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Shas needs to get moving on TauQuest part two.

Also, general Tau thread

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Quest threads are cancer.
Namefags are cancer.
Namefag worship is even worse cancer.
Tau are not really cancer.
Sage is the only cure.

Who am I kidding? Shas'O probably is the OP.

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I want to play more Ow quest.

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People who bitch about namefags are more annoying than namefags.

Quest threads are /tg/ deal with it.

Tau are indeed not cancer

Sage does nothing, enjoy your delusion.

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What about humble tripfriends such as myself?

You don't hate me, do you anonymous? ;_;

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Shas'o, never.

He's a troll, yeah, but he's a stylish troll- like M. Night Shamlyn back when he had more then "WHAT A TWEEST"

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More like when we still liked WHAT A TWEEST

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Tau Quest is dead.

Deal with it.

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A bunch of Quest threads got rejuvenated in a quest thread appreciation thread a while ago.

It's not dead until people forget about it.

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Makes me sad that Tau Quest will probably never return, so we'll never get hot Xeno-on-Anima action.

Though who am I kidding, we'd probably fail all the rolls and end up getting Anima killed or accidently poke out her eye or something.

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I just wish we could have settled on a better generic name than 'quest threads'.

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I will never forget the magic, wonder, and RAEG that was, is, and shall forever be Tau Quest!

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Well, what would you have them called?
"Interactive play by post game threads?"?

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I like Adventure threads

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Oh, god please don't remind me of those rolls.

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That text looks familiar...

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You now realize that you'll never be a part of a new Xeno-Quest thread

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Please don't say that- I'm sure if we hope hard enough, and believe in ourselves, we can summon Shas'o Tau'Quest.
C'mon everybody: Clap!
Don't let Tau Quest die!

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I miss weaver

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People say Weaver was proof that Shas was Weaver from Ruby Quest.

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Weaver was proof that Shsa was fucking Naga.

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TauQuest is remembered well in the #Xeno irc http://01.chat.mibbit.com/

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>Shas is Weaver
I am not totally adverse to this proposition.

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You see, even nihilistic psychopaths like the Joker appreciate Tau Quest.

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Then that would Make Shas'o Tau'quest the king of all trolls.
I would gladly grovel at his feet to study beneath him, to learn the subtle emotional barbs and influences that can intoxicate men with promises of greatness or love and yet rend them apart from the inside.
I would scrub his floors to learn how to say "lolitrollu" to hundreds of thousands of people around the world and be loved for it.
I would give anything to be that good of a story teller.

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>Then that would Make Shas'o Tau'quest the king of all trolls.
How so?

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Because he's become so good at trolling that he has, like some Einsteinian theoretical particle, come round the other side to be an actually creative and genuinely endearing figure.

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come on Shas'o- come out and take a bow!

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I want some Xeno smut.

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>Shas is here
>My face

Hey Shas! TauQuest isn't really dead is it?

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That which is not dead can eternal lie, and in strange aeons even death may die.

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wow now he is trolling us

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You expected anything less?

So Shas, any plans for something in the future?

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Shas'o Shas'o!


I still think you were the troll from the original thread, all that time ago.

But all the same, I'm glad to see you're still here.

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So are we going to get a conlcusion to Tau Quest?

I mean an actual conclusion that is both satisfying, logical, and involves tender loving between Xeno, Anima, and Weaver?

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Also, tons of clone-sex with ascended Drones.

>> No.12078153

So many Dronegasms

So much Xeno 'Blooming'

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Did someone say Tau?

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Hey it's you!
It's a regular Tau-a-plooza in here!
Now all we need is the guy doing the Tau Heresy conversion and it'll be a real party!

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...and then you wonder why he doesn't want to put effort into running another quest.

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I think someone did

>> No.12078257

Sort of.

>> No.12078259

oh u

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can has next chapter of your story?
want to see rednecks get killed by tau

>> No.12078333

Well, Shas'o, are you going to do it?
C'mon, you can tell me!
(I promise I won't slap you through the internet this time, I swear)

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Not tonight, good anon. I'm still on break! And doing crap unrelated to /tg/.

Don't worry, I'll get around to it.



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Honestly though, when people look at your hard work and creativity and only see fapfodder, why would you even bother anymore?

It's like painting a veritable masterpiece only to have people comment on the dollar-store frame you put it in.

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Also, if you continue to ask, I will have Vance Motherfucking Stubbs reach through the tubes of the internets, and pimp-slap you with his power-claws.

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Tau Quest is dead! Long live Tau Quest!

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Oh we're just funin' with him (mostly).

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Nah, we enjoy it AND want smut. Because boobs.

That and Xeno holding hands with her waifus.

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Waifu cuteness is seconded!

>> No.12078571

I just calls em as I sees em.

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The thing about 4chan is there is always someone fapping

You shouldn't let it discourage you

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or schlicking, as the case maybe

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Blessed machine oil ALL over the place...

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I thought fapping was a catch all term the transcended the sexes.

>> No.12078869

Unless you're a girl. Then it's schlicking.

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Fapping is with a penis. Schlicking is with a vagina.

The more you know!

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How 'bout them Battlesuits?

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depends bro.


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How many parts are we up to now? I keep losing track inbetween the Tau smut.

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Shas'o, come on, we're waiting.
Send us something- anything!

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Parts? For what? My writefaggotry or Tau Quest? I was never involved in Tau Quest - Before my time here.

>> No.12079295

Come on Shas'o, don't leave us hanging like this


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Hey /tg/. writefag from this morning here. My internet fucked out, and I wanted to know what people had to say about Tau and castration, perferably how the second relates to the first. If anyone was there, a summery would be awsome.

>poutie owned
Okay, captcha, I'll shut up now.

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You did some writefaggotry? Awesome. I'd like to see, good fa/tg/uy.

>> No.12079478

Hmm, I can't say it's as grimdark (or as good) as yours. I'm writing Tau right from the codex; which portrays them in a more positive light than Darkwatch/DoW.

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Roll to see if Tau Quest ever returns... Wait no, bad idea.

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>(or as good)
You're too kind.

Seriously, though, I'd like to see it. I always like reading others' work. I'm a huge fan of the Krieg writefaggotry, for instance.

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Good to see you again!

(also, not all of our rolls were that bad)

>> No.12079555

once more, for old time's sake anon?

>> No.12079571

Look for it tonight or tomorrow.


>> No.12079626

rolled 79 = 79

Sure, why not?

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Can we burn a fate point?

>> No.12079892

Hey. No, but it wouldn't make a very good joke image with a lineup of mediocre rolls, and then at many critical points we...

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So, how've you been doing?
Any new projects?
(also, go to the Xeno chatroom on mibbit- please? We're getting the gang back together!)

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