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Tell me about your BBEG...

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He's a Giant throbbing penis.

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My BBEG was my mother

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A horrid torrent of spiraling pussy lips all which bare a resemblance to my mother in some strange mosaic.

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An albino mouse who's a Yakuza boss leading the illegal smuggling of turtle-eggs.

Yep, fucking Mouseguard up in this bitch.

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My father, For I wish to lay with my mother

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He starts out as a snake, but then he suddenly transforms into my mother who reminds me that I'm late for school, and that I've forgotten to do all my homework.

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fake studs fucking sluts in clubs and praising eachother as alpha males and kings of life

also, jews

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Good lord, /tg/ has some fucked up campaigns.

Also: cocks.

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A gigantic gaunt gopher, with one eye, he has loose flapping skin and sprays a infectious slime from his toothless vertical demon mouth

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He's a necromancer who wants to turn all adorable animals into undead because he hates children.

Also he's a midget.

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A donut I am forever chasing, while on a train constantly going into tunnels. I am a hot dog.

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the Illuminati, and all the minions they hide behind... the party still hasn't figured it out yet.

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A giant snake that spits white, milky venom.

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God of Darkness who is generally fucked in the head. Off the top of my head, he is:

-Abusive to the God of Light he had his followers create,
-Guilty of kidnapping a child prophet,
-The creator of a race of daemons whose sole roll in life is to reform themselves into an exact duplicate of their target, memories and all. This also means that they forget they were even daemons.
-General all-round git.

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Tharizdun. Who is my mother and at the same time a giant dick.

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A cocaine golem.

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This was a good session.

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A spider with the face of my father, he steals my penis and I quest to get it back.

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Oh ja, very interesting.

Let's talk about htat let's week, ja?

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He's an ancient lich who wants to die, and thereby hired the heroes through a complex network of contacts, effectively setting them on the path to finding his phylactery in the typical style of an RPG. He just wants to be able to rest.

Pic barely related, it's what I imagine he looks like by now.

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