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Let's hear some ideas for creepy/scary encounters players might come across. These could be adventures with combat, strange and surreal moments, it's all good.

I'm doing a gothic/medieval horror campaign where the PCs will have to infiltrate into a large castle that houses not only a town, but a monstrous lord that allows individuals (man and creature alike) if they can pay the rent. For the town, they must provide a young woman once a month, which has resorted them to assaulting nearby towns and villages to kidnap girlsa so they will not have to give up their own.

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I know. Horrifying.

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The PCs open a cupboard, and it is full of spiders.

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White sheets.
White sheets everywhere.

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Oooh oooh don't forget chains!

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>/tg/ where fat guys make jokes and snort about it

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1. Leave your door almost closed. Where the male doesn't meet with the female, any change in air pressure will make it close and the sound will scare them. Or the door will swing open, equally spooky.

2. Put a little superglue on the bottom of the cups you use for drinking. Just one little spot to off-center it. Then when you bounce your foot on the ground near the table; it will make the glasses ripple fast inside. They might figure that out though sooner or later.

3. Set an alarm clock with a CD inside with scary sounds burnt to it. Voices, scary stuff... It should be easy if you have one. Rig something up if you don't.

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The vampire in the OP picture reminds me of the Joker from Batman.

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This one?

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Yep, look at the similarities.

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Holy shit, Joker IS Dracula! Now if only Simon and Batman will team up...

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Sorry, there is already a better team up.

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And for your childhood.

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Mcmusclehead? Nah, actually fuck Batman too. Metroid is the only logical team up with Belmont

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>The PC's open a cupboard, and it is full of midgets


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I was talking about the clown and joker.

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>Simon Belmont uses gadgets
>Batman uses gadgets
>Both fight evil
>dead family members involved as motive
Hm. Pic related.

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Happy brush for batman.

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Unhappy batman.

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Wow /tg/, I'm disappointed in you. When did /v/ become better?

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Since butthurt /co/ faggots decided to use /tg/ as a dumping ground for their garbage.

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Don't hate the bumpers.

Hate the absence of the people OP is trying to reach.

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The PC's are sent to rescue some dorfs that were trapped in a cave-in. It turns out that an Illithid nest was underneath the mine, and that they intentionally caved in the mines so that they could capture the dorfs for food and slaves. Play up the horror aspect of the Illithids and various creatures that come with them. Go into grotesque detail about how horrifying they are. Maybe have them be killing and eating the dorfs when the PC's finally find them: Be sure to describe the process vividly.

Also, when the PC's reach the dorfs, they discover that they were actually midgets.

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>/co/ faggots
Sorry, you fall under /co/ as well with all the webcomics, general comics and fan comics.

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Bumping with unrelated Batman? To think that /tg/ trolling consisted only of edition wars and your deck sucks responses

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Seriously I do think you're growing on me.

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All of the lord's servants are midgets.

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/co/ at best you're tolerated around here, but we are in no way beholden to your crappy characters.

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the corpses are all hollow.

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And inside them, there are midgets.

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/tg/ falls under all these categories with its many games.

You have no argument and you cannot depict me under some sort of "section to be hated". You are trying hard though I know you are. I give you a 2/10 for effort.

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Seriously bro, it's not like ours are any better.

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How about hungry attack dogs that vomit maggots. Or the animated skins of the dead that try to engulf pc's so that they wear them and then have limited control of them.

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It'd be better if they vomited midgets.

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When the party reaches the BBEG, he is at dinner. On the table, there is a ton of strange looking meat. As they inspect it more closely, they realize that it is the cooked flesh of one of the young women. The BBEG is eating her tits.

Also he's a midget.

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