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How do your characters deal with the fucked up shit they do, /tg/?

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It was them or me man, them, or me.

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lots of laughter

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Don't do fucked up shit.

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They play it like a video game and ignore how psyches really work.

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I was only following orders

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I'm doing them a kindness I'm doing them a kindness I'm doing them a kindness...

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AE huh?

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>How do your characters deal with the fucked up shit they do, /tg/?

There are no SAN rolls in the Battletech RPG.

That said, my current players are so damned detached from their characters that they won't give me a decent backstory. Their characters still don't have any goals besides "Get money" I think I could have them eliminate every last man, woman, and child in a city the size of new york, and they would not be phased.

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San loss. Sweet sweet san loss.

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DnD Adventurers are sociopaths.

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Sorta like the characters in Zeon Quest deal with combat fatigue - not at all.

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By rejecting modern morality and clinging to an outdated and poorly understood ideal of Roman virtue, ignoring how each time he does what he's ordered to do he has a harder and harder time waking up in the evening.

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By treating everything like its just one big game. They're not killing people: they're killing NPCs in a sandbox environment

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I love how people still mention Cthulutech like its any good for anything at all, ever.

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Well I'll bet you still talk about your dick even though it's in the same boat.

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Mine doesn't. He's a fucking paladin.

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fairly well. then again, i play DH. so my character(s) have seen stuff a lot scarier than mass graves and battlefield carnage.

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Wish my players would think like this

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that, and there isnt much room for morals and questioning your actions and the actions of others in DH.

because there is some scary shit lurking in the dark, and questioning orders will most likely get you BLAM`d.

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My character in DH was sent with a group to rescue some VIPs from a world under attack by tyranids; he saw them overtaking a hive when the shuttle descended. He vomitted profusely, passed out, and when he woke up he was near-catatonic and shaking for several hours.

He used to be a nomadic space-trading scum, but now he's terrified to leave the side of the Imperium cruiser, and is in fact beginning to consider getting sanctioned to remain in their purview, something that was previously abhorrent to him.

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None of my current character do any fucked up shit. Doesn't mean it's not an option.

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I'm a chaotic good barbarian. If they're bad guys, I don't give a second thought to killing them.

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To be fair things like charnel houses and mutilated corpses still affect characters in DH. You need a talent "Jaded" in order to no longer be affected by the Mundane Horrors of your mergre existence.

I find that the only real way to punish actions in DH is to give out insanity and corruption.

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Sounds more LN than CG.

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My character is a psychopath. He has done horrible shit and simply called it progress

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That's not Chaotic Good, that's Republican.

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By developing a secondary personality and blaming all the bad things on him. He wears a mask. He isn't exactly stable anymore.

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My DH's characters chainsword is her one link to sanity. That, and she's blocked out a good deal of it.

I'm hoping the dm breaks the chainsword soon.

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well, my latest character is a mind cleansed one. and they start with jaded.

and yeah, thats true.
just remember that corruption was changed to only be given out if the character comes into contact with something warp tainted/related.

doing "evil deeds" (well, unnecessary evil deeds anyway) would earn you insanity points.

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Excellent thread comrades, did not expect so many people to put so much thought into their character's mental stability!

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As a fey-pact warlock I tend to cackle maniacally when I perform an especially amusing execution. Like pulling a githyanki out of the crow's nest on a ship using my mind.

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Shrug it off. Maybe have a nice treat. A BigMac, no pickles, extra onion, extra tomatoes, no lettuce, no ketchup, maybe some BBQ sauce on the side for fries. And a salad with a Cola.

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they do it for a living

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They've been in the trenches of WW1, mass graves pale in comparison to that or the spawn of the elder god they come across on a weekly basis.

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Rationalize it, even if the rationalization is terrible.

DM:The PMC troops are keeping the civilians hostage in a small warehouse. This is also where they keep general supplies and food stuffs.

PC: I throw all my gas grenades in, the PMC troops were going to murder them anyways.

DM: Everyone starts to violently convulse as the nerve toxins are released.

Civilians killed: 57
PMC Troops killed: 12

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Allow me to rephase: I play a CG Barb. He was raised in a culture that emphasized, promoted and glorified violence. He worships Kord. He does not care for law. But if he sees a guy stealing candy from a baby, he'll punch that motherfucker's lights right out. If he sees a murder and does not know much about the people involved, he'll give them one minute to explain themselves before he plunges his greataxe into their face. If sees a baby eater, he will attack it, kill it and maim its body so it cannot be used as fodder for a necromancer out of sheer instinct. And, unless the murderer was a good person not doing a bad thing but was unable to explain his situation in one minute, he would regret none of it.

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Russian style.

120 civilians, 30 terrorists, 150 body bags in the end.

Mission Accomplished!

>vantenge macie

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With racism

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Only one character so far has done 'fucked up things' and he was a closet Tzeenchian cultist anyways. DM liked to take D&D monster manual stuff and DH-ize it.

Siren - Daemonette, for example, who was landlocked, using a pool of warp-generated water to drown victims. I filled all the empty containers I had with warp-water after watching an animal take a drink and turn into a spawn which attacked the party.

It's like the magic dust from Zelda: A Link To The Past, only moreso!

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Gallows Humor, Sarcasm and General Hate.

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The Emperor Protects.

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Booo hooo hooo mass graves
Where else would they put them

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By being incredibly sadistic? The only one he cares about is himself.

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Mind-crippling amounts of alcohol is always a good solution.

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"I was only following orders, orders that would have gladly been followed with a "thank you, sir" by any of a thousand others. The inevitability of our present situation was cemented over a century ago and all I can realistically hope to do is carry out my orders less harshly than many others in my position would."

Pic related: Its how they really feel about killing foreign civilians but wouldn't tell a filthy plebeian like you ;)

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A Soylent Green factory, was so suspicious about that? Its not like Soylent Green is people or anything, amirtie gais?

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>"I was only following orders,

Then I order you to the gallows.

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Forty...eighty...one hundred million.

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Current characters? It depends.

oWoD: I play as a Gypsy with a Blood Purity of 4 and the Evil Eye. Being automatically mistrusted and/or hated by any non-Gypsies is completely normal and the character justifies just about everything with "Do unto others before they do unto you."

nWoD: I play as a defense attorney Hunter. By day, a perfectly normal charismatic figure that points out the faults in false testimonies and gets people out from under the chopping block when it looks like all hope is lost. By night, the character takes on the mantle of the prosecution and begins doling out the harshness. It's starting to look a lot like things are going to go downhill for me, due to a survivor that was left alive by by the goddamn minor-league baseball player character.

D&D 3.5: A pair of twins. One is a Neutral Good cleric of Pelor, the other is a Neutral Evil sorcerer. The first cannot, in good conscience, let his friends get hurt without healing them. The fact that they go out to find fights makes this difficult, but he's doing all right. Probably going to crack under the stress of maintaining seven people, not including himself. The second is trying to escape the clutches of Evil, but has difficulties due to the fact that he has no empathy.

GURPS: A Russian magician with incredible toughness, from a low tech level world. Despite the obvious inspiration, I try to play him as a good guy. This is met with varying levels of success, due to the fact that the GM enjoys saying, "DUDE, AREN'T YOU RASPUTIN?! GUYS, LOOK, IT'S RASPUTIN!" I'm thinking it's going to end with a horrifically ham-fisted series of events wherein my character is driven half-mad by a vision of the Virgin Mary and ends up taking the name to play his role in history.

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Theres several ways to handle this: The not so obvious and enlightened way is to simply accept what happens and what will happen but its your duty to try and prevent (good). Apathy mixed with realism is another way to simply shrug off what happens (neutral). Another way is a character is simply too demented about what he does or what happens (AKA zealotry or generally evil).

In the long run though for characters who don't have any of these traits the thoughts about what they have done will haunt them. If they internalize these thoughts in turns into a depression which then leads to several psychological conditions including being suicidal. How a fucked up instance happens and how their first fucked up instance happened generally defines them.

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"Peace needs a strong society. To keep society strong, the Other needs to die. If I flinch and avoid my duties, many, many more will suffer and die in hands of the Other, and It will win.

The Other will use absolutely everything in his power to destroy us. It will use the facade of "innocent people", but I know that it is It, hidden and waiting for us to hesitate. But the Other will not hesitate, nor It will neglect his objective. It is relentless. But so am I.

If I must personally kill a million of the forces of the Other to protect a thousand, one hundred, or just one of us. I'll do it. Hell, If I must personally kill a thousand of our people to protect a thousand and _one_, I'll do it. And I'll do it gladly, because it is my duty, my right and my will.

Doing everything else is being Its weapon."

Note that I'm not playing anything Warhammer, but a monster-less version of D&D.

So, he deals with it being a psychopatic bastard.

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I'm fascist'ish, my characters play fascist-y.

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>The not so obvious and enlightened way is to simply accept what happens and what will happen but its your duty to try and prevent (good)

That is the receipe of zealotry and becoming >>12059413.

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My Tech-Priest deals with it in several ways. First, by constructing a logical proof that what he did was the correct thing to do, given the situation. Second, by converting himself into more and more of a cold and unfeeling machine in order to avoid being unduly troubled by squishy, irrational emotions like "guilt", "fear" or "horror" in future.

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It is better to have a stout heart and suffer ones fair share of evils, than to ignore vice and suffer under other mans evil.

may not be entirely correct quotation, but it has the same meaning. Some Roman/Greek philosopher said it.

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>How do your characters deal with the fucked up shit they do, /tg/?

The beauty of it is that most of the players are conveniently and entirely oblivious to horrors they themselves cause.

For example, a group of Paladins was sent by their Church (which is comprised of guys greedier and worse than the previous ones) to this small village to find and capture one little girl accused of active witchcraft (a very rudimentary plot, but it serves it's function). They get to the village and it turns out that the villagers actually grew to like the little girl (in an interesting subversion of the usual trope) and won't hand her over just because "some tall hats say so". When they get threatened by the Paladins even the girl herself comes out and warns them to leave or she won't be responsible for what she does in order to protect her fellow villagers. What happened? Basically, every villager got slaughtered for even daring to get in Paladin's way and the little girl was gagged and had her eyes burned out as a precaution. Mission accomplished....BUT WE'RE STILL HEROES, RIGHT?

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... and that's why we have LN and LE paladins.

The moment you don't have them, the alignment system crumbles down.

>syllogistic camping
You tell' em, Captcha.

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Listen, real Paladins only come in Lawful Stupid.

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Now what the fuck.

I admit I'm more of a softie than most roleplayers, but come on. How exactly did someone posit burning out a little girl's eyes (a creative precaution, which would require at least a second or two of carefully considering the effects) without even one player feeling uncertain about it?

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It's the whole Needs of the Many syndrome there. The witch can prove to be a far greater threat to the Church then any possibly bad rep from wiping out a village. Sure they probably felt bad about it, but being a Pallie means you do what has to be done, even if it means innocent blood is shed. Lawful Good isn't "We must not harm the innocents." Lawful Good is "They have 80+ hostages and the really nasty chemical weapon which can kill tens of thousands if not more trapped on Alcatraz. We're bombing the the island back into the ocean, may god have mercy on us all."

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Given my Guardsman is a psychopath that loves his guns far more than anything else, it's not hard.

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>Basically, every villager got slaughtered for even daring to get in Paladin's way and the little girl was gagged and had her eyes burned out as a precaution.

Would love to hear alignment reactions to this shit.

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players hardly understand the "evil, corrupt, torturous" acts they try their hardest to role play, let alone how to determine what affect said actions would have on their character. it's easy to say "my evil character kills babies." its likewise to easy to assume "now he has nightmares omg poor tortured soul." its easier still to say "my character boils in rage as he helplessly watches his friends burn alive," because this has inevitable and forgivable connotations. now he has nightmares and now he's a TRAGIC tortured soul.

this always pisses me off because I consider characters who do "fucked up shit" ignorant, and the ones who then try to play the "im crazy now" are arrogant. i cannot fathom a coherent argument on this subject because /ragequit.

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This is the most common answer.

And after about two sessions of this shit, they find themselves on the uninvite list to the game. No time for that silly shit.

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Those are just bad players.
Most players don't really immerse themselves in the story, see npc as objects and so manslaughter is always legit if it gets you xp.
Also burning out a little girl eyes just in case sounds awesome to them.

Actual LG paladins would have questioned themselves, either managed to capture the girl or convince her to come with them without harming anyone or go back to their leaders emptyhanded and report the situation, eventually they would discover that the leaders are in fact corrupt and proced to depose them instead.
The "your bishop is actually evil" is really the most common paladin trope after "innocents die, paladin fall".

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My character is a mind wiped. He usually has Dexter Morgan like emotionless-ness. Though he does have a Broken Miror Complex that makes him flip shit in exceptionaly stressful combat situations.
Though nowadays those flip outs can be controlled by dealing out purging fire. A technique bestowed upon him by a wise chaplain in a reclusive monastery in the heart of a jungle covered deathworld.

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>How do your characters deal with the fucked up shit they do, /tg/?

>implying that CoC players ever do
Unless there's actually an ingame mechanic that regulates this my players don't register it.
But hey sure are quick to jump when story's villain does something heinous, despite themselves doing much worse things for the sake of adventuring and loot.

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I'm sorry, but then what allignment is "I refuse to drop the bomb on innocent people" and "I will risk my own life to try and save them all"
What you described is LN.

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>>implying that CoC players ever do

More like, they never get the chance to deal with. FUCKING SHOGGOTH BEHIND THE CORNER.

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Lying. Keeping a lot of things secret. Completely obsessing themselves with work and hoping the issues will go away. Feigning guilt and remorse when caught. Long bouts of weeping when nobody else is looking.

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My fellow players haven't read the Wheel of Time books, nor do I think they ever will. Using this to my advantage, I avoid having to play out post-traumatic stress disorders for my modern-era characters by pretending to make up the flame-and-the-void combat mantra.

Flame and the Void. Burn away all the excess thoughts until only the Flame of Action and the Void of Calm remains.


Buying time for you guys to get away. Want me to roll Composure/Wisdom/Whateverthefuck?

Of course, this is the only character I've done this with, so I don't feel too terrible about playing it like a retarded think-nothing-of-the-consequences asshat.

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This is most accurate and how most people handle these kind of problems.

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we kinda go "oh shit" and say that we feel bad and then we start an adventure to deal with the outcomes of the adventure we just finished....

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>How do your characters deal with the fucked up shit they do, /tg/?

It's a game ffs. Don't buy the hype here guys. We're just sitting around tables playing organized make believe.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.12060306

I play alot of characters this way. They just do shit for the greater goal instead of their own survival.

Although i have played a few characters that will just run and hide until it's all over.

both are fun

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Create secondary personality that takes control when the first one cannot handle it. The first personality is kind and good. The second personality is cold, machine-like and uncaring. Total psychopath. And it's harder every time for the first personality to reassert control. So make a third very basic emergency personality which shuts the second down and autopilots until first one takes control. Sanity points drop like flies. The great system the character thought up for dealing with shit runs him into much deeper shit. It's glorious.

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Of the two characters (one in 3.5E and one in 4E) I'm currently playing, one (a Sorc in 3.5E) is a scion of an adventuring family and simply views it as an unfortunate consequence of his profession - that there are bad people and he must kill them, for if he doesn't, who will?

The second, a fighter, does favor a nice, civilized society. He also knows that such is a pipe dream and loves to fight, so he revels in slaying the 'wicked' who would threaten innocents. He likes the violence and struggle of it. The fight, the hunt and kill.

He knows it's fucked up. But it's for a good cause - even time he rips someone's jaw out to stab into another foe's eye socket, he's building a better world.

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By becoming more and more like this.

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Well, my current character has it rather lucky... Sure, she SEES shit that's fucked up beyond belief, but she doesn't actually DO those. She kills a lot of people, but ten times out of ten, those people are complete monsters that'd make your average concentration camp bully ask "What the FUCK is wrong with you?"

Well maybe not quite that, but they're the worst that humanity has to offer. Or, well, you know, ACTUAL monsters... But she deals with the fucked up things she sees by staying as detached as possible. The others, good and bad alike are not human beings, they're either good units or bad units. Try to save the good units if at all possible, but don't look them in the eye. Try to eliminate the bad units if at all possible, but don't look them in the eye.

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Current character deals with it in a cross between the Joker and Batman.
He has seen the darkness and it eats him up inside and he's part of it, but he puts how fucked up he is to use by trying to make the world less fucked up.
This doesn't stop him thinking of it all as one big black joke, or smashing the face of a wanna be rapist into mashed potatoes when he snaps though. He's made a deal with the Beast, it does what he says and he faces what he is every day and what he's done and doesn't let it build up, because that's when it starts to control you, instead of you controlling it.

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Domesticated psychopaths.

>> No.12061309

>implying adventurers deal

My werewolf committed suicide.

>> No.12061322


"That could be useful political purposes. I must find the responsible to blackmail him!"

>> No.12061337

He's a Solar Exalted. It's what all Solars do eventually. Fucking Great Curse...

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I killed who?(forgets everything I MEAN EVERYTHING!!)

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I had (group disbanded) a great wizard who basically hailed from a culture that was basically the Clans from Battletech. Magic heavy, highly militaristic, and a meritocracy. Anyway, he intellectually knows it's wrong to cause death, and he hesitates to do more damage than necessary, but at the same time, he doesn't flinch when diplomacy fails. On the one hand, he is sure of the fact that fighting is his destiny. On the other, pangs of guilt are starting to get to him, as his closeness with the shiny paladin (we joked about homoerotic overtones) affected his morals. Hell, just before the group scattered, I had this great speech written up for the hell of it.

“Imagine if your sole purpose in life was to run. Run free and long, until the horizon disappeared... Mine is war. I was born for war, I was bred for war, I was made for war. It is in my blood and in my soul to cause destruction and death; I have been denied that purpose.”

“If I don't kill, then who am I?”

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>“If I don't kill, then who am I?”

Still a fag, either way.

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You are Kurt Waldheim and I claim my five pounds.

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This Thread... *unf*

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I play CoC.

My characters deal with their personal issues by dying grisly eldritch-related deaths.

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No, thats Lawful Neutral. If innocents are in the way, then the paladin will do everything in his power to save them. If a paladin must choose between 5 or 50 people, he will try to find a way for both. Even if the BBE was a heartless monster that killed millions, the paladin would offer redemption.

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In the end, the only three alignments are Cackling Evil, Wimpy Evil, and Jack Bauer.

>> No.12063654

Re-read the Paladin's Code. It says that they HAVE to punish those who harm or threaten innocents -- its not "punish those who harm or threaten innocents, unless the bad guy says he's really sorry." It doesn't matter if the villain became good in the meantime.

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My character deals with these such things easily.

"I am not like you. You kill these creatures because they're in your way, or it makes you look good, or you just think it's fun.

...I do not. I kill them because they are evil. I fight, I bleed, and inevitably I will die to protect that which is good in this world.

I am not a man. I am a bulwark against Evil. I am a light in the dark. I am a Paladin. This is what I do. Any further questions?"

Conversation between a Human Paladin and a Dwarven Fighter (Chaotic Good as far as I could tell.)

Said Paladin fell in battle after suffering a massive damage attack (which he survived). BBEG proceeded to come forward to take my head off (I'd pissed him off royally by killing his wizard with a lot of luck and awe inspiring good dice rolls) I got one attack in, not much damage but it gave the rogue an opportunity for a sneak attack on the BBEG which dropped him low enough for the Dwarf to take him down the rest of the way.

DM fluffed the campaign as over after the enemy was slain. DM and Dwarfy-Fighter-Dude talked it out for a while, and the epilogue of the adventure explained that the Dwarf in question was inspired by what his Paladin friend (This, from a Dwarf who was constantly angry, bitter about having to deal with "Damned skinny goody goodies" and "stupid pointy-ears" all the time, and not willing to trust anybody who wasn't a dwarf.) that he carried the blade out of there, scorched, covered in gore, and possibly useless to the last Temple the Paladin had prayed at.

DM added more "Dawww..." to this story by saying that, "As (Not naming names) handed the blade over to the Cleric of (Guess what God, I'm not revealing more), a voice whispered through the air, "Thank you..."

Next game, we find a talking bastard sword that whispers advice about fighting evil things, is particularly potent against undead/demons, and is blackened slightly around the slashing edge on one side.

It pays to be a Paladin.

>> No.12063689

By accepting that all they do is bring misery to the world and all they receive is misery in turn. And thus accept the only being that will grant them respite from this cruel and uncaring world.

>> No.12063702

My character in DH tends to not even justify his actions - What he does is downright horrid at times, and he's aware of it. He wants out, bad.

>> No.12063710

There is no such thing as enemy too terrifying to face. There is just temporal shortage of Vodka.

>> No.12063723

By blaming all of the failures of humanity and the suffering that exists on the weakness of those who strive to be machines, without undergoing any holy rites. In their ignorance they claim to be better than machines, yet they are the ones that suffer, not him. He no longer suffers for he no longer feels their pain, he is cold. He is logic. He is Adeptus Mechanicus.

>> No.12063781

Ohh man I love those drawings. any sauce?

>> No.12063834

They were children, they would have become murders, they were children. I take full responsibility, not all lives are of equal value. I killed them.

>> No.12063910

Doesn't mean you must kill them, punishment can come in many forms; you could sanction the villain to make soup for homeless for the next 10 years, and that would be a fitting punishment.

>> No.12064613


Both wrong. The paladin is a killer, a warrior, he goes out and smites evil. He doesn't minister to it.

OTOH, if the evil guy surrenders, a paladin won't kill an unarmed, kneeling man; that would be blatantly dishonourable. He might still take him back to face trial and hanging, but he would either help to absolve him of his sins and or convert him or provide him with a priest to do so, whether he hangs or not - his spirit has the same need of salvation either way, and is more important.

Destroying evil includes converting it into good.

>> No.12064627

>I am a bulwark

Yes. Yes you are.

>> No.12064717

my players have booze and a 9mm retirement plan, THAT IS ALL THEY GET ENJOY MEATBAGS.

>> No.12064720

I just got done playing that game for now, and fuck the money you have to get. Fuck it right in the ass.

I want a fucking sandbox game.


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I don't play in modern settings, ergo my characters don't ascribe to a modern morality structure but rather a psudo-medieval one. Mostly I play good/neutral characters so I try to not commit war crimes or massacre the innocent en masse.

>> No.12064882

One character doesn't do much in the way of terrible things. He's planning on murdering a man as revenge for the death of his brother, but he doesn't like to think about that. Once or twice he's done questionable things (like threatening a girl at sword-point), and felt bad about it. He's sort of on the edge of snapping, though, because he's had a long string of failures. There's about a 50/50 chance of him committing suicide or going on a homicidal rampage if that happens.

Another one is sort of a psychopath. She enjoys hurting other people just a little bit, although she does have her boundaries. If the thought's ever crossed her mind that what she's doing is wrong, her response would be "Yeah, who gives a shit?"

>> No.12066565

My own characters tend to chalk it up to their naivite and I play it for laughs.

One of my player's characters tend to be really paranoid and come up with stupid excuses for killing off important, potentially information bearing NPCs when given the chance to spare their lives.

Another one of my players chalks it up to her shaking faith in her deity.

Another of my players chalk it up to his naivete regarding the material plane, seeing as how he grew up a half elemental in the elemental chaos.

My last player blames it on shut the fuck up.

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