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What happens if a daemonette gets a liberal arts degree?

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In the GRIMDARKNESS OF PAINTBRUSH 40.000 there is only Picasso

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Excess of liberal arts in the name of Slaanesh.

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She will realize how fucking useless the degree is by itself and will end up doing what all daemonettes do best.

Sucking cocks.

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I mock them for having a useless degree

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I'd love to see the look on the Women's Studies professor that had the daemonette in her class.

"But professor, I WANT to run around naked, fucking strangers and doing drugs! It's my purpose in life!"

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Job at Starbucks.

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Suddenly, the coffee is more addictive than cocaine, and those who drink it gradually transform into androgynous hedonists.

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This is Reasonable Daemonette. She probably is the Women's Studies professor, quietly despairing as she tries and fails to get the regular Daemonettes to put on some clothes, find a steady relationship, and have some self-respect.

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You say that like current-wave feminists aren't sex-positive and would be against that.

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In the mind of many /tg/ers, feminism is movement that forbids everybody to have fun and is also the cause that girls don't like them.

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This. My History of Women in America professor was an old hippie lady whose bloodstream probably still contained more drugs than I've done in my whole life.

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/tg/ only whines about feminism because fa/tg/uys have by and large lived privileged, sheltered lives and hate having this pointed out to them. They'll fight internet fights against feminism as they post LETS OBJECTIFY WOMEN GUYS thread after thread, talk about rape, talk about how marginalizing women from the hobby isn't bad, etc, even though feminism has never harmed them in any way and isn't likely to ever do so, all to avoid accepting that maybe the world isn't as fair as they want it to be.

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I am not sure if this even coffee, it is rather thick and has huge clumps of some brown molasses everywhere.

It could be Jenkem for all we know.


Sounds like that someone wasted four years in college for a shitty degree, eh?

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I have no idea what current-wave feminists are like, but when I took that course a few years ago (university requirement for liberal arts students), the professor was a self-identified feminist and was most certainly NOT sex positive.

That said, she was almost sixty.

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Well you do need to be a greedy sociopath with a fuckload of luck. To an untrained observer, they'd look similar.

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This just in: feminists don't all agree with each other. Wow!

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Retards that actually go for liberal arts degrees or Daemonettes?

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What! It can't be! I asked /r9k/ and they know FOR SURE that all women think and act exactly the same!

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>Sounds like that someone wasted four years in college for a shitty degree, eh?

So, what are you doing with your highly successful and exemplary life? Dropped out of petroleum engineering yet?

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I once had a player who actually thought this. And complained that my game had unrealistic female NPCs for that reason.

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I once had a DM who had no female NPCs of any note. At all. Like, the only time we ever encountered anyone female was tavern wenches, noblemen's wives, and... yeah.

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Are you shitting me? That's so damned pathetic, I don't know what to say.

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No you don't, its perfectly possible to be successful without being messed up in the head.

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I think that's the default assumption with most games, if only because it keeps THAT GUY from starting any more shit.

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So, they had...personalities? And he believed IRL girls don't have those?

Pic related, my favorite reactionimage.jpg

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That's pretty accurate to the actual middle ages.

Shit sucked back then.

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Been out of college for years, Major in Biology, Minors both in Chemistry and Physics currently, went for pharmacology and got a 3,5K a month job at Orion Pharmaceuticals R&D department.

And you still didn't answer the question, also sage does absolutely nothing.

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yeah the arts can be pretty useless, the humanities and social sciences are a bit better depending on the subject.

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Please. Like sexual objectification is any worse than monetary.

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In the accurate middle ages, there were also no dragons, adventures, and everybody died after a short, brutal life of backbreaking labor.

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>That's pretty accurate to the actual middle ages.
No, it really isn't.

I see that a lot myself. IMO it's because guys just think of men as the default for everything and so everything is male unless it has some specific reason not to be.

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...you think the default assumption is that every NPC is male unless it's a bar wench/wife/some other disposable nobody? Really? If so, all I'm going to say is I sure as hell am glad I don't play where you are.

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Yeah, man, I hate it when women make thread after thread of pictures of guys with big wallets

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It depends on your college. My school lumps all of the humanities into the liberal arts department.

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Not gonna enter a dickwaving contest, pal. Go to /sci/ if you want a blowjob.

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well there is nothing really wrong with that most of the time, its like calling GW racist because as white British people it rarely occurs to them to put people of other races in warhammer art.

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What's the problem with that? I run my games the same way, because I sure as hell can't portray a female NPC when they'd be speaking in a deep man-voice.

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NPCs are not real people, who gives a shit if they aren't following a equal opportunity policy?

Fucking hell /tg/

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>well there is nothing really wrong with that most of the time
Yes, there *is* something wrong with that. It's a bad habit, and sloppy DMing to boot.

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>If I can't do a funny voice for it, it's not in the game!

>an apparently all-male world is AWESOME

>Why don't more women play in our games, guys?

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and what exactly is wrong with posting pictures of sexy women? Its not 'objectification' to find women attractive or look at drawn/real pictures of them.

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I wonder how long it'll be before that guy who constantly screams WOMBWHORES turns up? Or has the threat not yet reached a critical peak of woman-hating to summon him from the depths of /tg/ hell?

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>What's wrong with everybody with any screen time being a white male
You're joking, right?

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>Why don't more women play in our games, guys?

Because they are obviously too dumb to learn the rules and make properly minmaxed characters, not even to mention understanding the fine intricacies of why 4e is dumb and 3.5 is superior and vice versa.

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Yeah, tell me about it. What's really ironic is he still managed to be the only one in the group with a girlfriend, I guess having such a low opinion of women made him better at manipulating them or something.

The rest of us may be pathetic, ronery neckbeards but at least we still take pride in not being that guy.

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>What happens if a daemonette gets a liberal arts degree?


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>/tg/ strays from yet another topic due to gender relations.


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you are just being pathetic now, it does not bloody matter if there are not lots of female NPC's and its bullshit to force them in for some arbitrary notion of 'equality'. Its like complaining that too many of the NPC's in a videogame are male.

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I keep telling you, dude. You'll never get a shitstorm as long as you keep posting trollface.jpg with that post. on its own it'd be great.

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Jesus Christ, /tg/, stop being such autistic motherfuckers about women.

This is now a daemonette thread.

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You say "screen time" like you're conflating RPGs with films.

Sure, it may be appealing to see female characters in a visual medium, or read about them in stories, but an RPG? Where an NPC is either a sack of hitpoints or a device to get the plot moving? Who cares?

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It doesn't matter to you. Because you're a guy. Some of us have female players. Or did, until they quietly quit.

That aside, a world with no women is stupid and makes no sense.

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>complaining that too many of the NPC's in a videogame are male.

That's a valid complaint too, especially in rpgs.

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Medieval serfs led relatively decent lives. After all, they were valuable resources for their lord. They rarely lacked food, had enough leftover money and time to afford tools and amenities, and some cheap luxury. Also, contrary to the popular belief, people in the middle ages tended to wash regularly, and had good teeth due to lack of refined sugar in their diet.

Now, working class of the industrial age... THAT was shitty, back-breaking and short.

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oh so you are saying GW should deliberately put more black people in its art just to satisfy morons like you? GW is run by white people of course it won't occur to them to put lots of other races in their game. Same with guys and female characters. It has nothing to do with racism or sexism and its laughable you seem to think it does.

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>an RPG? Where an NPC is either a sack of hitpoints or a device to get the plot moving?
There's your problem, cockfalcon. NPCs damn well better be more than just that.

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Merry Christmas, you fat sacks of shit.

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The point is, that in creating a realistic world, both genders would be represented. Deliberately omitting notable female NPC's for whatever reason is at best lazy GM'ing, and at worst outright pathetic.

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>GW is run by white people of course it won't occur to them to put lots of other races in their game.
Once someone mentions it to them, though, it occurs to them.

>Same with guys and female characters.
Same thing. Also, I'm a guy, and yet, I manage to have female NPCs.

>It has nothing to do with racism or sexism and its laughable you seem to think it does.
I didn't mention either racism or sexism. It's not either. It's just unconscious ethnocentrism.

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It sure would be easier. We would grow males from vats and have a master race

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There's going to be a reason that everyone is sat around a D&D table rather than out socialising: we find girls intimidating and incomprehensible. It's practially a cornerstone of the whole pastime.

For a GM to put female NPCs in a game is just going to make it uncomfortable for everyone.

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You don't have to hate black people/women in order to unconsciously do something that marginalizes or disparages black people/women.

Imagine playing in a game run by a female DM where men apparently don't exist.

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But its not always deliberate, when an average guy is thinking of an NPC character most of the time unless there is a reason otherwise it will be male. That's just how it is, there is nothing wrong with that and there is no need to change it.

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Thing on her butt reminds me of either Mark of Nurgle or The Holes hentai ... I don't like either idea.

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>But its not always deliberate, when an average guy is thinking of an NPC character most of the time unless there is a reason otherwise it will be male.
When the guy's an idiot who doesn't give a fuck, sure.

>That's just how it is, there is nothing wrong with that and there is no need to change it.
There is something wrong with that and there is a reason to change it. You're just butthurt by the idea that you might have to challenge your thought processes for one goddamn second.

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Personally, I find it ridiculous and obnoxious, and I expect better from any DM worth his salt.

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I know plenty of guys who have success with women and play dnd.

>It's just unconscious ethnocentrism.

and I see nothing wrong with that, any attempt to 'fix' this just ends up with people of other races inserted into things just because they have a different race in the name of 'equality'.

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So wait, there are people in this thread that honestly believe a woman being a mighty warrior or powerful wizard or governor of a city actually makes sense?

Really, /tg/?

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I'm animated!

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Speak for yourself. I damn well take the time to make my NPC's interesting and that means gender has a role in their creation. It's not something a good GM should just right off as "male unless needed to be otherwise". That's for lazy, shitty GMs who just fart out NPC's to act as disposable sacks of EXP or Questgivers.

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>Imagine playing in a game run by a female DM where men apparently don't exist.

Oh god, half of /tg/ would scream about FEMINAZIS in incoherent tard rage and the other half would fap to last-man-on-earth fantasies.
Indeed, I think I'm gonna store the idea for some trolling later, in a few weeks, when people have forgotten. Thanks, bro.

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As do I, but unfortunately a decent DM is damn hard to find. Which is probably why I almost always end up being stuck behind the screen even though I'm only a passable DM at best due to a severe lack of oratory skill.

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>I know plenty of guys who have success with women and play dnd.

I also arbitrarily happen to know plenty of people that can prove any point I want to make by example.

Whatever, man.

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So, you believe that women should be kept barefoot and pregnant, or what?

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>and I see nothing wrong with that
That's just more ethnocentrism on your part.

Of course you see nothing wrong with it, because you're a member of the group being represented.

Imagine playing in a game where everyone is a black woman. Everyone. Now imagine that this is the case in EVERY game you join.

Troll harder fag! ~~=^=___=^=~~

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making a character a woman for the sake of it is just as bad especially because in a medieval style dnd world a lot of the NPC's a group would encounter would almost certainly be male.

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He be a trollin'

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Notice how the campaign settings have plenty of female NPCs?

Making a character a man just because = OK, making a character a woman just because = bad, apparently.

This shit is what women in the hobby put up with. Christ.

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Except DnD is a Fantasy game. It isn't real life. It isn't historical.

>> No.11975915

The female paladin of Erathis, the Goddess of Civilization might have something to say about that.

Or maybe the wizard-priestess of Ioun, the Goddess of Knowledge.

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>women in medieval times never did anything

This is what people who don't know anything about medieval times ACTUALLY BELIEVE.

Eleanor of Aquitaine was so fucking dangerous that Henry II had to keep her locked up in a tower after she almost dethroned him for the umpteenth time.

>> No.11975925

>in a medieval style dnd world a lot of the NPC's a group would encounter would almost certainly be male.

I know only of one RPG that has significant differences between women and men in terms of capabilities, social status and positions and so on. That one is, of course, FATAL. Everything else is "everybody can and will be everything regardless of race and gender."

>> No.11975935

>I know only of one RPG that has significant differences between women and men in terms of capabilities, social status and positions and so on.

You've not played to many RPGs have you?

>> No.11975938

My god. The people in this thread, complaining about female NPC's...

Have we actually found FATAL's target audience? Are there genuine FATALites amongst us?

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/tg/ - That Guy

>> No.11975942

They're not really complaining about female NPCs. What they're REALLY complaining about is being confronted with their privileged worldview, and they feel like it's an unfair burden for them to have to think about these things (because, by virtue of said privilege, they don't usually have to).

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One time my female DM had an NPC that was a female dragon trapped in a male human body, and he (she?) was kinda crazy because the body's brain was basically overclocked to support a dragon mind.

>> No.11975951

>Have we actually found FATAL's target audience? Are there genuine FATALites amongst us?

Wouldn't surprise me. There are some actual misogynists 'round these parts, not just trolls, who would conceivably love FATAL's HURR RAPE RAPE RAPE mechanics.
Then again, it's still an incredibly convoluted and dumb system.

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I'm just saying, in the real world, how does the number of women governors, heads-of-state, judges, brilliant scientists and mathematicians, astronauts, etc compare with the number of male ones?

There are some NPC jobs, especially ones based around high levels of mental or physical prowess, that it simply does not make sense to have a woman doing.

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Porn. Porn everywhere.

>> No.11975960

In the real world, there isn't actual magic and actual goddesses.

Any given time period has a whole bunch of important women.

Once again: LOOK AT EXISTING CAMPAIGN SETTINGS. Look at Eberron, or even Forgotten Realms. See how they do it?

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Don't bother, he's trolling. He's openly implying that women are too weak and too dumb to hold positions of importance.

>> No.11975970


It's nothing to do with the setting, it's to do with the fundamental differences between the sexes. To treat them as identical makes no sense whatsoever.

>> No.11975972

D&D IS extremely popular, you know.

>> No.11975973

Sláine - Females are a form of currency (just like cows, pigs and chickens)

Pendragon - Male Knight and that's what counts (yes there's some blurb about female knights and a GM can do what ever it wishes to do but the rules are from one point of view - Male Knight, and its heirs).

And there's a lot of games that just have it in the fluff, bla bla medieval and they have different roles but yes they can rise above them and so on.

>> No.11975974

Protip: RPG's aren't real life. If the idea of women in positions of power breaks suspension of disbelief too much for you to tolerate, then you're pretty much a guaranteed That Guy.

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ITT trolls trolling trolls

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what the hell would lead anyone to believe that /tg/ is some kind of misogynist, anti-feminist board?

>Spess mehreens can't be chicks
>lol slaanesh = sechs

Oh, well, fancy that. the game that targets teenage boys with blatant masculine empowerment marketing is responsible for this trash. What a surprise.

Meanwhile, in the 'anything but 40k' section of /tg/

>women in functional armor thread. no chainmail bikinis.

I doubt we're really that bad. Besides, a lot of us are /d/eviants. Some of those will be into femdom, but all of fetishes will require trusting relationships with open minded partners.

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> privileged world view - blah blah blah
I don't care. I know there's injustice, and all this other bullshit. But I don't care.

Your insistence on pointing out how unfair the world is isn't causing me some sort of inner turmoil or guilt; it's just annoying.

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While there is a rather large difference from our viewpoint, in a realm with the differences between Humans and ORCS, for example, the difference is negligible in comparison. In an RPG with only humans, that measured stats on at least a 1-50 scale, it would be realistic to give bonuses to either gender. But in DnD? With a 1-20 system, with +1 to a stat for being a whole different SPECIES, mere gender shouldn't matter.

>> No.11976001

>implying that they aren't

Look around you, anon.

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>implying implications

>> No.11976007

>Women's Studies
wat is dat? No realy, i am not american and want to know. Its like they study women or what?

>> No.11976013

If I could hate you to death, I would.

Not because you're a bigot, but because you insist on shitting up /tg/ with your misogyny. Take that shit to /new/.

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>implying that implications were implied

>> No.11976023


>bawwwwww somebody doesn't agree with my politically-correct worldview

So, despite the fact that there are very clear differences between the abilities of males and females, you'd rather cover your ears and shout "LALALALALA I'M NOT LISTENING" and label everyone that suggests otherwise a misogynist?

>> No.11976024


Sorry, you're trolling has already been detected.

(Personally, trollwise, I'm gonna go for the "EVERYBODY IN THE FEMALE GM'S WORLD IS FEMALE" scenario that has been discussed above in a few days or so, that looks promising)

>> No.11976030

No matter how much you repeat yourself, you won't make it true.

>> No.11976035

I don't care what you believe about men and women. The fact is, those arguments derail any thread they get discussed in and we end up with 200+ posts of trolling.

Take it to /new/, where they actually want to discus that sort of thing.

>> No.11976041

>saying there aren't clear physical and mental differences to men and women

>> No.11976060

Ok, women have tits and vag instead of a cock. They're also slightly less muscular naturally.

Mentally, there's no difference in intelligence.

That's about it. The differences aren't significant enough to have any really impact on capabilities, except in the most grueling manual labor.

>> No.11976068

Actually, I was talking about social mental differences.

>> No.11976081


>> No.11976085

>Mentally, there's no difference in intelligence.

You mean the part that every_fucking_thing in the world was invented by a man? You mean the bit where I ask you to name five female scientists, and you get Marie Curie, maybe Rosalind Franklin, and then have to go to wikipedia to look at the rest?

Perhaps you'd like to comment on the gender distribution of university graduates in computer science, physics, engineering?

>> No.11976099

>I know nothing of evolutionary psychology, and am a complete and total fucktard who spouts off about things I know nothing about. I have never studied anthropology, and am completely under the sway of the PC Matriarchal Conspiracy.

Men and Women faced different selective pressures, fuckwit. We're different.

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>> No.11976115

lol, whatever you say.

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>> No.11976122


Just as planned.


Chaos was here. Imperium are NERDS!

>> No.11976137


Allright, now you gotta be trolling. This is about the oldest and dumbest argument in the whole book of woman-hate.


You too, tripfag, cut it out. I mean it's fun to jump on the trollwagon, but at least jump on some more capable trollwagon.

>> No.11976138

What do you expect? /tg/ has always been this way. Beneath the (somewhat) polite facade it's just a less populated /b/.

>> No.11976142

What are these differences, Anonymous?

I'm sure LALALAL NOT LISTENING guy and the rest of /tg/ would love to know.

>> No.11976144


>Forgotten Realms

You mean Elminster's harem or mega-bitches like Lolth and Shar?

>> No.11976148

I prefer to think of us as the old /b/, where all the nerds went after /b/ ended up populated by people with actual social lives and non-nerdy interests.

>> No.11976175


You're the troll. Or you're just stupid. Selection is more than species vs species. It's between the sexes, too, and in the sexes. You obviously know nothing about modern thought on natural selection and evolution.

Maleness is conferred by the Y chromosome. Therefore, there can be (and are) genes that males can have that women cannot (and genes that women can express that men cannot). Ergo, there are very real differences between the sexes. Studies have shown that there are differences between how the different portions of men and women's brains communicate with each other, such as that women have wider corpus callosum.

Women can be tetrachromes -- men can't.

Etc, etc.

Or you're a troll.

>> No.11976184

This is the perfect Slaanesh thread

>> No.11976192

Well, you could say that excess of trolling is still some kind of excess...

>> No.11976215

I still have yet to see you back up your claim that women are genetically predisposed to be less intelligent than men.

>> No.11976223

According to this: http://www.klab.caltech.edu/cns186/papers/Jameson01.pdf

8% of men may have tetrachromacy, so it's not necessarily true that men can't have it. 13th page of the document.

>> No.11976229


I never claimed that. Maybe you should pay attention?

>> No.11976230


Of course you haven't. It's called trolling. Really, what did you expect?

>> No.11976245

graduates is cultural, nothing to do with intelligence.

>> No.11976247


Again, I invite you to consider the number of women who are scientists or engineers, or any other intellectually-demanding occupation. Today's world is so equality-obsessed that there are no longer any more barriers for women than men, and yet they still aren't equally populating the top-tier jobs.

>> No.11976255

>arrogant tripfag yammering about genes genes genes

Funny how little they actually matter, as research continues to show. Apart from the whole nature v nurture debate, all it takes is one little methylation and it's all FUCK YOU DNA.

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While I usually prefer to stay gender anonymous on the butts, I'll admit I'm female at this point as it's relevant.

I GM (currently WoD, so as it's "modern" perhaps the gender dichotomy thing is less relevant), and I'd have to say that about 70% of my NPCs are male.

In other people's games the genders of my PCs tend to be about 50/50... and once I rolled a changeling cleric trap to troll the group's resident THAT GUY/douche.

>> No.11976262

>I failed to read the paper I am citing.

Sure is samefag in here

>> No.11976265


By the same logic, I also assume you believe that blacks are inherently less capable than whites?

>> No.11976272

Every person here who thinks that up until the last century or so women had no power and were basically second class citizens or worse is a fucking idiot.

>> No.11976274


says no basis for claiming different intelligence

You respond in >>11976099 by saying of course there is, that we faced different selective pressures and that he's being a brainwashed PC moron.

You took up the argument that women are genetically disposed toward a different level of intelligence, and judging by how you talked about a matriarchal conspiracy as if it actually exists as opposed to being just a reactionary fantasy, it's pretty obvious which side you think women are skewed toward.

>> No.11976277

>genes don't matter

You do understand that everything about you is an expression of genes, right? Like your brain, your skin, your number of ribs, the fact that you have feet instead of two pairs of hands, etc, etc.

Even the human capacity for Culture is genetic.

>> No.11976279

>Sure is samefag in here
>Look at me I'm a tripfag it's completely impossible that as many as TWO people could disagree with me

>> No.11976282

>Maleness is conferred by the Y chromosome.
No. We used to think so, but there are XYs who we'd call females and XXs we'd call males. (And then there are Klinefelter syndrome people, who are XXY, and yet other variations, chromosomes are weird shit). Contemporary consensus is that the SRY gene is what forces maleness, but there are other genes which can hinder it from expressing itself, leaving someone with the SRY gene but female.

There are of course clear biological differences depending on your genes - that's tautology. But maleness and femaleness have no real biological definition anymore (there are more variations and groups than those two), and there is no gene which cannot be had by either gender, it's just a question of rate of occurrence (which does vary wildly).

>> No.11976288


We can draw the same conclusions from the same arguments, I agree.

Look at South Africa now and tell me they weren't better off under apartheid.

>> No.11976291


I've heard women rant about the Patriarchy.

I see no reason why I shouldn't rant about the Matriarchy.

>> No.11976295

Of course they are. Look at the numbers. How many niggers are there in important positions? And don't say Obama, I mean ones who actually earned what they have.

>> No.11976297


Maleness is defined as having the small, motile gamete. Also known as a Sperm.

You. Dumb. Shit.

>> No.11976303


The whole point of epigenetics is that gene expression is heavily influences by environmental circumstances, i.e. DNA methylation. DNA isn't a blueprint for your entire being.

>> No.11976313

Because there's no matriarchy problem (unlike the real historical suppression of women of some degree). You're only doing it to be contrary.

>> No.11976315

Maybe because it doesn't exist, whereas patriarchy has existed for quite some time, and persists in many parts of the world?

>> No.11976318


You can rant about the Matriarchy when you were barred from voting based on your gender until less than a century ago and are still subject to discrimination, how about that.

>> No.11976328

now i know you're trolling

>> No.11976333

>once I rolled a changeling cleric trap to troll the group's resident THAT GUY/douche.

I demand full disclosure.

>> No.11976336

No. Stop it.

Men are no better than women. I like to think that, but when women decide to get some collective panties in a knot over femenism/machoism/hurpidy-doo and the men are all just "Meh, whatever," then I tend to take the guy's sides.
Then the guys brought out our own retard-brigade.

I can't even take sides in this thread. While there are valid posters on both side, each has also drawn in the lowest brows to their side that they can.

I'm not even sure who's trolling anymore. There's just too many terrible posts.


>> No.11976337


There's no such thing as the Patriarchy. It's "To Get Power You Display Certain Personality Traits and Characteristics". It's not whether you're male or female. It's whether or not you have what it takes to get in to power. Look at Margaret Thatcher, or Hillary Clinton.

The simple fact that the people in charge tended to be almost entire male does not mean there is a patriarchal conspiracy. Correlation != Causation.

>> No.11976341


Forgot something.

>> No.11976359

>implying the sage, the sage does something

>> No.11976388


No, but it makes me feel better.

>> No.11976398

Then why are you talking about something irrelevant to this, it being chromosomes?

And if you think sperm defines it, there are men without sperm.

But whatever, you're a troll.

Now I hope this thread dies.

>> No.11976399

Up until about a century ago women were not allowed to vote in the US. Similarly, in other western societies women's rights lagged significantly behind the rights of men. No one is imply that there is a patriarchal conspiracy, nothing that coordinated. But there has historically been a constant bias against women in the vast majority of human societies. Patriarchy doesn't need to be enforced by a conspiracy, it has survived through the years in customs, laws, and tradition.

>> No.11976414

> There's no such thing as the Patriarchy.

Saudi Arabia.

>> No.11976425

Bumping for tripfag revealing the full extent of his idiocy and scientific semi-literacy.

>> No.11976493

So you think there's a vast matriarchal conspiracy that brainwashes people into believing that women aren't mentally inferior to men, but think that the idea of a patriarchy having ever existed in the history of humanity is absurd?

It's like I'm really on /new/, only it's blue now. All we need now is for everyone to blame all the world's problems on racial minorities and liberals.

>> No.11976495
File: 63 KB, 300x300, WHAT THE FUUUUUUU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A daemonnete thread without dickgirls!?

whats wrong with you /tg/!!??

>> No.11976544

Apparently the whole thing degenerated into an argument about patriarchy vs matriarchy. There's a tripfag arguing that there's no such thing as patriarchy, never was, and that the only reason anyone believes that women aren't mentally inferior to men is because there's a vast matriarchal conspiracy brainwashing people. Then there's a bunch of anons saying he's full of shit.

But really, if you want that kind of stuff, you should probably try /d/. This is /new/.

>> No.11976561


Yeah, we're more like /d/ without dickgirls. Except if they're wearing frilly hats.

>> No.11976574

Have you been to /d/ lately? Without dickgirls, there's no content left.
Apparently /d/eviant is spelled /d/icks, /d/icks everywhere now.

>> No.11976584

Yes I have. Clearly /tg/ is where all the non-dickgirl content went (not that there was much of it to begin with)

>> No.11976608

Lies and slander.
I have perused the first page, and found not even 1 tentacle eye-socket trap rape thread.


>> No.11976634
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>> No.11976638


I submit the oglaf thread as counterevidence

>> No.11976643

What are your feelings on Xenophila? Hang around long enough and you'll see a Xenophilia thread before too long,

>> No.11976650


There's not a single tentacle in there. Only turnips.

>> No.11976654

>I can't even take sides in this thread.

I can. I'm siding with the non-retards who actually believe in equality.

>> No.11976655


I'm making this the name of my next NPC

>> No.11976659


shut up and fap to the turnips

>> No.11976673
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>> No.11976697


>> No.11976760

>There are some NPC jobs, especially ones based around high levels of mental or physical prowess, that it simply does not make sense to have a woman doing.
>mental prowess

Alright, I can buy the upper-body-strength argument, barely, (modern theory actually is that women weren't used for 'dangerous' tasks like fighting because they were more valuable for producing babies, and thus had fewer avenues to power), but mental prowess? What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.11976770

The Israelis used to gender-segregate their tank crews out of the whole theory that if a tank was hit, white-knight syndrome would kick in and temporarily remove the crew from the fight.

>> No.11976788

She will get no job.

>> No.11977001
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Not much to tell as the game fell apart before the big reveal (mostly due to the GM's lameness).

The character was an effeminate guy (who the GM kept saying the wrong gender for by accident, thus adding to the confusion) who went around in heavy robes and so didn't show much incriminating skin/any real defining features at all.

Additionally his primary weapons were spiked gauntlets with throwing and returning on them.


>> No.11977177
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A systematic 'matriarchy' does not exist. If by that you mean a dedicated conspiracy or society-spanning 'understanding' between women to 'take revenge' on men and force us to become even more of the anonymous, trick-performing, resource-dispensing robot apes that current gender roles and a great many women's approaches to men would have us be. However, by similar criteria, there is no 'patriarchy' either.

That is not to say that there isn't an observable trend, however, within the media, to portray men as simplistic and not only socially but also intellectually inept beside their more brilliant and oh-so-policially-approvable and humanitarian, not to mention beautiful and chic female relations and counterparts. In politics, in radio, in sitcoms and 'documentaries'... Read 'Spreading Misandry' by Katherine K. Young and Paul Nathanson.

Just as there is an observable difference, if not in general intelligence, then most certainly in the qualities and intellectual foci of the general male versus the female mind. And this is, with the greatest probability, genetically predisposed.

>> No.11977290


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