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So I've been getting back into DoW2 lately and used to be an Ork player, but I have recently found myself being a Space Marine player and am having nore fun than I have ever had in any Dawn of War game.

What race do you play, and what tactics/gear do you use?

Here's a site that has the statistics of all the units, vehicles, structures, heroes, and more with graphs and charts about almost everything/


Plus, the vid of an insane match.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE9BzRzikHg (Part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vR_66B9HHI&feature=related (Part 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAYzmWjmBDE&feature=related (Part 3)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0KnJuE13ZY&feature=related (Part 4)

Heres hoping for Tau in Retribution

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>Heres hoping for Tau in Retribution

Tau are a long ranged unit, and since that role already belongs to eldar I dont see that happening.

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Holy shit, how long did it take to find all those stats?

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Well, I would think they'd add Tau or ImpGuard, and the entire philosophy of the ImpGuard (that is, dig in and hold ground, fight wars of attrition with infantry getting ground up supported by many tanks) is pretty much anathema to the game design (focus on small squads, unit survivability, few tanks, mobile battles, very limited fortification).

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They're just taken from the gamecode directly iirc


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Beats starcraft where all you have to do is spam mass units to win. This tactic almost never works in dawn of war 2 all the videos OP posted are further proof, I remember watching the videos an hour or so ago when I was just sitting around with nothing to do.

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(3 parts to it)

Here's one of my replays from... I think 2 patches ago? Anyways, we ended up winning after getting down to 1 VP left... and bringing them down from 300 VPS to win it. Regardless, they were disappoint.

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The narrator is funny as hell.

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> Beats starcraft where all you have to do is spam mass units to win.

Yeah, just try doing that in anything but bronze league. You'll get your ass handed to you.

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Bought the THQ pack when it was on sale, mostly for this and company of heroes, only to find that I cannot run DoW2.

Shit sux.

I'm too poor to afford a new video card too.

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>implying terran need to do anything but mass marauders to destroy a protoss

Sure he needs to build a handful of vikings if you go voidrays, but overall it's probably the best strat; great against colossi, and decent against storms.

Moreso than marines and tanks, at least.

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Happened for me and a friend of mine, too.

I got a new computer, though, but now I'm ronery and have nobody to play with. ;_;

I don't really play the multiplayer much, but I play the -shit- out of The Last Stand.

Level 16-ish Marine Commander with a Plasma Rifle, jump pack, and healy thing, I think.

Shit is cash.

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Whenever I get Terminators I always upgrade them and support them with an Apothicary and a Tactical Squad with a Sergeant to keep them alive through out the rest of the match. In fact, I started a thread about that yesterday....

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