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I'm starting a Tau army and there is only one question, do the fire warriors come with Pulse Carbines on the sprue?

I don't really want to use fire warriors, but I would like to use Pathfinders and the only real difference between them is the gun.

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Lest time I checked. Yes.

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Also Tau general if people want..

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If you're making Pathfinders, remember to leave off the giant shoulder pad.

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That was the plan. Mainly because Pathfinders are extremely expensive and my army is already expensive as it is with 9 Broadsides and 6 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits

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dood one firewarrior killed a legion black legion and a deamon prince AND a Lord of change.

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Aren't Pathfinders a fast attack choice?

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You still have to take 1 unit of FW though OP...

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Yes, but only six (ie half the squad) with three loose ones (for a total of 9). And so I'm clear, you ARE aware you NEED at least one squad of fire warriors, right (they are 1+ and thus mandatory by rules)?

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You're going to have to have at least one Fire Warrior squad anyway. Give them rifles.

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Where does it say this? I'm taking two units of Kroot to fill my core and everything else is pretty much suits.

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1+ FW mind mind

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Fire Warriors, like your Commander... are 1+...which translates into = You MUST take one, and then however more you want

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Oh well. Then I'll only have to take my one. But then I'll just take the rest in stuff that I want.

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Actually Fire Warriors are great. Load up on them. Get as many as you can afford. Set them up in kitted out Devilfish for holding objectives, or for unloading and dumping 24 S5 AP5 shots into something. Too many people take a bunch of specialist units but a solid base of Fire Warriors can make almost anything lay down, especially with markerlights to help their BS.

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The problem with Fire warriors is that they're too expensive for what they do, and the fact that, to warrant their cost at all, you HAVE to use markerlights to be effective

A simple point cost reduction would solve all of their problems

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What if Pulse Rifles had a special rule that granted them 15'' Rapid Fire instead of the normal 12''?

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Anyone have a picture of the Tauasaki model? I've been wanting to model a few from some spare stealth suits and would like the reference.

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So, XV15 or XV25 for stealth teams? Does it even matter?

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No gameplay difference, it's all aesthetics.

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No one?

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