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hey /tg/ I got a few questions for ya'

1. what cha' workin' on today?
2. what do you guys think about the Dark eldar announcement?
3. anyone do resin casting? I want a bunch of plaugebearers made but I don't want to spend a kings ransom on it, and the last time I tried making figures I cocked it all up.

I just got back from the mechanic myself and am currently working on my 45 plastic daemonettes that I received in the mail yesterday

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1. Calculus
2. Excited, but not exactly over-joyed.
3. I have several howto.jpgs regarding the matter of casting your own minis, but have never attempted it.

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I tried using this before I cocked it up doing something wrong, but honestly I wouldn't mind paying someone to cast them for me.

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1. Nothin', got myself a haircut for the first time since christmas though.
2. Nothin', I don't play but I buy all codecii (sp?) anyway
3. Nope.

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1. Printing/writing and errataing my comprehensive Necromunda rules folder-book-thing (Rules/Extra rules and full chapters of FAQs/missions/homebrews)
2. It feels like GW just gave me a big fat blow job.
3. Nay. Only stuff I tend to home make are scrapy weapons for my scavvy gang and terrain.

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And to reiterate on the blow job thing. Skaven and Dark Eldar both looking good in one lifetime..... Feels good man.

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I find it kinda funny that they choose to announce this week that new DE were coming out as I sent off my DE army as part of a trade 2 days ago. kinda glad though, cause it means I will get to use my daemonettes on Dark eldar more than usual.

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1. Doing work.
2. No clue, I'm not into 40K.
3. never have.

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Hellions, thousands of them.

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The sad part is that by the time this page is up, i'll have moved away from Dark Eldar and probably started to plan a sexy sexy Emperor Children army.

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scourges too probably.
sexy emperors children you say?

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Still want a drawfag to draw Dranon as a grandfather. Creepy captcha I got yesterday.

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Sexy Emperors Children or Sexy Ultramarines. Lets face it Ultramarines are so full of fanboy and perfection now that Slaanesh has to come a callin' sooner or later. I almost want to do it just to, in some way, spite Matt Ward.

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that would be funny, honestly. Do it up with the honor guard roman look. Slaanesh loves pride after all.

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That would be the plan. Full codex list. 2 CSM, 1 raptor, 1 havoc and a suped up lord and his ret. Add in a Librarian, armoured unit and some summoned daemonettes and you're away.

Bonus points for loyalist parts with added slaaneshi shoulder pads and sonic weapons as the only spec/heavy weapons.

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I'm actually considering rebuilding my slaanesh CSM army as I have just about everything slaaneshi already.

WoC-4000 pts
Traitor guard-2500 pts
Slaanesh daemons (when I'm done)-3000 pts

honestly I could do it with the Space marine army that I have soaking in simple green right now, but I had an imperial fist color scheme planned out for them....If I decide to persue it considering what a pain in the ass it's becoming to try and paint all the crap I have.

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1. have a shitload of writing today to do for classes. Naturally I'm skipping out on a writing class to do the writing.

2. About fucking time.

3. nope

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1. His and Her art supply shopping. She's into painting big things, I'm into painting small things. $50 gift card from her grandma to huge art supply store in Manhattan. City 'ho!
2. Interested, but not elated. I hope to see some quality models, but all and all, to me it is just a check down the list to a new Tau codex.
3. No, but I am saving the jpgs. Seems fun. May even use it for other modeling options.

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Buy new Dark Eldar Wyches when they come out. Create a 40k version of the Cult of Slaanesh!

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cut them up and add Emperors Children part.
pic related

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or you could take the dark elves witches and add lasguns or such....really quite piss easy to convert (doing it myself for my traitor guard)

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1. Right now I guess I should be reading my politics books so I can write a short essay (only 4 pages) on how much conservatives and labour have come to an economic consensus (Free markets, free markets every where)

2. Good news, not as good as a codex, but I don't play DE so I don't really care that much.

3. Nooo.

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I see...


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oh god it's terrible right?

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I threw up a bit, to be honest.

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Slaanesh thread?

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Hey! Hey, folks! Let's do something novel! Let's stop posting in this thread, and post quality stuff for a change! How about it? Folks?

...thought so.

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what's your damage mate? I honestly had questions that I was interested in, it will be a grim day when /tg/ is having nothing but quest threads that are by some odds considered better "quality" over a conversation or miniatures modeling thread?

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You're the worst poster online right now, namefag. Please post some porn, to get a mod interested in banning you.

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go away

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Oh look, another faggot who thinks /tg/ is what he likes only.You're as much fun as performing colonoscopy on a somalian.

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My god, I count like... seven nipples in that picture...
Why hasn't it been deleted yet?

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Too hardcore, man. You gotta,like, totally go and take a few deep breaths before deleting something so radical.

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>i am a huge faggot please rape my face

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1. writing on my character background shortstory for an Infernis ganger in Dark Heresy
2. I hope they don`t fuck up the fluff
3. sorry, I`m not into miniatures

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lets try to avoid the troll guys....at least try.

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1: My current Exalted character.
2: I wasn't aware of it until now.
3: No, can't say that I do.

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I think I can see her nipple through the material.

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oh god it's terrible.

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Indeed it is! I suspect Lex Luthor.

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1. NEETing out. I tried reading Scott Pilgrim, but then I got bored and made shitscribble out of boredom (pic related)
2. At least one guy I know is gonna cream his pants over Codex: Bondage Fairies
3. No I indend on sculpting my own "lesser demons" as the current metal ones suck ass neither daemonettes or plaguebearers fit my CSMs.

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>Codex: Bondage Fairies

Huh, I thought it was just me that called them that.
Good to know its not just me that thought of the connection.

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