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Anyone up for some oldskool 'oh fuck, my eyes!' Chaos?

Selected images from Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness and The Lost and the Damned. Prepare yourselves, this ain't gonna be pretty.

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Nurgle, that most happy and fatherly of chaos gods. Here he is letting 'people' wander around inside of him.

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'Crud knows' the image is saved as. I stand by this title to this day.

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same again here.

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I shall support this thread with modern nightmare fuel.

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Tzeentch, emphasizing his HUGE.

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Probably doing what you think they're doing. Slanneshi fiends after all.

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Beakies make an appearance

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Looks like two warbands battling it out. This thread is awesome, by the way. Chaos used to be freaky and fucking cool. This is the reason I play WoC, this is the kind of shit the Marauders go home too.

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Something about this style of art freaks me the hell out.

I find they kinda captured that feeling a lot in the old chaos art.

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CHAOS !!! now in gif form.

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I quite like this artist. hard to look at but leaves a good impression despite lack of detail.

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>uff ninies

I think that would have been more appropriate for the last image, captcha.

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Block of text with this one about the character

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Elven killer rapist?

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damn. I never did take a good look at that scene. Freaky shit man. Freakier still how close the movies runs to 40k fluff.

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That scene was cut from the movie. Which is unfortunate.

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Oh God, that thing. Isn't that someone's vore fetish fursona monster whatever the fuck?

It's always really bothered me because the art is actually really good in a technical sense. It's just a touch on the side of reprehensible weirdness for me.

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It's called a Synx.

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Thats because it was cut from the final movie for being too graphic. Even more fun facts: the footage was mysteriously "permanently misplaced" a few months later.

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Ohh, yeah, I just I'm Feeling Lucky'd it. Holy shit, I remember that art.


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'Suggested for mature readers' for good reason.

Gotta love that medieval woodcut style they had going for a lot of this.

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>too graphic
What a crock.

It's much creepier peering into the bedroom. I am unnerved. Good thing I have a cat here to protect me.

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really now?
Miskatonic U Investogators GO!

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chaos boobs.

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W-what does it do?

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Hello children.

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>invorr art

In vore art? Kinky, Captcha.

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Why are dolls/puppets so terrifying?

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Serious props to the artist for actually managing to make the original blood thirster look as scary as intended.

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Awful things.

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I've never found those things scary.. they're still just white fluffy fetish fuel for deranged furries... and the one in that picture has a retarded looking mouth anyway

Whenever I point this out I tend to get a lecture whereby people TELL me why I should fear them... but it all seems to be a rather informed ability

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Uncanny Valley

Short story about an inquisitor in this one.

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never play the factory level in Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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Another short story, this time about a great unclean one thats feeling a bit down.

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That looks suspiciously like the gargoyle from HeroQuest.

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And as I get into the Slaves to darkness part, we reach the 'Adrian Smith makes chaos work' art.

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>joccal wife

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Well, smith and the other guy with a similar style.

Disc surfing, woo.

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I think it's the pictures plus what the artist writes about them that creeps me out.

My sister's an artist, like, MA in Fine Arts artist. The way she writes about her non-creepy painting and the way that artist writes about her (iirc, it's a girl) creepy paintings is just really similar.

Something about it just weirds me out. Not sure if want. I mean, definitely do not want sexually - but in a sense of, "wow, that is a really well-constructed painting and that artist has really good control over form and weight" sort of way.

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It's teeth might be scary but it's jaw looks too thin for it not to look like it loses teeth with ridiculous frequency. Also, those big popping eyes are way too large and too close to the mouth, so, if attacked by that, just go for it's eyes, it's not like you can miss.
Inb4 lol how can you maintain conciousness when it attacks you if it's so skery and got long teef? the teeth of a Great White are wider and serrated (ergo, more painful) and people still manage to hit it while it's tearing them in half

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Seriously, even the original horrors look creepy here.

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3 eyed elephant headed giant daemon with people hanging from its belt? Yep.

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It's not safe to go back in the water.

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Technically, because it's supposed to have crammed itself into your air vents/freezer/drawer/mattress and is swallowing you whole and/or melting your flesh when it sneaks out in the middle of the night or when you're unprepared.
It's a stealthy ambush scavenger, not a beatstick.

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I fucking love candy canes.

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>crammed itself into tight spaces

That's right... it's supposed to have no bonesor something so it mostly slithers towards you in a limp, fleshy way

And yet despite all this it still maintains a trim, highly feminine figure

I call bullshit

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>melts your skin and/or swallows you whole.
Then why the teeth? A larger, gullet-style mouth would be more useful

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Probably because since it's not real, it doesn't have to make sense.

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Dragon Ogre being intimidating and huge.

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the shit is that from?

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I think this thread is what happens when you mix /x/ and 40k. It is shocking and appalling.

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Oh, it has bones.
They're just flexible or something.
And it also melts and reforms flesh, so fuckifino.

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Event Horizon. Great movie.

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That's all I got folks.

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Nurgle gets flaggelants too.

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The old chaos art just makes me wish chaos in miniatures form had managed to stay as utterly horrifying as it was intended to be. Whilst sculpting/casting ability wasn't really there for it back then, it is now but its become far less horrifying in imagery I find, lacking that direct inspiration from old artwork about hell, especially the utterly fucked up work by Hieronymus Bosch and such.

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>my face when that appeared in Jennifer's Body.

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I like how back in the day, they tried to make a lot of stuff look like H.R. Giger drew it.

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coming close to the end of my run now

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forgot my image, damn captcha

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and I'm still not sure exactly what is supposed to be happening here.

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+Of course they missed the whole sexual undertones part.

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The Lost and the Damned notably had a 'roll up your own lesser chaos god and his daemonic servants' thing. Pretty damn awesome it is too, with its random daemon name generator and D1000 charts.

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What movie is this, and where can I find it?

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I want a Chaos Terminator that looks like this.

Was it ever actually a miniature or am I going to have to do some hardcore converting?

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Why does that techpriest have a chainsaw coming out of his mouth.

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Adeptus Mechanicus originally.

Last of my run from the Chaos books, ending on Orks, including Ork with top hat. Because Orks get in everywhere.

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Event Horizon. Cheesy as fuck and opinions vary on whether it manages to pull of so-bad-it's-good or not, but /tg/ fucking loves it because for all practical purposes it's about how humanity found out you don't attempt warp travel without a Gellar field.

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oh, yeah. I've been making good use of that for the different runes to put on all my Chaos stuff. I just wish that some codex or army book would give more of the "chaos language" than is in the Warriors of Chaos army book for Fantasy, so I could give various Heralds, Sorcerors and Chaos Lords names in Chaos-speak.

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Yes, there was a miniature of that exact terminator.

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gotta love the AdMech art style where they aren't as mechanical as they are tentacly and Lovecraftian.

although for the Dark Mechanicum, the biomechanical style would be great, with more obvious mechanical parts.

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any idea what year? I'm going to have to track that bitch down now.

meanwhile, in WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU PUT THE AMMO land...

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I like how Genestealers used to worship Khorne.

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Genestealers + Chaos = prepare your anus.

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seriously, Chaos, wtf

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i don't understand. its supposed to be scary?

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What was their fluff like? Current genestealer fluff seems a bit too subtle for modern Khorne.

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It was pretty much the same, with genestealer cults infiltrating a planet and what-not, but for some reason they liked putting Khorne symbols on things. Also, a genestealer cult army could take summoned daemons from all of the Chaos gods.

(note the banner and the grille on the right-hand limo)

>> No.12144549

the chaos genestealers were what happened if the cult was notably weak, so the patriarch makes a pact with a chaos god (any of them work) so he can keep his brood going. The chaos stuff let them bring in beastmen and other mutants to help strengthen their forces, as well have mutations/blessings.

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Noone gives two shits if you don't find something here realistic or scary.

Stop posting

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Way to fail at posting.

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So were they still agents of the 'nids?

Genestealer fluff has always been a bit strange to me. It feels like it was forced into the 'nids fluff, they seem to have different styles and would be better off as separate factions.

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they were separate from the Tyranids until 2e

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yeah i deleted that post .... pretty blazed right now.

I stand by the statement though. theres no point in coming into a thread about scary monsters and screaming


like some godamned aspie 12 year old.

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>a thread about scary monsters

what about a thread about super creeps?

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And what's the point of your posts? Do you think the people you quoted are going to pen an eloquent apology and promptly delete their posts?

You're blowing this out of proportion in order to spout off and get attention.

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so lets drop it and be friends.

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Ah. That makes sense. That was always a big WTF in Tyranid fluff for me.

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Did I just see some mod action in here or what?

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I wish the Tyranids would loose control of the genestealers and the lictors would leave with them.

By "leave" I mean develop independent reproduction and have the hive mind scrub the pattern as untrustworthy.

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No. It was your imagination. Go back to your daily routine.

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Because that way, you could justify bug porn?
Fuck off.

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Actually no, I would not give a shit if it was spores or egg laying or bugporn.

I just don't like the ravening horde as much as I like the sneaky bastards.

>> No.12144934

God dammit I hate living in a police sta-

"What was that?"

No-nothing, minding my own buisness, honest.

"Pick up that can."

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Hormagaunts reproduce independently via egg laying. Faggots have used that to justify bug porn. I don't trust you.

>> No.12144975

>not into bug porn.

It is YOU SIR who are not worth of trust!

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Nomming is 53% more enjoyable with 3 trillion of your closest friends.

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I read "I don't trust you" in a friend's voice...

He usually talks that way...

>> No.12144999

Er... worthy, that is.

I HAVE GROWN INCOHERENT IN MY (totally legitimate in these trying circumstances) BLUSTER!

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I like my porn at least tentatively plausible, with a minimum of irritating attention whoring tripfags.

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Militant anon?
Or just don't like the tripfags who elaborate on personal lives?

Either way she/he/it dumps images like the fucking collector, so I am willing to forgive just about anything.

>> No.12145223

Who the fuck cares? He may dump pictures, but he also pretends to be a girl while lapping up attention. Fuck him.

>> No.12145282

Oh shit, ME2 collectors are bugs...


>> No.12145331

> Faggots have used that to justify bug porn. I don't trust you.

Faggots will find a way to turn anything into porn so meh. Find another reason.

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>mfw I clicked on that

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