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So lets have a survey /tg/. I know this is probably open up a can of worms.
>Are you religious. If you are what do you believe in/disbelieve in? Explain.
Pic unrelated

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Well on the off-chance that this isn't a troll thread, I'm Agnostic.

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I don't believe in any gods or worship them, thus by definition, atheist.

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What this anon said basically

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I prefer, "Why so atheist /tg/?"

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You're idiots is what you are.

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so hard at that pic

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Grew up mormon, now athiest. Have some respect for certain forms of Buddhism and agree with many of the principles.

Polite sage, as this is not /tg/ related.

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I don't believe in any god unless there's irrefutable proof of their existence.

So far there is none.

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rolled 32812 = 32812


There might be something, but I cant really explain it.

It might have been nerves, or something, but there is something more than can be measured by an atomic microscope.


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This isn't even an interesting troll, try harder next time.

Catholic turned atheist here.

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Ah, what the hell.
Catholic. Pretty oldschool about it. Bit of a social liberal, regardless.

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I'm a deist who believes in a higher power/intelligent design. At the risk of sounding extremely retarded, I'm actually convinced that the human race as it exists currently was influenced/originated by alien life of some kind.

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What if I don't care if there's a god or not?

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I don't know how Agnostic became a stand in for, "I don't want to be accused of anything!" but it irritates me that so many people use the word incorrectly.

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So, I'm kinda new to DF, and I've got the basics down pretty good now, generally speaking I can have a fortress survive and am learning how to do the more complicated things on my own.

However, I've got kinda a problem. I'll create a farmplot that is something like


but the farmdwarves will not plant on the majority of it. I'm almost certain I'm bringing enough plump helmet spawn for the full plot, and I'll even tell the farmdwarves to do nothing but plant and food haul. Am I missing something?

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Aye, there are practices in Buddhism, hinduism, christianity and satanism I can agree with.

The belief in something unprovable isn't one of them though.

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Then you are athiest.

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Was visited by a friend half an hour after he died.

Went from agnostic theist (formerly lutheran) to lutheran, but with some tweaks, due to some of the things he told me.

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Nice, not the only one here.

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Grew up atheist, now insane and actually worship Lolth.

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How, exactly, did he "visit you"? Did a zombie goast show up?

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Anon, I am intrigued, do explain.

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Grew up hinduist, now insane and actually worship Lulz.

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Do they have seeds?

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Get off the internet Ebenezer

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Anyone else here believe very strongly in reincarnation?

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Omg you made my day. Thank you.

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Because if you don't care if there is a god, then I assume you don't worship one. Thus you are not a religions, or theistic, person, thus you are atheist.

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Because you don't believe in a god.

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Not religious.

Believe in the spirits Gin, Rum, Tequila, and Whiskey.

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Atheist here.

Lutherans are the least insane christians.

Hardcore lutherans have very much in common with south-asian buddhists.

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No, you're an idiot.

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Yeah. I'll make a farm plot as follows:


but then the dwarves will plant only:


Now, with me just starting out and my fortress being small, this combined with other food gathering can sustain my dwarves, but I'm worried that once I get more into it, I'll be screwed. Maybe I am missing something very simple, but I don't know what it is.

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So there's no middle ground?

I find that extremely hard to believe.

I don't care if there's a god or not. Believing one way or another doesn't enter into the question.

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Heya! I grew up Lutheran, and I can totally support your claim.

Course, I'm a filthy heretic atheist now, but w/e
Our Lutherans are Bro-tier

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I actually worship the Chaos Gods.

Not any crazier than worshipping your run of the mill sky-daddy.

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>So there's no middle ground?
There is middle ground, it's called agnostic atheist.

You either believe in a god(s) or you don't. You can't believe in one and at the same time not believe in one.

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rolled 17766 = 17766


I got no idea man.

Maybe your dorfs are lazy and need encouragement. And by that I mean lava.

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Why do you say that? I've had experiences that have led me to believe that reincarnation is a true facet of life. Just because you haven't doesn't make me an idiot.

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Either you believe he exists or you don't, whether you care or not if your belief is true doesn't matter into it.

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I believe there is something else out there. God, or gods.

I don't know what it/they is/are.

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I'm thinking about sealing all the outer doors and flooding the whole fortress (with water, unfortunately I have no lava) as punishment.

Thanks for the attempt at help anyways.

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What experiences are those?

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>Lutherans are the least insane christians.

This is not true of all Lutherans, look up the LCMS.

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I consider myself a secularist.

I mostly don't like the term atheist because it frames things as about belief, which is really most of what I object to about religion, at least in the Western sense. If something can't be tested, isn't falsifiable, I mean, to what degree can it be said to exist?

That said, I'm not the belligerent sort about it, not by a long shot. I figure part of the benefit of my line of thinking is I don't have any sort of duty to convince anyone of anything. I don't have a reason to care if my neighbor thinks the sky is green and the grass is blue as long as he doesn't try to force any dictates on me about it.

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Don't really know what i belive in, but i have always said that i'm an atheist becouse i don't really belive in a senitent higher power.

I do, however, belive in a form of life/soul-element not any more senitent than gold or helium, insteed i just see this as the hidden ingedience for life.

Our "spirit" is mader form this material and when we die, it joins the rest of the "lifeforce" that is unused, waiting to become a part of another being, may it be a bacteria or a whale.

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Look at it a logic way.

You can't believe in both, that's true. And you can believe in one or the other.

But there's nothing that says you can't believe in neither, and that's where I fall. I have absolutely no opinion on if a god exists or doesn't exist, because it's a pointless waste of thought

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Nichiren Buddhism

no gods, no priests, no bullshit. Just the enlightened nature inherent in all things

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There is no evidence of reincarnation nor any logical reason to believe it exists.

By the way, speaking as an atheist here, I think religion was very good for society, by enforcing social structure, marriage (important for productivity) and generally keeping things in order. I don't believe in any gods, but I think religion itself is useful and creates more benefit than it does harm.

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Do you believe in something is a binary choice.

Of course there is no middle ground.

That would be like, "Do you believe this object is red?"
It's yes or no, you can't do both.

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Part of the reason I am quiet about it in person is actually that my field, Hmong studies, is on a culture that very much believes in the supernatural. Their shamanism's in a way a bit less alien to me, though, than Abrahamic religion (which I didn't grow up raised with), because saying everything has a spirit and nothing has a spirit seem like as much a matter of definitions as a fundamental disagreement. A major stumbling block for me with Christianity has always been the idea that "humans have souls, other things don't", when we're made of the same matter and all that. Just seems self-important and not self-evident to me at all.

It's also a little less alien because my mother was a bit of a para-Buddhist, drew a lot on Eastern philosophy, which makes her sound way more pretentious about it than she is; it's totally a natural, quiet thing for her. She's the closest thing to a spiritual guide I've ever had, and I think the reason she eschewed organized religion is that she didn't need it the way most do. She's never seemed afraid of death, she just views it as a return to the natural cycle. She's far more terrified of being in a nursing home or any other situation where she's trapped in a shell of flesh. I can't say I have that level of unattachment yet, but I've got a few decades before I'm as old as she is, so maybe I'll learn something yet.


MNfag here. Yeah, depends on synod greatly. I think it's the Missouri one that has the firebrands?

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It's a little bit crazier. Most religious people were indoctrinated to their religion at a young age, and it's harder to break out of that sort of thing. People who "find" religion later in life seem to have a special kind of nuttiness to them though. Kinda like Wiccans and Scientologists.

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But you can do neither.

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>I have absolutely no opinion on if a god exists or doesn't exist, because it's a pointless waste of thought

This means you do not believe in a god, and that makes you atheist.

Let me lay it out for you.

Far theistic: "I believe there is a god."
Middle ground (agonistic atheist): "I don't believe in a god / I simply don't care about it."
Far athestic: "I believe there is NOT a god."

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In a logic sense, believing in neither defaults to the no option.

Oh Discrete Mathematics, the things you taught me.

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It's funny how most atheists got raised as Christians.

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Actually, those are the biggest issues I have with organized religion, the social controls it enforces. I believe it was Bonaparte who said that religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich? Not to mention how it enforces gender dictates and pretty much any other structure of privilege you care to name.


I'm not even convinced that that example works as a binary choice. The apple is kind of red, but less red than this other apple, is an entirely valid answer.

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This will always be easy.

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>MNfag here. Yeah, depends on synod greatly. I think it's the Missouri one that has the firebrands?

Yeah. Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod can outcrazy your average Southern Baptist.

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Again, not me, but maybe that's why I'm less of a firebrand? Christianity is actually remarkably foreign to me for living in a "Christian country".

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I hate you OP, for trying to validate the shitspam we've been dealing with for months on end.

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Probably because most people get raised as christians.

At least in the west.

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I'd like you to read this to understand why religion enforcing social standards is so critically important to a pre-post-scarcity society.


Focus on the marriage part if you're not interested in the rest.

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It's kinda in the area of red, but it's not true red. There are other words to better describe the color.

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Using my Red example.

Is this Object Red.

You say you think neither.

That means you do not believe this object is red.

The second part

you do not believe this object is not red.

is not necessary because you already have shown you do not believe the object is red.

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I think it mainly has to do with the fact that in the US most people in general are raise Christian, so it makes sense that most groups would consist largely of people who were. Really, it's to be expected.

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A child who, at the age of three, can very clearly explain to me the mechanics behind a WW2 P-51 Mustang engine, claim to listen to songs "All the time with my buddies back at the base" and have periods of lucidity unnatural for someone of their age. And then losing the memory of any of it within the week. Whether or not there's any logical proof of its existence is irrelevant. I'm not basing my life around worshipping some form of it or anything, nor do I know without doubt that it exists, all I know is that it's an explanation for otherwise weird and unexplainable instances I've seen.

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>The apple is kind of red, but less red than this other apple, is an entirely valid answer.
That still falls under yes, because it is red. The degree does not matter. It is red.

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>misandry bubble

Oh god. Stopped right there. You should note you're talking to somebody who would have picked up a minor in Women's studies if he had another semester or two. You are kind of barking up the wrong tree with this argument.

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So lets have a sage and a reported because RELIGIOUS SHIT IS NOT A /TG/ DISCUSSION. THIS IS NOT /R9K/ OR /B/.

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He came into my house, unannounced, had material form (interacted with objects), talked with me for a while, then walked out the door. I followed him, but he was gone as soon as he left my sight, wasn't in the hallway. Found out about an hour later that he'd been struck by a truck as he walked down the road roughly half an hour before the visit, it was enough of a hit to cause a closed casket funeral, though he was uninjured when I saw him.

The gist of it was, we were saved by Jesus, from the mistakes caused by our free will, which is a wonderful gift most waste. Important things in life include not wasting our abilities/gifts, not acting excessively out of greed, wrath, etc, and being thankful.

Jesus died for everyone, even those who do wrong, being thankful is important.

Captcha: Slarryam Martini.

Martini sounds good right now.

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you got probably 50% of the people posting in that comment

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>You should note you're talking to somebody who would have picked up a minor in Women's studies if he had another semester or two.

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Close, but no cigar. 'not' doesn't commute across 'believe'.

Which is to say: it cannot simultaneously be true, nor simultaneously be false, that a person both believes that this car is red and does not believe that this car is red. It can, however, simultaneously be true, or simultaneously be false, that a person believes that this car is red and believes that this car is not red.

Believing them both to be true -- while not really relevant to the discussion -- should not seem terribly odd to you: I ask you, do you as a Christian believe that God is one, or do you believe that God is three?

There is no requirement, logical or biological, that the set of beliefs in a person's head should necessarily include exactly one of P or not-P; indeed, for any given person, _most_ propositions P, neither P nor not-P are present in that set.

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One day in the schoolyard some older kid ran into me out of nowhere and slammed me hard enough into a wall that I passed out for a few seconds. When I was waking up, I hallucinated a bright circle of white light encompassing an andalite alien from the books I were reading at the time.

I am now utterly convinced that everything written in the animorphs was actually the truth and worship the andalites daily.

pic related, it's my god

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>women's studies minor
I bet you get all the pussy, don't you?

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funny how?

Most people in the world are Christians of some sort or another. Seriously, more than 50%

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I do believe 60% of the worlds population is Christian, last anyone checked.

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Best answer.

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Sorry -- that last should read "for any given person, for _most_ propositions P..."

This is, of course, the same logical fallacy.

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I'll sum it up for you.

Normal single man: works just enough to sustain himself.
Married man: works more then just enough to sustain himself; works to exhaustion, often, pulling in as much money as possible. Surplus of work created.

When many men are married: big surplus, goes to society. We advance.

Modern times: marriage becomes less attractive to men. Child support, biased courts, losing children, divorce, women allowed to be unfaithful, etc.

What this means: less men marrying. These men are not interested in working a 9 to 5 desk job and they have no need to. Work just enough to sustain themselves.

Result: society's advancement slowing down. Unsustainable situation created.

What religion has to do with this: enforced marriage. No divorces, no crippling child support, none of that. Women not allowed to be disloyal or to seek out only alpha males. Majority of men working to their full potential supporting family, surplus of work going to society.

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You are such a fucking idiot.
Are you a woman? Are you?

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I believe in spirits. Either natural ones or just the souls of the dead. I'm agnostic towards actual gods though.

I got my beliefs from my great grandmother who was one of those old caribbean witch-doctors.

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You're obviously not a Christian. Only one person can and has come back to life. Jesus. Yes he can bring people back, but not until the end of days cuz teh bible sez. You think other things can come back to life (at least temporarily) real Christians don't think this, i.e. you're going to hell. Save yourself while you can and become Catholic. The true and original Christianity.

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>Implying the religious get divorced less than the non-religious.

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Please. The christians themselves don't even know what they believe, there are so many different conflicting stories that it's impossible to believe in them all as they contradict each other.

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You are now to identify yourself as Schrodinger's Theist.

There is and is not a god until it is observed.

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I'm not trying to toot my horn here, man, I just wanted him to know that appealing to my misogyny is probably a bad idea.

Probably could if I put forth some effort, but I'm waiting for the right girl, and you know, I'm actually really shy and passive in real life in most situations. That's part of what pulled me into taking those electives in the first place; I'm not terribly close to the testosterone-driven expectation of manhood our society expects. Nobody fits the gender binary perfectly, some are just closer than others. That's not to say I'm entirely sitting around waiting for Princess Charming to sweep me off my feet, but I'm not interested in banging random chicks and then never seeing them again.

And I'm sure you're actually just being sarcastic and hostile, so you should note that you probably aren't GMing for five women out of six players. You guys complaining about why no women are in your hobbies? There's a reason for that.

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Atheist here. What about Lazarus?

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Shit was not allowed back in theocratic days.

Are you a woman? Are you not a virgin? Not getting married. So none of that divorce shit.

>> No.11973269

>I just wanted him to know that appealing to my misogyny is probably a bad idea.

No one's trying to appeal to misogyny; I'm trying to appeal to your sense that society should be advancing, not stagnating.

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First off, assuming that this isn't a troll thread.
I'll try to be brief.
If you want a two-word answer, I would consider myself an agnostic atheist according to this.

If you want me to elaborate, there are a handful of things I believe where these kinds of things are concerned.

Considering the entirety of reality, mankind understands almost absolutely nothing.
Anything is possible. Everything is possible. This includes the possibility of some sort of supreme, omnipotent, omniscent creator.
What the answers really are, we don't know.... yet.
All points of view, religions included, have some truth or good that can be taken from them.
Religions have their place in society and the development of mankind, namely, (among other things) explaining things we don't understand, culling our fear of what we don't understand, and promoting/enforcing a system of morality.

The best method we currently have of discovering truth and understanding the universe is through research, experimentation, and empirical evidence. In one word, science.

Once science is involved, it becomes not a question of what one believes, but what *is*.

Science has yet to prove or disprove the existence of a god or gods, nor some sort of afterlife, nor many of the things claimed by various religions. This does not mean that those things do not exist, nor does it mean that those questions are impossible to answer. It just means that right now, we don't know, and we don't have the means to find out. Not right now, but in the future, maybe.

Okay, I'm done rambling. I sincerely hope I haven't managed to offend anyone with my little speech. G'night.

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Well that is just playing with the word "believe"

x = a red object;

if (x is red && !(x is red))
this line will never execute because it will never be true;

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The problem isn't that religious people "don't get divorced as much" or anything retarded like that.

The problem is that we live in a society oriented around throwing blame at each other. For EVERYTHING

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I am ever so impressed. Tell me more.

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Jesus brought Laz back to life so I think it's ok.

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>I still think in binary

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Worships in private
Anthropocentic to the max

"It matters not whether we were given dominion or we took it by strenght of arms. We have it now and we will never let go. Man is the measure of all things for he alone holds the sick."

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>I am an idiot

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If statistics are any measure (and they are), married men's surplus work almost entirely goes to supporting the family, given that the majority of women don't work the same hours, if they work at all. This means that not only do married men do more work than women, they're forced to do more in order to sustain themselves.

>hospuroo cephalic

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But the ideal vision of the 1950s one-breadwinner family was only true for a short period for a small class of people. You can bet the wives of black sharecroppers weren't sitting on their asses. And it's not like stay at home parents don't have a hell of a job too. Your analysis acts like the dude bringing home the paycheck is the only one performing any valuable labor, and that's not the case; you're dramatically undervaluing nurturing labor. Finally, that one-breadwinner dynamic disintegrated for most people well before no-fault divorce, etc.

I'm not convinced that the amount of labor being done has changed, only that the division of labor is no longer so gender based. And that brings its own complexities, where you've got both parents working and paying a daycare, which often is staffed by individuals from lower social strata than the two working parents, things like that.

And if marriage is such a rough deal for men, where they have to work to support a whole family, why the need to enforce anything on women? That's not to say that marriage is necessarily oppressive, but anytime you force a norm like that on a population...

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>Only one person can and has come back to life. Jesus.

Lazarus, you aren't very good at christian

>> No.11973382

I'm an atheist, but I know it is WAY harder for Christians these days.

Example, my roommate, he was christian, whatever. But he was to watch, for example, Glen Beck get up on a stage and claim he channels the spirit of Jesus.

As an atheist, I think it's silly whatever.

But my roommate, as a christian watching someone use his faith for hate mongering, it's a case of, "This is why we can't have nice things."

>> No.11973384


This pic gets me every time.

Atheist. On the gnostic side, just because the idea that any kind of higher power/supernatural bullshit exists is entirely devoid of supporting evidence. People's touting religion is like, if one were to ask why the wind blows, someone said it was because of the force of an invisible giant badger's farts.

>> No.11973389


Greed ensures that this is not so. I don't even spend my money I just stash it away in bonds. Never know when you might need it.

Also if there was some even more extreme social conditioning to "get married and stay married you fucks!" wouldn't it do the job even better by your reconing and increase the productivity of the species by giving everyone spouses and rugrats to fuss over and make money to support?

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If you don't care whether or not God/gods exist, you're an apatheist, not an atheist. You're also immensely stupid, because the question of whether or not God/gods exist is about the most important question ever.

>> No.11973393

Agnostic theist. I believe that the universe just happened to create itself, atoms, the stars and planets and every natural and mathematic law we know of is just unlikely. The reason I don't believe in any religion is because none of them makes sense (Believe in my god, go tho church every week and if you don't you go to hell. Also, he is the ultimate good.).

Also because if ibelieve that the universe couldn't create itself, how can I say for sure that i believe in a entity that did just that?

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Let's say a married man does 100 'work units' (just to illustrate this). A married woman does 0 work units. A single man would do perhaps 20 work units, a single woman about the same, maybe a bit less.

This does not add up to anywhere near the amount of the married man.

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i think testament is a pretty cool guy, eh repates ihmself and doesn't afraid of anything

>> No.11973431


Less freedom to choose our own destinies is not advancement. We should be able to marry or not as we choose, work or take care of the kids as we choose, hell, have kids or not as we choose.

And again, I'm not sold on the argument that men and thus humanity are producing less because of women having more freedom. How many more single women are out there on the economic grind because of this lack of enforced marriage and motherhood?

>> No.11973433

Nope. This has been the case since the dawn of civilization; it is what ENABLED civilization. Maybe if you read the article I'd linked instead of dismissing it out of hand because it criticizes misandry, I wouldn't have to explain this to you.


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>durr hurr made up numbers with no factual basis

>> No.11973490



One of my old friends from as far back as middle school is both a devout Lutheran and strongly pro-choice, and she's now working for an NGO outfit in DC called Catholics for Choice; anyways, she always had this problem, and, just like you say, "This is why we can't have nice things."

>> No.11973493

Oh god this, sure athiasts have there, "CRAWWWLLINGGG INNNN MY SKIINNNNNN" douchbags who hate that their parents made them go to church. But those are just teenagers, most of whom will grow out of it.

Us Christians have to watch lunatic after lunatic in the news ect, using Christianity as a political chess piece or as justification for something so flagrantly against the teachings of Jesus it is staggering.

>> No.11973501

You know I did say just to illustrate this.

Read the damn article.


(It's nowhere near as long as you might think by the sidebar; most of the page is commends.)

>> No.11973502

My point is that you're the one playing with (or, rather, ignoring) the word "believe"; I notice you've left it out of your pseudocode entirely.

A better description would be this:


std::set<Belief> m_beliefs;
Belief some_belief;

/* this just does the obvious thing; why it's not a member function of std::set already I'll never understand */
bool is_in(std::set<Belief> const &s, Belief const &b)
{ return s.find(b) != s.end() }

if ( is_in(m_beliefs, some_belief) && !is_in(m_beliefs, some_belief) ) {
std::cout << "This statement will never execute";

if ( is_in(m_beliefs, some_belief) && is_in(m_beliefs, !some_belief) ) {
std::cout << "This statement could execute!";

if ( !is_in(m_beliefs, some_belief) && !is_in(m_beliefs, !some_belief) ) {
std::cout << "This statement could also execute, although not at the same time as the previous one.";


... where Belief has the "!" operator overloaded to return the negation of that belief, of course. ('Belief' is probably just a typedef of 'Proposition' here.)

>> No.11973504

i am not a religious person. i'm not sure if there is a god, but my scientific background makes me lean towards the "show me proof" side. i've seen no compelling proof that there is a loving god that takes any sort of active role in our lives anymore. it's too easy to say it's 'god's will' when bad things happen, i find it more comforting to hold myself and others accountable for their own actions.

And if i am wrong, i am as god made me. i lead a good honest life, if he punishes me for being who he made me to be, he was never deserving of my worship in the first place and should have made me better.

>> No.11973508

I personally tried to get through it but I stopped when my vision started to blur and tinge red from rage.

>> No.11973518

>A married woman does 0 work units.


>> No.11973521

Christian here. Don't care who's gay, who's an atheist, whatever. I believe what I believe based on personal evidence and feelings. I know belief itself is illogical, and I don't care.

>> No.11973525

What's the matter, mad that someone's calling feminism out on being bullshit?

>> No.11973538

At heart, I found out that I am what you call a "tracendentalist." This means that I do believe there is 'something' beyond our physical selves and we do something besides cease to exist when we die. That's really about it.

Politically, though, I claim atheism because I live in the US.

>> No.11973543

You also have to look out for science, you idiotic faggot.

Gnostic atheist here, because faith is antithetical to progress. You WORTHLESS FAGGOTS.

/just kicked out of house by Christfags
/yes, I mad

>> No.11973544

>What if everything from unsustainable health care and social security costs, to stagnant wages and rising crime, to crumbling infrastructure and metastasizing socialism, to the economic decline of major US cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, could all be traced to a common origin that is extremely pervasive yet is all but absent from the national dialog, indeed from the dialog of the entire Western world?

yeah, made it as far as "there is literally one thing responsible for all problems" before knowing that this was guaranteed to be the stupidest thing

i'm going to force myself to read the whole thing so i can post choice bits and everyone can make fun of you, so enjoy that

>> No.11973550

>Christian here. Don't care who's gay, who's an atheist, whatever. I believe what I believe based on personal evidence and feelings. I know belief itself is illogical, and I don't care.

Atheist here, I just want you to know that as far as I'm concerned you're one of the good ones.

>> No.11973557

Out of context quotes? Suits me fine. No one will laugh harder than they did at >>11973093

>> No.11973566

While I mostly agree with you, though still think using "believe" as a set as opposed to a binary option is a little fuzzy, I dislike you for reminding me I still have code to churn out tonight. OFF TO THE JAVAS I GO

>> No.11973569


Scanning it now, but, no, it hasn't, man. Do you really think Irish washerwomen in the 1800s were working out of choice? Or look at traditional Hmong society; the women are out there working in the fields same as everybody else. They have to be. It's only in a particular kind of state of affluence that one-breadwinner families can exist.


>There is effectively a tyrannical leftist shadow state operating within US borders

...does this seriously sound credible? really?

Either way, I'm out of this thread. Enjoy your delusions of matriarchal oppression.

>> No.11973572

Aw, not this shit. You can't be serious. That thing is like a Creationist screed.

>> No.11973573

update: it's literally /r9k/ the article jesus christ

>> No.11973579

It's a conspiracy theory.

That is how conspiracy theories work.

>> No.11973591

>The belief in something unprovable
Shows what you know about buddhism. Siddhartha (the Buddha) is on record saying he knows fuck all about what happens when you die. All the rest is fanfiction.

>> No.11973593
File: 782 KB, 5000x5000, MY BROWSER IS READY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my face when butthurt feminists

>> No.11973595

I caution you of looking for proff or wanting any from a supernatural entity.

Science is by definition the study of natural phenomenon through objective observation and reproducible experimentation to create predictive models. Any supernatural phenomenon which may or may not exist cannot be assessed by the scientific method. Moreover even if supernatural phenomena could be observed objectively they could not be reproduced or used to create a predictive model, thereby making the attempted observation entirely pointless. When a scientist is utilizing the scientific method they do not spare a thought to the existence or nonexistence of supernatural phenomenon, because neither possibility has any impact on his observations.

Beliefs should be beliefs about the supernatural and not pertain to the direct measurable functioning of the physical world. You should need no evidence or it is not a belief. I you feel you need evidence you should not believe, because you will never get it and to search is a waste of time.



For Science and Man's Dark Gods!

>> No.11973615

>So why are 90% of divorces initiated by women (she files 70% of the time, and the other 20% of the time, she forces the man to file, due to abuse or adultery on the part of the woman)?


>> No.11973622

What if you consider it a holy quest to grind the natural world under the heel of Man with Science?

>> No.11973632

>jesus christ it's true, I better laugh and dismiss it out of hand

>> No.11973633

I'm agnostic. No, I don't know if there is a god, greater being, or deity up there. Additionally, I don't have evidence that says there isn't one up there.

Somebody once told me to prove that god exists. I told him that I couldn't prove god exists in the exact same way he couldn't disprove god exists. He said the burden of the evidence is on me, and there was no evidence that god exists, therefore he does not exist.

I told him that I drugged and fucked his girlfriend, and threw away the condom. Then I pointed out that obviously it didn't happen in his opinion, because there's no evidence. Thus he shouldn't suspect me, and asked if I could come to their next party.

I don't think he liked my analogy.

>> No.11973635

I feel deeply disgusted by the text there, though I can't refute it. I do call shenanigans on the part where it says that there are only degenerate thugs and effete androgynes males in television/movies/whatever now. Now that's just stupid. Characters today are better, and I doubt, for example, that Dr. House fits into either category here.

>> No.11973636

>In rare cases, high-earning women have had to pay alimony to ex-husbands, but that is only 4% of the time, vs. the man paying 96% of the time. But it gets worse; much worse, in fact.

god why are libertarians so bad at lurking variables

guy who posted this, are you sure this isn't some landover baptist shit

>> No.11973643

Thanks. It makes me depressed to know there are so many stupid people that use religion to spread ignorance. Its cause me to doubt my faith before. But now as far as I'm concerned if you're the kind of person who does that shit you aren't following Jesus's actual teachings.

>> No.11973656


>metastasizing socialism

This is what fascists actually believe.

>> No.11973659

Your analogy is asinine. Burden of proof is on the person making the positive claim IE "God exists".

Look up the Invisible Pink Unicorn God.

>> No.11973660

Catholics have thousands of examples of saints appearing to the faithful, you twit.

The Christian view of the afterlife is, I'll admit, contradictory and schizophrenic.

But that's mostly because someone thought it would be smart to keep writing shit in the bible after Jesus ascended into heaven. Do Paul's letters really constitute holy writ?

When Jesus said he was creating a new testament to replace the old, sanctifying the unclean, and casting out the previous rules, did it mean that the Old Testament thing was no longer spiritually important, and really just a good backdrop to help people understand what the people who participated in the Bible Stories were raised with?

For that matter, was Onan killed for spilling his semen, or was he killed for violating a direct order to knock that chick up?

Then you can start dealing with the nature of the Trinity.

Personally, I think that declaring a person understands God's will and intention in these things is arrogant and impious. Feel free to have a pet theory, but don't assume you know the truth.

It's so much easier to just be thankful.

>> No.11973670

>Characters today

House is just Sherlock Holmes, you know that right?

House - Holmes (sounds like Home, Home, House)

Wilson - Watson

Addicted to pills - Addicted to Opium

Genius but asshole - Genius but asshole

Lives in Apartment 221B - Lived in 221 Baker Street

Would hardly call House a modern character.

>> No.11973681

I scanned it looking for sources but mostly found links to other blogs... does it source any of its numbers (temporarily disregarding that even with accurate numbers it's conclusion would still be unproven)

>> No.11973683

Alright. I'm a Christian. You might say I'm also an extreme agnostic. I don't believe that anything other than the truth of the statment "I am currently percieving that which I am currently percieving" can be known by a human being without divine assitance. That includes whether you yourself exist and anything and everything about the workings of the universe. We can percieve what most of us believe to be parts of reality and we can notice patterns. But human senses can be decieved easily enough so since we have no other reliable source of information everything we "know" is just extrapolations from assumptions which for all we know could all be entirely wrong.

I'm a Christian because it seems to be true. I don't really have any good reasons that will convert anyone, but since I have to bet my soul on it my judgement is that it's reality.

Also in response to >>11972811
I see no reason why a reasonable person couldn't say he has no idea whether God exists or not and have no firm belief. In fact I would say that that is the only purely logical belief. Of course pure logic would also dictate that one have no firm belief on the matter of one's own existence either.

>> No.11973689

Let's not go there. Nothing is original.

>> No.11973699


You are also making a claim. Your claim is that no divine force exists. It is not possible for you to hold this viewpoint without it being a positive assertion the instant that you become aware of any other view.

The actual neutral position is agnosticism.

>> No.11973705

I know, but being a character archtype, and being literally directly based on another character is two different things.

>> No.11973717

>If 10-30% of American men are under conditions where 70% or more of their income is taken from them under threat of prison, these men have no incentive to start new businesses or invent new technologies or processes. Having 10-30% of men disincentivized this way cannot be good for the economy, and is definitely a contributor to current economic malaise, not to mention a 21st-century version of slavery.

this is pretty much false, lowering and raising wages doesn't actually effect how much work people do very much as a whole

when you give someone a raise, they're more or less equally likely to say "hmm, awesome, now i can make the same amount of money and work fewer hours" or "hmm, awesome, now i can work the same number of hours and make more money" or even "hmm, staying an extra hour actually gets me a shitload of money now, it is now worth my time"

i forget what this is called but it is totally a thing and i'm not crazy

no, you're missing the point

so, 70% of divorces are initiated by women, but actually 90% are, because the women were stupid assholes 20% of the time, justifying the dudes divorcing them

by that sort of standard, an equally valid interpretation of the numbers is "well, 30% of divorces are initiated by men, but it's actually y% on account of x% of men being stupid assholes, justifying the women divorcing them and making it their fault"

even if it is true, the quality of the opinion derived from it is laughable and if you were the slightest bit critical of anything you would see this

>> No.11973719

In b4 "You either believe or don't, there is no middle-ground - Agnosticism deals with certainty and knowledge, not belief. You can be an Agnostic Atheist or an Agnostic Theist."

Oh wait.

>> No.11973732

>it's true
Jesus christ you idiot, the whole thing is just a conspiracy theory. It's like a creationist or 9/11 truther screed.

in b4 you accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being feminists, white knights, etc (and thus automatically wrong) in a classic case of ad-hominem argument.

>> No.11973739

If I wasn't queer I probably would have become relatively similar to you, rather than an outright atheist. I can totally respect the position "I just believe, the logic of it doesn't matter to me" as long as that person isn't one of the ones shouting at me that I'm going to burn in hell.

>> No.11973740

also this

but that isn't as funny as "alphas betas bloo bloo my wife left me i'd better blame a vast conspiracy and claim that my ex-wife is causing the economy to collapse"

>> No.11973745


I don't need to. Prove a "Invisible Pink Unicorn God" doesn't exist. Prove the world isn't ruled by invisible lepers. Prove the world isn't made of cheese.

It doesn't actually matter how crazy or silly or stupid the idea seems. The entire game is perspective. What seems illogical or silly to you is completely real to other people. And when it comes to something with no math, no physical realization, and no tangible pieces, everything is a matter of perspective and faith.

Absence of Evidence is not evidence of absence.

>> No.11973755

Technically no one is making a statement with the intent of it being proven. Everybody in here is stating a subjective belief or lack thereof. I would only be assinine if they were trying to prove it or disprove it.

>> No.11973756

Fine, fine, maybe House was a bad example. What about the therapist from In Treatment?

>> No.11973764

>b) Women marrying after having 5 or more sexual partners, compared to just 0-1 previously. This makes it harder for the woman to form a pair bond with her husband.

ahahahahahahahahahahahagljlghg seriously look at this article look at it

>> No.11973789
File: 23 KB, 460x360, 1-doomsday-seed-vault-lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Radical Atheist.

Studying Biology and majoring in medical engineering technologies made me do that. I've explained in other threads, i keep explaining to every goddamn religious fag that demands to know why I'm an atheist.

There's a reason I added "radical" in front of it. Makes others think that you've really thought about it and no I am not interested in your silly shenanigans.

Douglas adams, anyone?

>> No.11973790


>fairness and decorum are receding
First black president? Publicly available contraception and equality under the law for men and women? Racial diversity's meeting with societal acceptance to a degree that hasn't been equalled since the fall of the Roman Empire? The illegality of pogroms and persecutions nationwide? What 'decline of fairness and decorum?'
>socialism and tyranny are becoming malignant despite the majority of the public being averse to such philosophies
Only a plurality of young Americans, under 40%, think capitalism is a preferable economic system to socialism, and the number is dropping. Additionally, it's important to note that the United States is the furthest from socialism of all first-world countries, and one of the least pleasant of such countries in which to live.
>fatherless young men growing up being told that natural male behavior is wrong, and feminization is normal
This is also what fascists actually believe.

>> No.11973799

You forgot about the two dysphemisms arguing about divorce.

>> No.11973800

I want to try and get my friends to do this with me.

Our new secret handshake.

>> No.11973809

>d) Child custody is almost never granted to the man, so he loses his children on a 'no fault' basis.

ok this one actually requires commentary, let's assume it's true, even if it is true, child custody is not actually granted to the man if both parents get custody

basically, this sentence supports the likely reality (that has been my experience) that most divorces end in joint custody on account of both parents being not murderers, but dudes are more likely to be physically abusive and dangerous in a provable way, so there are more cases where the custody goes to the lady only than the dude only overall in the long run (which sucks but is a reasonable response)

>> No.11973830

>natural male behavior is wrong, and feminization is normal

i wonder what this even means

>> No.11973842

it means "we're taught raping women is bad, and that makes us angry."

>> No.11973845

I was just curious if you'd seen any numbers as you seemed to be reading it more closely than I was, I have to say that I laughed when I started seeing "alpha" and "beta"... I laughed more when I read that apparently 80% of men are intellectually incapable of understanding women.

>> No.11973847

That's an exceedingly stupid chart.

*No one* knows if there are gods or not. Everyone lacks knowledge. Everyone is Agnostic.

Two of your four combinations are irrelevant.

The reason that some people call themselves Agnostic instead of Atheist is because a few crazy Atheists run around claiming that it is 100% certain that deities do not exist, which is very unscientific. We simply don't want to be mistaken for one of these people. We're basically just a subcategory of Atheism.

>> No.11973848


>sexual market

I lol'd hard.

Truly, Republicans are idiots.

>> No.11973849

I think it means misogyny.

>> No.11973850

>>b) Women marrying after having 5 or more sexual partners, compared to just 0-1 previously. This makes it harder for the woman to form a pair bond with her husband.

And people post this shit as a serious argument? It's like trying to take Mormonism seriously, goddamn.

>> No.11973862

>A man who refuses to find obese women attractive is also a 'misogynist', as are gay men who do not spend money on women.
>as are gay men who do not spend money on women.

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no wat.jpg big enough

also i'm like a fifth of the way through this article i'd better get a medal or something for this

>> No.11973879

once i established that the author can't interpret statistics for shit i kind of stopped paying attention to the numbers, sorry

>> No.11973880

Keep on going. I enjoy seeing those snippets you post.

>> No.11973887

Don't do it, capsy! My god, man, you'll never make it! We can't lose another one!

>> No.11973892

You are very wrong and have obviously never talked to a very devout Christian.

There are millions of people in the world who would say they KNOW god exists. This does not mean it is true, but they sure as hell believe it.

The Pope for example, most clergy. Virtually 100% of them will tell you they know god exists.

>> No.11973902

Well my hat is off to you for reading what I could not force myself to do more than skim. I'm enjoying your commentary please keep going.

>> No.11973907


> a few crazy Atheists run around claiming that it is 100% certain that deities do not exist, which is very unscientific.

It's significantly less scientific to presuppose the existence of something for which there is no evidence. That's why I'm an atheist; the assertion that there is a god is idiotic in the extreme.

>> No.11973910

Has anyone asked why anyone else is anything in this thread? *checks* No.

Self important prick that thinks anyone needs to know the detailed reasons for the construction of his own subjective opinion on the nonexistance of supernatural phenomena, detected.

>> No.11973925

>The reason that some people call themselves Agnostic instead of Atheist is because a few crazy Atheists run around claiming that it is 100% certain that deities do not exist
This does not change the definitions of the words here. You may try to avoid the Atheist label, but if you're not a believer, then you're not. There's no middle ground. There can't be. "I only slightly (don't) believe, this doesn't make me a un/believer"? Atheism and Theism are inevitable.

The fact that everyone lacks knowledge doesn't stop people from believing they do have the knowledge, as per your post's 100% certain Atheists who are definitely fools.

Everyone reasonable in this matter is Agnostic.

>> No.11973928

>We're basically just a subcategory of Atheism.
I don't think that's true of all agnostics. One really can not have any beliefs of disbeliefs about something. That is the most scientific thing to do when confronted with an insufficiency of evidence in both directions. Of course proper science does not attempt to study God, but I think you'll understand see what I'm trying to say.

>> No.11973939

>Rape legislation has also bypassed the US Constitution, leaving a man guilty until he proves himself innocent, while the accusing woman faces no penalty for falsely sending a man to prison for 15 years, where he himsef will get raped. The Duke Lacrosse case was a prominent example of such abuse,

99% sure those dudes were found innocent, someone confirm

>> No.11973942

You are so stupid I do not know where to start.
As a Christian if they KNOW God exists. They will say "yes". Ask Richard Dawkins the same in the negative. He will also say yes.

>> No.11973944


>The internet, detected.


Incidentally, NO U.

>> No.11973947


Getting someone in jail for rape WITH all the evidence is hard enough. Doing it without is almost impossible.

>> No.11973953


The only scientific answer is no data available, i don't give a shit wether it exists or not. That way no statement is made, even a negative as a statement.

>> No.11973968

>They already have rigged laws so that the man, upon 'no fault' divorce, has to pay alimony, to a woman who cuckolded him. This is pure evil, ranking right up there with the evil of Nazi Germany, Al-Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein.

thanks, wasn't sure if i was crazy

>> No.11973971

Go away. You're just calling attention to shit nobody cares about.
Fuck, you probably post in "Asians = elves" thread, don't you?

>> No.11973972

>This is pure evil, ranking right up there with the evil of Nazi Germany, Al-Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein.

>> No.11973986

>Fuck, you probably post in "Asians = elves" thread, don't you?
I bump those threads nonstop so /tg/ will get tired of them and not respond.

>> No.11973987

They were. Even the one of the three who plead guilty.

>> No.11973990

>Shaming Language and Projection as a Substitute for Rational Debate : As discussed previously, any legitimate and polite questions about the fairness of anti-male realities in the legal system and media are quickly met with Pavlovian retorts of 'misogynist' and 'loser'.

if this sentence doesn't set off your pomo unreliable narrator tells a story that makes sense to him, accidentally tells the real story that the audience sees clearly which he cannot detector, you need to put a couple more skill points into that shit

>> No.11974007

Agnostic Theist here. My speculations about god border on panentheist.

Also to those saying Lutherans = best christians

well, bitches don't know about my Mennonites <3

>> No.11974016

I'm a Christian and I would not say that I know that God exists. See my post: >>11973683

Also, thinking that you know something isn't the same as knowing it.

>> No.11974020

>196 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view

>> No.11974022

i occasionally sage them once

>On the second charge of being a 'loser who cannot get laid', any observation of the real world quickly makes it obvious that men who have had little experience with women are the ones placing women on pedestals, while those men who have had substantial sexual experience with women are not.

dear /r9k/, today i was friendzoned by the girl at the bookstore, she totally looked at me but when i waved my dick at her she did not suck it, it is probably because she is a slut 199 posts and 86 image replies omitted

>> No.11974032


>The only scientific answer is no data available

That's my point. People's holding to their hypotheses in the absence of data to prove their points makes them idiots. There's plenty of evidence for atheism; every explanation every religion in human history has had for natural phenomena EVER has been disproved by science of significantly advanced methods and technology when the two have been tested against one another. Not once has religion managed to disprove the results of scientific experimentation when the two subjects have gone head to head.

>> No.11974043

> officer nocaps !!/dU3mz/V7tb 09/06/10(Mon)03:24 No.11974022

i occasionally sage them once

>On the second charge of being a 'loser who cannot get laid', any observation of the real world quickly makes it obvious that men who have had little experience with women are the ones placing women on pedestals, while those men who have had substantial sexual experience with women are not.

dear /r9k/, today i was friendzoned by the girl at the bookstore, she totally looked at me but when i waved my dick at her she did not suck it, it is probably because she is a slut 199 posts and 86 image replies omitted
I lol'd because I saw basically this exact thread on r9k.

r9k is like... Serious /b/uisness, and it's terribad.

>> No.11974054

You are very, very wrong.

Believing something implies that you *think* that you know something, but obviously thinking that you know something does not mean that you know something. Clearly, knowledge and belief are two very different things.

Theists believe (which implies *thinking* that they know), but they do not truly know. They are agnostic, even if they don't realize it.

Belief is already included in the theist/atheist part. The gnostic/agnostic part is about knowledge, which means that it's superfluous because no one truly knows (despite what they *think* that they know).

>> No.11974062

>Again, this charge of 'loserdom' is merely the psychosexual frustration of 'feminists' projected outwards, who express surprise that unrelenting hatred by them towards men is not magically metabolised into love for these particular 'feminists'.

ok, i actually want to talk about this one for a second because it's a particular bit of incoherence that always bugs the shit out of me. misogynists love to call ladies sluts, this is a fact, if you don't believe me just read the fucking article (well, ok, don't do this). this idiot literally thinks that the birth control pill is bad because it lets women have sex without getting their just punishment (pregnancy) for this horrible act.

but they're really willing to suddenly turn around and say, to ladies that were sluts who fuck everyone except for them ten seconds ago, "oh yeah well you are ugly and nobody wants to fuck you."

it's really fucking dumb but i guess if they weren't really fucking dumb they wouldn't be writing about how no-fault divorce destroys the economy

>> No.11974068

Christians are not supposed to "KNOW" God exists. Walk by faith and not by sight. It's just current evangelical theology that asserts that the scripture is proof God exists.

>> No.11974074

Amish and Mennonites are tied for my second favorite religious folks; right behind voodoo adherents.

I think I mostly like those two religions due to the absence of tithing, the importance of community and the heavy influence of woven goods.

>> No.11974087

>I lol'd because I saw basically this exact thread on r9k.

i guarantee you that right this instant that thread is on the front page, because it is every thread

>By incentivizing the dehumanization of their ex-husbands and the use of children as pawns, they set bad examples for children, and cause children to resent their mothers

let me tell you about when i was a kid, in the form of a thirty eight page long essay about sluts and the economy

>> No.11974090

Christian, young-Earth creationist.

>> No.11974098

Divorce veteran here. It destroys stuff, but not the economy. Your ego takes a bit of a hit. Thankfully, I have a high HP total and was able to save for half alimony.

>> No.11974100

I believe without thinking that I know.

>> No.11974107

theDUDE.jpg well that's just, like, your opinion, MAN.

>captcha: served porpered

>> No.11974116

Definitions of words and concepts do not hinge on opinion, unless we're talking about the definition of philosophy, but we shan't go there. It is indeed a silly place.

>> No.11974118

keep trollin' trollin' trollin' trollin trollin'...

>> No.11974119
File: 62 KB, 204x237, AWESOME6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Critical hit, Anon.

>> No.11974133

hope your shit is ok. the good news is that you are probably better at relationships and handling things now for it (not assigning blame, just trying to justify a prediction of shit going well in the future)

>Social Conservatives, White Knights, and Girlie-Men : It would be inaccurate to deduce that misandrists were capable of creating this state of affairs on their own, despite their vigor and skill in sidestepping both the US Constitution and voter scrutiny.
>White Knights


>> No.11974142
File: 212 KB, 1200x1543, 270946main_CarlSagan_20080903-browse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the man I believe is.

>> No.11974146
File: 19 KB, 395x405, 1280202285573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even care what kind of circlejerk is going on here. You people that keep pushing shit threads like this are the problem, regardless of whatever moral high ground you think you have.

>> No.11974163

My divorce, in old vidya terms.
>Item acquired: new girlfriend!
>Acquired upgrade: Girlfriend is now Wife!
>Item acquired: new home!
>Encounter: scumbag co-worker.
>Roll to-hit against Wife: Sneak Attack Successful!
>You have died of dysentery.
>Play again (Y/N)?
>Encounter: Divorce Attorney (CR45)
>Check level: level 8
>... Attack Divorce Attorney (Y/N)?
>You have died of dysentery.

>> No.11974168

I'm definitely not trolling.

>> No.11974173

>At this point, readers may be wondering "If things are this bad, why don't we hear anything about it?". Indeed, this is a valid question, and the answer lies within the fundamentals of male psychology. Most beta men would rather die than be called a 'loser' by women...[w]e have millions of fine young men willing to die on the battlefield to defend the values enshrined in the US Constitution, but we don't see protests of even 100 divorced men against the shamefully unconstitutional treatment they have received.

but we do see this and that is why you can't throw an internet rock without hitting an internet misogynist

>> No.11974176

A divorce is usually pretty destructive to the woman's ego as well.

>> No.11974183
File: 83 KB, 500x661, Identifying Wood..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's Metal.

This is wood.

Carry on.

>> No.11974187

Well this isn't going anywhere.

>> No.11974189

Sure. Sometimes, in a house fire, the eggs in the refrigerator make an omelet.

>> No.11974219

Oh, please. You're BLATANTLY trolling.

>> No.11974230

>Sure. Sometimes, in a house fire, the eggs in the refrigerator make an omelet.

Pretty much every divorced woman I know went through hell in the process and came out of it diminished in some way. The same goes for the divorced men I know, frankly despite handling it differently the overall psychological results seem to be very similar.

>> No.11974233

Thou dost feed thy troll well, milord.

>> No.11974250

Not religious. Only times I go to church are the rare ocassions where it would be rude not to - like weddings or whatnot.
As for belief, I really don't care.

I guess that not caring and not being religious makes me an atheist, although I'm not the sort who would force my... not caring... on anyone? Yeah. Exactly.

>> No.11974260

That's what I said.
You're focusing on the eggs, I was thinking about the house.

>> No.11974268

this is poorly written and obviously a bit of a catchphrasefest, but it summarizes as "conservatives use dumb bullshit hidden behind traditions to make men's lives comparatively easier than women's while making everything shit" which is fair

it's not a good post by any means, but i think we can all spot and agree on the flaws pretty much instantly

also i'm done reading that fucking article i was seriously like a third of the way done

here's three words from the conclusion that you should get some enjoyment from though

>As a Futurist

>> No.11974273

Your metaphor confuses me. Good show!

>> No.11974281
File: 379 KB, 500x646, bob sagan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe in this man.

>> No.11974286

>also i'm done reading that fucking article i was seriously like a third of the way done

How did you make it that far without becoming a supernova of rage?

>> No.11974289

I can't tell if that some kind of trolling or what.

>> No.11974296

Stop replying dunderfuck.

>> No.11974307

Before /tg/ : Easily offended.

After /tg/ : Always happy to appreciate a good troll.

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