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Hello mortals, one of my cute fairest left me, so I am looking for someone I could take with me to Faerie. Let's have a beauty pageant. What should Miss /tg/ look like? Nominate your characters.

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I'm as pretty as a tree!

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i'm the pretteyest!

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Cirno contact with your skin causes instant frost bite. Put those away. You can never have human physical contact.

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b-b-but eye j-j-just want t-t-t-to be loooooved...

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You sure about that?

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What you don't see is the aftermath, which is the poor sap's head turning into a popsicle.

Oh poor Cirno, just like Medusa, a rather pleasant person to be around if not for the "you turn into a statue by looking at me," or in this case, "you turn into an ice sculpture by accepting my advances."

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You've never seen the source, have you...

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Unless, of course, you have a natural internal body temperature well in excess of 2000K. In which case, she's just a fucking awesome supercoolant system.

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No, no I haven't. But Cirno is still rather sad, don't you agree?

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Not until the part where she melts, she isn't.

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In the name of the Summer Court, the Knights f freedom, and all the Lost and mankind, you shall not take one more of our kin no matter their beauty. Kill the Keeper!

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Reported for attention whoring.

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You clearly don't know what that phrase means.

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I nominate Chandra

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Breathtaking beauty.

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Which version?

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Why so Nurgle?

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God damn it Japan

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When Chandra isn't drawn as IM GONNA TURN YOUR JUNK INTO CHARCOAL ASSHOLE, she's hot.

Too most of the western art I've seen doesn't show her being anything but raging/in combat. Animu bullshit aside, eastern art does show her more often in a more 'casual' state.

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Okay, I'm rather curious. What happened here, napalm?

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My dick twitched at the top left one.

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Fucking Steve Argyle, man.

How can one man be so awesome?

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Acid, muhfugga.

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What sort?

Christ, has to be something pretty strong...

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Yeah, battery acid is nasty stuff.

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What's with Americunts and ugly freckly gingers?

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Oh Toy, you're the best underage whore turned near-sighted mercenary ever, even if we had to wait for 10 years to get a book about you.

Ahem, sorry.

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What's with Britfags and ugly fucking women?

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Wait, why instantly assume he's British?

I mean, for all you know, he could be Russian. In which case, it would be Russians and hairy fucking women.

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Thank you for the sauce I hadn't even thought of looking for more of his stuff.

dearly tenrtove

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The issue is that ginger is not red

Gingers are not redheads. Redheads are hot.

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Is that edward james olmos?

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Could be. My guess is acid.

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Case in point.

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Felicia it is then...

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My nomination.

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My, that artist truthfully sucks at anatomy.

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You're all collaborating with the enemy! Keep our mortal women here on earth where they belong. The Faeries have enough of their own toxic beauty.

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back in Black

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not that poster, but the pic is a mesmer from Granado Espada, a Korean MMORPG with some fuck-win art. It's set in an alternate 16th-17th century new-world colonization setting, which is refreshing. And the art, in game and out, is gorgeous.
Oh, but, god, the grind. At least you can set your AI to grind for you. And it'll still take you weeks to get to level 100 (where the actual content begins)

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ah here it is. The other concept pic for the female wizard (was getting my GE and GW classes confused)

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You all disappoint me.

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I wonder what she'd look like with the fae beauty makeover.

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She wouldn't get it. Through her Chaos would infect the fey world and ruin it forever, they'd kick her out and she'd sleep in a box somewhere.

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Sounds like another day for snaggle-tooth.

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