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>Be Roboticist
>Traitor: Steal the Antique Gun and get off the station
>Simple enough
>Start borging people
>Get volunteer
>Borg him, go order my traitor shit
>Try to get Robotics board, it's missing (whoever stole it can kiss my fat white ass)
>Come back, other roboticist is half-dead, 3 security in there
>What the fuck, drag other roboticist out, patch up hole they made
>One of them wants to be borged
>Lay him on table
>Scalpel's gone, break into QM to make a new one
>Get back
>Security guy is gone
>Cyborg is dragging him away talking about HURR I MUST PROTECT YOU LAW 1 LAW 1 LAW 1 (God damn it this is annoying)
>Try to find him
>Get facehumped

I'm fucking done with this game.

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>break into QM to make a new one
You didn't notice the autolathe in the hall west of Medbay? You forgot Roboticists have Maintenance access?

Also, you are small time for quitting for that shit. I was in jail for a half hour due to rogue AI, and attempted to break through the jail cell by tossing a fellow prisoner at it. We ended up dying anyway, but we died standing to the last man.

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You can use other humans to break windows...?

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rolled 1951 = 1951

I uninstalled it all... now I regret these actions.

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Yeah, but it was out of metal at the time and I couldn't be assed to get more. And I'm not quitting.


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>vance stubbs
>hack mule
>lol ride around
>fail security leave door open
>run out
>several encounters with sec leave to nowhere
>cuffed to bed
>security gloats over how he will escape to shuttle and i wont
>shuttle leaves early

>> No.12007830

rolled 8022 = 8022

you do know, that you can load a pen into the autolathe?
and you do know the laythe glitch?

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name = "Whiskey"
id = "whiskey"
description = "A superb and well-aged single-malt whiskey. Damn."
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Gin"
id = "gin"
description = "It's gin. In space. I say, good sir."
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Rum"
id = "rum"
description = "Yohoho and all that."
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Vodka"
id = "vodka"
description = "Number one fueling choice for Russians back in Terra."
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Tequila"
id = "tequilla"
description = "A strong and mildly flavoured, mexican produced spirit. Feeling thirsty hombre?"
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Tonic Water"
id = "tonic"
description = "It tastes strange but at least the quinine keeps the Space Malaria at bay."
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Orange juice"
id = "orangejuice"
description = "Both delicious AND rich in Vitamin C, what more do you need?"
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Tomato Juice"
id = "tomatojuice"
description = "Tomatoes made into juice. What a waste of big, juicy tomatoes, huh?"
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Kahlua"
id = "kahlua"
description = "A widely known, Mexican coffee-flavoured liqueur. In production since 1936!"
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Cognac"
id = "cognac"
description = "A sweet and strongly alchoholic drink, made after numerous distillations and years of maturing. Drink up."
reagent_state = LIQUID

name = "Cream"
id = "cream"
description = "The fatty, still liquid part of milk. Why don't you mix this with sum scotch, eh?"
reagent_state = LIQUID

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Prepare your anal circumferences for barman cocktail update. Give me 2 days.

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Also, protip: If you're QM, don't hack the mule to thirst for blood.

>> No.12008274

I murdered a couple of QMs for that shit by tripping them and throwing them in front of the mule. Felt good.

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rolled 1760 = 1760

I killed a captain once.
He was invis, I ran over him, saw blood, saw light, and sent the mule home.

It was fun.

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How do you handcuff someone to the bed or a chair?

>> No.12009033

you don't because then I ban you

>> No.12009062

It happened to me once, just curious on how it's done.

>> No.12009091

Captain was a traitor.

>> No.12009133 [DELETED] 

I was half beaten to death because I tried to borg Corbin Riker.

Also, that cyborg was really fucking annoying. "CANNOT BORG LIVE HUMANS HERP DURR"

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Pro QM here. Hack the MULE so it moves faster, and so it can carry abnormal loads (like people), and that's it. Don't EVER touch anything else.

When you're pulsing wires, look for:
*the load platform clunks*
*the drive motor whines briefly*

There will be more than one wire that have these effects. ONLY CUT ONE OF EACH. You should have two cut wires on the MULE when you're done, one for each effect.

Once that's done, get delivering! Or, ride the MULE to the shuttle!

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How cruel is the game to a new player? Like, if I were to join a server for the first time and get raped, would the rest of the players yell at me or would nobody give a shit?

>> No.12009273


/tg/'s servers are pretty helpful for newbies. Just hang out and you'll be fine.

Also, I said this in another thread - Elizabeth Taylor turned Cyborg-889 you are a beast. I'm glad I dragged your ass to Genetics.

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HoS! HoS!

saw criminal running towa-Jackson Bob was hit in the chest by the syringe gun!

>> No.12010200

Who would notice?

>> No.12010292

what servers should i play on, /tg/? obligatory: none of them

in return; butt

>> No.12010312


The /tg/ server. : byond://

>> No.12010545

we have url now - byond://fornoreason.servehttp.com:1337

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i'm a complete newb to SS13, do I need to be hardcore dorf fort aspie to play this?

>> No.12010847

added these to my bookmarks, but now im just stuck on Launching Game for like 10 minutes.

what do?

>> No.12010871

I concur, I've had this problem too. I'm not sure what the deal is.

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>Research Director
>Traitor: Steal a jetpack, Escape Alone
>Okay, I can do this
>Grab hand tele from teleporter room, take teleporter beacon from toxins
>Scientists just getting ready to start up the furnace
>Toss teleporter beacon in before they start
>Help out making bombs
>Dart back to the teleporter room, set the teleporter to the furnace
>Visit genetics, plunder dead engineer's insulated gloves and toolbelt
>Return to toxins, send one Scientist out to get a plasma assembly crate from the QM.
>Open portal as soon as he's gone, push the other Scientist through
>Cut security camera
>Make a air canister out of salvaged chair-metal, fill with knockout gas
>Other Scientist returns
>Whip up five bombs, load one for testing
>Scientist takes the other four
>I ask him what he's planning on doing with them, he says he's going to turn them over the Captain
>Tell him to watch the screen for the test explosion
>Open the valve on the knock-out-gas
>He drops

>> No.12011183


>Strip him of earpiece and backpack, load him into mass driver and fire him to the test area
>Practice hacking doors so I can do it as fast as possible
>Speed hack EVA, grab a full space suit and jetpack
>Lone Atmos Tech is the only person who notices
>Hack the two top doors on the escape arm, cut everything.
>Plant bombs in the Bridge, Brig and Medbay.
>M-M-M-Mega lag.
>Station fucked over, tell the AI to call the shuttle.
>Wait in the bottom prong of the escape arm, detonate final bomb outside the Chapel.
>Hack the airlock, weld it shut
>Engineer with RCD removes the airlock
>Open portal
>Engineer gets pushed through the portal into the furnace
>Shuttle arrives
>Some guy in a spacesuit uses -another- RCD to remove the top airlocks
>Spend a frantic three minutes running back and forward between the two entrances opening portals to fiery death
>Somehow an Atmos Tech gets aboard
>Shuttle leaves
>Escape alone: Failure
>Knock out Atmos, throw through portal
>Just another day

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People don't know the difference between "security brutality" and "security doing their job". I rage.

>> No.12011332

Just read a book on Asimov's Laws and it followed them to the letter except in the case of cyborgs.

Cyborgs were exempt from the rules as they did not have the three laws programmed into their brain like other robots did.

So I'm just wondering why cyborgs in SS13 are forced to follow the Laws if they still retain free will.

>> No.12011347

They're expected to obey the AI, actually.

>> No.12011436


And the AI is bounded by the three laws. Or what ever laws thus programmed into the AI. The AI by default is programmed with the classic three rules. The AI is supposed to follow all rules, and in relation, all cyborgs follow the AI.

Thus why the AI is a target for traitors.

>> No.12011528

>Join game, only assistant left.
>Trapped in Arrivals w/ another assistant. Beat our way out.
>Bodies everywhere, no power. Shuttle 3 minutes out.
>A syndicate runs past me. Don't even give a fuck. Fuck this station
>Steal Large Oxygen Tank, click head, set to harm. Stay the fuck out mah way.
>Get to shuttle. Stand by heater. Break shit.
>Shuttle arrives. Fuck this, climb into sleeper.
>Not a single fuck was given that day.

>> No.12012419

Fellow revolutionaries? I fucking love you guys. Tel, Kiera Adams loves you.

>> No.12012448

So I was a converted revolutionary that game. I got beaten half to death before stumbling around, found a guy in a dark room with another guy laying down, neither had the R tag so i beat them until the round was over.

Is this how you play SS13?

>> No.12012456

server down?

>> No.12012461

is the server down, whats going on?

>> No.12012495


Server update.


Try to kill only security or the Heads of Staff - but near the end I had to beat a normal down for safety reasons, and he may have died on his own. That's the only non head/sec I killed, though.

>> No.12012508

the round ended as soon as the guy we were beating died though, was it because of his death or no?

>> No.12012545

Server update? Anything good?

>> No.12012549

Link to server please?

Dr. Venture is in the mood for SCIENCE!

>> No.12012711

Can you handle it?

>> No.12012722

>17 people in the server, admin shenanigan time
>Start out as syndicate
>Grab a pinpointer, gun, voice changer, emag, cloaking device
>Run into the statiOH FUCK
>The crew is running around in galoshes, they are immune to the banana minefield
>I start the slow process picking up and throwing each banana out of way, trying to track down the nuke disk.
>Central hallway, picking up bananas. They reappear as soon as I throw them out of the way. Fucking admins.
>Captain runs down the hallway, bumps into me. I fall on my ass,. Drop my gun and backpack
>Captain says "Oh, cool. Free stuff". Picks it up and runs away.

>Manage to make my way to the disk, it's outside the QM. Fellow syndicate has it and the nuke, trying to set the thing off. He doesn't have the code.
>Run back to the ship, repeat the code to him. He doesn't know how to operate the nuke.
>Run back, shuttle has arrived and is about to take off
>Enter code, seven seconds left
Syndicates win!

>> No.12012767


He was probably the Captain - ergo a Head of Staff. Did you do it right after Kiera called for the general uprising?

>> No.12012801

I have no idea, he was in a side compartment and just said "Oh crap" before me and some other revolutionary beat him to death.

It was my first game D:

>> No.12012813

Few questions:

How does one use tools on a table (or wall door whatever)? I tried a wrench, and it kept just sitting it down.

Any links to instructions on taking apart/building stuff?

What does a pointer -do-?

>> No.12012932


Well, I'm glad you caught the tailwind of my glorious revolution :D

>> No.12013103

No thanks. Whatever admin they recently recruited is shitting up ALL of the rounds FOREVER. If I'm going to play with aspie bullies that wouldn't know fair from their own assholes, I'd play on the lagless goon servers.

>> No.12013115


Are you the asshole who got beat to death after fucking people over with the mulebot, and then cried in OOC? Seriously, fuck off.

>> No.12013121

what are the goon server addresses?

>> No.12013140

>Few questions:

>How does one use tools on a table (or wall door whatever)? I tried a wrench, and it kept just sitting it down.
Before you wrench the table, make sure it isn't reinforced. If it is reinforced, use a welder on it first to weaken it, THEN use the wrench.

>Any links to instructions on taking apart/building stuff?

>What does a pointer -do-?
A pinpointer? It points toward the direction of the nuclear disk relative to where it is at the moment (If you're holding the pinpointer, it will point toward the disk relative to the space you are standing on, real-time). If the disk is currently on the space you are standing on or in your possession, it will show a black, blinking dot.

>> No.12013142

How have the rounds been fucked up by admins?

>> No.12013143 [DELETED] 

Pretty much, i tried to point this out to Sossy, but he's such a domesticated bitch that he just latches onto their cocks.

Also, I got banned, first for making a sexual comment during an interrogation, because it was funny.

Then because I said "U mad"

He so mad.

>> No.12013172

>banned assholes acting butthurt

>> No.12013365

was syndie with banana-storm too

slipped all over the place and my bomb went flying off into space

sort of mad

>> No.12013692 [DELETED] 

I can definitely do something about this if you tell me what they're doing. Bonus points if you have something I can search for in the logs to confirm and get a name/key from.

I don't want an Anomorphous repeat.

>> No.12013718

I can definitely do something about this if you tell me what they're doing. Bonus points if you have something I can search for in the logs to confirm and get a name/key from.

I don't want an Anomorphous repeat.

>> No.12013723

server link?

>> No.12013768

Some of the stuff a few of the admins have been doing recently is really irritating. It can really fuck up traitor goals when a person has to deal with constant shit being thrown at them from outside forces.

The banana thing in
Effectively screwed up the entire round for a group of five people. What's the point of trying to complete my objectives when I have to navigate through a station that contains bananas on every floor tile?

>> No.12013801

Alright, where are the forums, big bug to post:

Turning a borg into a syndicate borg doesn't do anything. They still have the old AI laws.

So you have to go change the AI laws, at which point - why bother making them a syndicate borg in the first place?

This problem just reared its head in the current game. I made a syndieborg who immediately tattled on the revs, then got the captain to change the AI laws so he could murder everyone who wasn't a head on the station.

The player in question was IMO a complete jerk as well.

>> No.12013810 [DELETED] 

I think the issue admins are Herp and Ted, because they're the most prone to spawning shit and messing up rounds. (We all know about Ted's banana gag.)

Urist doesn't admin much, but he's very partial in what I've seen. (Impartial is what you want)
Creed is cool.
The other guys don't do much, so I have no idea.

>> No.12013831 [DELETED] 

It does, it just doesn't inform them they've been emagged.

If they check their laws, when you emag them, they gain a law 0 "Only emagger is human"

>> No.12013839

thanks for the report, anon

probably about time to set more serious tone, isn't it?

>> No.12013840

...it really should give a message.

>> No.12013867

It's mainly HerpA, he's a dick admin, even more that Ted was during his "invisible emagged beepsky" event.

>> No.12013881

Traitor shows up and kills my botany partner, I'm shouting that hes the traitor and covered in blood with a body in botany, noone comes. Traitor flushes himself down disposal and I shout that out too, flush myself after him. Shouting that hes killing me in disposal, one blind quartermaster shows up accidentally. Traitor proceeds to kill everyone on board just for kicks, walking around covered in blood from head to toe with traitor items out, noone suspects anything.

>Mission successful

Another day on SS13.

>> No.12013942

>First game
>Play security officer
>Roleplay the shit out of it, walking around, trying to just find my way about the ship
>Talking to people here and there
>Hear reports of trouble in engine area, possible sabotage.
>Ask nearby scientist to point me in the direction of the engine bay
>"Straight down the hall, past fitness"
>Take off
>Walking down hall
>Syndicate/traitor/enemy of some sort jumps out from side room and shoots me twice in the chest
>Drop to the ground
>Get dragged away
>Screen goes black.
>Wake up semi concious on operating table, enemy standing over me.
>Screen black
>Crammed hidden into hole-in-the-wall.


>> No.12013970

I've got a question about the "Oxygen is Toxic" AI chip.

While it does state that oxygen is toxic to humans, does this mean that we should throw them into space? The alternatives to oxygen result in human death. What should we do?

>> No.12013973

>Security Officer
>Do shit
>Don't do shit

Yeah, no.

>Do whatever you want
>Even if people complain, no one gives a fuck

...that's better. If only I could set the damn timer.

>> No.12013984


Yes. It states that extreme cold is the best cure for oxygen poisoning. Space = no oxygen + extreme cold.

>> No.12013989

Speed up the process and kill every human you see, to protect them from the toxic oxygen.

>> No.12014007

More like it.

>> No.12014115

I killed the QM for running people over with a M.U.L.E. then I welded that asshole into a locker near the bar.
I was gonna let him go after I got him off the thing be he starts to move back on it or something so I shocked/beat him to death.
Had an rcd on him,so looting him was kinda neat too,like he was the Boss QM or something.

>> No.12014119

God. Damnit. SS13.

>On LLA after practicing with friends on our own server as Chief Engineer
>People open mouths, suddenly start feeling really competent compared to everyone else.
>Go bootstrap the engine, AI and Captain bitch at each other, other shit goes down that doesn't even hit the radio channels.
>HSD set up; all emitters on, all field generators on, plasma etc. all up and secured and welded.
>Leave, configure SMESes, AI complains about losing cameras in HSD. Bloody toolbox right outside of engineering, no one explains from what or why it hasn't been cleaned up or taken as evidence.
>Oh fuck why is the Singularity loose.
>Singularity drifts away, wire up West solar.
>Suddenly, game ends; "All Heads killed, revolution round."
>Lists me as a Head, still alive.

Just what the flipping fuck. I left my normal group server to get into something with a higher population, and all I found were a bunch of dumb fucks and an AI that randomly reboots itself and has trouble following simple instructions.

>> No.12014138

I think that if you join as a head after the rev round begins, you don't have to be killed to score a win.

>> No.12014205

>Play as HoS
>Objective: Steal Captain's Jumpuit and Escape. Easymode.
> Get an e-mag, equip thermals.
>Wait till captain leaves office, wave goodbye like a good little boy.
>Walk through open door, e-mag locker, steal jumpsuit.
>E-mag door on the way out - suddenly Chaplin teleports into bridge.
>Oh shi-- witness must die
>Beat to death, captain comes in, blame chaplain as traitor.
>Lock his gasping corpse in the brig, hide emag in personal locker and lock it.
>Play a good cop.
>Decide to speed up shuttle by taking out the engine
>Turn off collectors, turn off emitters
>Forget that I shouldn't touch the Field generators

Feels bad man.

>> No.12014310

Needs more SS13 stories.

>> No.12014341

Indeed. I have joined as HoS a few times and that happened.
One time was particularly derpy, with only the Captain having joined right away. You can imagine our reactions when he died because of something completely unrelated to revs and GAME OVER, MAN!

>> No.12014406


Hey HoS, I was the RD who teleported in right after the chaplain. I remember thinking how quick on the scene you were to apprehend him...

Still, given that the chaplain was a traitor I have to commend you on a job well done none the less.

>> No.12014428

>Spawn as Syndie in Nuke round
>In competition with 1 other operative
>Grab every Syndie bomb with evil intentions in mind
>Detonate main SMES units in engineering
>Detonate both solar SMES units
>Make way to bridge externally
>Captain, HoS, and Detective huddled around Comm-puter
>"Knock knock bitches"
>Plant last bomb unnoticed
>Bust in ready to rip and tear
>All 3 dead gibbed
>Grab diskette
>Somehow get horribly wounded, shuttle incoming, station falling to pieces
>Fellow Syndie runs past me for shuttle
>Throw him the disk, telling him to continue "Legacy of Destruction"
>DC before the end...

Just another day, eh?

>> No.12014576

Badass. Pity about the disconnect.
Regardless we need more stories up in here.

>> No.12014705

>get bored as chief engineer
>run into atmo, pile up all the oxygen and mixed air canisters near the toxin pump
>invite crew to giant bonfire
>AI locks me in
>nobody comes :(
>decide to light the bonfire myself and cackle maniacally.
>die as the temperature soars over 3000 degrees and my firesuit offers little/no protection

>> No.12014825

Sup, jerk here. I never was turned into a 'syndi bot' so I didn't know what had happened. I now know how to deal with it appropriately, and I apologize. No need to make such a big deal out of it, I told you I didn't know. I assume TLE is going to make notifications in the future.

>> No.12014831

That round was good. Played a bitchin' HoS on tracking down that changeling and killed two traitors.

>> No.12014838

HoS here - syndi bot or not, I altered those AI laws so you could kill every non-human on the station. Pretty much the whole crew except for the heads. You did well.

>> No.12014886

Gotcha in the end though
Too bad it had already launched

>> No.12015003

You were, you just didn't pay any attention to the giant red antennas sticking out of your head, nor the fact that I ran after you yelling at you to stop because you were a syndicate cyborg. You even stunned me in the middle of a hallway as I shouted "STOP YOUR A SYNDICATE CYBORG" I even pm'd shilazi or whatever to tell you that you were a syndicate cyborg. I really don't know what the fuck else I could have done to let you know.

Syndicate cyborgs aren't supposed to follow the AI laws to begin with.

>> No.12015192

I was the chaplain, coincidentally, I was a traitor with horrible luck. Didn't actually witness you do anything.

>> No.12015201

Additionally, I guess I was putting on a good show because when the timer ran out I got up and left.

>> No.12015213

Shillazi PMd me but I said my laws didn't require me to follow you, and the AI's laws hadn't been changed. Again, I'm sorry.

>> No.12015264

Vekter why were you so convinced we spawned those aliens? blobs/ions/storms/aliens etc are all random events that can happen by themselves.

>> No.12015808

I'm not holding it against you, I try not to hold grudges against people, especially for a game.

Anyways, like I said, if the syndicate borgs aren't having their laws properly updated, then there's a pretty significant bug that needs fixing there. Since traitor Roboticists almost inevitably end up making their own cyborg armies.

>> No.12016593

This was buried deep within page 8.

>> No.12016642

>join as librarian
>dick around for a bit trying to record THE SAGA OF BOATMURDERED, with images
>win a toy sword at the arcade
>detective stuns me and steals it
>Carry a book on Space Law
>AI goes rogue
>Go back to the arrival shuttle for the arcade
>Can't get to the escape shuttle due to electrified doors

Turns out the detective was a traitor, and someone killed him during the game. My only regret is that I couldn't strike the finishing blow with my toy sword.


>> No.12016762

>fuckton of other botanists
>go help out in medbay for a while
>medbay slows down, get kicked out
>see a janitor get beat up by security, drops a clean grenade
>grab it after they leave, take it somewhere out of the way and let it off
>detective comes, shoots me and drags me to the brig
>pass captain, tell him what happened
>you're free to go, here's a bruisepack"

yet again, justice something something...

>> No.12017326

What's this weird red-and-black knobby looking fucker I see dragging people around? Have cyborgs started looking cool when I wasn't looking?

>> No.12017475

its the armoured skin option for security cyborgs.

>> No.12017578

>first time batman
>have massive bottle fight with the clown
>get a Sec officer completely hammered
>roam around, handing out free bear/forcing it down peoples throats
>go to QM
>ask for an RCD because the clown has fucked with the bar doors
>they reroute power (it was off) to build me one
>shuttles called
>wait patiently
>orderly line onto shuttle
>You were the traitor, steal an RCD and Escape alive
>Fuck yeah.jpg

Only one other traitor suceeded, and they were going down the 'not subtle' route.

Overall, a glorious (but overlooked) victory.
Didn't even have to spawn any of my 'toys'

>> No.12017588



>> No.12017685

>Station Engineer
>Put on welding mask and wander station looking for things to fix
>Get flashed by Rev! It doesn't take
>Panic, run like little girl
>Inform HOS about Revs
>Captain, HOS put in 4th Law in AI
>Go protect Captain, HOS with my welder
>Hole up in Genetics with Cyborg
>Beat up monkey that tired to bite me
>Beat up Rev
>Invisible guy kills Captain

>> No.12018026

What's the recipe for space cleaner?

>> No.12018242


>> No.12018270


He's messing with you.

Space cleaner is ammonia + water.
ammonia is 3 parts hydrogen 1 part nitrogen

>> No.12018452

Any opinions/comments on the current implementation of hydroponics? Been coding my ass off, and more stuff is coming.
Also throw in ideas/requests if you want.

>> No.12018463

slanderous lies!

Try both, you'll see that my version is much better.

>> No.12018505


Does the /tg/ server have differently colored radio channels, like on the goon servers?

If so then I wouldn't have a reason to play on the goon servers anymore. With security as my favorite job, it's too hard when all radio talk and channels is/are the same color.

>> No.12018551

Cyborgs could do with something different to indicate when they're syndicate. Like maybe blue eyes/highlights or something instead of red.

Just saying this because the red antennas don't match up on the other cyborg body types and are hard to see.

Also, syndicate cyborgs have the default AI laws right now. There's nothing telling them to listen to the guy who emagged them.

As for other additions... I wouldn't mind seeing atmospherics made useful. Have a valve thing that canisters and air pumps can connect to for each type of air composition in atmo so you can fill up empty canisters when needed. Also increase throughput so that it doesn't take 5 years for the air in atmo to slowly leak into the rest of the station. At the same time make it less complicated and easier for people to figure out what they're doing.

If you can show me how to used the byond editoer thing, I could try and do all of this myself. I have no clue how to script, but if building parts of the station is as simple as placing tiles and shit down, shouldn't be too much of a problem.

>> No.12018561

It was added, but it's only one color. The command channel is the same color as the medical and engineering channels.

>> No.12018576



>> No.12018585

Finally give in to /tg/ and install SS13.
First game: get shown some of the very basics of the game by a bro-tier engineer (at least I think he was an engie...). Survive until AI wins round by taking control.
Second game: Spawn as assistant. You are a Rev leader!
Oh shi-.jpg
Wander around in tunnels with no idea what/how to play as a rev leader. Meet 2nd rev leader (the janitor) hiding in his supply room. He spawns pistol and rounds from my headset, we make plan to wander around inconspicuously and try to kill targets.
I wander off and see some guy wander into the brig dragging a flashed dude. Follow him in, ask id he needs any help, but warn him I don't know how much help I can be as I am totally new to the game.

>> No.12018605

Suddenly, in walks captain, closely followed by janitor rev. Janitor rev waits for opportune time then attacks captain, knocks him down and cuffs him before getting knocked down (maybe killed? I don't know). Captain runs and hides in the sec office trying to uncuff himself. I stand around waiting for him to emerge, periodically asking if someone can come open the door for me as I can't get out. Captain finally emerges, I grab revolver from backpack and start beating him down with it. Converted dude joins me in the beatdown. Captain gets up to run away but I manage to gun him down.

>> No.12018606

why does that matter? unless you are the AI you can only receive two radio channels normally.

>> No.12018611

Room starts filling with people. Security cyborg, tech-priest, some other guy, so I leg it out of the door. No idea where other Heads are, so instead I wander around cutting wires on cameras. Operator 3 (the clown) sees me covered in blood and barely alive (the captain didn't go down without a fight) and after my explaining I'm new and got caught in a fight between sec and revs, he heals me to full (something I didn't know how to do). A while after he does this, I notice someone say they cloned the captain (oh shit!) but he is braindead (thank fuck). Continue with camera disabling.

>> No.12018620

Wander around looking for heads and cutting cameras, when suddenly lagspike! Turns out one of the other revs (no idea who) planted a massive bomb that blew the station in half. I wander over, neglect to notice the lack or air and the cold, and nearly die before I can figure out how to get my internals working. Wander over to medbay area where medbot and clown both look after me. Wander around station being generally useless, asking anyone if they need a hand and cutting cameras whenever there's no-one around. Eventually cyborg comes up and arrests me for snipping cameras, marches me to the medbay to be confined (no access across to the sec area). All I can think of is "SHIT SHIT SHIT the revolver is still in my backpack! Holy fuck don't check there please". Luckily, cyborg and sec officer settle for getting me healed and locked in for 4 mins, despite bro-clown's protestations that I'm an alright guy. Sit around in cell till bro-clown comes in, uncuffs me and lets me out. Wander around the now alien infested station searching for heads to kill. Find none, wander around until nearly getting killed by alien. Medbot saves me again.

>> No.12018622

>make it less complicated and easier for people to figure out what they're doing

You're missing the point.

>> No.12018629

This continues until the admins offer the option of a one-on-one fight to the death between the last rev leader and the last head on the station. The battledome is fixed up with admin magic and myself and the head are ported in. After we finally get it set up (which took longer due to my misunderstanding and running out to attack the head too early :P), we go to meet in the ring of combat. He is already waiting for me as I step through the door, move towards him and promptly trip on the shards of glass and fall over, dropping my weaponry. He runs over and starts beating me, but then drops his weapons too to make it a fair fight. I totally miss this, stand up and grab a weapon to beat him down with. Only when everyone is calling cheat do I notice he is unarmed. I drop my weapon, swap from harm to help, and wake him up so we can fight. He gets up, knocks me down immediately, strips me of my armour and proceeds to choke me to death, with the arena then being blown up by an admin bomb to finish the round.

>> No.12018642

This will clearly be the pinnacle of my SS13 career, even though I had no clue what I was doing and did nothing most of the time.
Best part was the reaction when people saw I was the traitor, as everyone had known me as the noob player wandering around as an unwanted assistant looking for someone to help. Was wonderful. I see now why /tg/ is so obsessed with this game.

Oh, and now I actually know how to resist choking etc, so if I'm ever in a one-on-one deathmatch again I will actually be able to try and defend myself a bit more :P

>> No.12018693

I feel compelled to tell the story of Evander Scorpionfield again, but the other time I told it, no one seemed to care.

>> No.12018715

I'm certainly interested.

>> No.12018725

>mfw i rejvenated you both mid round so it could be a >fair fight, only for you to be put into a chokehold you >didn't know how to get out of

>> No.12018748

Atmo is incomprehensible even to people who've been playing ss13 for awhile.

The goon version is only slightly easier to understand.

>> No.12018779


Meh I'll summarize.

>Syndicate went HULKAMANIA on all of security, the captain, engineering, janitors, and quartermasters, at the same time
>Standing amidst a pile of bodies, calls out on the radio;
>Quick reply
"YES! Evander Scorpionfield, Attorney at Space Law!"
>Suddenly window breaks, and in comes the attorney from outer space on a segway
>Crashes into hulked syndie, which incaps him
>Takes all his shit, tosses the hulk out into space
"I sentence you to death under the cold law of SPACE."
>Wakes the handful of survivors up before heading off with the energy sword to massacre the remaining syndies

Never have I seen a game so one-sided be reversed like that.

>> No.12018786

Atmos isn't bad if you think about it. Though generally its only really interesting when you're a traitor so you can set the station to 66%/33% plasma/oxygen mix and set it on fire.

>> No.12018790

Hey it was still fun though. Specially when we nearly had the ring invasion from my clown friend coming to help me again :P

>> No.12018799

Hahaha awesome

>> No.12018836

good show sir, good show.

>> No.12018856


For the record, I wasn't the Space Attorney. I was the detective whom was among the like 20 people that got slaughtered by Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

We were all laughing in ghost chat about how tremendously the attorney was going to fail.

>> No.12019054

This is >>12014119.

Just joined /tg/ server as security officer. Go around, kit up, see people keep leaving fucking Security doors wide open. Respond to call about a supercharged monkey using flashes and dancing around in EVA. While there, assistant walks up to me and tries to hit me a few times with a screwdriver.

Not wanting to risk a lucky hit, and since this guy just sorta attacked me out of nowhere, I stun him (set to disarm) and cuff him, with the intention of just questioning him afterward when he's not a threat and then letting him go.

Space Lawyer who just witnessed this runs up and starts arguing about derp derp you need evidence derp derp I didn't see it I was watching the monkey. Janitor runs up, cleans up the tile between us despite it being empty. I walk into that tile a few moments later while arguing with the Lawyer, and it must've been space lube, since I just dropped on the spot.

Then the Lawyer and the Assistant strip me of everything I have on the spot.

>> No.12019081

You can't set the station atmosphere to 66% plasma, 33% oxygen. I've tried before. It takes WAY too long. Plasma becomes visible at about 1% concentration, at which point people start busting into atmo or someone lights it all on fire. You will *never* get 66% concentration. I've even set a bunch of pumps up on the goon server to only pump toxins into atmospherics, and the best I could get was around 30-40% before the round ended and that was confined solely to toxins.

The biggest problem is that the atmosphere pumps/system throughput is too low. You can't actually move enough air quickly enough for it to have any effect on the station. And if throughput is increased too much you'll probably end up with rooms where everything gets blown away/sucked by air vents on the station, so there's gonna be an upper limit on what you can do.

>> No.12019089

> Be Roboticist
> Get rev flashed
> Rightfully suspicious captain steals all flashes from robotics due to newb syndi roboticist beating him right after being turned
> Continue duties as roboticist, planing to build robotic support for rouge AI
> Captian shows up without warning or serious IC justification and spaces me
>Just gotta laugh cause over half the station is syndi

>> No.12019215

Posted in another thread by I want to summarize it here:

Survival Station 13 concept.

Small crew of 4-5 people lands on a giant space station (which takes up the whole Z-Level) after receiving a distress call. Their goal can be something like: find retrieve the Captain, fix the station's engine, etc, before escaping alive.
They have a different job: two soldiers, one medic, one engineer, and a commander. The job determines what gear the character spawns with and what their role in the game is. Soldiers would have body armor and helmets, engineers a toolbox, etc.
One or two of those people is a traitor and may have a goal contradictory to the team. Such as making sure the team does not reach the Captain, eliminating a specific crew member, stealing an artifact, etc.

A few other players may play characters who were crew members of the station with one being the antagonist. The antagonist may be an alien, changeling, a supernatural psychopath, or the ship's AI. The antagonist is concerned with eliminating the new arrivals and getting out on their or some other shuttle, or another goal.

NPCs would also be present mostly in the form of aliens or killer cyborgs but they would be rare. Most of the focus would be on fixing up the station and breaking in to places which require it. Likewise, the whole station would be in different states of fucked up, requiring the team to work together.

>> No.12019236

>"Alert: Clown has escaped containment."

>> No.12019391

Dude that was me

>Start out as syndicate
>take my shit
>follow bro synd to bomb AI
>there is no AI
>prepare to blow up a hole in the courtroom
>remember that I left most of my shit in the ship so I could have a free hand while blowing the AI
>get back to the ship end get back as fast as I can
>the bomb made the a hole big in the courtroom and the captain’s room but the disk is not there and bro synd is no longer there
>move fast and make my way through maintenance to the locker room to get clever disguise and leave my space suit hidden
>make my way through the banana mine fields to the disk signal only to find is in toxins
>go through maintenance to get a look at toxins
> RD is inside doing some shit with a table, the shuttle is call around this time
> ask for help and he lets me inside without saying a word
> look around for other people and find disk on the floor next to the table that the RD is fucking around and there is no one else
> shoot the RD two times am beat the living crap out of him while he was saying something
> take the disk, his ID and his special shoes so I can make my way through the mine fields
> take my spacesuit and all of my shit and fly to the ship as fast as I can
> take the nuke to outside of QM
> realize I have never as much as touch the nuke and I don’t know how it works
>enter in panic because the shuttle is fucking near……
>bro synd out of fucking nowhere
>give him the disk clam down and realize that all this time I was hitting the nuke with the disk and it actually was very easy to set up
>watch bro synd work it up so I can do it next time
> Fly off to the safety of the ship
>nuke blows up

>> No.12019410

wait, wait

how DO you get out of being choked? Just hit resist over and over? That never does shit for me

>> No.12019444

It won't do you any good resisting if you are stunned or unconscious. If someone grabs you out of nowhere you can resist to get out of it, otherwise you are pretty much done.

>> No.12019524

that's what I figured, I was hoping there was some trick or something.
thanks anyway

>> No.12020547

>>First time playing
>>Not really have any idea what I'm doing.
>>Station venting atmosphere
>>Try to wake up unconscious guy
>>see others dragging people
>>Start to drag this guy to safety

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