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just curious if anyone knew when Deathwatch is supposed to be released

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It started shipping to stores last week, so it should be getting to more central LGSs by the end of this week. More remote locales? A bit longer.

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UK gets it today.

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of course it would, since it's based off of Games Workshop material

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Can anyone make me feel better about dropping the money for the Deathwatch corebook? My group are spess mahreen fanboys and I get the feeling they want me to run it, but, I just don't care. The space marine just don't entertain me that much.

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you could always download it via a torrent or rapidshare or something along those lines. Plus, since Space Marines can fight bigger and badder adversary's, you can pit your group against stronger and stronger foes, kind of like a dungeon crawl type game

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I personaly se no interest in playing "Deathwatch" (and neither do my players/GMs) but I'm sure we'll get it for the added information and fluff for our DH/RT games.

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Yeah, but it just seems like such a step backward from the creativity of Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy. Those systems are both so creative and explore things we don't get to see in 40K.

>elowat parlement

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WTF??? Just pay for it man.

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So they threw a bone at the D&D-tards. Atleast we have DH & RT to enjoy and if you want to you can use stuff rom DW to spice up your DH/RT.

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I plan on doing that, too. I like having two copies, one for me on my computer and one for the guys playing the characters, so we don't have to keep passing one book amongst ourselves the whole game.

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I can't wait for this shit to come out im very interested in running a game for my group just wish you could make custom chapters from the get go rather then have to wait for a later supplement book

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Have you guys even played the system? Or are you just knocking it for the sake of it?

My group are pretty much all about the RP and they loved the demo rules for DW. So, get it roon ye all.

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I'm also liking the new Rouge Trader supplement

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>Have you guys even played the system?
>Or are you just knocking it for the sake of it?

The fact that you're talking about "system" befor anything else should be a pretty good indication that don't quite get what we're talking about. We're not knocking the "system" at all. Infact it's the setting that makes for an uniteresting roleplaying experience (where the setting in DH & RT makes for a very interesting one).

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Well, Space Marines have pretty much been a straight forward lot. Sure there are chapters, such as the Dark Angels, that have their own secrets to keep whilst going about their business of serving the God-Emperor

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If you guys can't think of ways to create interesting missions and adventures for Deathwatch well...

I can thinking several ideas that aren't just out and out combat fests. Sure combat is a central theme of Deathwatch, but that doesn't mean that has to be all it is.


Honestly I don't think it'll be TOO hard to make custom chapters, a Marine's chapter only makes up one fourth of his available skills to purchase from each rank. Each killteam member selects skills from 4 different selections: Chapter (skills/talents specific to their chapter), Codex (skills/talents common to all space marines), Deathwatch Training (self-explanatory), and Specialization (for you Apothecary abilities, or Devastator skills, etc).

And judging from the Devastator preview, and how many skills/talents DH/RT characters get to pick from each rank, each individual slice is going to be rather small. Pic related, the first two ranks of skills/talents available to a Devastator.

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I use system as a catch all for the game/world.

There's a lot you can do, it's not all cleanse, purge kill.

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Yes. If I ever did play it I'd probably do me a DE for that little fact. But agai, I can't really see the fun in it. Maybe if some one did play DW-SM in a high level DH goup or some such?

But it will be very interesting to read for the insight of a SMs life.

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I am definitely planning on integrating what is in the Deathwatch book with the rest of my Dark Heresy game.

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How does the power level of a spess mahreen compare to your typical DH character (in terms of mechanics, not fluff)?

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They're the rough equivalent of a Rank 4 Rogue Trader character or a Rank 9 (starting Ascension level) Dark Heresy Character.

Here is one of the characters from the demo adventure, however the rules and characters in the demo were simplified.

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>rank 4 rogue trader
>rank 9 DH character
What's with the disparity in power level between RT and DH?

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I believe they're equal to a first-rank Ascension character.

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Eh... the whole space fairing rogue trader thing isn't covered that often in 40k mythos but the Inquisitor thing surely is.

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A Rogue Trader character is the rough equivilent of a Rank 5 Dark Heresy character.

However in all cases the "higher" starting character will many times not be nearly as "Good", because they'll have far less skills, most of the "XP" they've already got (RT characters start with 4500 xp "Spent") are invested in generally higher starting stats (DH is usually 20+ 2d10, RT 25+2d10, DW 30+2d10).

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5000xp spent by the end of character creation. DH characters at that level will have shitloads more skills and talents (and likely more wounds) than a starting RT character but lower overall attributes. In RT, thanks to higher initial values and the origin path, it's not hard to have a character with a stat at around 60 fresh out of character creation.

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This is mostly because the Dark Heresy was published originally by a different company than Rogue Trader was. When Rogue Trade came round FFG was able to do things the way the envisioned it. It also simplified it was well (thank god for universal weapon trainings)

So really it is mostly caused by differing ideas of what they thought the system should run like.

I myself am interested in getting the DW book simply because I have been running a SM campaign and the players are loving it. I find the most interesting part about it so far is that the other person who GMs a DH campaign when I'm not running is all kinds of run and gun, ignore the inquisitorial/RP aspect, and we are playing, scum, psyker, guardsman, assassin. Our conversation amount has been very limited and we have basically been dragged along the whole time being told what to do by a higher up, who isn't even a member of the imperium.

Me running my SM campaign has been about 80% RP and then the other 20% is actual combat. I haven't had a single complaint any session and they tell me they can't wait to continue, the other guy...I think we stopped his. I feel like I messed up or something by doing it this way, and that I should be playing run n' gun (which everyone said we should do) and now we are spending 6 hour sessions talking in character to NPC inquisitors and solving an issue on a planet, that should really just be blown to hell w/bolter fire...they are fricken reasonable marines at this point to me

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Rogue Trader and Deathwatch were always planned, even back at Black Industries, and they were always going to be at different tiers of power. Not to say that I don't like FFG's work better than BI's, even if they did make a bit of a pig's ear out of Ascension.

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Release this shit already!

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Not the system, the fluff is the problem.

Space Marines do not socialize, they do not do anything except fight and train for fighting. There is no RP to do except shoot or train to shoot the next alien. They train like 20 hours a day or something don't they? THERE ISNT ANYTHING TO RP EXCEPT THAT YOU ARE A BRUTAL KILLING MACHINE WHO DOESNT FEEL, DOESNT TALK, AND DOESNT THINK EXCEPT ABOUT KILLING

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While I realize that DW might make for a less interesting setting for role play, it really depends on your players. I am luckily blessed with some bang-up players where even our most spastic player is capable of moments of blindingly brilliant role play.

I for one am crafting a massive inter-related campaign that should take place over the course of several years where my gaming group will be playing all three systems interrelatedly. And ideally they won't realize it until they cross-over, although there will be hints throughout.

i.e. I plan to TPK the Deathwatch kill team and at some point in the future have the kill team intervene and save some Ordo Xenos acolytes (got this idea from /tg/). When the acolytes realize that it's THEIR kill team carrying some items from a one-shot Rogue Trader Endeavour, it's time to go back to Deathwatch and see how they survived the TPK.

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Do you even read Space Marine books or comics?

Space Marines are always talking, on their fortress, on their ships, even in the trenches... sure, it's all about war, and death, and the Emperor, and the Primarchs, and about being pious and crushing treachery and betrayal... but that's still talking and discussion. And yes... that is RP.

Besides, they're Deathwatch, not grunts.

Since they're part of Deathwatch, they don't have to FOLLOW their normal Chapter rules about training, praying and free time... BECAUSE THEY'RE DEATHWATCH, soldiers of the Inquisition, not soldiers belonging to their respective chapters.

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I'm sorry, but if this is your impression, you are a bad role player and have a bad grasp of the fluff.

Even the Black Library produces characters more interesting than what you've laid out.

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Any idea when the Rogue Trader expansion with the orks is due?

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It's out now.


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Has anyone located a copy of the apparent PDF version of the Deathwatch rulebook? The spirit is willing but the wallet is weak.

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It's easier to come up with cool and varied adventures for Space Marines if you go for the sources that inspired them.

They're basically Knights of the history and legends, like Templars, samurai and Arthurian heroes and such. But, you know, with a 40k grimdark flavor.

In fact, it'd be kind of cool to run a Grail Quest type of deal with Deathwatch. I know the Bloodquest comic riffed on that, but it's still a viable idea. A brotherhood of stalwart knights go on a nigh-impossible a quest and face challenges beyond mortal men that shake their beliefs and test their mettle. And commit a genocide or two in the process, of course.

I'll probably mine my old Pendragon sourcebooks for ideas for a Deathwatch game.

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Got Deathwatch at Gen-Con. Feels good, man :D

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