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best space elves ever

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The fuck is this? Looks like some serious heresy.

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just the best fucking elfdar faction ever.

Fuck the living in the webway city or a ship.

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Too bad GW doesn't make models or rules for them.

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Fortunately, I don't play 40k :P.

Because the rules ... they be a bit of a clusterfuck.

Lack of Model does make me sad, though.

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Dem Exodites!

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Fuck year, Exodites.

Lack of models is sad, but on the other hand they're great if you love customizing because of the crazy shit you can do with them if you play counts-as.

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Did someone say Exodites?

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That gun looked awesome until I realized the grip is in FRONT of the trigger.

How do you fire that? Pull the trigger forward with your thumb...?

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Did anyone read that story from Into The Mealstrom where the eldar Dragon Knights fight a bunch of marines? God that was fucking awesome.

Looking at your pic I nostalgia'd hard OP. Thanks.

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Fuck yeah!

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>best space elves ever

Abriel Nei Debrusc Borl Paryun Lafiel calls bullshit!

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I'd call it an art error, rather then an explicitly designed feature.

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Oh dear, it looks like you're trying to spell Ablïarsec néïc Dubreuscr Bœrh Parhynr Lamhirh. Would you like some assistance?

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could be a very close fore grip, you hold it with your left hand and you hold the gun and pull the trigger as you would a rifle

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What the fuck is going on here?

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Banner/Crest of the Stars. A really god Space Opera.

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Someone can't spell Ablïarsec néïc Dubreuscr Bœrh Parhynr Lamhirh. That's what.

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Right, but is this some Aeris/Aerith style retardation, or is there something I'm missing?

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>>12076354Did anyone read that story from Into The Mealstrom where the eldar Dragon Knights fight a bunch of marines? God that was fucking awesome.

tell me more

that's like a WHFB right there

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No, the light novel's author actually had the space elves speaking a different language with weird spellings and such. The first poster posted the name in something akin to a romanized translation, and the second one posted the name as it is written in their language.

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>their language
Which, in fairness, isn't so outlandishly silly to render in English.

Hell, there's no reason NOT to spell it accurately. It's not as if it isn't pronounced completely differently to what it looks like ANYWAY.

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were laser lances as lackluster in 2e as they are in current 40k?

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Into the Maelstrom has exodites in it? Whatr their stats

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That's the clip.

Best example I could find real quick like.

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what a weird looking gun

I wonder how they thought them up

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Why can't any Elfdar be that manly?

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I would fuck the hell out of every character in that picture. Every. Single. One.

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It's canon that Eldrad stabbed Abaddon with his staff

Abaddon disconnected before the victory could be registered though, what a pussy

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if I had to guess, I'd say it's an old fashioned rifle grip with a foregrip right in front of it.

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Still, the perspective with the scope is wrong, the gun is in profile view, while the scope is in 3/4ths view.

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Alright well I'll do my best...can't remember much but the general stuff.

Basically the story is told from the perspective of a exodite prince and a dark angel chaplain as they both prepare for battle. While the chaplain anoints his brother marines and leads them in prayer. The Exodite prince/warlock and his fellow knights prepare themselves and their dragons, though they can't fly, and they're characteristics seem to follow those of a old school Raptor like Cold One. They are described as carrying lances like those of the shining spears I believe.
The marines make the drop and deploy. Once they land the they are charged through a conjured mist and most of the marines are killed.
After the fighting, involving eldar getting blown apart by bolter fire and marines getting speared in the face and blasted by lasers. The chaplain is all that's left cause he's a superhuman wrecking ball. He rolls into this crypt thng that he's looking for, and fights the warlock/prince. He gets wounded but kills the eldar and retrieves some sword he thinks belongs to the lion. The sword turns out to be lolchaos and he gets face melted.


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Jesus, that was pointlessly depressing.

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Eldrad is the embodiment of badass! Anyone that thinks otherwise is a Spacewolf that loves fucking and being fucked by other men!

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so the Space Marines get wiped, but the Eldar lose their HQ

>> No.12077686

Both got wiped and chaos won through some faggotry errata no one was paying attention to.

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>>12077507and retrieves some sword he thinks belongs to the lion. The sword turns out to be lolchaos and he gets face melted.

it probably DID belong to the Lion

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Now just a damned minute.

That's a dark angel thing, the Space Wolves are the grim dark future's finest example of alcoholism and manliness.

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GRIMMESTDARKEST. If the dial tops out at "10", you crank that fucker to 12.

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Eldrad is still badass regardless.

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In addition to a disturbing obsession with wolves.
He is pretty rad.
Though I give it 5 more posts still some goes
"n0 ways, he is the suxors! He died at the exact moment the timeline stops, how could he be more better then THE SPESS MAREENS who weren't fucking around in a chaos version of the Matrix?!"

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