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I know /tg/ has made a bunch of settings over the years...

Was a space-based sci-fi setting ever attempted?

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Unless someone came up with a vaguely more interesting idea than "space-based sci-fi", then no.

Good lord.

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AFAIK, /tg/ has made all of 2 settings in total. Uberstadt, which was just a trope reversal exercise and the much-reviled, sergal-containing clusterfuck that was Unified Setting. Well, I guess there was Vril War as well, but that was ages ago.

I don't think much of /tg/'s setting-creation powers to be honest.

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We, at least our group, play traveller with the Starflight setting.

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I thought Engine Heart and Velocity were products of /tg/ as well?

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Some of them were settings. Most of them are unfinished. We're good at starting these sort of things, but keeping that initial momentum going is the problem.

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Have you forgotten Server Crash, Walmart Apocalypse or VeloCity, to name a few?
Or, look at http://1d4chan.org/wiki//tg/%27s_homebrews
/tg/ comes up with a lot of things. It doesn't seem there's anything particuarly space-based, however.

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>It doesn't seem there's anything particuarly space-based, however.

Well, then, let's do this shit. /tg/ setting for SPESS adventuran! I vote for a space frontier setting a la Firefly, Elite and Cowboy Bebop.

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Warhammer 50k, The ship is all, the ship moves

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It doesn't really work like that man, you have to give us a gimmick or something to work with. If we want a "Space Frontier Setting", why don't we play Firefly, or Traveller, or hell, Eclipse Phase? What's gonna make this idea even vaguely interesting?

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The primary law enforcement agency in human space is a cadre of elite psionics users who also happen to be little girls.

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There's been quite a few more.
Most of them didn't get finished though.
Just scour through the SupTG Archives and you'll probably find some.

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Because we can take the best of these settings and combine them with original content into one awesome package. Much like all the other settings /tg/ has made.

Aliens or non-aliens, /tg/? What do you prefer?

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Uh, those were just two D&D settings.

Much more has been done than that.

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Aliens. Upload civilisations, transhumans with genetically-engineered biological spaceships, gas-giant dwellers who live their lives permanently aloft on storms of ammonia, that sort of thing.

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No aliens.

The only non-humanoid species is the human race from the future, who have evolved into protoplasmic blob-things, like the Martians from the War of the Worlds. In order to escape the heat death of the universe, they managed to travel back in time to the present, and have begun a war of subjugation with non-evolved humanity. Their reasoning being that in order to prevent a paradox, they have to take control of the galaxy and ensure that the conditions in the future are the same, so that they can go back in time to re-invade.

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..That actually sounds awesome. I think we need some writefags asap.

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/tg/ has created other settings than that, bro.

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Aliens, but VEEERY measured.
Definitely NOT SW/ST aliens.
Predators (Lone hunter on a safari from a civilization that's way beyond your ability to reach, let alone defeat), Giger's Aliens (nontechnological race that is dangerous only when up close), Space DJs (ruins and derelict ships) and such should be OK. Also animal/monstrous alien lifeforms on certain worlds.

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I liked that Dr. Who finale too.

3rd series, last 3 episodes

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Interessting. I've never heard of tgs Shadowrun 4.5. Can somebody provide a link / download / whatever?

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I'm a little hesitant to share the idea here, because I've wanted to give it a more formal rollout, but I've had an idea for a sci-fi setting RPG for some time now. It's tentatively called "Edgeworld":

As humanity took to the stars, various factions reached out in the wake of automated terraformation probes. One of the largest factions was firmly entrenched in the ideals of eugenics, crafting its people for specific roles on the ships and in the colonies. Over the next couple of centuries, they developed a caste-based society where each person was designed into a specific form and purpose; natural fertility was abandoned in favor of the precision of the artificial birth methods.

As often happens with humanity, the faction found itself embroiled into a war with another, this one having focused more on cybernetic enhancement to where most of its 'life' had migrated into mechanical shells. Despite the efforts of the military caste, they were being beaten back by their foes, and even with the birthing chambers all converted to pumping out warriors, they couldn't keep up with the war of attrition. In order to turn the tide, the high council which leads the society ordered members of less essential castes to serve in the military for the term of the war. Thanks to some crossover in modifications and talents, many of the 'courtesan commandos' and their ilk end up being very useful in the fight, and the war ends in a stalemate.


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With a peace negotiated, the high council makes a determination that, due to certain egregious problem cases with early reintegration efforts, there may be issues of trying to put the non-warrior-caste fighters back into their old roles in society. To that end, a secret order is sent to scuttle them along with a set of their warships which were no longer going to be necessary. Despite the best efforts of some dissidents to the suicide order, the majority of these warriors are wiped out in the extermination, only a few ships of the abandoned fleet capable of crash landing on a planet on the fringe system they were in.

The setting starts with either of two scenarios: Day Zero and Settlement. On Day Zero, you're literally coming out of the cataclysm, either a refitted warrior or one of the few true military caste members one of the lucky derelicts. You'll need to scrape out your survival, blessed only that this world was reached by an old terraformation probe; the world is still no caring mistress. In Settlement, some time has already passed since Day Zero, and various factions have arisen in light of the need to survive in the harsh environments.

That's what I've got so far, mostly. I've got some character concepts in mind, as well as some rough ideas for the makeup of the Edgeworld.

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How about with some aliens but not as many as, say, SW/ST? About five sentient races (humans included) should do, plus one or two spacefaring non-sentient ones (like xenomorphs for example).
there would be humans, a cyborg/AI/machine analogue (which could be derived from humans/ human-made), a crystalline sentient, a species that is derived from plants... those are the ideas that are stable enough.

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>crystalline sentient

Urrrrrgh. Chemical biology graduate here, any life as we find it is going to *have* to run on water and oxygen.

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I've always wanted a sort of low-tech spacefaring, where being on a spaceship is more like being on a submarine. Nuclear fusion, lasers, and nanotechnology all turn out to be infeasible; space travel is accomplished with orion engines, everything is powered by fission reactors. Ship-to-ship engagements are fought with missiles, robotic drones, and fighters with proportionally more powerful but very short lived chemical rockets.

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Can't really say for sure until we get to look, but there's been some scientific theory-crafting before.

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>Carbon has unique features that make it suitable for life possessed by no other element. Only two elements, carbon and silicon, can create molecules that are sufficiently large to carry biological information. However, carbon, unlike silicon, has the important ability to form chemical bonds with diverse types of atoms—this permits the chemical versatility necessary for metabolism. Elements creating organic functional groups with carbon include hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and metals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. On the other hand, silicon interacts with very few other types of atoms.[3] Moreover, where it does interact with other atoms, silicon creates molecules that "are monotonous compared with the combinatorial universe of organic macromolecules.

There will never be a life form based on anything other than carbon


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That or silicon based life will operate on a timescale so slow that they won't appear to be sentient, let alone sapient.

Now nevermind that and let's grab all these weirdly shaped lumps of crystal and stuff them into the fuel hopper of the ship. Those ancients have to be around here somewhere.

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Umm, no. Maybe of our planet. But, just no.

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Hence the fiction part.
Biochemistry gets screwed by silicon based life, astronomy by Interstellar travel that doesn't take years-decades, physics by pewpew LAZORS and economy by all-of-the-above.

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Endless Isles?
Arthropalypse is in progress, if a little slow:

And for space based /tg/, has everyone forgottern The Ship, and it's Immortal God-Captain?

The Ship is All.

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Got any reasoning to go with that, or are you just going to assert that you're right?

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No Aliens.
Only many, many, many factions of humanity; Earth is the only inhabitable planet that has been found so far, so humanity has spread to the starts in massive flotillas of Space Ships, each trying to eventually finding a *nearly* inhabitable planet and set up their terraforming gear on it, then set their fleet in oribt and to protect it until it is inhabitable, or to crash their ships planet side and bubble dome.
The thing is, no one knows where anyone else is, and humans have been doing this for milennia now at near light speed.
Ancient ruins of long dead space stations, massive hollowed out asteroids with the remains of prototypes crash landed on them, huge, magestic Space wrecks cvered in life where a ship has found an oribt around a planet, tried to teraform it, only for the humans to inbreed out in the meantime or it to turn out to be too dangerous to live on and still uninhabitable, filled with creatures that have been created in, evolved and escaped from the Seeds of Life Labs where they were to be taken planet side, eldricht creatures built for fake gravity and a crumbling ruin.
Huge war fleets, guarding old Hulks that have grown so large, they're planets and empires in their own rights and can no longer get together the power to run their engines.
All feeding off each other, and off the massive dead planets that are the only thing out there...

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I like it. If you can write down enough base tech, creatures, and such, I'd play it. Reminds me of a 70's scifi book on a death planet, I ever only read the first part, never got to the rest. Shit was cash though.

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>Space Station 13

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Sounds quite grim. Rather dark, too.

But I like it all the same.

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>implying Space Station 13

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It is, it'd be a game of Dark hope; where humanity gave up the safety of the only world they ever knew on a gamble.
We mined out Earth and took all she had, and then took to the Stars, praying that there would be something out there.
And there isn't. Only dead rocks, the blackness of the void, and a vauge hope that one day, we'll find what we gave up to come out here.
That one day, we'll find another home.
Needless to say, it'd be quite a dark tone to the game, very 'we make do' and 'It might be just around the corner' feel, with everything being repaired on the go, gritty combat and the PCs maybe running a Flotilla, or maybe living on one of the huge Planet ships, eking out a living amongst the crap, cyber and life support machines while those rich enough live on the 'surface' of the ship, under huge glass domes, or even the PCs as 'Quick fix' traders, shipping goods, people and whatever from one of the vast moving flotillas to another, making cash and credit fast at the risk of pirate flotillas, screwing up the coordinates and going through a sun, being caught in a intergalactic war, or just plain having your goods stolen and getting shot by some Mad Captain-Dictator because he wants it, but isn't willing to pay.
Then there's the fact that any and every battle might be lethal...a pinhole in your ship...and you're all dead if it isn't segmented.
But the scavenging and a 'used future' feel, where anything can be put to an inventive new use would be cool enough.

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This sounds holy fucking awesome as a setting.
What're we going to call it?

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You're implying that a living biosphere is necessary or even desirable once you reach a certain level of technological development.

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I would consider HFY to be a setting. It'd be something like Mass Effect, if humanity had strolled onto the galactic scene, bitch-slapped the Asari, brofisted the Krogan, then grabbed two Quorian chicks and jumped into bed.

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>implying that living in a souless metal world where theres no plants, grass, or animals outside of labs, food farms and maybe, in really rich areas, maybe a small park, where the only running water is taps and where there's no sky, only neon bulbs and the occasional glass dome, wouldn't drive nearly everyone off their rocker.

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The thing about there being NO habitable planets besides Earth really strains my disbelief, but the rest is awesome.

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feels good bro

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How about it's evident there was, but due to some kind of disasters, pretty much every single one is fucked up in some way?

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None found so far.
Maybe there are some out there, but humanity is spreading at just under the speed of light from where Earth was in all directions it can, and it's only had a few thousand years to do it.
And then factor in the amount of lost ships and explorers, and maybe that teraforming technology isn't good enough, or takes hundreds of years even on planets that lie within the very, very thin band of 'We can work with this'...
And you have a very small chance of finding a world indeed.
Then throw on top what would happen if they did find a world, hundreds of war ships, all from different nations, coming to claim it as theirs.
It's not like it would survive the battle.
Infact, maybe throw that in, someone once did find a planet that they could terraform.
It's now a barren, howling desert that is completly uninhabitable and the sun light if blocked out by the sheer number of broken ships that float around it, caught in the grave well after someone sabotaged the Terraforming equipment.

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You're living there right now. You're CHOOSING to waste your time staring at metal boxes to interact with us fags.

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I thought communications had broken down between the colony flights? With no FTL travel, even if there is FTL communications the others won't be able to get to the newly-discovered planet in time to fight over it.

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A few hundred years is a long time.
Infact, include FTL, but make it that only tiny ships can do it, and it takes a fuck ton of energy, so that's how communication occours between the larger empires, it also costs a fuck ton to do and theres a large likelyhood of blowing up.
But it's worth that risk, those costs and that effort to get sweet, sweet delicious planet side property if you can afford to put that much effort into a fight.
This would also allow the PCs to get around slightly faster and avoid games that span and skip entire generations because your crew are sitting around playing Strip Poker as theres fuck all to do during flight.

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As a tweest on the usual technological stuff, how about FTL communications proved impossible to accomplish with science.

But telepaths can manage just fine.

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Humans shouldn't be living primarily on planets. One 1 mile diameter nickle iron asteriod has 20 trillion dollars of metals in it. Asteroid belts should be humanities preferred habitat. Bombs can't explode by accident but can be broken.

Propulsion systems.
Nuclear Pulse Propulsion=simple, cheap, can be used in conjunction with jestisoned bomb pumped gamma ray lasers.

Fusion Confinment Drive= efficient, easily refueled in the upper atmosphere of any gas giant, fuel cannot explode.

Antimatter Annihilation Drive: most efficient, highest acceleration, magnetically confined exhaust can be used as a long range weapon.

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I want to throw in the nuclear salt water rocket because it's awesome and has a retro feel.


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gb2Ceres, belter. What's the matter, can't handle 1g?

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Or even better.
No telepaths.
Messenges have to be carried, by hand, on paper or disk, on FTL ships between the larger ships.
Post-type messengers.
...imagine doing that as a Job in game, delivering a declaration from a larger colony empire, to a smaller one, or being the go between between 2 large Empires.

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So you've got the generational colony ships, the Behemoth fleets that become nations in their own right, their connection to Earth a fairy tale. And then you have the FTL scouts, the Runners. FTL drive manipulates gravity and the more mass you rry to move with it, the more unstable it is, so anything that seats over 5 people will almost invariably explode. 1-seaters are the safest to jump with but solo Runners are prone to Deep Space Psychosis, so usually parties of at least 3 people are formed for a Run. FTL's are expensive to build and maintain so parties of solos are rare.

The planets that have been successfully terraformed and settled are a handful in the galaxy. All of them are embroiled in bitter civil wars over resources since multiple factions landed on the planet and refuse to share. However, most of the time warfare is not nuclear since no one wants to fuck the world up entirely. But this means that if you're a Groundsider, you're almost certainly a soldier, living in whatever flavor of totalitarian fascist state you've been lucky enough to be born into. Still, you get to breathe atmosphere and swim in seas!

Belters and 'Grangians lead somewhat more peaceful lives. Of course, their lives are filled with work, patching up the habitats is round-o'clock chores for everybody. And forget about privacy or hygiene.

Fleeters have it a little easier, with most ships being sparsely populated. Constant pirate predations and enemy fleet interdiction is an ever-present danger though.

Only the Runners enjoy true freedom; at least, so they like to claim. Strapped to a jump drive, making wild leaps into the unknown. That's a life for a true adventurer. Or a complete lunatic.

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Exactly, up until the fleeters bit.
Fleeters live in densly populated ships, sometimes living 500-600 people in a ship made originally for 200.
And constantly repairing it, always something is broken, you know the flotillas on Titans AE, that's what a Flotilla Fleet looks like, just on a smaller scale, soemtimed getting larger as more things are added though until it can't move anymore without help, that's how the larger empire size flotillas happen, just too much stuff and not enough engine usually, then they have to drop anchor and either become an empire, or a space station, hovering around some dead world, or a star somewhere.

And you forgot about the stationers, large, static stations, orbiting dead planets, or moons, or whatever they one day decided to drop anchor outside of, much, much smaller than Empire Flotillas, but actually honestly built for their job.
And each a state in its own right, bristling with weapons and strong enough to, if need be, hold out indefinetly for hundreds of years of attacks, holding their own, maybe because there's something important nearby? Maybe one day their captain just got sick of seeing something new each day. Maybe as a base for mining operations planet side.
A tough, hard existance, usually under near constant attack from pirates that try to get in for their resources; so they heavily monitor their air locks and keep weapons on guard and blast away anyone who makes a wrong move.
They're also fantastic neutral ground for warring parties to meet, since no one fucks with Stationers on their home turf, since they'll put an automated turret in anything, a security camera anywhere and don't give a fuck what you are as long as you keep the peace and bring in cash.

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I vote for no planets being terraformed, maybe some have been found that are terraformable.
But what happens is, everyone wants a slice and everyone wants it their way.
And everyone wants to be first.
So you have almost terraformed worlds, with dozens of stations around them, all different factions, each waiting for someone to try and land so they can blast them out the sky, constantly infighting and knowing that if they turn their back for a moment, one of the other fleets will land a terraforming module and claim it as their own.
Constant infighting between the guard stations as they try to kill each other without damaging the precious, golden treasure they orbit before it can be terraformed. And of course, each fight leaves the planet a little closer to being uninhabitable, due to debris and shit.
So no man has set foot on and breathed the atmosphere of a truely terraformed and inhabitable world since Earth, which was fuck knows how long ago.

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>Fleeters live in densly populated ships, sometimes living 500-600 people in a ship made originally for 200.

This happens when the cryo units break down, which they invariably do. Sometimes the flotilla needs to dismantle the cryo since the power plant is failing and they need to reroute everything to life support, sometimes it's sabotage by hostile infiltrators. Oftentimes the system just gives up from old age.

Stationers are an odd lot. The stations combine total and complete surveillance with very strict insistence on individual freedom. Think of it like a Las Vegas casino; you're free to enjoy yourself until you piss off the manager (Station admin), and then you're thrown out (spaced). Generally, the more successul stations have reasonable admins, but there are remote outposts where insane admins rule with an iron fist and absolute authority. Some of these places become prisons or asylums for the mad and discarded.

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I don't know. I think it would be better with the original 'No life planets' thing, since that adds to the gritty feeling of 'We gave up everything for a roll of the dice...and came up short' no hope type feel, sure it might feel a bit cheap, but make it so that the terraforming equipment technology turns out to be a lie and it'd work well enough.
Or as someone said before, every life planet found, something has screwed it up.
The feeling should be more 'You don't know what you have until its gone' on planets than anything.

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This setting sounds awesome.
Maybe use the Dark Heresy system as a basis?

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GURPS all the way.

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I want the planets in. There's a bitterness in going out to space to find paradise and finding the old human bullshit instead. Wars. Poverty. Lies. Greed. Vanity. Humanity just can't have nice things.

A compromise suggestion would be to have the setting encompass different time periods - pre Find (the discovery by FTL runners of terraformable planets) and post Find.

>995 phylvat

"Runner 995 Phylvat, your ID is recognized." The booming voice hurt Remora's ears, after spending 3 months in the silence of deep space noises made her twitchy. A ping from ship computer confirmed that the station scanner had gone over the ship completely. She pulled back on the throttle, disengaging the miniature craft from the scanner arm and bringing it into the gaping maw of the main docking bay. She turned to nudge her comrades, asleep in their cots inside the cramped cockpit.
"Sev! Yule! We're here! Wake up! We're in Atlas!"

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Is GURPS 'Gritty-gritty-Oh dear God my leg' enough you think?
Maybe a homebrew game with some bitching tables of combat would work.

What about Lazers and so forth, any ideas on if they're going to exist?

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Oh /tg/, why must EVERYTHING be grimdark?

Can we at least have a few O'Neil cylinders full of happy transhumans who actually managed to thrive in space by adapting to the habitats everyone else thought useless? Jet-black-skinned humanoids with huge wing-like membranes that drift around the outside of their space habitats whilst they photosynthesise? Hollowed-out asteroids filled with exotic engineered plants and crops that produce feedstocks for polymer and metallurgical industry?

>> No.12030588

there's no place for kawaii uguu animu in the future. only grimdark.

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It's not as much grimdark as it is... bittersad, I guess. Human folly and greed ruined Earth and only then did we find out there wouldn't be another...

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Well I get the feeling that this setting is going to be a sort of 'You fight for your happy ending' thing.
You do jobs to keep your freedom and your ship.
You kill a man to save a girl you promised you'd protect from him, and then have to leave that station forever, leaving a trail of bodies behind you and with the Law on your trail because he was the captains son, but you got the girl.
You manage to find an old, long dead ship and strip it for parts, finding out about the history of the crew and what happened to them as you go, in a dark tale of murder and inbreeding, but your ship is still running and those parts have set you up for months to come and you've got the fuel you need to get home now at least. You're free for a while yet.
You get caught up in a job from a dictator and you can't do it because it'd result in the deaths of millions, so you blow out his entire throne room, leaving a power void which brings in a new nutter and nothing changed there, but a lot of people are alive because of you and that, in your eyes, is good enough.
It's a dark world, but you can be happy in it if you work for it.

>> No.12030702

This describes the feel of it.
Bittersad, maybe even Saddark. But with 'You can be happy with what you have' elements.

The whole feel is somewhere between 'We lost the one good thing we had and
'We're neither pure nor wise nor good.
But we do the best we know.
We build our house, and chop our wood,
And make our garden grow.
And in the end when all is said.
Sometimes that is enough.'

Humanity is thriving, not happy, not, by far, perfect, but thriving none the less; and they're making do with what they've got and we're keeping going.

>> No.12030763


I'm getting a Sin City meets Firefly vibe out of this. And I find it to be awesome.

>quas larthro

Quas Larthro, AKA Butcher of Palmyra. Infamous captain, convinced that he was the reincarnation of a messianic figure. Started a crusade for power that led to the destruction of 3 Lagrange habitats around planet Odessa.

>> No.12030769

Well the Stationers are making do, as are mostly everyone.
It's not GRIMDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK 40K style, more there's an overtone of sadness and hope lost to the entire game.
As for Transhumanists, could include it in a small way.

Maybe some ships use 'Homeworld' type A.I. ancient immortal people, rigged to life support, watching over their childrens, children and keeping the ship alive and safe through the void of nothing.

Captcha: manchart many

>> No.12030822

I support transhumanism, but I'd rather this setting have it a bit more toned down than usual. None of the magical nanomachines can do everything and break the laws of thermodynamics crap. Transhuman modification is expensive, energy-inefficient and the entire personality is never transferred completely.

>> No.12030852

This setting is meant to be a sort of break down of the usual Sci-Fi Fantasy on the high seas stuff.
So Transhumanism costs a lot.
Lazers, though avalible, are expensive, rare, break down a lot and take up halarious amounts of power to run.
Technology isn't that much better than it is now really across the board except in terraforming and genetics, since not many have the resources to spare on something that might not be worth anything in the end since they're constantly repairing their homes and keeping the Void outside.
Not utterly realistic 'Lol, hard Sci-Fi', but a much less flamboiant world than most Sci-fi would work much, much better for this game.

>> No.12030961



How else am I supposed to play a kawaii neko girl?

Seriously though if we're going harder sci-fi then perhaps some factions embraced genetic engineering while others shunned it out of conservatism. Genetic changes are moderate, usually coming in the form of an "upgrade chromosome" that helps boost the immune system, slows ageing, gets rid of problems associated with zero-G living, such as bone decalcification.

Perhaps the means to synthesise the chromosome from scratch have been lost, so humanity has diverged into old-style humans, and upgraded ones whose children inherit the upgraded genes. Some of the upgraded humans have particularly unsavoury notions about what should be done with the "obsoletes"...

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So, what you reall mean is it's...


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I love this idea.
Think of how many plot hooks you could have.
Things like 'PCs are hired to sneak around the outside of a station and drill a pinhole into one of the air vents, killing the person in the room under it, they later find out that it's a soon to be married couple and the hirer is the daughters estranged father who thinks its better she die than disgrace the family' or 'PCs come across a huge dead Flotilla, strip it for parts while fighting off the creatures that now live within that have evolved from things bred in the labs...or maybe are just incredible inbred humans', ect

Captcha: Worstest John.
Worstest John, the baddest Gunslinger for hire Runner in the 'verse, a man so fast that he ran the Helzvark-Schervenn run before Space Psycosis even had a chance to look at him. Its said he was behind the death of Aji'him Dathewait, the Dictator of Station E-396, who spent all his time locked in a bullet proof box with guards.
Any job he fancies...for a price. Don't insult him with trying to trick him into dodgey work though, or he might come after you.

>> No.12031027

Only if the loss of the best thing in your life, which was your fault and getting on with it because you have to is Emo.

>> No.12031143

We're Runners. Some of us are running away: from debt, from boredom, from the mistake of a lifetime, from death or taxes. Some of us are running towards: to the great beyond, to a glorious death, to riches or fame or obscurity.

We run messages. What we run may start a war; it may prevent it. It may save an empire or lay waste to a sector. It may be one man's last hope or another's death mark. We don't read the messages we run - it's not good for business.

Blockades, gauntlets, ambushes - a Runner's life is never dull. Locked inside rusty tin cans with the same 3 people for years on end, and we still take them out drinking when we get to port. It's a disease, a madness that takes you and runs you into the ground on some barren world when you're finally out of juice, options and friends. It's a Runner's life.

Here's to us.

>> No.12031185

More bleakgrim.
A setting with little to no hope of you changing the world, which is a terrible place.
You might find something to make you happy though, if you work for it.

>> No.12031458

Bumping for cool setting.

>> No.12033499

>I thought Engine Heart and Velocity were products of /tg/ as well?

Yes, they are. And Engine Heart is a real game now.


>> No.12033946

"Now?" It's been a real game for quite a while. It just happens to be available in print now.

>> No.12034123

Someone should really flesh out this setting. It sounds really interesting.

>> No.12034584


you do it

>> No.12034921


>> No.12035070

If lasers don't work, what do we use instead?

Particle beams? Missiles? Railguns?

>> No.12035093

Plasma is most likely candidate for space weapons.

>> No.12035205

Particle beams could be useful, but not at excessive ranges, I think. Railguns, coilguns and other solid-projectile weapons would be very effective against "immobile" targets (like planets, space stations) that can't maneuver, or at least not well. Against starships that can make course-corrections to avoid the projectiles, it's a bit more difficult. I'd bet on missiles being the weapon of choice.

Plasma dissipates too quickly, barring containment of some kind. If you have "magnetic bottle" technology (lol semi-soft science), then you can launch plasma bombs. Otherwise, it'd be mainly a short-range weapon.

Amateur physicsfag here, no idea if completely correct.

>> No.12035271

Perhaps in this future of scraping a living, enemy ships are just too valuable to risk blowing apart into unsalvageable rubble.

Cue boarding parties of power-armoured specialists equipped with manoeuvre packs, harpoons, and recoilless rifles.

Anyone played Shattered Horizon? It might be a bit like that.

>> No.12035312

Just to spite the guy with the make a setting with no snakes thread, can we have a colony of space lamias?

Their tails are useful to grab onto struts and things in zero-G, you see, so it makes perfect sense.

>> No.12035330

I'll just say it:


>> No.12035352


Hell no. This has nothing to do with space bin-men.

Or an overwhelming theme of oppression of third-world countries.

>> No.12035392

But with deadly screws, EMP satellites, terror attacks on space stations, and the space frontier.

>> No.12035417

I couldn't get past the episode with the Japanese-imitators on the moon. I just... couldn't do it.

>> No.12035447
File: 33 KB, 225x350, 55348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This girl's voice was weird. (dub)

>> No.12035466

Then you missed almost the entire character development and terrorist plot. Fo' shame!

>> No.12035479

Watch the subs. The dub is abysmal.

>> No.12035496




Almost as much as the dubs of Love Hina and Tenchi Muyo

>> No.12035534

Maybe I'll go back one day. But that one episode seriously turned me off to the series.

>> No.12035598

It was the comic relief ep. They completely get back to shape right in the next one. And the last few are full on awesome, more so than the rest.

>> No.12035623


Also, if it makes you feel better and you dont mind spoilers, all the japanese wannabes die in a later episode.

>> No.12035638

But it was so shitty!

That does make me feel better.

>> No.12035669
File: 341 KB, 1391x914, 1239552251853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, you're right about the plasma and the other weapons. missiles are going to reign supreme in 'long range combat' (in excess of a few light seconds). the conflict however comes in with the short ranged weapons.

lasers and kinetic projectiles (eg bullets) are able to kill a missile and, if powerful enough, can kill other ships.

i think it would be reasonable to conclude that ships will carry a mix of missiles and energy/kinetic weapons for both long and short range fighting.

>> No.12035691
File: 186 KB, 1024x768, lego pyro-gx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12035729

That makes sense. How the weapons mix goes will in part depend on what other defensive technologies are like. If there are energy shields, for example.

>> No.12035796

The geiger counter built into Anneke's suit generated a frenzy of clicks as the ship cruised overhead. As the craft drifted past them, bathing the squad in a sickly violet light, she raised her arm to motion to her comerades. In unison, the five raiders leveled their harpoon launchers at the rear of the ship and fired. Magnetic grapples collided soundlessly with the hull, and, one by one the raiders were jerked from their footholds as their tethers stretched to their limits.

Anneke was careful to stay out of the worst of the thruster plume. Whilst her suit could easily take the heat this far out, the radiation was a worse issue. Her suit's shielding could only provide so much protection, given that it was cobbled together from three wrecked powered exoskeletons, all of different models, and shards of biomineral shell looted from an Upgrade asteroid settlement. It did the job, but only just.

Manoeuvring on cold gas thrusters, the squad assembled on the largest piece of flat hull the ship presented them with. Three of them sighted down their rifles in different directions, wary of the ship's own EVA operatives. Anneke checked her combat knife, thumbing a switch on the hilt, causing the blade's leading edge to glow white-hot. It was small and manageable. Good for close-quarters fighting.

Murphy finished securing the breaching charge to the ship's hull, and then retreated to join the others. Anneke felt the thump of the detonation through her boots as the hull resonated with the impact, and then a white plume burst from the ship as it vented into space. The squad surged forwards towards the hole torn in the ship's armour, weapons readied.

Huh. You know, I think I could stand to write something in a setting like this.

>> No.12035921


I think energy shields of some type are an absolute requirement, otherwise ships will be destroyed by gravel.

>> No.12035949

Do it. It'll be awesome.

Not necessarily. A whipple shield or magnetic "plow" might work, as would using comets as ships (the thick ice providing appropriate shielding). Not to mention the kinds of things you can do with soft science without resorting to typical Star Trek-style shields.

>> No.12036149

This, definetly.
It goes with the whole theme of 'Reuse everything' only the really rich can afford to blow enemies apart, and even then they collect the peices.

Energy shields, maybe if you have a huge powerplant to lie back on, or have a smaller ship, so there's not much of a problem.
For most ships though, they rely on deflective plating and constant maintenance, to bounce the rubble away from the ship.

>> No.12036165

That sounds like a boring as hell setting to play in. Not because of the 'used future' motifs (which I enjoy) or even the fight for your future aspects, it just sounds like it'd make a way better book than a setting to play in. Angsting over how terrible humanity can make good reading, but it's not a great thing for interactive fiction.

>> No.12036191

You've never played Cyberpunk? Or Shadowrun?
Where everyone is for sale and technology is god?
Imagine that, but there's only so much technology, and with an almost feudalistic government system.
That's what this sounds like a bit.

>> No.12036218

There's a ship with medical supplies coming through our system, go hijack it.

The upgraded humans are exterminating space habitats in what they call "the purge", stop them.

Transhuman factions are releasing viruses into the O'Neil cylinders to cull old-style humans, stop them and find a cure.

The colony ship thought to have been lost for 600 years just turned up at the edge of a neutron star system and it's on a collision course, go and salvage as much as you can before it's too late.

Our hab is about to fly through a micrometeoroid swarm and there's not enough power for the shields, do something about it.

3 EVA specialists haven't reported back after their maintenance shifts, and people are swearing that there are weird grinding noises coming through the hull from the outside.

I can think of lots of cool adventures for this setting without really having to try.

>> No.12036449

true AI? [y/n]

>> No.12036506

It probably shouldn't be commonplace. Maybe some of the transhuman enclaves have them, or maybe a long-forgotten war fleet was directed by one. But this setting is more about the human struggle.

>> No.12036559

I need to practise writing stuff, so if the readers of this thread would like a bit of fiction in this setting I may write one tomorrow, if there is demand and it's not going to just plummet to page 15 :(

I invite posters to specify specific areas of the setting they'd like to read about. If there are any other writefags around, it's a good way to develop a setting, I think.

>> No.12036699


If yes, we need to justify why the singularity didn't happen.

Maybe the AIs awoke but turned out to be a bunch of selfish twats, eventually seceding from humanity altogether.

>> No.12036741

Singularity didn't happen because we were fed a line of bullshit, bought it, and then didn't actually become futuristic light-gods with computer brains because it was, you know, bullshit.

I'd be up for just glossing over it. No mention, no bother.

>> No.12036802


Maybe it turns out that AIs were good, but couldn't have creativity or novelty. Very good for guidance, navigation, air-traffic-control systems, etc, but completely unimaginitive when it comes to thinking up new ideas, like better versions of themselves?

>> No.12036811

I believe you just described regular computers.

>> No.12036840


Regular computers can't pass the Turing test yet. Future AIs might be based on neural nets and learn languages, etc, like a human does, just not be any good at innovating.

>> No.12036932

Then they're just slightly better regular computers. Maybe they're intelligent, but what use is it if they're not creative? All the functions you described can be fulfilled by non-intelligent systems. What is the reason for these AIs to exist?

>> No.12037640
File: 77 KB, 407x405, AdviceNanobotissmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sounds like we mostly got better at making computers that could Seem to be intelligent.

If your digital assistant program can figure out what you want to watch on tv 70% correct, you would think is was clever. If it had a library of comments, in-jokes you like and attentive noises for use in 'conversation' you would forgive that 30% error, move past clever into almost human. The fact that it is just running a strong filter through all the input and choices you give it using a clever analysis program instead of "sentience" would be less important.

"expert" systems easy, "true" AI hard-impossible.

Also.. NUtopia. Space was for science and the ultra-rich. Ever since the.. um.. unfortunate events that catalysed the birth of a new human age we have been largely leaving space alone. A micro-sat here, a suborbital skimmer there perhaps, but little else.

still liking the concepts in this thread.

Our undiscovered world is this world. Our race is the human race.

>name for the proto-setting with humanity struggling with itself far from a used-up earth.

I guess Deadspace is already taken. BlackSkies, Void

Lytic Phase? (where the infected cell bursts, releasing all the new viruses to infect other cells. Like a planet being used up and abandoned)

>> No.12037711

I'm liking Lysis. Just Lysis, nothing else.

>> No.12039188


>> No.12040285
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retiring bump.
Interesting work /tg/

>> No.12041941


How about "Humanity, fuck no"?

>> No.12042213

Void, Long Gone, Adrift, Spacewrecked, Marooned, Lost Home, Deadplanet.
How about any of those?

>> No.12042243

I nominate "On the Run".

>> No.12042250
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>>"Humanity, fuck no"?

>> No.12042300

Darkness of Space.
Or DoS as it could also be known.

>> No.12042313




>> No.12042325


>> No.12042339

Stop that shit right now.
The setting is a dark one.
There is little hope of thriving yourself and being well and truely happy, much less of actually making the world a better place on a grand scale.
But the little kindnesses you do matter, think Firefly where things were bad, but some people were, while morally questionable, in essence good people.
That's the feel of the setting, a dark world, a sorrowful world where things have gone wrong and people arn't as good as they could be. Not exactly SKULLS WTIH SPIKES ON SKULLS.
But Void or DoS seem like good names really, goes well with the empty feel of the game. Maybe the 'Void' is a reference to the lack of living planets.

>> No.12042347


>> No.12042915

So... I'm imagining big agglomerations of spaceships like the raft in Snow Crash, or the floating city in The Scar. Only this time there's the hilarious risk of decompression every time you open a door to go somewhere.

>> No.12044355

I wonder if the writefag from >>12036559 is around now? Or if anyone else would like to try their hand at writing something in this setting? I'd love to read about a Runner party doing some exploring.

>> No.12044360

this sounds great.

children still play together even though things are tight. Most people still expect to grow up, find a job, meet someone and settle down (in some order, pick and choose options) for some sort of family life.

You still find the time to build a toy for your little nephew, even if it is a model of the evac ships that were removing everyone before the last terraform plant shut down for good. so forth, etc.

>> No.12044699

saging for emo bullshit

>> No.12044784
File: 693 KB, 552x720, 1274968130226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go for it.
I like the idea of a bit of writefagging on finding an old ship that's from way back when, and looking through the lives of the long dead.
Pic vaugly related, Runners sound like the STALKERs of the setting, scavenging in places most people are too sane to go.

>> No.12044801


Ah, I was beginning to wonder if interest was waning. Here's a preview of what I'm writing so far, might be finished Sunday, maybe?

Anneke finished her bout of coughing, inserted a new inhalant cartridge into the small cylinder held between her fingers, and drew in another lungful of smoke.
"Those'll be the death of you," said Lee.
"For you, maybe," she replied. "Some of us were born with bodies that deal with problems like that."
"Yeah, well, I'd sooner be an actual human than have artificial shit floating around in my cells."
"You speak as if holding on to your natural chromosomes is a good thing, Lee."
"Your kind are all the same, always-"
"Easy, Lee." Adim interrupted from across the table. "You should cool down. Maybe one of Anneke's tranqs would actually do you some good."

Anneke waggled her eyebrows at Lee. They were the same colour as her hair, a distressingly unnatural teal. With conscious control of her skin's pigmentation cells, she tended to change her colour on a whim - for the last three weeks her skin had been albino-pale, decorated on her face and forearms with blue stripes and swirls.

>> No.12044815


Lee had none of the artificial DNA that bestowed Anneke's abilities. He considered himself proud to be a purebred human, even if it meant a lifetime of taking pharmaceuticals and supplements that the upgraded could synthesise within their own bodies. His ancestors, as far as he knew, had left on some of the last Arks during the exodus of Earth. By that time, humanity had intermixed to leave the vast majority with dark hair, brown eyes, and coffee-coloured skin.

Adim had taken a different path to bodily enhancement. Long, pink scars ran along his limbs, visible evidence of his bone replacement surgery. His frame bulged with bundles of engineered muscle, procured at great expense from one of the few settlements that were still able to perform such advanced procedures. Depending on what part of him you took a sample from, DNA analysis would tell you he was one of four different people.

"Better go switch over to manual control for the final approach," he said, standing. "I don't trust the autopilot since we took that ion beam. It did something to it."
"If the diagnostics say it's fine, then surely it's fine," said Anneke.
Adim shrugged, and turned to duck through the hatch into the bridge. "You'd better come through and strap in," he said.

Still a bit rough around the edges. Any specific things people might like included? So far I'm planning on bringing in a group of the more advanced posthumans into the story as well.

>> No.12044847

Bleh. I can't stick around now, but I'll pick up the rest of this thread later, or on easymodo.

>> No.12046573
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>> No.12047223

STALKER in space.
Now theres an idea I can get my teeth into, imagine Space Hulk, crossed with STALKER.
The PCs work as scavengers, breaking into and stripping down Huge, ancient Space Stations, ones that go on for miles and miles and are thousands of years old.
Dangers vary from Core Leaks, to Space adapted animals, to automated systems, so on and so forth.

>> No.12048452


>> No.12048949

I'm not convinced about the whole "FTL communication only by messenger ships" thing.

Because if FTL is limited by size, then surely everyone would construct buoys that collected data in one system via maser link or whatever, FTL'ed over to another system, broadcasted all its data, collected new data, and then hopped back. There would be an interstellar internet, but the latency would be very high; each system's cached version probably gets updated every day or something.

>> No.12049156

Once a day is still reasonably good. That's about the level of the communications in America around 1880-until the widespread use of the telephone.

>> No.12049894

STALKER + BLAME! : a setting pitting desperate social outcasts and foolhardy thrill-seekers against the posthuman wastelands of post-singularity terraforming projects gone horribly wrong.

>> No.12049932
File: 15 KB, 386x338, 1276796245448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12050013
File: 57 KB, 407x405, AdviceNanobot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would consider backing that off even farther. Lets spread people out a little more, make sure the local data (insystem) spread relatively quickly but cross the Void comparatively slowly. Next-system news might be off by a few days and the "news" that trickles all the way from distant sectors might be a year old or more (on top of being handled by so many agencies and people that it has a strong risk of being mutated or garbled)

>troast compensation
and then there is the troast compensation or Comp, the varying hour or minutes added to the clock on habitats that are tied to a planetoids rotation cycle. We have yet to hear about a planet that matches our 24hour system naturally, so everyone makes do. Isolate habitats and ships in trans-system Void space follow whatever schedule they please.

>> No.12050045

Sheogorath/Freedom Stalker/Commissar Kun (same guy won't you believe?) used to crank out new settings every few weeks.

He was turning one into an RPG and the basic rules are archives in the threads on suptg.

He did a humanity fuck yeah sci-fi setting where the only real bros among the conquered alien races were these insect things who were completely different from humans while the ones most like us were hated with a passion that bordered on the absurd.

>> No.12050152

"Crewman Frost! It's 39:041, get your ass out of bed and into that EVA suit!"

oh god my watch where did i put my watch

>> No.12050523

i like that.

>the only real bros among the conquered alien races were these insect things who were completely different from humans

I have seen this used in fiction here and there, and i like it. Its easy to hate aliens who are similar to you, either from uncanny valley or problems of competition for resources, but those methane-breathing high-gravity starfish people, man, they are Totally great guys!

well, we call them guys even though they.. you know what, those details are not important, but the way neither of us feel the desire to steal each other's planets makes things a Lot smoother.

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