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Cultistan thread?

Silly question, it is always Cultistan thread time.

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I just assumed it was a country in western Asia.

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the only newfag is the one assuming his opinion holds any weight.

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Cultistan really fell upon hard times after the USSR fell, the mass rioting and public executions will remain burned into my memory til I die.

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i'm not quite sure how I feel about this one

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I feel sideways.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
You guys have low standards in art. Who the fuck saves this kind of shit? jesus

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A Cultistan street performer works a lunch crowd for tips.

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well... I do. But I save everything.
And I have far too many to do a dump.

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Be more heretical.

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Could you do a Cultist chan dump in order to drown out the newfag?

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Haawhaawhaawwhawww! Eehy vhass hawvvin awh bhaawd heerih dhhey

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You obviously haven't said it enough to be of any value.

Also judging by your image...
you are an art critic.
Therefore your opinion is not valid.

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So instead here's a .zip with all the stuff I've collected.
I have roughly 400 cultist pictures. There ARE other things I want to do tonight.

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Hey, awesome.
Thanks Other Mr. C!

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>all Culstist chan

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I haven't done one in a while.
but I also shared a zip folder with all my images organized with the shit images deleted.
But I would rather piss off the sagefags.

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Who's the OTHER Mr. C?
I was around when Cultist first popped up. Hell, I was in the thread the first Cultist picture was drawn it. Mr. Culexus wasn't even going by a name back then.

There are probably a couple duplicates, but I try to clean my folders regularly.

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>>Mr. Culexus wasn't even going by a name back then.
No slight intended, mind you.
I call da 'lex Mr C habitually.

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That'ts not cultist. That Miko drawn by steveman. This is cultist drawn by steveman

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Speaking of the devil...

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and some Twisted Metal 2 for flavor, too.

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The more bitching there is in this thread.
The more I dump.

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AH! And no offense taken.

Laos, as much as I'm hesitant to admit this, at one point the Cultist Crazy got beyond even my abilities to monitor. I saved what I saw, but there are Cultist pictures out there I DON'T have. I also started this collection back in my earlier days, before I started saving things under the name I found them. I apologize for this.

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>mfw the download finished

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Enjoy the '34 sub-folder. I know that's what you really anted.

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This is awful and perfect and I feel perfectly awful for loving it so.
Because really, if anyone could be a Chaos thug-poser and make it work, it would be Cuhlteest.

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is that the middle-eastern country where CHAOS REIGNS?

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I actually have a 'thug' poser image of culteest

but where...

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I love it when Collector shows up in threads like this because it always ends up like Christmas!

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/co/mrade dropping by just to say you are awesome and thank you for the Cynthia von Doom folder you shared some time ago.

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comrade, if your standards are so high that that chick is disgusting to you, then you had better be one good looking bloke, because the other option is that you're an arrogant arsehole with an inflated sense of self worth.

im hoping. HOPING its the former rather than the latter.

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Made this for that "draw cultistchan" thread a few days back.

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Really now... I mean seriously?

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I still plan on pestering Psudonym for more whenever she isn't busy with her real job.
You're welcome? It's just what I do.

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oh... you posted it.
Silly me.

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I must agree with him... ugh...

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Could just be the pic, but she does seem pretty uggers.

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Pic unrelated, but huzzah!

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....Emporah help us

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i do love me some cultist

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I got part of her Web cam broadcast.

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hey Collector, you've been paying more attention than me these past few months, do you happen to have any of the previous Consentacles (Consensual Tentacles) comics? I heard there was a full set following this image, but all i seemed to find was random images of Reasonette and some good safe fun with tentacles.

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I saw her! At Otakon. And I fistpounded the commisar with her. Shit was so cash.

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i can understand that, but when you take into consideration the way coloured contacts and wig/hair choices can dramatically change someones appearance, she COULD be rather attractive.

that said, she COULD actually be worse.

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Awesome. =]

Perfect end.

And with that, I'm out. Tis this is hour of drowsing and langor upon me.

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Meanwhile in /tg/'s bedroom

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incorrect, there is a woman in that image, and he has no neckbeard.

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I've seen bits and pieces. But save for the first Reasonnette, that does not number among my collections.

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Formatted my hard drive recently. This is just what I needed.

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want me to go all out and give up my /tg/ folder? My 40K folder? My multiple character art for various settings folders?

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Would love some Jubblowski, Tarrasque and some Cutebolds, if you've got em.
You're a saint, Collector.

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ah okay, thanks for responding. i'll post the other 3 pictures i found

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That is a trap and his neckbeard is concealed behind his shirt.

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More, please?

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> mfw daemonette puts condoms on tentacles.

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awe he's nice enough to hold onto her glasses :3c

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I HAVE some Cutebolds and Tarrasque pictures, but I do not have collections of them. Those are scattered among the many man unsorted pictures I have.
However, Jubblowski was one of my earlier collections, and I'm proud of that one. It'll take me a few moments to get them over to megaupload..

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cutebolds? fuck you get OPERATORBOLDS!

>> No.11973398

FUCK YES! I made that picture back before I formatted. Forgot to upload it to the interbutts!

THANK YOU, collector! You're not a saint; you're a fucking god!

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There's the Jubblowski folder for you.
You know, you're not the first person to say that.

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>mfw Collector's megaupload link isn't working.

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I believe I know the problem. Give me a moment.

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there are only 3 because they're HIGH SPEED LOW DRAG OPERATORBOLDS

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Ah, yes. I have discovered the problem and it was my fault. This is being rectified. Give me... 3 minutes. (Oh thank go for the speed upgrade, about 6 months ago this would have taken half an hour)

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It worked for me two minutes ago.

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HERE WE GO! New link, this one will work.


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Like I said, the last one breaking was my fault. But I re-uploaded the file, so it's all good.

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Thanks, bro.

>> No.11973716

No problem.
While I'm at it, any other Collections you might want? Keep in mind there are sub-folders in some of these.

I ATTEMPTED to post a screenshot of them, but the upload failed repeatedly.

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>While I'm at it, any other Collections you might want?
Uh...what if I said "ALL"?

>> No.11973882

I'd have to ask, all my /tg/ stuff or all my 40K stuff?
Or to you mean ALL my stuff, like including my /co/ stuff? Because THAT might take a while.

>> No.11973927

I've got another pair of Cultist 34 pics that I haven't seen on this thread so far. Anyone want to see them?

>> No.11973933

Always on the lookout for new stuff... though I am suspicious.

>> No.11973938


... how long for everything? and have you thought about a mediafire account?

>> No.11973963

Just your /tg/ stuff. And I guess the 40k stuff too if you don't mind.

I browse /co/ intermittently but nowhere near enough to start collecting & organizing images beyond my normal 4Chan board sorting.

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... I'm not sure I want to share all my porn with you... The basic package includes 4,783 pictures in 62 different files, and would probably take AT LEAST an hour to even upload.
And I find myself happy with Megaupload. Setting up accounts is troublesome.

>> No.11974038

Lucky for you, my 40K stuff is inside my /tg/ folder. All that should take about 20 minutes to upload, if all the times I've done it in the past are any indication.
2,180 pictures in 38 files.

>> No.11974052

Although I do admit to the occasional duplicate. Mainly because if a picture fits into 2 or more Collections then I save it in every relevant Collection.

>> No.11974099


awh... :<

>> No.11974120


whoops that was a miss-click, but it's too cute to take down now.

>> No.11974138

Well... I have some very un-related to /tg/ or /co/ pornography squirreled away. I don't think you need to see all that.

So what is your desire?

>> No.11974144

>Setting up accounts is troublesome.
Not really unless you're a lazy sod. You don't seem like one of those.
Another thanks for the awesome.

>> No.11974167

>I have some very un-related to /tg/ or /co/ pornography squirreled away
Like...? You can't hold out now.

>> No.11974180 [DELETED] 

Here you go.

>> No.11974188

Well I don't think you need to see my brown girl fetish. Which is strange because I only like DRAWN brown girls, not the real ones.
zipping it up now, should start the upload in a few minutes.

>> No.11974192


still not everything? okay how about anything happy? i find it so hard these days to find decent happy porn.

>> No.11974196

AH yes, those ones. Believe part to has a penis.

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>> No.11974213

How can something have such wonderfully huge tits, yet still be ugly as sin?

>> No.11974234

>brown girl fetish

>> No.11974243

Upload started, roughly 30 minutes before completion.
Well if it's in with another folder then it's going into the file I'm uploading now. For instance, anything I feel to be /tg/ related (like Cultist or the several Sisters of Battle pictures I have) WILL be in what I'm uploading now.
It's mainly the the non-reltated stuff I'm hesitant to share.

>> No.11974256

I'm okay with this.

>> No.11974287

22% done about 28 minutes before it's done.

I have so many different turn-ons though.

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>> No.11974345

Damn, only at the 25 minute mark?

So... what do you guys feel like doing for the next 25 minutes?

>> No.11974347


hehehe, he never did fix the tatoos :3c

>> No.11974414

Well I'll bump the thread when it's done, but I have some other stuff that needs attending to. See you in about 17 minutes, give or take a few.

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>> No.11974490

Just a note: Your porn. I want it.

>> No.11974532

Well that was faster then expected...

Anyway, about 2 more minutes.
Well you're getting my /tg/ related stuff. But I don't really collect too much porn, unless it fits in with another Collection.

>> No.11974542

come on collector its 421 in the fucking morning. I need your stash man give me your stash

>> No.11974553

It's right here you... you... DOUBLE ANONYMOUS!

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>> No.11974563


thank you collector :D

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>> No.11974569

>the file is unavailable.

>> No.11974576 [DELETED] 

>First time visiting /tg/
>This thread has more posts then any other thread

Sooo I herd you guys like cultist chan?

>> No.11974577

You're welcome. I may save things pretty much every day, but there was nothing (/tg/ related) that I saved during the 30 minutes of upload time, so all that's recent.
All other disclaimers still apply.

>> No.11974582

We needs a solution to this

>> No.11974589

works for me. It'll be an hour before it finishes, but it works.

>> No.11974599

Most of the art is better than OP's.

Also, we're much more normal during the day (Amerifag time).

>> No.11974603

573.25 MB
Wow... that's a lot.

>> No.11974608


>> No.11974614

wwwyehhcum tuuo mhey bweoord hawwvuh hyuu ekkhepptid kay-hoss ahs hyuur sehvurr hyet?

>> No.11974628


I demand moar Futa-Cultistan.

Chix with dix is x 2 the fun!

>Captcha: thicker pakess

Damn right Captcha.

>> No.11974636

Are we? Well I'm mostly active at night. (Amerifag here)

>> No.11974637

Meh. Fine. I'll go trawl elsewhere for brown women.

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>> No.11974656


>> No.11974664

Oh good lord I just realized my mostergirl folder was in that file!
I honestly only have a handful. Like, less then a dozen.
UNLESS you count the "Eastern" folder in that file, which has a BUNCH. Not pornographic though.

>> No.11974677

>monstergirl folder

>> No.11974680


>monster girls included

I'm not seeing a problem here.

>> No.11974683

Fuck it. At this point just dump your fap folders.

>> No.11974697

>I accidentally monster girl folder

Sure you did man.... sure you did. I wont tell man

>> No.11974705 [DELETED] 

Cation: The following contains HERESY.

>> No.11974706

>monstergirl folder

>> No.11974720


I regard dickgirls good only when on delicious girl x girl, human or xeno otherwise. Sort of more realistic strap-on.

As such, I require cultistan with moar dix.

>> No.11974742

As well as the dragonborn subfolder.
Not a WHOLE lot of fap material, but there is some.

>> No.11974750

My personal preference is monster-ON-girl, but hey, that works too.

>> No.11974760


>realistic strap-on

i think you mean penis :3

thanks again collector!

>> No.11974773

Wait, so what all is in there? Brief overview, at least?

>> No.11974795


Well, that is why I said "sort of"

I want that warp-ridden spetaculate ejaculate from cultistans nether regions to spread on faces of pink, blue and daemonettes of various colors.

Dix on men, you see outright disgust me but something trashy chaos type like cultistan here is entirely different story.

>> No.11974804

55 pictures, mostly stuff like this. Some Persian armored figures, a good chunk are "gypsy" or "Harem" girls

>> No.11974814


If it has a DICK, it IS a man.

I don't fap to men.

I will NEVER understand the attraction to futa. Seems to me that people who like it are simply closet fags looking for an excuse.

>> No.11974816

Another sample.
I think there are only about 6 men in that folder... hmmm...

>> No.11974832

How much of that folder is dickgirl/trap?
I mean I'm not going to be jacking off with both fists and run into like 1000 pictures of chicks with dicks am I?

>> No.11974837

While I too will never be into dickgirls, I once read a theory from some medical sight or another that stated that some men enjoy futa because, while they can enjoy the body of a woman, they understand the male orgasm better then that of a female, which they will never have themselves. Its a relation thing.

>> No.11974849


But in this matter, it is a Cultistan x Pretty much everything female, as such by your logic it is straight therefore counts regular.

I have no attraction to futa itself, per-say but the more glorified heretic on heretic action, the delicious blasphemies to be made.

>> No.11974851

Sexual genitalia does not a gender make.

>> No.11974852

...or gay, bisexual, female, minor interest in that kind of stuff.

Sexuality isn't a prestige class you know.

>> No.11974858


This. Often seeing a bare-ass of a man or masculine features kill my boner pretty bad.

>> No.11974863

I don't recall saving any... other then say a few cultist pictures. But that is ONLY because they were part of a greater collection. As I have said, I don't focus on porn. I really only save it if it belongs in a Collection.
Which, this being 4chan, isn't too small of an amount.
Like I said in >>11974837 I'm not into that.

>> No.11974871

Do you rub your penis at pictures of females to "get the gay off"? I know someone who does that.

>> No.11974877 [DELETED] 




>> No.11974884


I'd recommend Brownchan but that place is pretty much dead in the water, and I doubt the admin is going to continue paying for the space for very long.

still, you could go grab some choice images before it goes down.

>> No.11974894


No, I simply do not get aroused by seeing masculine features as such, I cannot fap to it. Its that simple really.

>> No.11974898

Most Ironically, Aerosmith's Dude (Looks Like a Lady) has just started on my Pandora.

>> No.11974902

Yeah. But sexual genitalia does a sex make. And I'm not jacking off to dudes.

>> No.11974909

So a post surgery tranny is male or female?

>> No.11974930

that place can never die
i will not allow it

>> No.11974933

Their weird.

>> No.11974957

I don;t know about anyone else, but how I see it is this:
If you have a penis, you are a dude. No matter what you may think or how you may act. You are physically male.
Now if that penis gets surgically removed, then you are female. Unable to bear children, but a female.

Some of my friends have called that wrong or insensitive, but whatever.

>> No.11974963



>> No.11974992

lol you are so much in denial it is almost adorable. Riddle me this Batman. Do you like porn? Between and man and a girl?

Oh course you do, so don't even attempt to lie. There is a penis and there is a vagina (in normal cases, I *know* there are variations) You get turned on by the girl. Her pussy, her legs, her figure, her face. All it arouses you. But the hairy ass of the guy fucking her? Eeeeeh not so much. He is just a stand in because it is easier for you to visualize the act of sex when a penis is involved.

Some people like futa because you get all the attraction from a feminine figure and the penis to complete the illusion of sex, but without hairy ass. You following this? Because from the way you are posting you seem like one of those guys that if you even bring up something even a smiggen homo erotic you would get all defensive. And that usually says alot more about you then that you just like girls.

>> No.11975015


>> No.11975021

I wonder what input traps have on this debate.

Calling all traps!

>> No.11975022

Is this the part where you try your damndest to convince people who aren't turned on by dick girls to be turned on or at least think about looking at dick girls through retard logic.

>> No.11975029


>Shakespeare, frosed

>> No.11975031

rolled 4, 3 = 7

>My face when the really shitty pixel art is there but my piece isn't.

>> No.11975035


I personally boil my futa attraction to one thing. I like women and the female figure in general, I like seeing them climax and enjoying themselves. I also like seeing them having sex with men on occasion, but really a Futa girl takes out the middle man (quite literally) and instead replaces hairy man ass with an attractive Female body with a penis and/or balls and/or vagina.

Like the comedian Mr. White asked his friend one day "Do you enjoy seeing only lesbian action?"
"No, sometimes I like watching them with men."
"Well do you like it when the man has a tiny flaccid penis?"
"No, I like it when men with huge throbbing cocks- ooooh..."

And everyone is a little bit gay, you have to find your own body a little attractive in the nude. Though occasionally I fantasize the futa penis is my own, just detached and hard working!

but that's just me, have some cake.

>> No.11975039

Logic is the opposite of retard, my friend.

>> No.11975044

I apologize for the mis-use of the word. I was hesitant to use it and could not think of something better, i should have gone with my gut, but you have provided me with a better word.
Thank you.

>> No.11975049

Go to bed, son. Soccer practice tomorrow.

>(1952), clayled
It sure did, capcha

>> No.11975082

Gender/sex is irrelevant, being male, female, anything in between, will not make you a better person. Pretty much its just a physical trait like hair colour so I don't really care.

>> No.11975084

Well its in there now. I am but one man. I have a few people who keep an eye on things for me, but I mainly track things down myself.
I apologize for not already having it, and I thank you for a new addition to my collection.

>> No.11975087

>logic is opposite of retard

>> No.11975106


>> No.11975172

Look, it's retarded.
It's lots of labarinthian justifications. For fucks sake stop throwing bitchfits because some people don't find what you find sexually attractive, sexually attractive.
Yeah yeah you luve dick girls I don't need to hear a dozen paragraps why and I don't want to answer some bullshit psychology test as to why I don't.
Just tell me how much of what's in the damn file is dick girls or girly dudes or gay so I can decide if I want to download it or not.

>> No.11975198

You've been told that there ISN'T ANY! SEVERAL TIMES!
With maybe 2 or 3 exceptions. Collector said, MULTIPLE TIMES, that he isn't into dickgirls.

>> No.11975210


that's good sensibility.

>> No.11975225

You're trying pretty hard to justify yourself bob.

>> No.11975241

Trying to steer this thread away from the cliff it's already gone over;
Thank you for the stuff Collector.

>> No.11975257

Justify what?

>> No.11975258

Thank you Collector. That was awesome of you.

>> No.11975279


Well there is rumour of who her mom is... the dick kinda adds to the confirmation...

>> No.11975297

Someone built time machine and i gone back in time?

Edition wars anyone?

>> No.11975319


So, can we have more cultistan with dicks?

Purty please?

>> No.11975354

>> No.11975463

>> No.11975501

A cultist thread? Oh goodie!

>> No.11975657

>> No.11977521

Does anyone have that cultist comic with the "no one is loyal everyone is heretic" punchline?

>> No.11977581

As a matter of fact...

>> No.11978002

can someone repost the yellow penis one?

or at least give me the persons DA page?

i had it....

but I lost it.

>> No.11978453

>> No.11978479 [DELETED] 

I want the DA link too

>> No.11978493

>> No.11978494

What color is Cultist-tan's underwear?

>> No.11978534


in return for the pic, I will attempt to see if I have faved and forgottan the DA page.

>> No.11978541

..But is there a version *without* a penis?

Contrary to popular belief, not all of us in /tg/ crave the cock.

>> No.11978563

This picture was for those who do.

>> No.11978586

looks like the janitor was one who didn't.

>> No.11978587


>janitor passes through ./tg/
>deletes single dickgirl image
>leaves elf porn, oglaf, and Morrowind thread

Fucking janitors.

>> No.11978596


Now im no 40K player but for some reason im suddenly interested.Tell me moar about this "kah-ohss" thing and how it relates to the above picture

>> No.11978601 [DELETED] 


Indeed, make my job a pain the arse to do.

Lets have that image back.

>> No.11978602

Not to mention the dudeporn thread.

>> No.11978603

I take back what I said yesterday; our Janitor is a pretty cool bro. Eh deletes inappropriate content and doesn't ban drawfags.

>> No.11978610

Janitor can't ban.

>> No.11978617

fuck your shit faggot.
Janitor, keep it up.

>> No.11978620


MOD! You are the BEST mod ever! Dead serious.

Just thought I'd weigh in.

>> No.11978622

>implying Oglaf and Morrowind aren't related
I also see that you didn't mention the gay porn/beefcake thread, you bitter, hypocritical little bitch.

>> No.11978627

He didn't delete any of the drawfags other posts or the thread as a whole either, though, which they have been known to do in the past.

>> No.11978632

Seriously, grow up and fap elsewhere, not on a nominally SFW board.

>> No.11978633

>people justifying futa

>> No.11978640

What about the version for those that don't.

>> No.11978642

What is there to justify?! Some people like it, some don't END.

>> No.11978646

If I had it, I'd post it for you.

>> No.11978647


Yeah budddday

>> No.11978651


>> No.11978666

Still butthurt, futa spammer? Also, stop lying.

>> No.11978669


I didn't SEE any of those threads. I do appreciate you pointing out more failure on the Janitor's part, though.

Oglaf isn't /tg/ related, you fucking clownshoe. Just because It has swords in it on occasion doesn't mean it has anything to do with traditional games. It's about a generic fantasy setting. Fantasy is not a game. Morrowind is a videogame. There is a board for that.

In during neckbeards fawn over oglaf because DICKS EVERYWHERE

By the by, Morrowind wasn't even a good video game. Get over your shit.

>> No.11978670 [DELETED] 

God damn it janitor.

You best reply with an image of a troll face so i know its you.

>> No.11978676


What rule says that we can't have dickgirl porn?

>> No.11978677

No he didn't. I was there for that whole thread, and the only Kemby pictures that got janitor'd were the futa techpriest pictures, which she wasn't even posting.

>> No.11978680


>one image

>> No.11978692

If I had to take a guess I'd probably say the rule saying 'no porn on blue boards'.

>> No.11978694


>SFW board
>elf porn every third thread

Cool story, bro.

>> No.11978695

>Look at me I can argue while bitching so I troll while I troll!

>> No.11978702

General rule #5 (look it up yourself)

>> No.11978707

>disagrees with me
>must be troll

>> No.11978714







>> No.11978728


>> No.11978731

you know what'd be awesome?
If there's no Janitor here at all, just some faggot put up a dick, then deleted his own picture and cried JANITOR JANITOR!!! to get us all to shitstorm.

>> No.11978740


Complete shenanigans.

>> No.11978781

"...or something?"

>> No.11978804

>cultist chan dressed as a miko
>no sarashi

>> No.11978931

Raymoo + Cultistchan = CAPTOORED EET FOR SHEENTOH.

>> No.11979044

There were dickgirls and I missed it while cleaning the house?

>> No.11979315

>single dickgirl image
Then why was the picture I posted deleted then, hm?
<---It was this.

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