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Working on making a female character for next game, /tg/.

Can't decide if she should be Southern/Cajun, Scandinavian/Germanic, or otherwise "unremarkably American".

She's going to be the team's heavy weapons specialist (and yes, that is precisely why I opted not to make her Russian).

Any thoughts or opinions on how best to represent her origin and/or personality?

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Make her Russian and fat.

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Your character is now Miria(Baccano!) with an FN MAG.

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This so hard

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How do you do a Miria without an Isaac?

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Don't be ridiculous. He's right there. Don't you see him?

Ah damn he's run off to go look at something. Next time.

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Well here's hoping you don't do something retarded like have her run around in pasties and wielding a minigun.

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>Any thoughts or opinions on how best to represent her origin and/or personality?

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By which I mean make her Russian you fag, what are you, a scout player?

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No, I'm simply trying to avoid the biggest stereotype right now of "heavy weapons guy/gal must be Russian" along with the "hardcore Russian chick" stereotype.

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I kinda like the Cajun bit.

maybe play her with an indifferent personality, sometime bordering on "i don' give nary a fuck"

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Make her South African.

Lot of roleplaying options there.

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Make her french.

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>hardcore russian chick

that's a stereotype?

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White South African.
make her borderline fascist and sociopathic. require someone to explain why just killing the problem isn't a solution, "even if we hide the bodies really well"

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Nine times out of ten, if there's a femme fatale, they are Russian.

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You couldn't make a russian heavy weapons expert without people thinking of TF2.

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Not only is it a stereotype, but it's 100% true. I had a boss who was Russian.

She forced me to change the way I write the number 4 so she could read it better.

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... why?

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Im upset no one suggest Vasquez as a female heavy weapons specialist

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A blonde, fair-skinned swedish girl with a ridiculous accent who is overly nice and cheerful.

Who also happens to have a huge mini-gun.

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Exactly. And because nobody ever plays a Swedish character.

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Because Swedes suck.

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OP, if you can't adopt a seriously convincing accent for whatever you choose then for God's sake don't do it. Seriously. A "Swedish" character with no accent is hard on the disbelief, but a "Swedish" character with a shitty accent is just dire.

Therefore, since most people can't actually pull off an accent they've had no exposure to, your pool of possible nationalities that you won't completely fucking murder has been reduced significantly.

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You've never met a Swede in your life, and know absolutely nothing about the country at all.

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Swedish accents are easy.

http: //video.google.com /videoplay?docid=7053507654251552541#

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This. To add on, her backstory is that she is looking for her Issac, who got lost when buying groceries.

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>Swedes are easy
Yeah, just tell them you have candy in your van. They are very gullible as a people.

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Needs to be Irish, you are now Fiona from burn notice, let the lulz flow through you

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