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Hello Eloquen/t G/entlemen.

ITT: BattleFleet Gothic. Discuss.

GW's best game? No love in so many years, but does it need a new edition, or anything? What fleets do you own?

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It is okay BFG.... I still love you...

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It's fun, hard to find players though, really plays more like Napoleon area ship battles in SPAAAAAAACE.

Which is awesome.

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Yeah, the more complex a game is, the tougher it is to find players for it.

I really like the idea of space combat. Which is the better game? Firestorm Armada, Starmada, or BFG?

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How long is a BFG scale model ship?

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I have a whole bunch of cobras and cruisers for this but only ever played once ;_;

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Rough estimate 8inches for the capital ships. Cruisers are about 4-5inches. Escorts 1-3.

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Ships of the line, like the ones you get in the starter box, will be about as long as your finger. Escorts are much smaller, battleships are a bit bigger.

Basically, they are small enough so that you can really move them around on the table without having to go anywhere near the edge of the board.

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Yeah, I bought the starter set, was all enthusiastic, then couldn't find any opponents. Most people just want to fuck around, they don't want to be CHALLENGED.

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Was thinking about writing up some homebrew for Napoleon battles.
Cannons only, all ships move like Eldar, but where is the variation between factions?

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It can be played with great success over Vassal if you have the files for it, the thing is, not all the races are supported. Well, namely AdMech.

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Tyranid BFG player here; converting up gribbly squidships is the best thing ever.

Also, lolspores

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Spanish prefer boarding
English more guns per tonne and faster

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I enjoyed building the few hiveships I actually got around to making from spare bits. The Tyranids really had an advantage in my opinion from a modeling perspective in BFG. I only ever got to play one game and we screwed up the rules some when we did play though

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I had a friend that, in 18 games, went undefeated. his dice loved him... and he was a damn GOD at guessing nova cannon ranges.

I played a very carrier-heavy chaos fleet. Turns out, carriers aren't all that great in BFG. such a shame. then again, it's also possible i just suck.

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I don't know if the game is any good but the models sure are

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Isn't there talk of a Battlefleet ___ sequel? Or was that something /tg/ dreamed up?

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Rules are available for free on the site.

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Almost certainly a fabrication, I would think, if only because the rules are still available for free on the internet. I can't see them wanting to distribute free competition with themselves right before release: they would take it down and instead start hyping "coming soon".

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Played it a bit, and loved it. Imperial Navy, REPRESENT!
I think I was undefeated among my friends who played it. Never did more than 1000 points. Never played Necrons (probably why I can claim undefeated. I know I'm a n00b, though.).

I really liked it. First time I played it, I felt inspired to go out and writefag up an account of my first battle.

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Yes. Do this. It would be so interesting to see how games play out. Preferrably with sketches or pictures of positioning.

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Battles become very interesting on 2000 or higher points. The importance of frigates and multiple groupings of ships becomes very apparent. Also, Swords freaking rule.

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What does a decent sized fleet cost? They still sell the models, right?

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It was a while ago, but I'll try and type(and draw) something up.

Start posting it here, If I get a couple posts worth done.

It was a 300 point batlte (We were just learning the rules,) a Lunar class cruiser, and three... Firestorms? Maybe it was swords. Whatever works, I dont' have the PDFs on me, versus... I think it was Desolater-class, Chaos Grand Cruiser.

Anyway, nothing to do right now, so I'll get to work.

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ive always wanted to start an ork fleet, but the lack of other players kinda stopped me.
And i dont know what to use.

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They sell them but they're almost exclusively metal so pricey. Chaos and Imperial Cruisers are the only plastics and I think they come in 2's with some options for loadout. You don't need large fleets though. See OP's pic.

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Yeah. It is difficult to get a feel for what's good and what's bad, in games where they are too small to really have any good web community. I had the same problem when I was looking at full thrust: you really don't get a feel for what's good and what isn't. And it's even worse in full thrust, because not only do you design your own ships, but the decisions aren't binary: you could take either a point defense gun or a class 1 beam weapon, sure, but you could also just make your ship slightly bigger and take both. Or make your ship arbitrarily bigger and take DOZENS of them.

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what fleet you thinking of? i can write one up quick for you-books infront of me an ive drunk too much tea

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Hey, >>12007483 here. Being a Tau 40k player, I had an ungodly amount of clear flying bases from all the gundrones I haven't assembled.

We just drew the quadrants on them, drew a 'front', and then cut out postits and stuck them to the bottom with "Firestorm (Ld. 8)" on them, or whatever.

Also, largest ship I ever used, (and only one, at that,) was the Mars class BC. I liked it, but since there seem to be some people who know what they're talking about, was I being stupid?

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yop im a mong. and a newfag, been playing gothic since it 1st came out, would love to help people get into it

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I'd be curious to see what an imperial fleet should look like at the , because me and my friend tried the starter set out, and while neither of us knew what we were doing, it felt like the imperials were HEAVILY outgunned by the chaos fleet there. Was this just us not knowing what we we were doing? or is the imperial fleet badly composed? or is it a systemic rules problem?

Because in our limited experience, it seemed that the chaos ships just had better firepower and the imperials couldn't match.

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Sorry, messed that up. Should have put in the points value of the starter set, but I can't find my actual rulebook. I can only track down the reference sheets, getting started guide, and fleet registry pad.

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Really depends on how the ships were loaded out. The standard imperial/chaos cruisers can have a range of loadouts with different amounts of Lances, weapons batteries and Launch bays

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Anyone want to show off pictures of their fleets? I am really unhappy with how I did mine. I basically couldn't come up with any ideas, so I just sprayed black and drybrushed boltgun metal.

Not my finest hour.

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People other than I can alledgedy download the pdfs from the GW site. They actually give all the rules away.

People other than I because my school makes it hard as hell to download anything over the wireless.

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Okay, you are going to go up against chaos at 750 points (that's roughly 3 cruisers, right?). What is a good fleet for that?

Also wish I had realized the joy of magnets before I assembled my imperials. I just stuck the frontal gun battery panels on at random, almost, because I had no idea what was good and what wasn't.

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Yeah, did that, but I just figured it would be easier to go to my bookshelf. Turns out, I was wrong. probably just got messy and in the way, if memory serves, it's a really short but deep book, with funny shaped pages.

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I'm told that the Imperial fleets have better 'fleet' synergy than the Chaos fleets. Developer notes said the liked the idea of Chaos captains as warriors, all out for the favor of their dark gods, (and individually as powerful as possible.).
The Imperial on the other hand, is composed of soldiers, and their fleet is dependent on working together.

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chaos are faster and have a longer range, They also have prow batteries/lances compared to the torpedoes on imp ships.

the thing to remember is imp ships have armour 6 to the front compared to 5 on the chaos- so imps will be hit half as much by battery fire

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What it seemed like to us, is that perhaps torpedoes have a "critical mass" thing, but in small battles, it's too easy to get no real damage from your torpedoes, and then basically chaos is better in every way except that imperials have better front armor but no one ever shoots you in the front, as you are always trying to expose your SIDE to the enemy.

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My people in my gaming club all had BFG fleets but we had stopped playing it for a while because the club meta was balanced poorly. We discover Full Thrust and we use our models to play that now quite regularly, its a much better designed and balanced system for star ship combat.

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So, this is a lecture on the battles of the campaign culminating in the events of the Bellephron system, vulgarly known as the Belleprhon III campaign. If you are in the wrong lecture, please ameliorate your mistake.

The first warning the Imperial Navy had that anything was amiss was the emergence of the traitorous Desolater-class Battlecruiser "Endless Night" near an Imperial picket fleet. Presumably, the heretics were planning on moving in to seize the Argos-Rho naval depot, and supplies stored there. Luckily, the God-Emperor was watching, and a young officer by the name of Commodore Santiago was commanding the picket fleet.

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Yeah, I have a lot of respect for that, but I hear that salvo missiles are too dominant. Do you guys have that problem? Is there a gentlemen's agreement "okay, we aren't all going to just spam externally racked salvo missiles", or do you guys just run with large thrust values and lots of point defenses/ ADFCs/interceptors?

Looked at the system, it looks neat, but never played it.

Starmada looks really cool to me too, if only because it has hexes, which seem to be much easier to use in a game for maneuvering than a tape measure. Just clearer and faster.

I really like the idea of both players declaring movement at the same time though. Feels more realistic, and has WAY better interaction and mind games between players.

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As an undefeated Imperial player, I must say that Chaos put up a decent fight, but are easy to outgun. Synergy is key, fight as a fleet instead of ship against ship. Concentrate fire and wipe out one Heresy ridden beast at a time.

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I run a Tau fleet. I rather enjoy it.

>scarcely yoncting

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Undaunted by the tonnage weight in favor of the Archenemy, Commodore Santiago brought his ships about to maintain distance, hoping to lure the traitors into engagement range. Unfortunately, he had failed to properly estimate distances, and the fringe of the traitor's first salvo left Unyielding Vigilance hulked and burning.

(I hadn't registered quite how much a 60cm range on all weapons was.)

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The Desolator is a battleship actually.

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Another thing: I have heard that strike craft are underwhelming in full thrust, and by extension, so are carriers. Thoughts?

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You can't really "hulk and burn" an escort, unless that's just flavor text you're adding.

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Swords are fantastic. Get close with 'em and fast. Use 'em to screen your fleet and deliver a hammer! Each one has F/R/L Str 4 batteries, and when squadron'd, that can easily mean up a Str 24 battery at close range. They can be a real menace to anyone who disregards frigates.

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750 points
fleet admiral ld 8 50points (in case a crappy ld is rolled)
2 dauntless-220 points for the pair(torp variant, this is a missle boat its job is to use its speed to set up torpedo runs where it can hit multiple ships, ram/board and be a general nuisance)

1 dictator 220points a support ship its job is to crank out ordnance-mainly fighters to stop chaos assult boating your ships to death
1 armageddon class battle cruiser- 245 good range nice ability to spilt fire thanks to its dorsal lances


if youre just using the ships in the starter box replace the 2 dauntless with another dictator

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Incidentally, IA9 Badab War has new rules and supplemental material for Battlefleet Gothic.

>gromana Ufa

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The way I've heard it is that either you have a crapload and they obliterate everything or you have a few and they don't do much. But that's just something I've heard and I've never even played Full Thrust.

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A combination of gentlemen's plus each player's fleet doctrine. Two players don't use them at all (they use alien tech for their ships), two of us use some and one guy uses them a lot. The bigger issue is fighters, myself and a player who has created T.E.C. fleet from Sins (also the one who uses the most missiles) use quite a few more than the other players did initially and we always owned them as a result. They are starting to adapt though. One thing we did to discourage the use of high mass super ships was start designing a loose campaign system for our games so that on the Macro level it forced realistic fleet comp because you can't control space with 5 huge ships.

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Lets go Hive fleet!!!!!

Ive played a few times and had fun it sucks when your hive ships die and the other ship just go chasing blindly lol.

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Seems like that might be a problem with the rules then: I dislike the idea of encouraging all or nothing fleet design, and prefer rules which favor combined arms approaches: so you have, say, one carrier, one gunboat, one missile destroyer, instead of just spamming the same ship design to fill the points.

Salvo missiles seem the same: either you have plenty of point defenses, you can swat them down, leaving your opponent MASSIVELY undergunned, given that extra ammo just means you get slightly more missiles but your opponent's point defenses get to shoot twice instead of once.

Or you don't, and a single salvo missile rack will wipe out a destroyer or cripple a cruiser.

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Sorry. Fixed in future.
Realizing the magnitude of his error, (and that it might just mean the demise of his fleet,) Commodore Santiago advanced directly, releasing his cruiser's torpedoes, in hopes of scoring hits, hindering Archenemy movement, or at least distracting their fire control while loyal forces closed.

Due no doubt to that, and to orders to brace against incoming fire, the Endless Night's second broadside failed to damage anything, though the shields on the Crimson Eye were brought down momentarily.

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Neat. thanks for doing this! I wish there was more space battles content on here. It seems everyone just plays 40k.

Don't suppose anyone wants to put up a fleet list for full thrust, and talk a bit about how and why they picked stuff? It seems like a really complicated fleet design system, and a lot of the book ships are just idiotic, like those scout ships, which cost a LOT considering they basically have almost no firepower and no point defenses whatsoever.

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Its not that big of a problem, our club locks people into their fleet doctrine so they don't redesign new ships for facing different opponents. That really helps keep it balanced.

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I concede that I do like the flowchart. FIRE SHIPS! FIRE SHIPS EVERYWHERE!

Thanks for the feedback. Most of this is off memory, and outside of the narration bit, I'm trying to avoid embellishment.
Further closing ensues, and the loyalist forces score their first serious hits on the monstrosity. Sheer ill-luck prevents them from scoring multiple direct hits on the Arch-enemy bridge, but damage was done, anyway. The first steps to avenging the Vigilance and Octavius XIII, which is now destroyed by the Traitor's return salvos.
Meanwhile, more stress is put on the Endless Night's captain, as the torpedoes close, for possible impact.

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From what I've read in the ship-overview, that's exactly the opposite; early game (prior to errata release,) everyone would spam carriers, and then spam fighter/bombers until they could overwhelm enemy forces. whoever had the most carriers won.

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And in this slide, the battle is decided, if you are an astute tactician. Do any of you see what Lord Admiral Wilson Santiago Cole saw? Ah! Heads perking up! Thought this was just some nobody flotilla commander, did you? He is right now, but he won't be later, you can bet your commission. Yes?

Right. As he correctly pointed out, for those of you who can't hear, or weren't listening, Endless Night has moved past the picket fleet. My personal hypothesis is that the Archenemy captain was newly promoted to his position, possibly offered his spot as a leading element to as a chance to prove himself to his superiors or enemies. Anyway, yes, battleships are extremely ponderous. They are slow. He or she has presented the aft quarter for all comers.

As mentioned, this doesn't slip by Cmdr. Santiago, either. As we'll see in the next slide.

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Now, behind the battleship, Santiago's flotilla, or what remains of it, is not only safe from return fire, but at point blank, and free to lay the fire on. And that they do.

Unable to retaliate, the Endless Night struggles, but ultimately fails to bring them into their broadside arcs.

>construct navals
Wow, even captcha's listening.

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Awesome AAR. Got any more? Feel free to embellish them too.

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The ensuing several minutes are a, unfortunately, a mystery. Star Solar, the Lunar cruiser, was crippled in the ensuing flurry of blows, and the Firestorm 'Crimson Eye' was disabled.

It is believed, that, hoping to finish it in but one more salvo, both Imperial ships maintained minimum normal speed, and fired their maximum firepower at the battleship. Heavily damaging, but failing to finish it, they found themselves facing the full fury of it's return fire. Then-Captain, later Rear-Admiral Vladimir, of the Crimson Eye, maintains that it was only through the grace of the Immortal God-Emperor that his ship wasn't vaporised more completely than the Octavius XIII.

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Is there anything avalible to let you play BFG online? my local store does'nt have anyone that plays it

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Glad to hear someone likes it. I've got a few more, including an extremely vicious 1000 point battle. Not sure I have the patience/memory to fully do that one, but it's probably my favorite.
Facing it square on, with all escorts destroyed, the Solar Star manages a devastating broadside on the Endless Night, crippling it in return. Both ships scrabbling on the edge of 'functional', and streaming air from their wounds,
Now that I think about it... I think, I think the Lunar may have been damaged, but uncrippled at this point. (This was a single battle, a few months ago.) In fact... If I'm recalling correctly /this/ time, it was only crippled at the very end.

>> No.12009271

Finally, one last broadside by the Solar Star killed the Endless Night. One lance missed, just barely, while the grazed the drive section of the battleship, melting crew, bulkhead, and reactor shielding alike. So much, in fact, that moments later, the plasma drive went critical, and cooked off, shattering the Endless Night, and crippling the Solar Star, which was caught too close, and in the radius of the debris and explosion.

Crippled, Commodore Santiago was forced to remain for two weeks, performing extended repairs, and utilizing the opportunity to aid in the repair of Crimson Eye, and recover escape pods from the Eternal Vigilance.

Due to the warnings he transmitted, Sub-sector Command went on full alert, pending possible Archenemy activity. As we all know, this, and the sheer coincidence of the Agrippa refining station being the closest port of the Imperial Navy, meant that when larger elements of the Traitor fleet emerged to lay their corrupt hands on the Agrippa refinery and orbital docks, the brave men and women of the Imperial Navy were there to meet them, and so was Commodore Santiago, who arrived the day before enemy forces launched their attack.

Dissertation complete. Class dismissed.

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Thanks. I got pulled away for an hour, but I had to come back just to see if you finished this up. Really neat to read.

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There's Vassal, but you need the BFG files. I am sure they can be found with some searching.

>> No.12009600

Good luck!! GW had those files taken off the net. There is a hex version of the game available for free download, but that isn't quite the same eh????

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Glad someone liked it.

Seriously, /tg/, no love for BFG?

Fleet list I liked was something like... I don't know,
90 -3x Cobra torpedo destroyers 30 each,
540 - 3x Lunar class Cruisers (180 each, I think)
275 - Mars class Battle cruiser (I think it had a +15 upgrade, or something. Increased macrocannon accuracy.)
and then, like, the 80 or fifty point admiral.

(Again, I don't have the books on me.)

Anyway, any experienced types here? What do you think of it?

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That is a fairly solid list. For fun, you might want to consider changing the cruiser set up a bit. Experiment with different builds. The Lunar is fun because it has a little lance, a little battery, but try using a Dictator to support the Mars' squadrons and Tyrants to run defense. That would be a bit of an ordinance spree, but hey, experiment, find what you like best.

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Live on BFG, live on.

>> No.12010963

Love BFG - just haven't had time to play in ages. (I.E. to busy playing 40K and Necromunda.) I've got Imperial, Speess Mahrens, Kayoss, Nids, Orks, and "Elves in space..."

>> No.12010993

Are necrons truly the buzzsaw I've heard they are?

>> No.12011120

Yeah, I have never had a chance to fight the Necrons. I believe they have something akin to 6+ all the time? Whaaaa-?

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space marines have 6+ all the time too....
Me I have an Imperial fleet and Tyranid fleet.
Pic is me Grand cruiser conversion.

>> No.12011871

Fantastic. Looks damn near professional.

>> No.12014687

Interesting thread.

>> No.12014729

I originally did it because I think the metal Grand cruisers are too ugly to be called Grand, and this way its a heap cheaper as well.

>> No.12014785

zomg 6+ armor? BROKE!

oh wait, lances exist? nvm, overpriced junk

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Ork and Tyranid fleets are rediculously easy to kitbash, or even scratch build in the case of Orks.

The other fleets take a lot more time and effort to get good looking scratch built ships.

As always fuck GW for their attempts to kill their best games through over pricing, lack of support and refusal to stock to indie retailers.

BFG is probably the only product I would even remotly think about giving GW money for these days, though it would still be grudgingly. The simple fact is that no other spaceship mini manufacturers have anything like the styles of ships from the 40k universe, most coming straight from more pureist scifi backgrounds.

All these difficulties are what makes it so hard to find opponents.

I want an Adeptus Mechanicus fleet so much...but the prices and the nightmare of metal cruisers on flying stands...urgh...

>> No.12014904

not to mention the fact that in a normal game you can lose your entire fleet and only kill a 3rd of the necrons and you still win because of the hefty victory point bonus necrons give.

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How about Napoleon area ship battles on SEEEAA.

>> No.12015043

This game I want to see more of. Can anyone provide a pdf?

>> No.12015059

There's a torrent on Demonoid.

>> No.12015074

that's...not helpful...

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>> No.12015124

Nec engagement range is longer than the average 30cm lance, unless you're Chaos. inb4 "Durrhurr Apocalypse" well enjoy your 360-ish pts for 6 lances.

Plus reread Nec BFI and saves. Lances? Ok, I improve my save to a 2+.

It's still the way to win, as it lowers the armor to 4+ against subsequent weapons fire, but the speed and BFI bonus make Necron ships plenty tough enough.

In a dedicated fleet engagement where they fight tooth and nail, yes that can happen. If they want to cripple/hulk two or three of your ships and zip-zoop-zata-bing to disengage, you will most certainly not get in sufficient damage for the bonus VPs to make up for it.

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So what's the deal with Tau in this game, what with the GW models and the Forgeworld models? They both look utterly different. Do they have different lists and rules? How do they compare?

Also, anybody able to give a run-down of the different fleets with their strengths and weaknesses for new players? Like, which army is the fast army, which is the tough army, which armies have cool weapons, etc.

>> No.12015391

GW original ones were designed by fans.

>> No.12015521


Imperial Navy - Good armour, good fire power, slow. Have ships that can fight at various ranges, can take lots of torpedoes. Average Leadership.

Chaos - very similar to IN, slightly less well armoured but also tend to be slightly faster. Same scope for fighting at various ranges, less torpedoes though. Average Leadership.

Eldar - Fragile as hell but rediculously mobile and have defences based around lessening how effective enemy shooting is at them. Lances and Torps have a hard time hitting but massed battery fire will tear them to pieces. With their speed and manuvering their pretty average guns will most likely always be hitting you in your weakest point and at full effectivness making them very dangerous. Good Leadership.

Orks - Pretty random weapons (a number of them have random strength values). Generally have strong front armour but weaker rear armour. Plough into the enemy blasting and boarding anything that gets in their way. Low Leadership making orders difficult.

Space Marines - Bit of a boring fleet in my opinion, powerful guns, strong armour, they just head straight for the middle of the enemy fleet and try to do as much damage as possible for as long as their armour holds out. Good Leadership.

>> No.12015527


Dark Eldar - Seem to be very poor, they don't have many varieties of ships. They are slightly slower than Eldar ships, a little bit more durable but not by much. Good Leadership.

Tyranids - Very interesting fleet, lots of options and scope for conversions. You can factor in numerous tactics from massed waves of small bioplasma ships to ships designed to latch onto enemies and not let go till one has been boarded to death. Ship synapse instead of Leadership is interesting, basicly a chart you look down till you hit the current situation and it says what order the ship naturally takes.

Necrons - Utter broken cheese rediculously powerful and no fun at all. Most durable, Fastest, Best weapons...basicly they have no downside, except the opponent gets extra victory points if somehow they get lucky and take out a ship.

Sadly I know nothing about either flavours of Tau so I'm no help there.

>> No.12015759

The Tau
Slow, as heavily armoured as chaos, a few ships have better armour on the front like imperial ships. Biggest difference is that most of their weapons are pointed forward and tend to be longer range.

Biggest advantage is Ordnance both in quantity and quality, most of their ships can launch both torpedoes and bombers/fighters. And they have the best torpedoes in the game (variable speed and the ability to turn unlike everyone elses) as well as tougher Bomber waves. If you're facing tau you will nearly always be on the defensive in terms of ordnance.
Both FW and GW Tau lists are very similar, the FW ships are a little faster, but have less HP, though more have them have improved front armour.

>> No.12015761


Thanks for most of that dude. I would have thought Dark Eldar would be Eldar, but more extreme. Go figure, I guess.

How about specialist stuff like Grey Knight cruisers and Mechanius ships?

>> No.12015773

the non tau ships they have acess to are also decent, Kroot war sphere is like a mini space hulk.
And the Demiurg ships are good too, a full power cutting beam is unsurprisingly brutal (if you manage to use it), turns out a mining laser used to cut up asteroids also works pretty well on space ships.

>> No.12015782

I haven't actually seen the rules for a grey knights trike cruiser, but i've heard the only real difference is that they're better against deamon ships.
Admech ships are just buffed versions of imperial ships, with some randomness in exactly which buff they get.

>> No.12015803


Have the lists on hand by any chance? The Forgeworld site doesn't look to have rules for their ships, and the GW site looks to be for their versions of the Tau.

>> No.12015813


Yeah they cocked up with Dark Eldar pretty badly, but then I guess a pirate raider fleet designed to hit undefended transports and poorly defended outposts wouldn't have worked very well either.

Grey Knights are the same as Space Marines, with some special rules against chaos fleets, bonuses to boarding/some chaos upgrades dont work, but they give away some extra victory points as a result.

Adeptus Mechanicus are very cool, at least on paper, I'm still deciding if I want to put any of my money into GWs grubby paws to pick up the models.

They use Imperial Navy ships, but they are heavily modified with all sorts of options you can buy them. Also they have a lot of character, if I remember right here are various tables you can roll on to see what other odd and experemental tech has been stuck onto the ship.

Things kinda like it will have experemental lances capable of firing extra long range or more shots, but there will be a side effect from the massive power drain caused, maybe the ship cant move as fast next turn.

>> No.12015819

If I remember right the Tau fleet rules are in one of the Imperial Armour books.

Three maybe?...the one with the Tau anyway.

I'm sure there'll be a pdf floating about.

>> No.12015844

feel free to use the models you like best with the fleet list you like best. The Tau guy in my gaming group uses the FW models with the GW list. Nobody cares since they're mostly the same anyway.


>> No.12015868 [DELETED] 
File: 98 KB, 500x500, ashura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>others emulate the suffering of Husayn by flagellating themselves with chains or cutting their foreheads until blood streams from their bodies.

pic related: Purity Seal earned.

>> No.12015877 [DELETED] 

whoops wrong thread sorry!

>> No.12015893


I don't see any of my friends having an issue with it, and gives more variety if I can change lists every couple of weeks to try something different.

I've wanted to get into BFG for ages, have a couple loose models I've painted in the past, but next to nobody plays, and those interested don't want to shell out incase they don't like it.

Definitely going to try the proxy base idea proposed earlier in this thread though.

>> No.12015901

I have a tonne of BFG (choas and imperial) that I want to sell.

>> No.12015916


There is a "delete post" function you know?

>> No.12016046

what country are you in? I might take them off your hands.

>> No.12016062
File: 154 KB, 1024x768, cobra broadside(asif).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic dump?

>> No.12016074
File: 917 KB, 1019x954, engage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dumpan anearly all imp pics

>> No.12016102
File: 52 KB, 576x720, ship of mars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12016105
File: 1.19 MB, 1600x788, hiveship.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016106
File: 274 KB, 1600x1000, long ship of mars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

locked on

>> No.12016109
File: 458 KB, 1000x710, rogue vs tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016117
File: 136 KB, 450x810, warpjump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016123
File: 815 KB, 1044x793, retribution.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016130
File: 69 KB, 800x480, rogue trader vessels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016141
File: 52 KB, 640x480, ships orbiting gas giant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016150
File: 373 KB, 1002x736, hulked battleship.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12016163

AdMech are like IN, but with an extra 60cm dorsal lance and they cost too much. They have this odd table that does little but annoy you in casual games, but in campaigns, it shines.

The AdMech ships are pretty, I would recommend getting a few just to spice up an Imperial Fleet. That is all.

>> No.12016188

Whenever I see an imperial vessel I can imagine them making that beeping noise that snowplows make when they move. All the time.

>> No.12016424

anyone got the rules for rogue trader fleets? cant find em on gw site

>> No.12016459


Rogue Traders get subpar imperial ships, you really don't want to play them even if you like the theme. I don't mean you have to win every battle to have fun, I mean you won't win a single battle, ever.

>> No.12016604

yop i have an imp fleet with an attached rogue trader ship, since my old computer died i now dont have rules for one of my ships

>> No.12016744
File: 135 KB, 800x600, fa-firestorm-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Firestorm Armada was here, Battlefleet gothic is a bitch.

>> No.12016804


>> No.12016808

how do the Firestorm armada rules compare too BFG?

>> No.12016837

I know most of my friends are picking up FA over BFG. Ihave a friend who said that BFG was the best game GW has ever made, but after two games of FA, he dropped it like its hot.

He says the rules are much more stream lined, and fighters play a bigger role in the game (they are finite, unlike the SPAM BOMBERS TORPEDOES that BFG can become)

>> No.12016848
File: 56 KB, 400x517, rushhour13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Full Thrust here, BFG and Firestorm are small time in the rules department even if the models are good. Use the models to play Full Thrust.

>> No.12016880

I much prefer battletechs space game. But full thrust looks good too. Plus Iron Wind Metals apparently produce every kind of Battlestar. So tempted to stat up the battlestars as battltech warships and go to town.

>> No.12016885

how much more streamlined can it be? BFG can basically be condensed down too a single sheet of A4

>> No.12016912

I've been thinking of using Gothic alongside Rogue Trader in order to simulate larger, more military-oriented space battles. You know, if it's just the players in their one ship vs. a couple wolfpack raiders then use the Rogue Trader rules but if it's an Imperial fleet bearing down on a renegade Heathen world then use Gothic. Thoughts?

>> No.12016918

sounds good, it should be fairly easy to extrapolate the stats of customised ships into BFG if the need arises.

>> No.12016919

>BFG can basically be condensed down too a single sheet of A4

Would you? I plan to try and get some of the guys at my FLGS into BFG, but, not having played the game before, am somewhat lost.

>> No.12016922

Movement isnt as fiddly, and no bullshit weapons like Novacannons, as far as I can tell.

The rulebook comes with some fleets on card stock so you can play before you get mins, which is pretty awesome I think.

>> No.12016977

download the reference sheet from the GW site. Its slightly out dated though so it still has the old Ordnance Reload rules. Which have changed from running out on a doubles too there been a limit on the number of fighter/bomber squadrons equal to your fleets total number of launch bays.
But other than that it has all the rules you need, cept nova cannons but even imperial fleets don't have to use those.

>> No.12016980

Whats wrong with Novacannons? They are great against Eldar

>> No.12016986

BFG movement is fairly non-fiddly already, how does FA movement work?

>> No.12016992

"What's this? A thread about a game I don't like? Better spam it with my own favourite game and tell everyone else they're shit."

>> No.12017059
File: 66 KB, 500x397, Copy%20of%20Tiger2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has become a space game general thread. Generally all the smaller games dont get time on tg. Sure those guys are pricks, but i like this thread anyways.

>> No.12017103

I like the idea of nova cannons, especially in full thrust like scenarios.

They serve a very real purpose: to force formations to disperse, and punish players who take nothing but giant battleships with no maneuverability.

As for Full thrust and FA talk, It seems that any thread that isn't roleplaying, story time, or 40k dies instantly anyways. More the merrier.

>> No.12017113

I hope you're not implying a SDN in FT can't take whatever damage the nova will do and remain effective enough to rip throuth entire fleet of lighter ships? because that's one of the very severe flaws(or design points, depends on how you see it) of FT, the larger the ship, the more disproportionaely stronger it is compared to a number of lighter ships for the same points.

>> No.12017117

I'd recomend for some intro games ships of gothic and refrence sheet PDFs from the GW website and running some small games. get the basic rules PDF too for reference, but you should be able to run the game off the reference sheet and fleet lists.
I'd suggest for sample lists with proxy
Imperial: 1 Dictator and 3 Cobras vs Chaos: 1 Devastation and 3 Infidels. to get an idea of the rules

>> No.12017127

Does anyone have any firestorm armada stuff? how does it compare to BFG in size and quality?

It seems to me, the prices on Firestorm armada are WAY better, and they look good on the company website, but everything looks good on it's company website, usually. Even if the BFG rules are better, I would probably personally buy one of the Firestorm fleets to use with the BFG or full thrust rules.

>> No.12017153

I bought a box of aquans, and they're good. Big, as big if not bigger than equivalent BFG (though I take that as a disadvantage, I want my ships as small as possible to manouver easier, all too often I've had two large ships buttfuck each other because one of us made a tight turn and ended up on enemy's tail too close), the resin is crisp, almost no bubbles and very limited flash. Glued them with no problem. The earlier production runs were rife with miscasts from what I heard, but they get better at it, and went as far as redesign (though only Direnzi got this treatment so far) all the starter ships to minimize chances of miscasts. You also get sheets of markers and some cheat-sheet as well as fight stands in the fleetbox, which is nice touch. No idea about the rules, I bought them for FT really.

>> No.12017164


Wow. It is amazing what can be done with space ships: I have to start a fleet of something now. That looks absolutely awesome.

>> No.12017198

Don't torpedoes do that better?

>> No.12017208


Looking at the site, all the ships look very two dimensional, with all the detail seeming to be more of a pattern on the surface of the model rather than structure itself. Is it just the pictures not doing it justice? does that bother you at all?

Also, any starmada players wanna say anything? I am really curious about that game too: the movement rules look the slickest of any of the games I have seen, though I am uncertain of anything else.

>> No.12017209
File: 32 KB, 500x625, Heracles-Greyscale-Final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad i could inspire someone. If you like that style of capital ship, head to:

>> No.12017240


What I really like is the pronounced drives. Most battlefleet gothic ships, the drives seem almost an afterthought, reducing the cool stuff you can do with them. Plus, of course, the landing bay lights look awesome.

Is that a Battlestar Galactica Ship, by the way? It looks a LOT like what I remember the Galactica as being.

>> No.12017271

Yeah, these are designed by a group of basement dwelling sculpting geniuses to more fully flesh out the human battlestars. god damn they are pretty.

Dont ask me how they ended up with the rights, and were then subsequently able to get IWM to produce them. Alls i know is that i have to find smaller ships to do them justice.

>> No.12017273

not really, the biggest thing nova cannon have over torpedoes is effective range

>> No.12017294

Depends on the models, direnzi and rhezolta and sorylians have decent amount of protruding bits, aquans are all about incisions that denote armor plating and "waterdrops" that denote guns, terrans have both incisions and some protrucding bits. They're not as built-up as BFG models, but BFG is unique in this regard because of it's baroque style. I loathe BFG's "put shit all over my pretty ship" style and I love the smoothness and sleek style of the aquans, so to each their own.

>> No.12017331


Sorry buddy but if you sit the FT and BFG rules next to each other you will clearly see the FT rules are a more refined and better balanced version of BFG. They are similar enough it is possible to objectively compare them and notice that FT does the same thing BFG does better. It has nothing to be with preference.

>> No.12017339

You're thinking of F:A. FT is nothing like BFG despite also being spaceship game.

>> No.12017354

Are there any rules to intergrate BFG and 40k missions? I wnat to run a campaign to own the galaxy.

Fuck, thats huge.

>> No.12017376


I think the scale is off. I've only seen battleships and other capital ships about 4 inches. cruisers about 3 inches, frigates about 2 inches, raiders about 1 inch, and fighter models are near microscopic.

>useful daimar

>> No.12017391

Yeah, I really don't think I saw "stock" BB so large.

>> No.12017428

He's wrong.
A battleship is actually 12-13 cm long, cruisers ~9cm and escorts 3-5cm long.

Oddly enough if you take his figures and replace inches with Km you'd get the real life sizes of those ships

I remember seeing something about one assault point in a planetary assault mission of BFG was equal too 1000 or 2000 points (can't remember exactly) of 40k.

>> No.12017431

So they're almost exactly the same scale as F:A ships, the largest BB for direnzi is 16cm long.

>> No.12017454

that big is it?
I guess that doesn't surprise me, every space wargame I've looked has they're models pretty much that size. everything from Full thrust and BFG to some starwars D20 based wargame

>> No.12017462
File: 56 KB, 789x581, Fleet 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For comparison, here's a test in scale.

My Tau fleet next to my battlesuit commander.

>vicaped Full

>> No.12017470

Not really, GZG full thrust models are considerably shorter, I'd say their super-dreads are around 10-12cm long, with cruisers 5-6cm long.

>> No.12017479

boxy vehicles, round armour

round vehicles, boxy armor

>> No.12017499

thats still really close, Imperial light cruisers are only 6cm long for example.

>> No.12018203

As for the firestorm armada stuff, it's not that I like Battlefleet gothics ornamental cluttered design: I quite like the look of the fewer larger guns and cleaner less cluttered armor plating. What I don't like is the lack of elevated bridges or superstructures: I really like the bridge, the wings, and the sensor towers on the Battlefleet gothic stuff. It seems that the terran and aquan prime ships, at least, seem to be pretty much flat sheets. Maybe they are more impressive in person, but it makes me nervous to look at pictures and schematics: they seem very two dimensional, though I like the aesthetics better generally.

>> No.12018342
File: 55 KB, 567x562, ft-138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not really. Even a medium cruiser, like the plastic imperials and chaos, are significantly larger. Measuring mine just now, chaos is actually slightly larger than 9.5 cm, and that's not even a grand cruiser: it's just the bog standard medium cruiser classes. Imperials are slightly shorter, weighing in at a little over 9cm, but that puts them at 50% larger than full thrust. Pic related, it's a heavy cruiser in full thrust's model range. That's a lot less than 9.5 cm. Even though full thrust ships are less linear, that's a big discrepancy between sizes, with full thrust dreadnoughts being in the same size as even relatively small cruiser classes in BFG.

>> No.12018378

Bigga ships = betta ships.

I love a model with a large scale and weight to it. Adds more punch to the game, more fun to paint.

>> No.12018542

I am so happy that this thread is still alive.

BFG players, what is the radius/diameter of a BFG base? (For poorfags or n00bs, here.)

>> No.12018577

BFG is what made me confused about 40k lance strikes. Perhaps I don't understand correctly but how can a laser cannon designed to rip through ships do ~5-6"~ on tabletop?

>> No.12018596


They are the normal see-through stands, like Gun Drone bases.

>wings. Jouncro

>> No.12018602

In scatter? Because ships aren't as far away as enemy ships are. In precision? Because they're tight-beam cutting lasers. In damage? Why are you using inches?

>> No.12018609


>> No.12018644


ta very much to whoever uploaded the rules for rogue traders

>> No.12018650


Yeah. It's disgusting if you use metal ships.

>10, brosguye

>> No.12018721

Chaos fleet driver here. I admit, I suck at the game, but have a blast playing it. Between my Chaos guys in BFG and my Dindrenzi in Firestorm: Armada, I've got my space-based battle system habit well contained.

>> No.12018750


Run it as escalation. Opening battle for every day should be a fleet battle; winner gets their full points, loser gets only partial points for deployment for the 40K games until they win some, then their points begin to build.

>> No.12018996


You mean rip through 6 inches of armor plating?

keep in mind this: the ships on the tabletop are KILOMETERS long. So a lascannon wouldn't even be visible on one of these ships. Lance batteries may use the same technology as lascannons, but they are NOT the same gun: The guns on these ships are in some cases HUNDREDS of times larger than that you would see on a tank. Just reading 40k fiction, it's clear that even the landing shuttles of these behemoths have armor that is nearly impervious to all but the heaviest of antitank weaponry.

Ships just aren't on the same scale as the tabletop stuff.

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