatch that needs to be house-ruled is too much.

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Dear Troll. I hate to disappoint you, but after several readings (first using just my eyes, then using some glasses), the message you just posted is so riddled with errors, ambiguities, and mechanics nonsense that all of your anticipation is for nought. Some examples: Why must they parry with their fists, just because they're Speshel Mareenz? there are shiny Chapter squad-mode abilities, You don't describe the problems with Unrelenting Devastation+Metal Storm rounds+Heavy Bolter, your trolling is not even funny, your copypasta appears to be unfinished and not tested, spelling and editing mistakes are all over the place, and you forgot to blur the line between troll and legit poster with a picture. Wait for the second copypasta first!

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>marines still can't parry with their fists

lol fucking moron.

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I'm assuming he means power-fists, and not just their fists.
Still kind of dumb. I think a trait that would allow you to grab opponents weapons and attempt to disarm with a successful parry check using a power fist would be cool though.

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Burn the Trollin' Heretics!

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Powerfists don't have a damage profile of
>Some examples: marines still can't parry with their fists even though they now deal 1d10+8 damage non-Primitive with their fists

So I would doubt that very much.

Bitches be trollin', see.

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Also what you describe would be a called-shot upon their weapon to successfully grab it followed by an opposed S test to pull it from their hands.

Or you could just target it specifically and destroy it with a swing.

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Oh. Well. I still wish that thing I said.

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I get that you could do that, what I am saying is it would be cool to be able to do that as a reaction, not just an attack.

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Hope Scanon spent hours of 4chan's posting lock for good work.

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The problem with that is, especially in the case with power fielded weapons, you're still being HIT by the weapon, and so would take damage. Which is why you can't parry Unarmed. Because, whatever you parry with is simply being hit. There can be exceptions, but those are a GM's domain. This is just why the blanket rule is in the rulebook.

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Did the enthusiasm die out already, or did the Sandmarine get the bumpers?

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I'm giving it some time between bumping.


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Bumps for the Bump God!
Scans for the Scan Throne!

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Scanon, we waiting for you! =)

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Mercy for the ignorant:

What is auto-sage? I assume it's some sort of auto-archive, but what causes it? Is it self-aware? Can it be stopped? Are we all doomed?

> Captcha - tinctions fourisqu

Seriously Captcha, what the fuck?

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OH i Wish that scanning was like eating a pie, so it would not be as hard a job for you great scanner.

I pray the God-emperor to help you in your great work!

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I have the book right here.. I like it

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inb4 we're all getting trolled really hard

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Scanon? Where are you? I waited for you, I waited so long for you...

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Ran the start of Final Sanction last night. Tactical Marine, Tech-Marine and Assault Marine, two Dark Angels and a Space Wolf respectively. Combat verses hordes is very, very abstract compared to what I'm used to in DH and RT but everyone enjoyed themselves. Rolls were more often to see how much people hit rather than if they hit at all. The really good bit came after the first battle and the players were planning how to get across the city to the Lord-Governor's mansion. After consulting the map and asking a few questions they decided that they'd be heading to the docks and taking a boat there.

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Scan for the Scanon gooood

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Feels good knowing my group had this book on preorder.

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My Group took the Sewers as their route

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>they decided that they'd be heading to the docks and taking a boat there.
I am now imagining 3 huge space marines in a row boat.

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How did that work out for them? Right now I'm wondering if I should introduce some aquatic hormagaunts launched from the scout ships that ate their ride to spice things up a bit.

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Do not insult your spiritual leige!

...now get in the boat...

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hopefully going to run this next weekend, beyond excited. This thread and the last have gotten me amped up for something I was pretty ho-hum about before.

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Worked perfectly well
They got attacked several times but had no dificulties to get rid of the nids because they could only attack for two directions and they passed every awareness test for detecting hiding genstealers

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I have it, it's really good. Setting up a sample game for some of the guys at my FLGS, and also planning to do a dynamic duo game with a couple of buddies of mine.

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Any word from Scanon about his progress ?

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Yeah, the only thing that bothered me is I wish there was an over view map of the city. Not even detailed, just to show where things were in relation to one another.
I guess thats just me being lazy about making my own, though,

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There are a couple online. This is the one I'm using.

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I like that theres no map. Lets you abstract, make up you're own landmarks, doesn't tie you down to shit like scale and movent speed. In cases like these, abstract is better. Over all, I was crazy impressed with the quality of the sample adventures. They contributed heavly to my decision to buy the book.

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Oh, bitching, thanks!
Thats why I said I didn't want a super detailed one, just one to help me keep track of where things are relatively.
This map is vague enough for me to add in specifics as I see fit.

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How'd you make the map?

> Captcha - practice whinale

I'm already a whinale master, why would I need practice?

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from wat card game is that card from?

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LOLno. It's a mechanism that 4chan uses to *get rid* of the old threads, by making it so that new posts don't bump them up to the top of the board anymore.

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oh god, I ran that... when my team got to the Lord-Governor's mansion it turned into a fucking blood bath!

When they got ambushed, they opened fire, full auto, everywhere, gunning down geen stealer and imperial noble alike…

After the very blood battle, the team leader steps up, picks up the half dead imperial governor, turns to the droves of dead and almost dead imperial nobles and simply says “carry on” before dragging the governor out of there.

My team REALLY hates nobles

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Answering this cos no-one else has. Sat here with my rulebook so I guess if anyone has any questions I can answer them best I can. Don't ask me for scans, because I don't have a scanner! Namefagging for continuity.

Before a mission a kill-team has an opportunity to requisition weapons, equipment and ammunition from the stores and armoury of the Watch Fortress (or wherever the marines are based out of for the mission) The GM gives the team some Requisition Points, and each Marine has Renown Points that determine his level of Renown. 0-19 is "Initated", 20-39 "Repsected" and so on. A plasma gun for example needs 20 Req and Respected renown.

Renown is gathered through completion of objectives and GM may award extra for especially good roleplaying or acts of bravery, sacrifice and heroism.

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Ah bugger. That's not anything even remotely like the Dark Heresy system. I'm going to need to ask my GM for a houserule...

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What's the reqisiton for a powerfist ?
What rank does Tactical marines (if ever) get two weapon wield ?
What are ceremonial swords (I saw them mentioned somewhere) ? req points for them ?

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Actully, as an ad-on to that statement, do they even have any new types of boltgun round? If not than I don't really have much I"m interested in...

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There's a sidebar called "Mans reach exceeds his grasp", which talks about getting marine equipment for your rogue trader and inquisitor. It basically says 3 kinds of no. Religious taboos about touching gear meant for the emperors angels of death. Even if you get over that, the items themselves are super bitchy, and need a techmarines touch (or, alternitivly, the machine spirits hate you and your heresy, and will totally fuck up for you). It says getting one should "never simply be the result of an Acquisition or Influence roll". And even if you could some how get an marine gun, you wouldn't want it. They all count as one class heavier, so pistol is basic, basic is heavy, and always impose a -30 penalty to non-marine users due to weight, improper scale, and recoil. Not even having power armour gets around it. So no, you cant have one.

>> No.12155135


the few I know from various Q&A are:

ragonfire Shells - Decrease Damage by 2, but the target and everyone w/ 2m does an AGI test or
catches on fire

Hellfire - Ignore Natural armour, Grants Righteous Fury on 9 or 10, makes Heavy Bolter S/-/- and
adds Blast(3), +1 Horde Magnitude damage

Implosion - In addition to normal damage, a target taking 1 or more damage suffers -1d5 AGI

Kraken - PEN = 8, +50% Range

Metal Storm - DAM and PEN are -2, but gains Blast(2)

Stalker - -2 DAM, -30 to Awareness test to hear it

Vengeance - They give the weapon the Felling (1) Trait (removes 1 instance of Unnatural Toughness),
and increases the Pen to 9. On a roll of 91-00 to hit, the bolt explodes prematurely and the user
takes the damage with Pen 5 to the arm holding the weapon, and automatically causes the weapon to

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>>What's the reqisiton for a powerfist

30, and you must be "Distinguished"

>>What rank does Tactical marines (if ever) get two weapon wield ?

rank 5

>>What are ceremonial swords?

its just a sword, Dark angles can replace there standered combat knife (one of the few things that space marrines allways get without needing to req for them) with it, aka, dark angles get a cool sword insteed of a knife

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They have 8 new types of ammo.

>> No.12155146


DAMN, that's a lot.

And they are never going to turn up outside if deathwatch I guess...

I guess I've got a lot of talking with my GM then...

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What about ultramarines ? Can they get ceremonial swords ? and many requisition and reknown is required for those ?

>> No.12155156


Those special rounds are fluffwise extremely rare.

They appear in Deathwatch and in the wargame only Sternguard Veteran squads have access to them. Handing them to Acolytes or even Rogue Traders should be a no-no.

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Powerfirst is 30 Req and Distinguished renown (at least 40 renown points).

Two-Weapon Wielder in DW has two flavours, Ballistic (gun in each hand) or Melee (blade in each hand). To use a gun in one and a blade in the other you need to have both talents. Assault marines can take both at Rank 1 (500xp each), Tactical can only take Ballistic and not until Rank 5.

The Cermonial Sword is a Dark Angels weapon and counts as a Chapter Trapping (all marines get one trapping to start with). It does 1d10+3 and is Balanced.

>> No.12155172

No, ultras can't get ceremonial swords. They are chapter trappings, like space wolf runes, dark angel robes, or black Templar tabard. And you wouldn't want one anyway. The combat knife you get for free is almost as good, and a chainsword is in all ways better.

>> No.12155176

Huh ? In TT All sergeants regardless of designation can wield a boltpistol and a melee weapon. Now Tactical can't ever do that ??

>> No.12155182


Technically you can (would cost just 3 Req) but Chainsword is better yeah.

>> No.12155183

Sure they can do that. Get an elite advance.

>> No.12155186


Regular acolytes, yes but unique is simply another level of tricky for a rogue trader. If they can get their hands on unique items then those ammos should be available. Especially for an Agent of the Throne Sister in a rogue trader scale game.

But that's up to my GM I guess.

>> No.12155187


What's the trapping for Ultramarines then ?

>> No.12155191



>> No.12155192

They give a requisition cost, but for ones above and beyond the one you would normally get. Personally, i woudn't let anybody but dark angels pick it up. It's sad enough that one of their chapter trappings is just a shitty sword that will likely never be used, no need to make it worse by making it also the only one you can requisition. I would also say nobody but wardens can get the claymore.

>> No.12155201


Cingulum, which is the studded leather strap skirt they wear over their crotch. It can give +3 to parry, +3 WS on your first attack, or +3 to test made to regain Cohesion or prevent Cohesion loss.

Heraldry Scroll, gives +10 Kill Markers to any Assault Mission where the scroll was displayed in at least one battle.

>> No.12155204

isnt there a chaplain and libby class what are those like?

>> No.12155205

I have a question about Elite Advances. Can they be used to aquire skills or talents your progression whould normally allow at later ranks or just things your profession doesn't have at all ?

>> No.12155211

They have two, heraldry scroll, which helps you get mission complete points faster in objectives that require to to get a bunch of related shit done, and cingulum, which are belts for hanging medals and awards. They come in three subtypes: Adamantine inlays, which gives you +3 to parry, honor bells, which give you +3 ws on your first attack in a fight, and marks of leadership, which gives you +3 to regaining or preventing cohesion damage.

>> No.12155213

Don't have at all. You can't use them to get shit early.

>> No.12155216

So... any word from the scanon?

>> No.12155220

No chaplan, if i had to guess i would say they are saveing it for a later book. Librarian is mostly what you would expect. Force weapon, shoot lightning, see the future, read minds, take over bodies, telepathy, yadda yadda. Each chapter also has their own set of powers you can pick from if you want.

>> No.12155223

I'm now imagining them singing " Row Row Row your Boat" and the Ultramarine thinking that they're talking about his Primarch.

>> No.12155224


No Chaplain (future expansion book I think?) but you can be a Librarian.

Sorry but I can't comment on the Librarians really, haven't read that section yet.

>> No.12155232

The scananon is dead, gone like he never existed.

>> No.12155256

Wait.... You can play a Tech-Marine in Final Sanction too? Is that another one of the supplement characters?

Could you say something about the tech-marines? Any cool talents they can get?

>> No.12155258


Row-boat girly-man is a faggy man
Bossily, Bossily, Bossily, Bossily,
His book's a lot of crap.

-Atributed to nameless deathwatch marines.

>> No.12155261

No Chaplain! My dream, she is dead....

>> No.12155263

I suspect they can play techmarines becuse they have the actual book, and are useing the adventure.

>> No.12155266

When a thread reaches a certain number of replies it no longer bumps, this is called auto-sage because it is like everyone is putting sage in their E-mail field.

>> No.12155276

Techmarines are the tanks. Healing, armor, toughness. A high rank techmarine will likely have more armor than the tank he is fixing.

>> No.12155289

What chapter from those available would be best suited for a Marine specializing in either Heavy weapons ( Heavy bolter/plasma cannon,) or Sniper rifle type actions?

>> No.12155290


At a glance they're more-or-less the same as Techpriests in DH but with power armour and a bolter. Rank 1 skills include stuff like Feedback Screech, Technical Knock and Tech-Use. They also start with a servo-arm and an extra bionic upgrade (arm, legs, servo-harness etc). Unfortauntely you don't get the cool cog-tooth Ommnissian Axe until later on (need Distinguished renown for it I think).

>> No.12155293

Dark Angels. Get ballistics skill boost, and if they don't move become fuck hard to kill. They are the ranged specialists.

>> No.12155302


Dark Angels get +5 BS, or Ultramarines who can +5 any too characteristics.

>> No.12155313

Excellent. Other then the crappy sword, what other trappings do they have access to?

What does it cost to get a heavy bolter/plasma cannon? And finally, what sort of cheese do you consider your favorite? oh! And one more thing. What weapons do you start with? Just a basic bolter? Or can you take basic "Special" weapons, like a melta or a flamer as standards?

>> No.12155316


Well... son of a bitch. :(

>> No.12155326

so where is the scananon

>> No.12155332 [DELETED] 

So because scan anon failed us, if I were to go out and buy this book today, what sort of program would I need to make it into a pdf?

>> No.12155340

Their other chapter trapping is three kinds of robe, given to guys who are good at various knowledge skill things. I think its plus 3 to a forbidden lore, or a scholastic lore, or scrutiny tests. Devistators come with a heavy bolter for free, others can get it for 20 req. Plasma cannon requires 30 req, and for you to be distinguished renown. Im a havarti man myself. And starting gear varys by specialty, but is genreally power armor, bolt pistol, 3 frag and krak grenades, a combat knife, and whatever you might need to do your job. Devistators get heavy bolter, assault marines get jump packs and chainswords, librarians get force weapons, stuff like that.

>> No.12155344


Hmm that's more of a general system question then DW spwcific. Let's say that a career have Forbidden Lore (Xeno) are say rank 4. Can't my character learn it earlier because he actually spent time (few months ingame time passed) among them ?

>> No.12155346

Oh, right, special weapons. Theres a talent. Or 3 talents, i guess. "Signature gear". Lets you bring an item of 20, 40, or 70 requisiton or lower on every mission you go on.

>> No.12155350

I look forward to the day that FF discontinues the 40k line due to lack of interest.

>> No.12155352

That's gm fiat land, not game rule country.

>> No.12155354


Chill guys, maybe he is just sleeping or at work or something like that

>> No.12155356


There are plenty of free software that can do images -> PDF. Irfanview for one.

Alternatively, you could just put the scanned images into a .rar or a .zip file and up it somewhere (Megaupload, Rapidshare etc.). I'm sure there are plenty of smart anons here with the know-how and willingness to create a nice looking PDF out of them.

We just need the pages.

>> No.12155358

Keep looking chippy.

>> No.12155365


You get 3 flavours of robe:
Scholar's Robe (+3 to any one Scholastic Lore)
Robe of Secrets (+3 to any one Forbidden Lore)
Seeker's Robe (+3 to Scrutiny tests)

Heavy Bolter is 20 Req, no renown needed. Plasma Cannon in 30 Req and Distinguished renown.

My favourite cheese is smoked cheese.

Basic starting weapons depend on class are pretty much a bolter or bolt pistol and a chainsword or combat knife. Certain classes can other stuff (Techmarine gets the servo-arm, Apothecary gets the narthecium).

Flamers don't need any renown, for melta and plasma guns you need to be Renowned.

Obviously, the DM can give you certain peices of equipment for free for the duration of the mission if he deems them crucial to the missions success.

>> No.12155370 [DELETED] 

>Smoked cheese
Good taste

>> No.12155399

Is somebody willing to post a list of req and reknown requirement for weapons ?

>> No.12155401

Thank you sir.

It is my intention to roll up the guy who always has the heavy weapon. Devestator, definately. Sits back. Calm and cool and blows the FUCK out of everything and everyone that get's in his way.

>> No.12155407

how are flamers? how much req? are they heavy weapons?

Nothing I love more than burning xenos scum

>> No.12155412

What sort of things are the Storm Lords geared towards? Great Devs? Great Assault marines? Great Tacticals? What?

>> No.12155415

3 kinds: pistol, basic, and heavy. they are 10, 10, and 15 requisition respectively.

>> No.12155421

They are single combat murder machines. assault marines, definitely.

>> No.12155431

is it true you have to requisition normal ammo clips ?

>> No.12155437

No. You are assumed to have "enough ammo for the mission at hand".

>> No.12155438

so i was thinking of picking up some space marines so my group could paint them how they want to represent their characters, would a regular tactical squad box be best for this? what extra weapons does it come with?

>> No.12155444

My Into the Storm has arrived early and I have an idle scanner. What shall I do?

>> No.12155445


>> No.12155451

Masterbate? It's already scanned.

>> No.12155460


GM can choose to limit ammo if he wants (to add in those Aliens-esque OH SHIT moments) but all players need to do when firing off standard ammo is when they need to reload.

>> No.12155470 [DELETED] 

No heavy weapons.

Flamer and melta though.

Not enough melee weapons for a whole group either (unless the majority of the party is using bolters). Think it comes with a powerfist

>> No.12155495

So marine weapons count as XBOX HUGE versions of the same kinds of weapons DH and RT use? Or am I wrong?

>> No.12155500


Yeah. An Astartes Bolter for a Marine is a Basic weapon, but for an Acolyte it would be a Heavy.

>> No.12155510


My name is Jack.

Just Jack

>> No.12155513

So a regular bolter would count as doing X damage, while a Asartes bolter would do X+Y damage. Essentially the same amount of damage, but on a larger scale. Am I right?

>> No.12155533


Right. A Dark Heresy "Man Sized" bolter does 1d10+5, and is S/2/-

Astartes Bolter (Godwyn-pattern) is 2d10+5, does Tearing (so roll 3d10 and take highest two) and does S/2/4

>> No.12155597

Don't all the bolters do Tearing damage, regardless of the size? I recall it being in an errata somewhere.

>> No.12155608


All bolt weapons in DW do Tearing (roll a extra die for damage, ignore lowest). The chainsword and chainfist also have Tearing.

>> No.12155627


I meant in all the games, including DH and RT. At least in the RT core, the bolters are marked as Tearing.

So it's not an unique quality to Astartes size bolt weapons only.

>> No.12155637


Ah well, bolt weapons in my DH rulebook don't have Tearing but I haven't been keeping up with Errata.

>> No.12155659

No. Chaplains in the Deathwatch don't make sense at all because every chapter has it's own rituals and ceremonys. this is what a chaplain does. so basicly he couldn't help the other team members from diffrent chapters at all

>> No.12155670

2d10 tearing and deathwatch training is nearly granted righteous furry^^
3d10 to score one 10 and rightous furry automaticly triggers against xenos

>> No.12155676

Righteous Furry gives you an extra die against yiffing.

>> No.12155769

>so i was thinking of picking up some space marines so my group could paint them how they want to represent their characters, would a regular tactical squad box be best for this? what extra weapons does it come with?

No. I'd reccomend you get a Marine Command Squad, this comes with Apothecary Options, 2 Deathwatch shoulder pads, plus a fair amount of other stuff (like scopes and auspexes) for the rest of your stuff, try findning it on websites that specialise in GW bits like BitzBox (http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/)

I know for a fact that they just got a new consignment of Deathwatch shoulderpads in, so get em while they're there.

Remind me, I don't have my book in front of me right now, but can Techmarines take Cyber-Skulls? I know they can buy Servitors with requisition, but I'm not sure if I saw Cyber Skulls in there.
I only ask as having another pair (or more) of disposable eyes that can fly seem like it would be a real asset to most missions the deathwatch find themselves in.

>> No.12155790

Errata fixes it so that all bolt weapons have the Tearing trait now. It's their defining feature.

>> No.12156077

no update from scanon?

>> No.12156210


>> No.12156250

have we all been ultra-trolled?

>> No.12156483


It's seems overly elaborate if so. He even went to the trouble of supplying a screenshot of him scanning pages into the computer.

My money is that he failed and the 400 pages has defeated him, and in his shame he hides away from us.

>> No.12156496

Or that he logged off of the Internet, and didn't expect people to still be waiting *over a day later*

>> No.12156531

ITT: poorfags.

Sure is nice having my copy of Deathwatch. That crisp new book smell. The crack of the spine as it's opened for the very first time. My God, it's like tongue punching a virgin.

> sernewis detective
Sernew is, you say? I'll keep an eye on him...

>> No.12156541


>> No.12156553

that's absurd good sir!

>> No.12156586

Will take some more questions if there are any.

There's 11 types of grenade: Blind, Frag, Incendiary, Krak, Nova, Plasma, Stasis, Stun, EMP, Photon Flash & Vortex.

>> No.12156634

Do they have Snare Grenades/Mines?

>> No.12156655

how many req are power weapons ?

>> No.12156663


You mean like a net launcher? Something to lock down a particular target? If so then Stasis grenades will freeze anything within the stasis field for 1d5 rounds, but stasis grenades are incredibly rare and if a kill-team is lucky enough to be given one, they only get one.

>> No.12156679


No, but the Snare quality is included in the Weapon Special qualities, and I seem to recall that there's stuff that uses the rule in the equipment though. Some kind of disposable straightjacket film that can allegedly "hold even an Ork".

If I was GM'ing I would allow you to take Webbers or Combi-Webbers depending on the mission though.

>> No.12156684


Power Axes and Swords are 20 Req and Respected renown. Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers and Power Fists are 30 (+15 for a pair of Claws) Req and need a Distinguished marine.

>> No.12156688


20 for both Power Swords and Power Axes. Power Swords do less damage but are balanced, Power Axes do more damage but are Unbalanced (-20 to parry).
Both are Respected level Reknown.

>> No.12156710

how far in the game would u get a power sword?

>> No.12156720

I 'think' if you take signature wargear you could take one straight off the bat. I may be worng, I am not too hot on how the renown/requisition system works in this.

>> No.12156726

Do the enemies actually have Challenge Ratings ( or something like that ) ?
Or is it DH style "Malleus Majoris" etc, ?

>> No.12156757

Just split into horde, Elite and Master level enemies. Hordes are your gribblies, Elites are genestealers etc and Masters should only be faced by the full squad as they are entities like Hive Tyrants.

>> No.12156760


You still have to meet the renown requirements.

Also, using Ultramarines rules to create a Sons of Orar (or some other close Successor) Tactical as usual squad leader, yes/no?

>> No.12156762

I noticed you can have mods/attachments for ranged weapons but is it possible to customize melee ?
If so what can you add ?

>> No.12156810

how does medals/honors works ? what are they for beside rpg value ?

>> No.12156897

Scanon have you abandoned your people?

>> No.12156905

thx ^^

>> No.12156907

Can someone post the stats of a relic blade plz ?

>> No.12156911


Yes, but I'd use the Primarchs Curse chart I gave with the Scythes of the Emperor rules, I did that with Ultramarine Successor chapters in mind.

>> No.12156948


Melee - 2d10+7 E Pen 9 Power Field with special rules that cause it to automatically break any melee weapon without energy field and a 25% chance of breaking one which normally wouldn't be able to be broken.

It's entirely possible that this means you can break natural weapons like lictors claws with this.

>> No.12156973

I've always allowed Power Fields to go thru natural weapons

>> No.12156984


Cool man, is it 2 handed ? what's the reqs for it ?

>> No.12156988

This. The Lord-Captain would be most upset if he wasn't allowed to cut the arms off whatever bestial xenos dare to raise their claws against him.

>> No.12156990


I thought the natural weapon rules said that they couldn't be broken (for never properly explained reasons.)?

Still, you're game your rules man.

That said, the aforementioned relic blade still gives you chance to break fellow power weapons, although it does point out that it can't break fellow relics.
I think they may mean ANYTHING from the Relic selection (like the Space Wolf Frosblade) rather than JUST Relic Blades.

>> No.12156998


Oh sorry: 50 Requisition, Hero level Reknown.

Hero level being the highest rank IIRC.

>> No.12157016

Damn, we're going to need another thread soon and still no updates from scanon.

>> No.12157174

Is the relic blade one or two handed ? TT is 2 handed but here might be different.

>> No.12157225

Anons, I just got home and I'm too lazy to reread the whole thread, what is the situation with the scans at the moment?

>> No.12157228

Scanon where are you ?

>> No.12157316

I know it sounds a bit heretical, but did he abandoned us? =(

>> No.12157346


One handed from the looks of it. I don't think there ARE any two-handed melee weapons for Space Marines, their ridiculous Muhreen strength and the recoil-compensators in the armour negate it.

>> No.12157402

Scanon will never die. He probably just has to sleep/work or both.

>franner 466

>> No.12157450

You know, thinking about it, the Angry Marines might be onto something with dual wielding Powerfists, as an Assault Marine with Dual Weapon Wielder (Melee) and Two Powerfists goes full attack on a target - He attacks twice and each hit does 2D10 + 12 Pen9 damage per hit.
Not to mention any other talents the Assault Marine has to his credit by the time he get's the reknown to pick up a pair of Power Fists.

>> No.12157559

Scananon here. Working on it. Just getting lunch and all that before the next 100 pages.

>> No.12157571

Oh mighty and glorious, Scanon, answer us, please, on what page do you work now?

>> No.12157574

How's it progressing?

>> No.12157577

Hurray, if this one starts auto-saging before then we'll start a new one and link to it in here. You continue to rock.

>> No.12157584

Page 101 will be started as soon as I'm done eating. Pancakes and such mean syrup... Syrup means potential book damage.

I'm taking it sort of slow, I know. But man, I wasn't expecting this much work to scan stuff! My librarian friend said she could only imagine having to get one of those glass plate rigs, and it just really isn't cost effective unless I had several books to do this to.

>> No.12157610


Did you solved problems this spontaneous cropping?

>> No.12157618

as far as I know, yeah. It happens a lot less often, but occasionally it pops up. I think it might actually be the driver. I'll run an update and such to see if that fixes anything.

>> No.12157627


You could just concentrate on getting the raw images online, and let us other anons help you with the color adjustments, proper page alignments and cropping and such.

Would probably go faster (and much easier for you).

>> No.12157630

it be too much to ask to deliver the first 100 pages as a zip file with just the jpgs (or whichever format you used) ? that whould give us some pace while you ork =) I know I'm selfish =/

>> No.12157637

I have the book. Heroic Scanon should probably enjoy his pancakes. I'll tell you what. I'll spend some time answering questions that you shoot my way in as best detail as I can (I have the book).


>> No.12157641

Patience, anon.

>> No.12157649

Sure thing, uploading to rapidshare now

>> No.12157657


What for would you do it, if Scanon would deliver whole book to everyone soon?

>> No.12157707

If you're really *that* impatient, I could deliver some answers to questions. Just cause I'm bored as shit.

I guess nobody has any, though.

I'll go back to reading the Deathwatch book.

Seriously guys, buy this shit.

>> No.12157716


Have a good day, anon

>> No.12157786

>buy this shit
Ordered, will be deliverd in 2-4 weeks

>> No.12157788 [DELETED] 

I must be patient. I must be patient. I must be patient. I must be patient. I must be patient. I must be patient. I must be patient. I must be patient. I must

>> No.12157813

Spent £200 on the collectors, I'm waiting for this shit to arrive but in the meantime I'll steal it

>> No.12157822


That's true anon spirit!

>> No.12157848

Love you Anon =)

>> No.12157849



>> No.12157864

scananon here once again!

Yes, I bought the CE as well, then picked up a table copy. I think that warrants this being A-OK, right? I mean really, 300 bucks total?

>> No.12157905

Mind letting us know exactly when it's there?

>> No.12157911

so is Scanon actually uploading the 1st 100 pages? O.O
I hope its not just trolling person q.q

>> No.12157915


Sure thing

captcha: seek roccull

He will show you the way.

>> No.12157942

I suggest after Scanon uploads the archive to move our discussion to the new thread, because the auto-sage is close.

>> No.12158010

New thread >>12157997

>> No.12158025


And where should we wait first 100 pages now? o_O

>> No.12158089

posting in a bump thread

>> No.12158125

For those that haven't seen:

>>12157997 is the new thread, no need to bump this one as it is close to auto-saging.

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