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This is your monk.

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b& for weeaboo nonsense

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Wakfu? Weaboo?

Someone doesn't know that this series (which is French btw) is the television show of /tg/.

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These are your paladin and cleric.

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This is your wizard.

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This is from Wakfu? I don't recall having seen the character

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I like how you threw in a note on how it's French, as if that makes it un-weeaboo.

Weeaboo is anything that is derived from anime influences, which this definitely was even though it has its own style. Anime bullshit made in Japan is weeaboo. Anime bullshit made in America is weeaboo. Anime bullshit made in France is weeaboo.

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>Complaining about weeaboos on 4chan

Oh u

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>complaining about complainers using a pic that says "Haters gonna hate", which is precisely how I feel right now

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This is your fighter.

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Weeaboo, actually, is best reserved for GLORIOUS NIPPON idolation, either from wannabe Japanese kids in the West or nationalist fuckheads in Japan proper.
It's like the term Mary-Sue. Throwing it around cheapens it.

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Its not weaboo, faggot, its Ouiboo

God, some people.

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This is your Wizard's familiar.

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Considering how inaccurately you use the word "weeaboo," I'm surprised "Mary Sue" didn't make an appearance in your post.

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So a bunch of French hacks that want to be like GLORIOUS NIPPON anime artists isn't weeaboo?

well, excuse me.

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ouiabeaux actually

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>Weeaboo is anything that is derived from anime influences
No, it isn't you retard.

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This is your barbarian.

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Doesn't Warham have a group called the Sensei Knights?

Sure is weeaboo

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This is your bard.

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>Oh no you insulted something I like! I'll get very defensive, even though someone somewhere on the internet has no influence on me or what I do and it's basically a waste of my time to get angry here and argue my point

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>Anime bullshit made in Japan is weeaboo.
This part is wrong, regardless of how you define anime bullshit. Weeaboo centers around non-Japanese fans of Japanese media, not the Japanese themselves.

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This is your ranger

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This is the deity of war and destruction in your current setting.

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>>12086271 should correct >>12086212 then, because of
>...or nationalist fuckheads in Japan proper.

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Anti-weeaboos are the worst. How retarded do you have to be to have an almost pathological fear of anything originating from Japan? You're missing out on a lot of awesome stuff morons.

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The word Anime is french, though its been co-opted into the Japanese language verbatim.

Wakfu had an episode produced in japan (the Nox special), while the rest were done in-house at Ankama Studios in France.

Wakfu has dat ass, dem thighs, dose dragons, and a villain that is actually sympathetic.

Its not strictly /tg/ related, but calling it weaboo is a bit much.

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Square Enix owns the publishing rights for Wakfu... it's now Weeaboo

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This is your bard.

>Captcha: colwarn saves

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this is your BBEG

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and Tycoon is a Japanese word!

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This is your all-bard party.

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This is your partys black guy.

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This is your bard.

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No way, I quit. I don't wanna fight Space Ghost.

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This is your warrior/bard/gunner multiclass.

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>You're missing out on a lot of awesome stuff morons.

Name five things.

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>call Wakfu weeaboo on /tg/
>post-a-minute troll thread

Fairly respectable, OP. Now it's time to up your game.

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This is your sorcerer

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Not >>12086284 , but awesome is subjective. If you don't like it, nothing is going to get changed by some guy posting what HE likes. Assuming you're keeping your hard-line stance on "weaboo", nothing anybody says on this board is likely to change your mind. Only YOU can do that, by giving things you don't like more than a perfunctory glance and an automatic write-off.

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This is your ship's science officer.

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This is your rogue

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Rabid, extremely loud weeabooism is retarded.
Rabid, extremely prejudiced anti-weeabooism is just as retarded.

Also, your necromancer.

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This is your druid.

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>this thread

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this is your NPC aristocrat

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No, that's just a Scotsman.

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this is your phone

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this is your druid

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Oh right.

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This is the start of your campaign.

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this is your psion

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Shittiest thread on /tg/ atm

Good job everybody

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This is your paladin

co/ fist bump

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Ghost in the Shell

Legend of the Galactic Heroes



Seirei no Moribito



Jin-Roh (and the Kerberos Saga in general)

Captain Harlock

The Big-O

Cromartie High School

Black Lagoon

Outlaw Star


Seikai no Senki

I could go on forever.

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This is your Fighter/Wizard.

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this is your psychic warrior

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Those are all terrible. Try again.

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When is Season 2 of Wakfu coming out anyway, it should be soon right? Do want.

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>trolls trolling trolls amidst a pillar of OP spam

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You could always read My Balls. The porn comic so hilarious you can't fap to it.

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>He didn't put Cowboy Bebop.

Everyone likes Bebop.

Also Spike is your rogue.

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You are the cancer that's not killing 4chan, but making it what it is.

Also, this is your random encounter during the next nightly travel.

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this is your animal companion

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Nope, they're all terrible.


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this is your swashbuckler

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Plot Summary: The fate of the world rests on one man's shoulders. Or, to put it more exactly, it rests on his balls.
In a freak sealing accident the Queen of Terror is sealed into Satou Kohta's balls, thus preventing her from reigning destruction on the world. However a lesser devil, Elyse, has been sent up to Earth to release the Queen at all costs. The only way to do so is to make Kohta ejaculate, and Elyse only has 30 days to do it.

>Captcha: BREATHLESS depravity,

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This is the theme of your next subplot.

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>When is Season 2 of Wakfu coming out anyway
February 2011

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no it's fappable.

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this is your thread

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Aww, but I want it now!

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This is you cleric.

Ouiabou would be closer. You still need an "a," but eaux would be "oh."

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this is your first magic item

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this is your fetish

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To know if they were terrible or not you would have had to actually watch them in their entirety.

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Forgot mah pic.

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Fuck the above set of bards

These are your bards:

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Don't we all?

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Shut up, weeaboo. Its all filth and you're filth. Only Games Workshops is able to create a decent story.

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This is your conjurer.

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So we've established that weeaboo and Mary Sue is bad. Why is this thread full of these two qualities?

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add some classics :

Fist of the North Star (original series)


Cowboy Bebop

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Honestly can't tell if this is trolling or a joke

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this is your recurring enemy

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This is your cat with ranks in intimidate.

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It can't be my monk. It's too silly.

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Akira looks pretty but is retarded.

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>It can't be my monk. It's too silly
The power of hat compels you!

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>The word Anime is french, though its been co-opted into the Japanese language verbatim.

>I have no idea about language, please shoot me in the face and kick me in the balls before I make up more shit.

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This is your druid, recently having used reincarnation on another player.

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this is your druid/monk gestalt

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u mad

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This is your GMPC.

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My GMPC is Will Smith?

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This is your GM.

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>c.1985, Japanese for "animation," a term that seems to have arisen in the 1970s, apparently based on Fr. l'animé, from the same root as animate. Manga (q.v.) is Japanese for "comic book, graphic novel," but anime largely are based on manga and until 1970s, anime were known in Japan as manga eiga or "TV manga."

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flawless victory

>> No.12086694

This is the edgy character you always wanted to make.

>> No.12086697

make stupid inane comment
get called on it

>> No.12086706

This is your Beguiler.

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I'd rather play this guy.

>> No.12086783

>this thread
Not sure if troll but surely trolled

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I'm already imagining a party rogue who keeps complaining how he could've gotten CARPETS THIS THICK if they would've looted the dungeon properly.

Also, this is your antagonist.

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This is the villain's underling...maybe...

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Now thats a good bard

>> No.12087695

>DM:You see a giant shadow at the end of the hallway, it's speaking backwards...

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There are your artificers.

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And this is your Warlord.

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This is your reaction to this thread.

>> No.12087824

jesus man, what you've never misspelled something because of fast typing or what?

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This is your monk.

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Promises an epic campaign, then fails to deliver again and again! And again! AND AGAIN!

>> No.12088094

Speed punchin'
Orphan huggin'
Classy man,
It's Elan!

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This is your bard.

>> No.12088251

Wakusei no Samidare, aka. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. One of my favorite mangas.

>> No.12088330

One day, I will run a campaign based on Six String Samurai.

>> No.12088337

This is your vehicle.

>> No.12088367


That's not how you Elan.....

>> No.12088374

And I will play with you.

>> No.12088403


"If I were you, I'd run"

"If you were me, <snap> you'd be good lookin'".

I love this movie.......

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This is your paladin.

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