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So, are there any new rumours or news about release date of Deathwatch.

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Sometime next Thursday. Your gonna have to wait like the rest of us who didnt go to GenCon this year. Those cocksuckers all got their copies early. /nerdrage

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Ah, hope they'll let it out at last.
Besides what is the point in selling something before release date if didn't leaked in Internet?

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Im patiently waiting for anonymous to do just that. Into the Storm was greatly appreciated.

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I wonder how this game is supposed to be played, /tg/. If DH is roughly Call of Cthulhu in the grim darkness, what is Deathwatch? I've always thought that Space Marines are all about RIP AND TEAR. Is Deathwatch a dungeoncrawl?

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similar to epic level D&D games, I imagine. That aside, I've got a few ideas for Deathwatch missions.

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Think Space Hulk, except it wouldn't be a game of follow the leader.

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Been told by my FLGS that they should have it either Tuesday or Wednesday.

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DH - Call of Cthulhu
RT - Indiana Jones in SPAAAAACE
DW - ?

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The RSS for FFG said that it was shipping nationwide on Wednesday, as far as I know, that's still on.

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Space Sharks in the fucking house

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I'm thinking of GMing a one-shot adventure with some premade characters when i can get my hands on DW.

The characters I had in mind are:
Angry Marine Assault Marine
Space Shark Devastator
Pretty Marine Apothecary
Scary Marine Tactical Marine

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