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Did I tell you guys I love you lately, /tg/?

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We love you too, Cultist-Chan

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>speaking in clear English
You're not Cultist-Chan! You're not Cultist-Chan at all!
*draws sword*

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Ugh, how long will it take to get this 'mascot' banned? Cynder and Flare are gone, I'm waiting for cultistchan to bite the dust.

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that is so goddamn deppressing. Have a black widornet

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did hwee tehll hyoo gaiz hwee lahv hyoo latelleeh, /tg/?

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It's a pic for the blank sheet to be made into anything. A forced meme by posting the original. Just delete the cultist chan on that image and you got the original.

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*sheathes sword*

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Shut up. While threads like this are annoying, dont besmirch Cultist.

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He says while saging.

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Cull-teest Sawn all-so heer.

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Someone call Slaneesh to fix that shit.

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I'm sure it was posted with a blank sheet, but I kind of doubt it was drawn like that.

Oh well. I suppose I'll never be sure of what the original was.

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No...no, I think it's better this way.

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I fuckin love deathleaoers!!!!

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AND deathleapers!

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Meta thread, reporting to janitor.

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Nah, shit's just roleplaying. Get your shit straight.

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That's the thing I don't get....is this guy just Cultist-Chan temporarily warped by Slaanesh, from an alternate universe where everyone's gender is reversed, or just plain old fashioned 63?

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It's her brother: cultist-kun, which is almost totally the opposite of her.

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I have question, when Cultist-chan is fully develop, how big is her rack?

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Refer to the cultist is warlord image.

Which I don't have it.

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Nope it's her son.

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Then why the fuck does he smell like bacon. I mean, why is the reports stating he smells like bacon?

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If she is not bigger than Power girl, then I will stop being a fan of her.

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That's sort of impossible.

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Reports are stating he smells bacon?

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Dude, Chaos. Random shit tends to happen.

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Bullshit, she haves Slaanesh and Khorne marks. Is a simple combo, the Dark Prince gives her huge breasts and the Skull lord the strength for carry them around.

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Largest breasts I've ever seen on her

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Dear Slaneesh.
I could fall in love.

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Can we dump Cultist-Chan pics now?

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Never ask for her banana picture.

You do not want to see the banana picture.

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>Dear slaanesh: I could fall into that cleavage and suffocate.

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crap, this is my fetish

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63. It's from a DA art meme.

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Ah. No in universe explanation then?
She's got boobies, so don't hold your breath.

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He might not, but I've been around here too long not to have a morbid curiosity.

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The twin brother thingy sounds fun to me.

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You just want slaanesh-approved wincest.


And so do I.

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Whee lavh hjoo theeghee!

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Meh, I'm only into girl on girl stuff, but I do think that is would be acceptable wincest.

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what are you, a faggot?

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Is a male
Likes girl on girl
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm not a faggot.

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You could be a transsexual female who is a lesbian.

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Okay...I can get behind this.

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A lesbian in a man's body? Shit, you caught me.

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I forget how that works, you go from your gender identity after SRS, right?

So you'd technically be straight until SRS occurred, at which time you would be rendered lesbian?

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Let's face it, most of us are lesbians in the bodies of men.

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That's not Cultist-Chan, Cultist-Chan has purple hair!

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Heets kay-ohs, shelli!

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That depends. How long will it take you to realize that I am pumping fatty globs of my manlord chowder into your pulsating protruding butthole. I cum in you 420 every day.

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shouldnt she have 3 tits by now? slaanesh worshiping does those things you know...

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<Does not like how thread is going

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I think she'd pick up the tongue first...

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look, you might not like the concept of cultist - but here's the fun facts:

1) she's an example of 40K OC, making her /tg/ related in the eyes of the mods

2) your opinion does not dictate the actions of mods and janitors here

your best solution would be to shut up and ignore threads and topics you don't want to part of.

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>your best solution would be to shut up and ignore threads and topics you don't want to part of.

Your forgetting the part where these types of things are self perpetuating so if they are ignored instead of fought they will eventually leach to /tg/ reaching saturation of shit tier content.

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Why did we ever come up with Flare in the first place? That's one gay ass looking dragon.... and why would a dragon wear jewelry instead of just making a large pile of it?

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Oh god, you guys saw the Cultist Chan dakimakura drawing?

WHY in fuck's sake they had to make her a futa?

It ruined my dreams of having it printed on a real pillowcase

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shoop it dude...y

>> No.12112820


I lack the skills to do so


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post it, i'll shoop it into a non-peen version

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I swear there is Wakfu in this one

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The fuck?

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Also Gene in Clutist-chan cloths.

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No jokes man, I would love that pic if it wasn't for the penis.

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I'm not sure if the artist should be kicked in his balls or get a high-five for that.

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I for one, dont mind a bit of futa, but i am a perverted bastard.

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Futa Cultist sucks. Futa fucking Cultist, that is better.

But not Futa Cultist

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Indeed. Other threads distracted me.

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Im not going to say anything, just think about it...

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I'd say that being a homosexual doesn't necessarily make you a perverted bastard.

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What pic? You link leads to an on-topic /tg/ related post that for some reason isn't there any more.


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Well that's what I mean.

Futa Adeptas + Cultist = win

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I'm sorry for you.

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Boy, that mod sure is angry lately.

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I know, its crazy!



Also "PESH"

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Tyranids would gain no additional biomass from attacking orks. each planet only has so much nutients (im assuming carbon based chemicals but same for whatever tyranids are made of), orks take biomass from the planet and turn it into orks.

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Thats nice

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Wrong thread, bro. This is a Clutist thread.


Image sniped me man!

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Ahaha, so true

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We need more like this, for the love of Slaanesh!

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>Futa Adeptas

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A link for WCDK deviant art.

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No idea whats going on here, but i do think we may have a hivemind going on...

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And im off to get a few odd jobs done. Be back later.

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To whoever's doing the shop? Could you post it off-site and link to it here? Mods are OK with links as long as you don't post it directly.

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i too would love to see that shoop.

also, anyone else notice how 4chan has SEVEN porn boards, and yet non-realistic, non-animu porn is not allowed on a single one?

just tossing that out there.

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And im back.


There is /i/ but... no.

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someone needs to post that in a more delicious template varient. with chaos inspired 3rd panel

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D'aaw, she and Sister Ringarde had a little kid/
She is adowable- though I'm not sure if she's extra-heretical or only a little heretical.

>> No.12113610

She's half pure and half-heretical... So, uh, I guess she could play for both teams if she wants.

>> No.12113626

I can imagine her saying something like:

>> No.12113645

>half pure
>Ringarde, making babies with notorious Chaos cultist
I don't think so, Tim.

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Well, it all started with a dream...

>> No.12113701

Need more! Have been looking for that comic forever!

>> No.12113704

That pic is awful on a large variety of levels.

>> No.12113705

...and Ringarde's somewhat dubious attraction...

>> No.12113723

Some reciprocation, because....uh...I really don't know why.

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its on 1d4 chan fatass

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>> No.12113745

I wonder how Culteest and Ringarde met?

>> No.12113746

There were the inevitable culture conflicts....

>> No.12113768

Gah, beat me to it.
I understand they shared a common high school, and hooked up after Scout left for full induction into the Ultramarines.
Poor thing was probably pretty lonely.

>> No.12113790

Well, timed passed, and Khulteeeest...died.
It's what Cultists do, kids or no.

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>> No.12113824

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

>> No.12113830

But fortunately her unusually pure devotion to running around "captooring" objectives for no better reason except for the sake of Chaos won her a rebirth...

>> No.12113845

You are not alone in these sentiments.

>> No.12113849


Oh gods.

Wait a minute.

This has all happened before...


>> No.12113871

Ultimately the Dark Gods demand servants and however small and squishy, Khulteest serves true.

>> No.12113872

Probably started with a simple hello, ya know?

>> No.12113912

The saga continues!

>> No.12113935

...but to what end? Only the Dark Gods know...

>> No.12113951

There is no such thing as "a little heretical".
It's heresy, or it's not. And that hybrid is an abomination.

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>> No.12113974

he mad

>> No.12113975


forgot reference:

>emeraw lationship
No, captcha : that's EXTRA-HERETICAL!

>> No.12113977

Cultist chan always seemed to me to be the avatar of all the good qualities that the Chaos gods represent but rarely embody (Tzneetch= Hope, Slaanesh= love, Khorne= honor, nurgle=compassion)
Who knows? Maybe her ultimate destiny is to bring a little of these ideals back to the Warhammer 40k universe.

>> No.12113995

This hybrid?

>> No.12114000


No, it just seemed appropriate.

>obteav alcohol
Do not think to tempt me, for my faith is a shield proof against your blandishments.

>> No.12114004

>love, compassion

Bit redundant there, bro. Also, Nurgle was resilience. At least I think.

>> No.12114007

That could be, she has sometimes unusual effects on other servants of Chaos.
And there might not be more valor in anyone else among them.

>> No.12114022


Ask Dranon how that's working out ...

>> No.12114059

Well, Nurgle is defiance born of despair and hopelessness
I guess Slaanesh's thing is also perfection as well.

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HAH! I got it before the Mod deleted it!

>> No.12114091

wow, the janitor works fast, doesn't he?

>> No.12114095


I'll bet HE saved it first, too.

>> No.12114103

someone wanted the 'banana' pic without dong

i finally finished the shoop

it was a bitch with all the shading... so i consider this a shitty shoop

oh well

also, per new board rules its linked not posted:


enjoy it until some moralfag reports it

>> No.12114115


actually it wasn't a mod - it was me (who shooped it) because i didn't wanna get B& - /tg/ being my favorite board and all... hehe

its posted again - well, linked, via my photobucket. get it while it lasts (will reupload if asked)

>> No.12114130

Not her without the tattoos.

>> No.12114142

Mods are OK with links, as long as it's not posted directly.

>> No.12114148


the original didn't have tats either - shoop them on yourself or stop whining

>> No.12114163


lol i know - thats why i linked it... right after i 'accidentally' posted it... because then i remembered the rules, deleted the post (hense the 'oh mods sure are quick' responses) and then reuploaded to photobucket...


i'm gonna go play Deux Ex now.

>you now want to play Deux Ex

>> No.12114232

I was thinking of writing a Cultist/Ringarde fic-
Do you think anon would be interested if I posted it?

>> No.12114242 [DELETED] 


I didn't. Can haz?

>> No.12114246


Link to original? :3

>> No.12114248

Got the one with the angry marine?

>> No.12114292

>you now want to play Deux Ex
No. I want more Liara missions :(
Deus Ex is a really great game though.

>> No.12114312

Yes indeed

>> No.12114324


it was actually posted here - but a janitoot took it down

just poke around sup/tg/ or something - i'm sure its been posted before

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>> No.12114405

It's on 1d4chan.


>> No.12114419

Reporting for Metathread

I'm a good boy.

>> No.12114421


As long as it doesn't contain the same themes as the last time Cultist and Ringarde appeared together in a story

>> No.12114445

What was the last story they appeared in?

>> No.12114457

hyooo gonnha gets raeped!

>> No.12114461

A Dranon's Delight story. For some, enough said.

>> No.12114475

>Reporting for Metathread

>I'm a huge tool.

>> No.12114495

Oh god, of course not.
Nothing like that.

>> No.12114516


Do it

Hyuu know hyuu wahnt tu

>> No.12114577


>> No.12114583

No I do not.

>> No.12114688

>> No.12114965


Yees, hyuu doo

>> No.12116804

>> No.12117811

that's a really fucked-up face.

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>> No.12122894 [DELETED] 

>> No.12122953

>> No.12122967


best picture in this thread hands down, it's like /tg/ in a nutshell.

well, so is this picture...so I guess we have 2 nuts.

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>> No.12124752

Shocked this hasn't turned up yet.


Why is this thread not dead yet? Got some hardcore fan or something bumping it still I guess.

>> No.12124791

Me too.
Makes me kind of ashamed that I haven't even started my cultist writefaggotry actually

>> No.12124825

Posting this. I'm related to it somehow.

>> No.12124899

>> No.12124905

We need pics of her with her sister, that psyker chick who loves that female Commissar.

>> No.12124909

I always imagined Dranon speaking the same voice Wrex does

>> No.12124917

>this thread

>> No.12124922

I don't think Boone is Cultist's sister.


>> No.12124923


>implying that is her sister

>> No.12124928

You mean cuddles and boone?

>> No.12124949

I'm not implying any such thing. I'm SAYING it. Learn what implying means.

That said, /tg/ decided many moons ago that they were sisters separated through the weird effects of time in the Warp. So about 100 years separates them due to warp eddies, with Boone having been found by the Imperium just after Cultist-chan was taken by Chaos.

You must be new around these parts.

>> No.12124954

First time I see her. Requesting more.

>> No.12124966

Boone is awesome! And she likes chocolate. Enough that a female COMMISSAR saved it up to give to her for Valentines day...

>> No.12124968

I forget the place these came from.

Discontinued though.

>> No.12124969

Circle A.

>tercheat removal
No way....

>> No.12124992

Circle A?

Ohshit. I won't mention his other works here...

>> No.12125003


Colossal Faggot has a devart page. Mr-Culexus is the name he goes by.

>> No.12125013


Just because some of us aren't here 24/7 refreshing all threads doesn't mean you get to go around calling people newfags

>> No.12125025

Wow, you ARE new here. That's exactly what it means, good sir. You would deprive /tg/ of one of its fundamental RIGHTS? For shame!

Seriously, don't take life so seriously. If you're not new, then obviously it shouldn't bother you :P

>> No.12125026

Mr. Culexus still does Cuddles, Boone, and Raege stuff at his DA account, I don't think it's been discontinued.
Also, who is circle A?

>> No.12125028

You're probably thinking of Chink.

Also, Circle-A's site: http://novicenoah.egloos.com/

>> No.12125035

Isnt Boone a Nobleman's daughter?

>> No.12125044

>butthurt newfag

>> No.12125046

... No.
Not ratting him out. Especially here.

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