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WAR is now offering an endless free trial, which is basically 1st 10 levels, for free. They added a ton of new things, and new classes, and added tutorial. I guess GW pulled their support in favor of the 40k MMO, and Mythic is hurting for subscribers. So /tg/ what does one think about this? I know it's MMO and MMO's usually go on /v/ however since it's Warhammer I believe it fits /tg/ more.

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I've been told early levels are the most fun. If I was incredibly bored I might do it, but only because I love WHF.

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Old news is old, and shit game is shit.

That is to say, even with the MMORPG genre's ridiculous double standard of what constitutes good gameplay, WAR is shit.

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I tried the "trial" version, sure you can play as long as you like, but there is so much removed in the trial version you better not even fucking bother.

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What classes did they add?

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Really? I heard it was decent gameplay for an MMO, just that the early release dates and the $40K bills was the reason many left.
What's removed? I heard Tier 1 was basically the only tier worth it and the other Tiers were shit.

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Imagine WoW with all of its grinding, 400 ping at all times, 1/4 the framerate, a brown filter over everything, and even MORE simplistic combat.

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That is boring. Was this after they "fixed" everything?

If this is to be true, then MMOs seem to be doomed to stagnancy with WoW holding the market and no real innovation. I've played WoW for 3 years or so, had every expansion and stuff. Just that it got tedious, and boring. Even with the new expansion coming up, it just seems to be the same shit over and over.

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After a year, they offered me ten free days, so I went in to see if things were fixed.

Well, they weren't. The framerate was still poor even on Low settings. The problems with getting stuck on terrain geometry had actually become WORSE. In a show of laziness and contempt that beggared belief, rather than fixing the constant lag, they just changed all the tooltips to reflect the fact that their 1.5 second global cooldown was actually taking two seconds (I don't remember the exact numbers, but no matter). When I quit the game in November 2008, I told everyone that the game needed at least another year of development. One year later, it still felt like a beta.
And don't even get me started on the overall design.

The short version is this; WAR failed for two major reasons:

1) Crippling technical problems. Enough to drive ~400k subscribers away from the game within two months of release. Some blame undoubtedly lies with EA for rushing the game out the door for the holiday season, and to cash in on bored WoW players two months before Wrath of the Lich King released.

2) Yet another fucking EverQuest-pattern MMORPG in a WoW-dominated market. It's a sad truth that in this day and age, games like WoW and Halo and CoD dominate the market simply because they're competently assembled, and that's a very rare thing these days. I can just play WoW, why should I play Broken WoW?

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