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I'm not sure is it proper place to ask, but hope you, gentlemen, will not refuse my humble request.
Could you share some stylish 40k (maybe not purebreed 40k but simiar) assassin artwork, please?

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I'll post a few ass'ins.

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That post nicked the corner didn't it?

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Oh hah~.

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I remember requesting these way back when Twitch! and Jaekyu were still active here.

Makes me miss the old days.

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I have too many callidusses.

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Definitely needs more female Vindicare and Culexus, Hell yes.

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This reminds me of that guy who brought 20 callidus assassins to an apocalypse game.

That was a hoot.

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I got one of those.

I wish I had a Isha image right now.

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To finish it with a strip.

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Culexus are terrifying.

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And I'm out.

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Piano-key teeth

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Oh, man. Tell me more. That would be fucking hilarious.

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Well, he came in all on turn 2, forgot what he used I think he had something else, it was around the time when apocalypse was first released and we had one big game at the store.

The tables could barely fit everyones armies. I don't quite remember all the details, he killed roughly 300 gaunts that was layered in front of the enemy army. About 6 tyranid players were on that side with orks and others.

That's all he got to kill IIRC, because everyone was firing at the vehicles and the 20-some titans that were involved. Nobody bothered to clear a spot for him to get to the back. Not that his assassins would have done much there.

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I have one last assassin thing.

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Thank you very much, gentlemen!
Your help are greatly appreciated.

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I've always wanted to run 3000 points of eversors or vindicares in a multiplayer game (the formation bonuses for assassins are hilarious)

the only problem is getting the models. I guess I could ask around and borrow as many as possible

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This reminds me, whatever happened to Bloogah?

I took a 4chan vacation and when I came back, boom, gone.

And for that matter, does anyone know if Chink is actually dead or if he just dropped off the face of the world because of the Taiwanese (or was he Thai?) army?

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