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==Confirmed weapons==

-Bolter (can be upgraded w/ scope)
-Bolt Pistol (unlimited ammo)
-Plasma Gun (attached under bolt gun)
-Powersword (how they are going to balance this with the Chainsword I don't know)
-Power Fist

=Special Weapons=

-Thunder Hammer
-Heavy Bolter
-Grenade Launcher
-Assault Cannon

There are still seven weapons we don't know about yet....

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>Assault Cannon

Terminator armor con-fucking-firmed!

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I wouldn't bet on it.

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All I need is a chainsword and a steady supply of xenos scum.

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I wish to be a Dreadnought.

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They probably confused an assault cannon with a heavy bolter....

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>plasma gun (attached under bolt gun)

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>What is a combi-weapon?

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Ever hear of combi-weapons?

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They also mentioned a customizer in several of the interviews and showed the option on the work-in-progress-menu, but they didn't click on it.

This pretty much confirmes an army painter and armour customization.

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>-Grenade Launcher

You think they actually mean missile launcher? Because it seems kind of wierd that this is the only scout weapon in the game if it is in.

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You can't be sure of that.
Let's not party until we know for sure.

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Angry Marines
The Video Game

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>post your face when you find out they have an angry marine paint set for the players.

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That helmet he's wearing looks like shit compared to the trailer versions.

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>Plasma Gun
>Power Fist
>Thunder Hammer

way to copy fallout warhammer, very original

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baby's first troll

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I think it's the other way around, boyo....

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>Way to copy Fallout, Warhammer, very original.


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"Back in my day, trolling meant something" ect. ect.

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Space marines - Supermutants

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You forgot power armor hurpa derp

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I hope we fight more than jusy orks.

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Fallout never really ripped off 40k.

It was always more of a Mad Max ripoff anyway.

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>Grenade Launcher

Imperial Guard con-fucking-firmed!

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Maybe Powersword is an upgrade to Chainsword, or it's simply a lot harder to use; Powersword may be awesome, but Chainsword is easier to use.

And/or sheer goddamn costs. I can't imagine Powerswords are cheap.

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Easier to use?
Eh, with a powersword you only have to keep in mind that resting it activated on your shoulder is a bad idea.

Chainswords are unwieldy like chainsaws.

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Maybe powersword is 2-handed while chainsword is one-handed.

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In War40K? The more ridiculous it is the easier it is to use.

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That's why powerfists and thunderhammers are slow as fuck compared to other melee weapons, right?

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the screenshots I've seen don't look that good.

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Screenshots without heavy shooping tends to look damn shitty compared to the actualy game in movement.

Take Trine for example, if I hadn't seen the trailers only the screenshots I'd still think it's fugly.

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in the trailer i saw an autocannon but no assault cannon

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This, I distinctly remember seeing the MC carrying a guard-issue autocannon.

Which was fairly awesome, as a side note. I wonder about the fire rate though - every book and codex I've read portrays the autocannon differently. I see it, I think kind of a whump-whump-whump weapon, a la Dawn of War.

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So, any guesses as to who is going to be the true enemy using the Orks as a distraction? Because you all know that's what Relic will do.

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More Orks.

Those Kunnin' Bastards.

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warhammer vidya's always been dissapointing with visuals n' story. Relic doesn't do a great job to capture the 40k style. It's Good Enough though

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Chaos, I can't wait to crush some deamonettes

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Even though it's been pretty much confirmed as not true, I still liked that rumour going around that the game would be set during the Second Armageddon War.

That would have been a damn good idea, a chance to show the Ork's as being more than just ramshackle catspaws, and a chance to explore just what the Ultramarines supposedly DID during that conflict, as EVERYBODY remembers that the Blood Angels were involved thanks to 2nd Ed 40k, and a few more might remember that the Salamanders were involved too, but NOBODY ever remembers that the Ultra's were there as well.

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As predictable and inevitable as that plot "twist" is, I'm okay with it. More races means more variety, and it's really just a tossup between Chaos and Eldar.

If you haven't noticed, Muhreens, Orks, Chaos, and Eldar are the only races that consistently make appearances when 40k goes mainstream.

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forgot autocannon OP its near the end of the 200 years trailer

so yea, autocannon confirmed for special weapon

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forgot my link

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Chaos. Definitely Chaos. Not even a question really.

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Are the marines in this smurfs? Holy crap, I think this may be the first time Relic made a marine chapter other than Bald Ravens the focus of a game.

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The head developer of the game (the one with the neck beard) confirmed that "Captain Titus will get a chance to use a Jump Pack".


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underbarell nade launcher

it's in the codex

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>Can be a black templar
Fuck yes
>can't be a space wolf

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>"We'z part'a da Greatuh Good now!"
>Suddenly Tau. Tau everywhere.


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The squats

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>Tau as the main enemy in a CQC focused game

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>suggesting Orks would join the Greater Good

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Don't the Tau HAET the Ork's though? They're like one of their major antagonists for the Tau empire aren't they? The Orks are basically the Mongol Hordes to Tau's Japan.

Complete with a massive Ork armada getting blown away from the Tau worlds thanks to a freak warp-storm.

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Hope we get to fight Kommandos

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Now that WOULD be a twist.

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inb4 fighting tau is the tutorial level.

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>Here we have a Tau Fire Caste squad. They're shooting at you, how cute! Use the Dash attack to get in close, followed by Down+B for a sweeping head-chopping finisher.
>Looks like they were dumb enough to bring an Ethereal! Get out your boltgun and put on your trollface!

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"Press X to cut the harmless training dummy in half! Wait, my mistake, that's a Crisis Commander."

>> No.12137451


Crisis commanders are flying rape dispensers in Deathwatch. All with the fireknife config, because they're bastards like that.

Whole rest of race is babies tho.

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>Here we have a Tau Fire Caste squad. They're shooting at you, how cute! You are now a pile of plasma ash. I guess cover isn't for pussies after all, is it smart guy?

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>AP 5 weapon
>3+ save
>Tau heads mounted on my wall

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>30 range
>Simply fall back whenever the giant target get's close.
>For the greater fucking good

>> No.12137533


>Any IG vehicle > pulped Tau
>Troll face for being a better shooty army currently

>> No.12137534


>Corner xenos scum on board edge.
>Victorious slaughter.
>For the motherfucking Emperor.

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>Remember that Tau are slow as fuck
>Catch up to them and hack their limbs off

>> No.12137539

>Tau firing at Fluff-Marine
>Shots Bounce off his armor and hit them back in their faces
>He runs so fast he's practically teleporting his fist into their face
>The last one left explodes out of fear when the Marine glares at him funny

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>>12137479I guess cover isn't for pussies after all
>>3+ sv

you don't play warhammer

>> No.12137550

>>12137519>Simply fall back whenever the giant target get's close.

he don't 40k

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I think eldar are the only people who's infantry can shoot space marines to death

>> No.12137572


I'm pretty sure we worked out that a Magnitude 20 Fire Warrior Horde would rape all kinds of face.

Although not in close combat admittedly. I think they have a Strength Stat in the 20's.

>> No.12137581


Haha, oh god, that's hilarious.

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That's why I wanna play a CC Murheen with powerfist when we get DW.

Ooooh, Tau horde?

Brother Tadius simply drops down the sewers, and with the help of his auspex KOOL-AID OOOOOOH YEAAAAHHHH his way through the street right into the Tau horde.

I did that trick before but that was with a Guardsman using detpacks to blow an unit of Eldar down into the sewers where they all flushed down into some squig-shark infested part of the sewer.

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To be honest, at the point where you can take a powerfist, you'll most likely be able to do that.
Except as an Assault Marine you won't be doing something so pedestrian as charging along the ground.


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Get the fuck out you fucking scrub. Go back to /v/

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a possible difference between the chainsword and the power sword would be their effects. Powerswords might be able to do more average damage against nay opponent due to its ability to cut through armor. The chainsword will probably do more damage because its a chain saw, possibly causing bleeding damage, but it will do less damage against armored opponents. the thunder hammer and powerfist would have the benefit of both, big damage and armor cutting, but they would be alot slower or deny you the use of a side arm.

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rolled 38361 = 38361

Sort of want

>> No.12138073

rolled 37119 = 37119

I wonder if there is Terminator Armor...

>> No.12138092

But power weapons are excellent against heavily armoured soldiers.

If anything, the chainsword would be excellent for enemies with little armour.

>> No.12138111

Then there's the segment where you apparently surf a baneblade into battle.


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suit spam > spess mahreens

26 plasma guns and 9 TL rail guns own space marines (period)

>> No.12138127

That is the idea I'm basing my hypothesis upon. The power sword will cleave easily through armor, but in the end it is just still a sword meaning the wounds it will cause are nothing compared to the whirring teeth of a chainsword. Were as the chainsword will do some insane damage, but the damage will drop off incrementally the more heavily armored the opponent. I apologize for not making this clear enough in my original statement.

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rolled 7394 = 7394

God I hope there is Terminator Armor.

>> No.12138181

I highly doubt that.

Try playing a Spess Murheen commander older then 12 and you'll see your mistake.

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>implying cover and assault phases don't exist

>> No.12138366

>but in the end it is just still a sword meaning the wounds it will cause are nothing compared to the whirring teeth

That's rather flawed, since a power sword can cleave through virtually everything - a marine isn't just going to chop a few inches into someone - they're going to go straight through, and carve them into pieces.

>> No.12138382

You're pointing out the difference between clean-cut amputation and chainsawed amputation. Both hurt like hell on someone without armor, but I guess the chainsaw one would take longer.

>> No.12138383

Indeed, but that said it is generally portrayed that way--chainswords are better at killing high Toughness poorly armored enemies, whereas power swords turn enemies that rely mostly on armor to survive into a fine julienne.

>> No.12138645

how about this. the powersword negates armor and deals more damage than the chainsword. they are not balanced or meant to switched between based on the situation.

>> No.12138662

What about high-Toughness, heavily armored guys?

>> No.12138690

So, who's composing the score?

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Get on a killstreak and call for a Vendetta.

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This is true, in tabletop a powersword is quite simply BETTER than a chainsword. In DoW2, I think similarly levelled chainswords and powerswords would have the chainsword strike faster and deal greater base damage, but suffer against armour and become next to useless against vehicles, whereas powerswords struck slow and hard.

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Were this so, and were it not against the rules of this forum I would show you what was going on in my pants at the thought of it.
The apaches ARE back.

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