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The first cultist thread all year that's actually worth a damn? Hot damn.

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Awesome, she's an adult. Dranon, kick her ass out already.

>> No.12004031

I'm disappointed that there isn't Obama face when the word CHANGE show up.

>> No.12004032

Friggin awesome.

And she's back to adult form, too. For the first time in months, suggesting that someone should purge her isn't awkward..

>> No.12004046

Goddamn, I hate to admit it but....

The art is getting better.


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It's hard to really tell the difference between her adult and child forms in this one though.

The last panel is pretty good however.

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>change=return to old self
What a load of bullshit.

>> No.12004071

Think of it as a new old self!

>> No.12004072

I remeber Collosal Faggot mentioning that he's studying Graphic design. No wonder he can produce acceptable artwork when he wants to.

>> No.12004073

Lord of Change is insulted.

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Wait, source on this?

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Newfags gonna new.

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lurk moar

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Everyone starts somewhere.

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Christ on a cracker, that was fast!

Bar the last panel and the leaning in Slaanesh, this comic was actually drawn a whiiiile back. But it is facinating ( and gratifying, though I have my doubts) to think that people think I am improving.

Cheers and goodnight.

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so cultist is normally 14 then? because the DA comment for the pic says she's now 14

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Lemme check my ass, cause I think I just shat a ton of bricks.

>> No.12004676

No...just when we got over this shit...mostly...

Here we fucking go again.

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>No wonder he can produce acceptable artwork when he wants to.
>CF and acceptable artwork in the same sentence
>Fucker hasn't improved at all in three years
>My face

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>sage implying he can do better
>Fucker can't draw worth shit

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spitebump for sagers

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Woah, you sure don't see a new Dranon every day.

>> No.12009263

Win win win!

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My only desire is that new Cultist shows up more often than once every year or so.

Cause seriously, it's a fun read.

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I don't think she is fully grown now, I think she is only a teenager now.

>> No.12012782

She was 7, now she's 14 (I think)

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Took you fucking long enough, Culexus!

Shit is cash, you should make them more often!

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So much exploitable!

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So her change was that she went from no breast to AA cup size and lost the symbol she was carrying on her back??


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Why is Slaanesh so intent on pissing him off?

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His rage is DELICIOUS.

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She wants to be Dranon's next delight.

>> No.12013616

14 actually. From the artist's comments.

>> No.12013631

s/he isn't intent on pissing him off slaanesh wants Dranon's soul so s/he is trying to break him by making cultist age slowly

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Could very well be.
Dranon's a devoted, mostly, follower of Khorne (Big K calls him direct with objectives).
Slaanesh bedeviling him, and possibly blackmailing him into submission, is probably reason enough.

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waiting so long between comics is not a good pain.

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Dranon is Chaos Undivided. He's a Word Bearer.

He's apparently on a direct contact basis with all the Gods. He's directly interfaced with Khorne and Slaanesh, and Tzeentch and Nurgle have interacted with maybe one degree of separation.

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I thought he was a generic non-aligned CSM.
Didn't know he was a Word Bearer.
Good to know.

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Dranon is undivided, but Khorne is the God he likes the most whereas he doesn't really like Slaanesh. Slaanesh is basically trying to win Dranon over just rub it in Khornes face. Slaanesh also has a history of tormenting Dranon, but we'll find out more about that later.

There will be updates on the story much more frequently at this point as Drawanon is largely (although not completely, its hard to tell) bowing out of the art side of the project.

The downside of this is, though, that most of the rest of the story will only be drawn by me. Though Dranons contribution will remain evident.

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It's chill, bring it as it comes mang.
Oh, and...ever had a look back over the Red Riding Hood stuff? How about a second part to the Little Miss Muffet page?

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Be no longer disappointed my son

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how much does he smoke that 2 days of quitting afford him braces?

>> No.12014339

1520 packs over 2 days. Average cost of a pack is 5 credits. average cost of braces (high end with teefs as bad as cultists) 7600 credits.

>> No.12014355

SM physiologies a bitch when it comes to both having that kind of immunity to nicotine as it is AND be jonesing.

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I'm kinda disappointed he didn't go all out and include head gear on her, but laughed anyway.

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>> No.12014397

It's inevitable.

>> No.12014399


Man, I doubt he'd be that cruel. Head gear is a bitch and hurts like shit.

>> No.12014405

Someone's not very familiar with Chaos Space Marines.

>> No.12014410

I'm seconding what this guy said.

>> No.12014423

Don't the Word Bearers get a DENTAL PLAN

>> No.12014455

Well i like it
His DH comics are funny two, silly adept.
"Why do you have 7 firebombs on your belt?" It's a sign of manhood of my planet. "Yeah no." Well... uhhh *Carlos Paunch!* *flees*

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>fulattl national

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>frevalm surfaces

okay now night

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Hey this thread was here yesterday. Someone is forcing it?

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>Cultist-chan wearing braces to straighten / correct her razor teeth
>speaking proper English with no annoying accent
Well, it's official - boner popped.

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Why did the change made her lose her wings?

>> No.12015847

it's a giant symbol of chaos undivided not wings.
and bad continuity most likely

>> No.12015932

The arrows now all point the same direction. And they now hang from between her legs.

>> No.12015980

Ok, now about this one<.
When did he met her before and why does he hate(or not like) her?

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>why does he hate(or not like) her?

Because she's an irritating eyesore with an annoying voice.

>> No.12016122

It doesn't make sense. Why would he stop smoking when he could have simply removed all her teeth?

Also, cultist is now hard candy. Here we go again...

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>> No.12016137

Harming her resets the timer.

>> No.12016148

No, just killing.

So, technically he could cut off her arms and legs, remove her eyes, tongue and teeth, and put her somewhere safe where she couldn't harm herself or annoy him.

>> No.12016392

Her teeth would grow back if removed.

>> No.12017257

> implying Tzeentch wouldn't reset her just to spite him

>> No.12017508

>flux; torecter
yes now go to bed

>> No.12017698

Not if Tzeentch desides to grow them back.

>> No.12017721

> implying Tzeentch wouldn't reset her in the most annoying way possible just to spite him

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bump so a new thread isn't started by slowfags

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