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So /tg/, I've made a 2k list, and I've got 50 points left over. Any suggestion as to what to spend it on? Was considering knocking the lascannons down to MLs to free up ten more points as well.

Command, 4 meltas
Chimera, HF

Platoon command, four flamers
Chimera, HF

Infantry squad, lascannon
Chimera, HF

Infantry squad, lascannon
Chimera, HF

Veterans, three meltas
Chimera, HF

Veterans, 3 plasma, plasma pistol
Chimera, HF

Veterans, 3 melta

Veterans, 3 melta

Veterans, 3 plasma, plasma pistol and pw


Executioner, plasma sponsons

In the meantime, I've got what I'd like to think is a respectably sized 40k art folder, so I'm going to start dumping. If you have any requests, just ask.

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Power fist and Medipak on your command squad, believe when I tell you that FNP can save your Senior Officer.

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My playstyle/list makes orders almost impossible to use though (everyone in vehichles). At best he catches a few of the valk born vets on their way off the table and gets them back in the fight, but he's usually soaking wounds for my meltas.

Thanks for the advice though, any art you want?

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Nah dude, just dropped by to offer some advice.

That save pulled my ass out of the fire more times than I want to count, an extra 50% chance for somebody to survive against non-power weapon attacks is fucking gold in some combats.

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Hmm...come to think of it, with the points I'd get back from dropping a melta to make room for the medic, I could fit in some bodygaurds and make a much more survivable unit

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50 extra

-10 for the melta

+30 for the medic

+30 for the 2 bodyguards

Find 10 more points or just take one bodyguard, I prefer 2.

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Guess those lascannons are being downgraded to missle launchers

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Wait, I did that wrong.

It adds up perfectly.

Used that spare 50 for you.

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Nah, because I need a powerfist or making the squad durable at all is pointless.

Or I could just be a giant dick and find a way to add straken

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Right, forgot.

Straken is maybe the best model points-to-kills wide in the IG codex.

He RAILS people.

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I'm worried I'd have to gut a whole squad to add him though.

And point for point, I've found that my platoon command kills a ludicrous amount (on those rare ocassions when I get to fight something other than MEQ that is).

Their latest triumph was 18 or so kroot in a turn, but they really shine against stealers

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He doesn't really fit with the army you're running, not enough bodies to make his FC/ CA bubble really worth it, but he does offer a pretty strong charge reaction force by himself.

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Eh, I might be better off leaving my gaurdsmen to their fate if they get charged.

Though with the widespread FNP on the new Blood Angels, I wouldnt mind some CC punch to negate it

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He shines against MEQs if he gets the charge.

3's and then 2's with 5 attacks is nice.

I add a Priest to get some re-rolls and eviscerators are just sexy.

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Forgot to post an image, whoops.

Though the list in the OP seems to have scared anyone off from the art

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Oh, if I added a priest I'd REALLY have to gut a squad. Probably remove one entirely actually

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I can save you the points but you're not gonna like it.

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Its the plasma vets, isnt it?

I'm worried about adding a priest for a squad, that as you said, isnt going to have much CC support.

He'd be adding more points and another KP to an already small and expensive unit

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If I were writing this list (which I am not) I wouldn't drop those points on infantry squads with Chimeras.

Reasons why

#1 - They can't move and shoot the lascannon.

#2 - You already have 9 ablative wounds, a Chimera is just overkill

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The METAL BAWKSES protect them from assault though/allow them to escape from it.

I went mech when my poor men kept getting eaten up by inflintrating lysanders with shrike and other such bullshit.

Plus, their heavy flamers dont hurt.

Still...straken would be nice...

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Like I said, not my list.

I just always seem to find a use for a squad that can actually last longer than one round in CC, especially against MEQ or Carnifexes.

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In any case, thanks for the help. Its something to consider/test. I've got a month before the next tournament.

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Good luck bro

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