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It's unbelievable! Why not even a page of it still not in electronic format?

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Scans out yet?

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this is relevent to my interests

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You offering, OP?

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Just buy it, man.

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There are a few pages scanned here and there.

It might be getting scanned right now. The guy who did Into The Storm posted it with no warning or fanfare at all. Just a download link.

That said, the book is a leviathan and it's a pain in the arse to scan that many pages. It's far more likely for someone not to bother than go through the effort of scanning ~400 pages.

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Britfag here. My LFGS has it in. Going to go get a copy.


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Fellow britfag here. Got it delivered yesterday. Housemates immediately demanded to roll up characters. Got a Black Templar Assault Marine and a Dark Angel Tech-Marine now. So much hatred.

The Black Templar did choose Gregarious as his demeanour, though. That'll be interesting to see.

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I've bought my copy. It's on its way right now.

Still want a PDF though.

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Still another 8 weeks for those of us money-dumb enough to buy the CE, but hey, I feel it's money well spent.

>Connec Zecrask
thanks for the NPC name, Captcha

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A PDF would allow me to continue to read up while I'm at work. Which would be handy.

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Me, I'll wait for the OEF.

I need it in book form AND in French for the DM to read, anyway. The two GMs in my groups refuse to play on untranslated books. One because he can't read English at all, the other because he sucks at it so much.

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OEFs are nice and all, but if you want to play with people online RIGHT NOW it's nice to be able to just have one guy with the book as opposed to every damn player.

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Housemates rolling up a new party. Everyone wants to be Dark Angels. Hide erection.

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So many secrets. Enjoy making every mission go FUBAR as the entire Kill-Team freaks out at the hint of one of the fallen being about.

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Comrades, if someone of you really have book already, could you be so kind and upload here photos of "Contents"? This will not reveal any huge secrets I think but it'll be cognitive.

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Are you Frenchfag or Quebecoisfag?

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Our group looks set to have a Space Wolf Tactical Marine, a Blood Angel Apothecary, a Dark Angel Librarian (me) and either a Black Templar Assault Marine or maybe Space Wolf Long Fang.

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murphy's law is beaten!
i ordered my book and still it's not scanned!

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if anyone of my group choses to be a space viking i think i'll acidently shoot him in the back

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Six (incl. me the DM) in my group, we're still playing through the demo mission with its basic ruleset but another couple sessions and we should finish it. Will probably introduce the solo/squad mode stuff for the next session so I can ease my players into the full ruleset. We're using the demo character at the moment but my group after olling up will be:

Apothecary (undecided chapter, probably Ultras)
Storm Warden Tactical
Ultramarine Librarian
Blood Angel Devastator
Dark Angel Assault

My own character? Techmarine definitely. Not sure whether to go Space Wolf so I can raise hell with the Dark Angel (played by my best mate) or use the /tg/-brewed Iron Hands so I can be a right miserable fucker.

>captcha: VOXEL-MAN poscry

VOXEL-MAN! VOXEL-MAN! Can do anything a VOXEL can!

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Right miserable fucker sounds like a fine way to play. You'll be that extremely uncooperative and bitter tech support guy.

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Idk about English--speakers in France. I hope for them that they're less retarded than Belgians when it comes to learning/teaching languages...

In Quebec, though, I suppose that you either speak English just as well as French or you're jobless trash forever. A couple of towns that desperately try to cling to a language no-one else speaks on the fucking continent? Of course they speak the useful language on top of their local folkloric dialect.

I learned English in twelve weeks, alone, with a grammar reference, a dictionary and some dozens pages of text. I'm not a genius, just a human who KNOWS he owns a brain.

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Thats what you get for living in the wrong part of the country.

In our part there are idiots too ofc but most people know english AND french besides dutch.
If it's any consolation, atleast you CAN paly this, none of the people I know want to play this.

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Sadly foreign language teaching is retarded in France, that's why France cannot into English.

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Exactly. English is for business. French is for culture. And for finding Helmut Fritz's song "Ça m'enerve" funny.

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What is German for, then?

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Rammstein music and angry speeches?

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Oh, oh, I have same question about Russian and Italian.

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Italian is for creepily hitting on girls half your age.
Russian is for making the accent for bad guys in video games.

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Also barking orders.

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Not JUST bad guys......

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FUCK you. I HAVE bought it. It hasn't come yet.

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Also, all Gypsys.

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Who else?

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I feel you pain mate, mine just shipped from the UK so its about a 7 days away if I'm lucky

any fa/tg/uys started work on a DW mini?

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For those who have it - any cool and interesting stuff in the Jericho Reach setting?

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"Additional field generators will not be available until your next deployment."

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I knew it =(

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/tg/ has homebrewed Iron Hands for DW? DO WANT

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Ordered Into the Storm and Deathwatch from my FLGS today. Will hopefully get it within 4 weeks.
Do want pdf.

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Hey man, ITS scan is on /rs/ all the time. Just search for it.

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He meaned pdf of Deathwatch, I suppose.

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This, a thousand times.

Also, I want to homebrew me some Salamanders. oyes, there will be fire.

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And bro-i-tude, because the Salamanders are confirmed for maximum bro-ness. Best chapter ever.

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it's probably touhou futa or something like that

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Naw, it's legit. Reading it right now.

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Just checked /rs/, all I saw was some links to Final Sanction and a couple torrents named after Space Marine chapters. You sure it's there?

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Looks like a troll.

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Hey, question for anyone who has the game so far

Are there confirmed rules for Chaos Space Marines as enemies, or is it just aliens right now?

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Go to /rs/.

Select /tg/ on drop down list of board.

5th item.

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Search for "Iron Hand"

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There are profiles for Daemon Prince, Chaos Space Marines, Heretic Troops and Renegade Militia.

CSM has 29 wounds and a load of stuff like Jaded, Killing Strike, Hatred (Loyalists) True Grit, Rapid Reload, as well as both Unnatural Strength and Toughness.

>captcha: enduring Bressadm.

Long live Bressadm!

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Oh, and Marks of Chaos can also give bonuses.

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Fuck yeah.

Now when I get the game I'm going to just have the team run Chaos Marines instead. The Corruption mechanic will be replaced by a Redemption Mechanic.

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Yeah... I think people were expecting the corebook. Not some fan sourcebooks.

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>Redemption Mechanic.

Drizz't of the Dark Gods?

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redeemed Fallen Dark Angel dual wielding Sword of Secrets and a pet CyberPanther

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Nah. The twisting influence of the False Emperor has a harmful touch on the followers of the Dark Gods, and can make them commit certain heresies, such as praising the Corpse-God's name.

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>such as praising the Corpse-God's name.

How horrible!

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He travels with the Squat Bruenor and his adopted daughter CattiBrie who is a Sister of Battle and Wolfgar the Ogryn Space Wolf.

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I will play a Khorne Berzerker.

When I reach 100 redemption?


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Fuckin' lol'd.

Dammit, I don't even have Deathwatch, and already, I want to homebrew it so that you can play Chaos Marines.

Who wants in on this shit?

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Traitor Legions and renegade chapters? What classes we talkin'? Is there such a thing as a Chaos Marine Apothecary?

Devestator - Chaos Havoc
Assault Marine - Chaos Raptor
Tactical Marine - Generic Chaos Marine

That's all I got.

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Obliterators are supposed to be former Techmarines, according to Codex: CSM 4th.

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When I first read about the Obliterator virus, I creamed my pants

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...How does the Techmarine = Obliterator work with the obliterator virus plagues?

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Viral mind

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Infect a guy wielding a heavy-bore weapon that shoots solid slug ceramite bullets with the Obliterator virus.

Free ceramite forever.

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What other opponents of SM except tiranids described in this book?

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There's Tau writeups as well.

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It takes a certain type of person to be willing to crak open the book a do good scans (especially the scans that require pages being removed or spines being broken). Even with D&D you didn't see them that quickly, and you have a _much_ large audience both buying and requesting scans. If you want it, either buy it or wait.

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Good quality photos are good too. We still talking about preview. Talking and begging about actual scaning or OEF will star after release date.

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Ignore everything after the doll, it's all faggotry. But DAT STORY, MAN. DAT STORY.

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You can get almost scan quality with a camera these days, all without breaking the book. All you've got to do is not shake the camera and have a decent amount of light while you snap the photos.

Everything else - the cropping and the colors and such - you can sort out in Photoshop before you convert the pages into a PDF.

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q.q i want Deathwatch pdf

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lol poorfags

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More like "copies have yet to be distributed to FLGS"

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Gentlemen! I present an idea!

What if we homebrewed rules for all of the different /tg/ Marine chapters?

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I wonder who will pick up the dental marines

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Capital idea, fa/tg/uy.

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Angry Marines take a severe Fellowship penalty but may use allies as an improvised weapon.

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I lol'd. Also approved.

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Always a Weapon:
An Angry Marine is a direct manifestation of His divine fury. This can cause problems when dealing with those on a social level. As such an Angry Marine takes a -25 penalty on all Fellowship checks. However, an Angry Marine has an unparalleled ability to tap into his aggressions. Once per day, an Angry Marine can utilize a nearby ally (NPC or PC) as a melee weapon, all relative tests apply. This attack does 1d10+SB+the ally's armor value.

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Pretty Marines get a high starting fellowship score and start with perform (sing) as a trained basic skill. They also get a +20 bonus to fellowship tests when dealing with females and are immune to seduction.

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Does it have rules for the infamous Angry Marines?

>> No.12116165

Anti-Slaanesh marines.

>> No.12116176


angry marine codex

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pure shit.

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What does OEF stand for, anyway?

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Oxford English Fairy

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Original Electronic Format

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Thanks bro.

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